November 12, 2020

A couple of days ago, I wrote –- this was fairly tongue-in-cheek –- about Joe Biden deserving prosecution under the Logan Act, as he is a private citizen speaking under no authorization with world leaders to affect foreign policy. It seemed particularly fitting; after all, Biden is reportedly the one who brought up the Logan Act in the Oval Office as a way to target Michael Flynn. (Ironically, unlike Biden today, Flynn was justified in talking with foreign leaders, as he was incoming national security adviser during an OFFICIAL TRANSITION.)

Since raising the issue of the Logan Act, I’ve seen that others are wondering about this, too

Biden is “playing President.” The media are playing along. He addresses them in front of an official-looking cardboard backdrop that says he’s the President-elect, and the media take him seriously because they choose to. JOE BIDEN IS NOT THE PRESIDENT-ELECT.

He might, God forbid, actually become President-elect if he survives the careful examination of the vote that absolutely must occur. But with the myriad allegations of massive, deliberate fraud that might be confirmed and reverse the count enormously in key states, he might not get through that process. Democrats were the ones who pressed for massive mail-in balloting, which --- intentionally, I believe --- weakened the process and left it vulnerable to outside manipulation (especially by the dead, ha). So they’re just going to have to wait while we make sense of the crazy result, which statisticians say is mathematically impossible.

The vote has NOT been certified. I’m reminded of Lucy informing Charlie Brown, “Peculiar thing about this document. It was never notarized.” For once, it’s time for the Republicans to pull away the football and let the Democrats land helplessly on their backs.

As reported in the WASHINGTON EXAMINER, Biden is already play-acting the role of President-elect, accepting “congratulatory” calls from world leaders from France, Germany, Ireland and the U.K. and discussing issues such as climate change and COVID-19.

In her report, Haley Victory Smith refers to him as the “apparent President-elect.” Apparent to WHOM? Haley Victory Smith?

Smith says that despite Trump’s refusal to concede, “many world leaders have recognized Biden as the victor.” Well, that’s probably because they listen to our media, and also because Biden's already assuming the mantle of power, quite inappropriately, speaking with them about foreign policy when he’s not supposed to be doing it.

I would add that one leader who HASN'T yet congratulated Biden is the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador; he says he himself has been “robbed” of office before by a corrupt process and will wait until our count is certified. Of course, AMLO is catching a lot of grief in the press for doing the right thing.

Reports say he "refuses," but that's too harsh; he's just prudently waiting until our legal issues are resolved, as our own media should.

Anyway, Biden’s team has been quite open about these talks, as they add to the perception that he really is Prez-in-waiting. They say Biden spoke to French President Emmanuel Macron about Iran’s nuclear program (!). He spoke to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson about Ukraine (!) and the Western Balkans.

"I’m letting them know that America is back,” Biden told reporters. “We’re going to be back in the game. It’s not America alone.”

Now wait just a doggone minute. I realize the media are playing along with this “game” –- an unwittingly apt choice of words from Biden –- but the “game” has gone too far.

During the presidential debate hosted by Chris Wallace on September 29, Biden was asked, as the final question, “Will you urge your supporters to stay calm while the vote is counted, and will you pledge not to declare victory until the election is independently certified?”

Biden did not waver: “YES. And here’s the deal: We count the ballots, as you pointed out. Some of these ballots in some states can’t even be opened until Election Day, and if there’s thousands and thousands of ballots, [it’s] gonna take time to do it.”

And so it will. But Biden has PLEDGED not to declare victory until the election results are certified. The results have not been certified, so...does this mean he hasn't declared victory? And if he hasn’t, what in blazes is he doing “playing President” and talking with foreign leaders about Iran and Ukraine? Trump's the President; Biden's a private citizen. Say, isn’t that a violation of the LOGAN ACT??

I would really like to have an answer to this. And I want it from his own lips, not in some CYA statement put out by his legal team.

Last Saturday night, Megyn Kelly said on NEWSMAX that the legal fight over the election is not over, even if the margins make it a longshot. (I would add that since Saturday, hard evidence has been produced that makes it seem like less of a longshot.) She said the Trump campaign deserves its days in court and the election deserves to have “its tires kicked,” particularly in Pennsylvania, where judges had no business jumping into what the legislature constitutionally determines.

