November 16, 2020


Monday, a second major pharmaceutical company, Moderna, announced that the stage three trial of their coronavirus vaccine proved it 94.5% effective, even better than the vaccine just announced by Pfizer. To make it even harder to ignore the obvious, Moderna’s CEO specifically thanked “our partners at BARDA and Operation Warp Speed who have been instrumental to accelerating our progress to this point.”

I say it will be harder for the media to ignore the fact that the CEO directly credited President Trump’s efforts with creating a vaccine in record time, but that doesn’t mean they won’t do it. Getting our current media to give credit to Trump for his undeniable accomplishments is far more difficult than developing a coronavirus vaccine.


Latest election twist: poll watchers in Detroit claim that thousands of write-in votes for Kanye West were changed by the poll workers and given to Joe Biden instead. If true, I wonder how many people who voted for Kanye knew that what they would be getting instead is a 77-year-old white dude?


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Actual Fact-checking: The same people who constantly nag us, contradict us and slap “disputed” and “disinformation” banners on our every social media post, no matter how accurate, are now pushing false narratives about Joe Biden being the “President-elect” from the non-existent “Office of the President-elect,” and not only treating him as if he were already President, but arguing that somehow, Trump should be removed from office right now to install Biden. Some of the older ones argued the opposite in 2000, when it took 37 days for the Bush-Gore legalities to be settled.

That’s why everyone should take a deep breath and read this article by KrisAnne Hall at Western Journal.

It’s an explanation of some of the critical facts about electing a President that all of the so-called “fact-checkers” and their paymasters are getting wrong. For instance: no President in history has ever been elected in November as a result of the popular vote. This explains quite clearly how the process works, how long it takes, and what the line of succession is (and here’s some news to set your mind at ease: no matter what you hear, there is no way that Nancy Pelosi can be appointed as “acting President.”)


Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz is predicting that the Presidential election might take yet another unexpected twist. He believes that President Trump will give up trying to reach 270 electoral votes and instead concentrate on challenging the suspicious results in battleground states to deny Biden 270. That would throw the election to Congress, where each state delegation gets one vote and the Republicans have a majority of states. It’s a longshot, and there are a lot of variables, but it happened three times before in the 19th century to settle disputed elections, so it’s not unprecedented.

Again, this is just Prof. Dershowitz’s theory, and it makes interesting reading. But it appears that Trump’s people are pressing forward with trying to prove outright vote fraud to disqualify illegal votes. I want to see that play out and stop the rushing of “President Biden” onto America.

I’ve said from the very beginning, if Biden legitimately won with a majority of legal votes, then I will accept the results gracefully and start working toward the next election. But there are so many alarm bells going off now, it's deafening to those of us who don't have our fingers jammed in our ears. Those alarms need to be answered, not just silenced.

Biden himself should realize that this has to be investigated and settled to everyone's satisfaction. Even if he gets into office, without that assurance, he'll go down in history with an asterisk next to his name, like baseball players accused of steroid use. And if he thinks Trump had a hard time governing people who accused him of being “illegitimate” for no actual reason, imagine what it will be like governing over 70 million Americans who strongly suspect that he stole his way into office by negating their votes.


To sum up the current position of the Democratic Party and the media on elections: any attempts to prevent illegal voting -- such as taking dead people and people who have moved away off the voter rolls or requiring ID to vote or stopping one person from voting multiple times or not letting illegal aliens vote – constitutes “voter suppression.” Nobody should declare themselves the winner until all the votes are counted, unless it’s the Democrat; and then he can not only be declared the winner, he can take office immediately, even if his term wouldn’t start for another 2-1/2 months. And every voter should only be allowed to hear about and discuss news which liberal sources think they should hear, while news that they really should hear must be kept from them at all costs if it might help the Republicans.

Here’s the latest example of that last position. While the Democrats and the media (pardon me for repeating myself) were telling voters that Trump had horribly botched the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus response, claimed it was a “hoax” (he didn’t) and just didn’t care about people who died from it (and he's personally responsible for every death), he had actually started a public-private partnership to develop a vaccine in record time. The first one, from Pfizer, reportedly proved 90% effective. It was announced six days after the election. Pfizer at first claimed they were not part of Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, then later admitted they were.

Now it’s being reported that Pfizer knew of the positive results in October but not only held off announcing it until after the election, but they shared the news with Biden while keeping it from President Trump.

So Pfizer and Biden both knew about the positive results of the vaccine a month earlier and kept it from the President and the public? Does that mean that the launch of the vaccine was delayed by a month for partisan political purposes? If I were to think like a Democrat, I would declare that means an entire month's worth of deaths from COVID-19 are on their hands. But then, I’d be thinking like a Democrat, and that’s a slippery slope I don’t want to slide down.