Kelly called Trump’s fight “an uphill battle.” But almost a week later, we’ve got sworn evidence of large-scale lawbreaking, and we don’t yet know the extent of the targeted election fraud that appears to have taken place. Kelly accused Biden of being worse than disingenuous with his calls for unity and healing. She called him hypocritical for alienating everyone who voted for Trump at the same time he’s claiming he can unite all Americans.

"[Biden’s speech] was written by a man in his basement for the past year,” she said. (I would add that it’s unlikely Biden himself wrote the speech.) “Because the nation’s extremely divided right now...And you need to look no further than Joe Biden’s own party.”

"Biden’s been saying this all along,” she said. “He’s the unifier, he’s the one who’s going to bring us together. It sounds delightful...and I want that...But let’s get real. It’s not connected to reality on the ground in this country right now. And the only reason you’re hearing Biden and all these Democrats calling for it is because they won.”

Megyn, just one tiny point of clarification: it’s because they want you to THINK they won. Again, they haven’t.

But, but...THE NEW YORK TIMES splashed a big headline on Wednesday’s paper: ELECTION OFFICIALS NATIONWIDE FIND NO FRAUD. This is just more "gaslighting" to make us believe voter fraud is a bogus conspiracy theory --- you know, like the one they've helped perpetrate against Trump for going-on five years. Ignore them.

Joe, stop “playing President,” or you might have to be indicted for violating the Logan Act. Wouldn’t that be something if you had the distinction of being the first American to be successfully prosecuted under it? I just love the idea.

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  • Kattie Breland

    11/13/2020 04:12 PM

    I really enjoyed reading this piece and couldn’t agree more with your points. Although I’m not a big fan of Megyn Kelly’s. She just showed a side of herself in 2015-2016 that just range to true. I agree most deserve second chances and although I don’t hold a grudge I don’t really believe anything she says. Shame because there was a time I did truly like her. Anyway back to your piece. It’s funny how the Biden’s forget what they say and do so quickly. The MSM have really gotten good at brainwashing our country into believing whatever they want us to. It’s sad and very scary. I pray that President Trump has been three steps ahead and knows what to do to save us from 4 years of a Biden Corrupt Presidency!
    God Bless You and your family!!

  • Donna Price

    11/13/2020 02:39 PM

    I think him playing President has gone on long enough. Hit him either Logan Act now.

  • Nathan Mitre

    11/13/2020 01:33 PM

    You’re not alone in loving the idea!

  • Karrie Fountain

    11/13/2020 12:42 PM

    You nailed it! This is exactly how us Americans are feeling about this guy. He’s a liar, and manipulative is an understatement for the media’s coverage of this wanna be

  • Jeff thomas

    11/13/2020 12:16 PM

    Corrupt Fraud. How can a man live with himself knowing he honestly has lost this election. Well, if you become President, joe, you won't be enjoying it long. The demoncrats are gonna use you to get in the White House then boot you out the door.

  • Victoria Oechslin

    11/13/2020 11:50 AM

    Mike..your commentary is MOST REFRESHING and hits EVERY POINT of the psychological BS the FAKE NEWS is using to further their manipulation and management of our electoral process!! As a resident in Philadelphia..I was just as appalled by a front page article in Philadelphia Inquirer this week that glamorized Biden’s engagement in foreign policy and increased involvement in the Covid Situation..while acknowledging that there’s only ONE PRESIDENT..definitely a Logan Act violation..I truly hope that SOMEONE..does SOMETHING about this abusive POWER GRAB before it’s TOO LATE!! God bless you and your family this holiday season ??!

  • Shel Qualls

    11/13/2020 10:30 AM

    Sad thing is, everyone in America knows the Democrats are never held responsible for their wrongful acts. Just another stunt we'll have to angrily accept. Why is this?

  • Sheldon Russell

    11/13/2020 10:22 AM

    From the State of Seattle, many of us are continuing to pray for Justice in our state & nation. Thank you for being a patriot and keepung us informed, and reminding to continue in the fight an not be discouraged.

  • John Wilkerson

    11/13/2020 09:58 AM

    It is time for talk to stop and action to take place

  • Linda Coulter

    11/13/2020 09:07 AM

    Thank you for bringing common sense & hope to this nation! I also really appreciate your sense of humor!

  • Isabel de macedo

    11/13/2020 09:03 AM

    Who believes joe biden??????

  • Michael G English

    11/13/2020 09:01 AM

    Sleepy Joe never told the truth during the election campaign once, so I'm not surprised by this. This has been the most crooked election in the history of this country, and OUR PRESIDENT NOW! Needs to get to the bottom of it.

  • Anne Lindsay

    11/13/2020 08:42 AM

    Another coup attempt is all it is, Governor. What is the remedy? How do we keep a country when we can no longer trust our elections? If the Presidential election is tarnished, how many seats were also affected?
    A complete audit, in every state, is needed. Not just where the fraud is obvious, but all states to show that this was a gross, malicious and massive attempt to steal the country. I'd like to add that I believe every single act of voter fraud must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, or we deserve this to.happen again.

  • Brian Watson

    11/13/2020 08:21 AM

    Where is the prosicution of these liberial law breakers? They could not stand "their own" scruitiny, or at least what they have put others through. Biden should be arrested now.

  • Jane Wrighton

    11/13/2020 08:16 AM

    I am a Mich. Trump supporter and totally agree. I am also a software Engineer and that garbage in garbage out junk they have used here in Mich. is just that garbage that should have been thrown out months ago.

  • Tony Down

    11/13/2020 08:11 AM

    He is the the Democratic Party version of Bonnie Prince Charlie, another Pretender!

  • Lara Suspanic

    11/13/2020 08:07 AM

    I really hope that everything comes out about all the illegal voting that the democratic have done , which we know they did , They were caught counting votes of the dead also counting people votes twice and throw out tens of thousands of mail in ballots that were Trumps . Sad and a disgraceful that PELOCIS and SCHUMMER GETS UP THERE AND RUN THEIR MOUTH SAYING BIDEN/HARRIS IS WHO THE PEOPLE WANT For our leader ...... If that was so then why did they have to lying and cheat in the election.........
    Everybody knows that we cannot trust the Democratic Party of our government and we cannot trust the journalist because they’re owned by the Democratic Party of our government, NEWSMAX AND VERY FEW OTHERS....... I know a fact that Ga has cheated is this election my friends mother used to live in Georgia 14 years ago she lives in St. Petersburg Florida now they literally called her on the phone wanting to know if she wanted to vote in Georgia and she told them no she does not live in Georgia anymore she’s been living in Florida for the past 14 years and they said that they would still let her vote in Georgia I’m getting her the number for her to call and report her phone call that she has received from Georgia........
    And as for Biden wanting to know what’s going on with our national security , after knowing that he wants to undo all the great things that Trump and Pence have done .

  • Shelia Donns

    11/13/2020 08:02 AM

    Thank you Mike for this article. I have stopped watching the fake news networks some time ago. I would love to help President Trump if at all possible. Can you put out an article on how we can do this. I donate a small amount monthly and donated some more when this fraud started, what else can someone like myself do to help.
    Thank you ??


    11/13/2020 08:02 AM

    Let's be honest: Trump won. The election was a disgrace and (I believe) Trump's team have the evidence. The real question is: who isn't compromised? Wall Street, Big Tech, Corporations, Globalist World Leaders and a certain GOP wing don't want Trump back in office. So.... will SCOTUS deliver Trump's reelection? Remember that Justice Roberts is a Deep State operative. What is the next logical step?

  • Charlene May Halstead

    11/13/2020 07:55 AM

    When Trump wins it would be so fitting to charge Biden with the Logan act. And tell him if he doesn't plead guilty they will go after his son.??

  • William Selmi

    11/13/2020 07:52 AM

    Trump will win

  • Eileen Wilkins

    11/13/2020 07:51 AM

    Interesting and informative. The puppet masters are probably trying to get info through Joe. They probably don’t care if he gets arrested in the end.

  • Thomas T Harrington

    11/13/2020 07:51 AM

    Logan act violation is just one of many law violations Joe Biden should be prosecuted for.....oh but ...that’s right Democrat’s are exempt from legal prosecutions ????????????

  • Debra Schwaller

    11/13/2020 07:36 AM

    Thank you Mr Huckabee, for all you do! I know I can trust what you say. We love your daughter, Sarah also.
    I’m praying that God will give courage to the ones who saw something or actually did something. The liberals think they have won but we know the God is in control! Thank you again for your service

  • Dina Bigler

    11/13/2020 07:36 AM

    This article is on point! I am praying that Jesus pulls back the veil and shines his light on ALL of the evil corruption that has taken place in this election. Also praying with that; Trump gets his next term. Then Trump needs to clean house; starting with the DOJ & FBI!
    God bless you Mr. Huckabee.