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  • Mark Weaber

    11/19/2020 02:29 PM

    Efforts should be made to get Georgia to declare only voters registered for Nov 5, 2020 election can vote in the 2 Senate runoffs. They are the only ones who should be voting. That will prevent sudden last minute movers from other states to defraud Georgia voters.

  • Wayne Burden

    11/17/2020 01:23 PM

    Dear Governor, I really enjoy reading your morning and evening articles, however, I think there’s something you may not understand about us conservatives. We DO NOT want a Bill Gates contrived vaccine, which has DNA altering components, and is totally useless against a mutating virus. Hydroxy chloroquine, zinc, and a z-pack chaser is very effective and cheap, but doesn’t make people sick and eventually kill them as the NWO crowd wants. So PLEASE, stop pushing any type of Covid vaccine as a “cure” to the plandemic, as this is exactly the trap the Globalists (you know, the traitors that tried to steal the election) want us conservatives to fall into. Anything Gates and Fauci are pushing is BAD for America and the world! Thanks!

  • gayle bower

    11/17/2020 11:38 AM

    So many wonderful and valid points Mr. Huckabee makes I agree with all of them… Let’s not rush Biden to the presidency just yet as there are many unfolding fraudulent scenarios that need to be addressed!

  • Jim Harris

    11/17/2020 11:22 AM

    Just a scary thought...I can't think of a better way to get people to line up to receive the "Mark of the Beast" than to include it in the vaccine that's 90+ percent effective against a horrifying pandemic virus! And as a plus, the largest Christian population (who are primarily older people) can be easily convinced that they are the most vulnerable. Make it even better...demand that they get the privilege of going first!

  • don E sandford

    11/17/2020 10:25 AM

    I'm disappointed and saddened that the justice department is just recently getting involved with the ballot irregularities . They should have been on the high alert the morning after the election to insure the american people of an honest election.!! But ...NO..just like the Durham report seems like the mind set is to wait for Biden to take over and brush it under the rug with the Muller investigation also! The president should expose everything right now. The FBI, CIA and justice Barr people are not going to reveal anything explosive in the coming weeks I'm willing to bet . Hope Giuliani and Trump lawyers involved are successful in the courts , doing what Barr should be front and center aggressively doing on bringing any criminal conduct front and center so the American people can have confidence in our electoral system , not Biden, Obama or the bias liberal press version to crown Biden the presidency regardless of facts ! America should accept nothing less !!

  • Bobbi Barlow

    11/17/2020 10:21 AM

    Just wanted to thank you for keeping us all up to date with the REAL news. Also, based upon some of your suggestions on previous posts, I began researching many alternatives to google, gmail/outlook and facebook. I am loving the services that do not block my searches or actively scan my emails. I have switched over to MeWe to replace FB, DuckDuckGo to replace google, and ProtonMail to replace gmail and outlook! Love them and thank you!

  • Jerry Korba

    11/17/2020 09:56 AM

    When people that can't wait to critique our President negatively like President Trump was viewed walking on water the Socialist barked out he can't swim. President Trump is very near to getting the people a vaccine that will protect them from the deadly China Virus elderly are more than thrilled and can't wait to get it. The nit witted Governor of NY comes out of his cave and rejects the New Yorkers the chance of evading the China Virus by not letting the Federal Government get the clinics and Hospitals the vaccines delivered. The movie makers could reenact the movie Planet of the Apes with Cuomo as the lead ignorant Ape rejecting the vaccine to its people while he allows certain apes in his cave to have the vaccine. Cuomo is not merely a misfit he is a failed man real people despise him for that he will continue to let New Yorkers die; just like the elderly he sent back in housing where people spread the virus instead of using the Hospitals and ship Donald Trump sent to the New Yorks where the chance to survive increased greatly. Again Cuomo is not done killing New Yorkers the beat goes on. Cuomo could be deemed a National Terrorist not many civilian citizens has the kill rate of Cuomo.

  • Mark Swart

    11/17/2020 08:57 AM

    We don't need a "vaccine" for this "virus" scam. This COVID-foolishness is the biggest lie perpetrated on the American People since the turn of the Century. I spent most of my entire working career in the pharmaceutical manufacturing field and I know what is REAL and what is NOT. Yes, coronovirus exists (in about 192 permutations), but by itself is no more deadly than a paper cut. All this propaganda about the "Big Bad Bug" is NOT about health, it's about CONTROL. And everybody is wondering why the country is falling apart...... Sad.... AND Stupid.

  • Dale Baker

    11/17/2020 08:25 AM

    I'm praying for a fair end to the election debacle. If the vote goes to the Senate, then, the President can forcefully continue to investigate the fraudulent voting activities that went on throughout the country.

  • Patricia Howland

    11/17/2020 08:14 AM

    Keep up the good work and reporting. The American people depend on you to report The Truth!
    God Bless You and America.

  • Connie

    11/17/2020 08:01 AM

    I really enjoy your clear and concise discussion regarding what’s happening in America. You are the common sense insider and I love that.


    11/17/2020 07:36 AM

    One thing that has become very clear to me, the Democrat Party and their trained parakeets, the so-called media, are the enemies of this country and its people. They are far more dangerous than any foreign terrorist to our liberty and freedom.

  • Caren Macik

    11/17/2020 06:40 AM

    Please don’t promote these dangerous vaccines without even researching what they contain and will do! They are also funded by Investors like B. Gates and Dr Fauci for profit. It is an RNA vaccine which has the ability to manipulate a persons DNA!! Think Revelation 13! More lies????

  • Deb Parcell

    11/17/2020 05:44 AM

    Dear Gov., great, informative newsletter, as always. Cancel Pfizer! I am deeply disturbed by Pfizer’s first denying their being part of Warp Speed. They should have been proudly shouting it from the rooftop, and then secondly, their withholding the results from POTUS but giving it to Biden is shameful...and hiding the results until after the election. There is only one reason: to hurt the President and help Biden. I agree- they could easily be considered responsible for the potential deaths of people who could have received the vaccine sooner. If I have any med or product that has anything to do with Pfizer,I’m cancelling it. And I’m telling everyone I know. Thank you!

  • Alan Smith

    11/17/2020 05:04 AM

    I hope I’m not the only person in???? to be following what’s happening in America right now.
    Can only do so on the internet as our blinkered MSM are as yours. 4 more years not enough
    for President Trump, should be lifetime Presidency. My eyes are beginning to see the glory.
    Thank you. Alan.

  • Judy Radley

    11/17/2020 04:35 AM

    Thank You Gov. Mike, for your uplifting and positive newsletters that help me feel more hopeful and less depressed regarding the fake news out there about the so-called win for the cheating, scamming, despicable Biden. Isn't it amazing how non-feeble biden seems now that he thinks he won? My theory is that if Biden were to win, which I highly doubt, but if he did, I don't think he will allow Nancy Pelosi and her gang of corrupt thugs, to make him 'unfit' as president, and that he will not go away like she wants him too, in order to allow the 'whatever she calls herself' the minority female, if she is actually a female who is supposedly black or Native American, or Hispanic, whatever she will call herself to act like she cares about minorities, to take over and put Biden back in the basement. I highly doubt Biden will allow that to happen, esp. with his connections to China and other communist regimes.

    The in-fighting of the Democrats has already been going on, and if Biden were to win, he will not go away.

    What are Democrats best known for? Saying one thing but doing the opposite, right? So the whole Biden Harris thing will just cause a huge, continuous battle within the Democrat party and nothing will get accomplished anyway. Which would be a win for the Republicans and Trump-supporters, like myself, anyway. And then President Trump will win victoriously in 4 years, like he did this time, but the cheating is too deep and may take too long,but it still needs to continue. Again, if the biden wins, then there will be a huge in-fighting between traditional Democrats and progressive Democrats and it will not help America at all, as Biden will probably not go away quietly, and the only way will be like Bill Clinton, with impeachment because of his ties to China and that will be what Pelosi will focus on. So, lets not allow them that chance at all as President Trump HAS garnered more votes and is the rightful President-elect now, and that the voter fraud is real and truth will win out and he will be reelected as he should be rightfully so. We need to continue with the great path President Trump has started, by putting America first and to not allow our basic right to vote to be legitimate and without compromise as the Democrats have tried and tried to discredit our voting rights in a free nation, which the U.S. Constitution has guaranteed us that we need to trust the elections by overturning all aspects of voter fraud and to stop it from happening again.

    Like go back to the mechanical lever machines which are much less, though not impossible, to be manipulated. They should have NEVER BEEN taken away, as they have been reliable for decades. Plus, if electricity went out, mechanical machines will always work, the automated high-tech ones, not. So even if there were 'plumbing problems' or 'electrical storm' from 'nature revolting against humanity', that knocked out power, the mechanical machines would and still do, work. No electricity needed.

    So once the election is certified for President Trump, one of his things to do would be VOTER-FRAUD PREVENTION and bring back the mechanical lever voting machines, that would work without being manipulated like big tech, which is controlled by Democrats and the media anyway, and we would not have this issue again, for the integrity of election voting to be accurate and verified by looking at id's and making sure only one vote per person, legitimate, legal, living American citizen, is counted. And NO MORE early voting, just one day and only use mechanical voting machines with certified election watchers at each polling place, and no intimidation at any polling place. Have high police presence at each polling place, ready to arrest ANYONE who tries intimidation tactics against anyone. Plus, Votes to be cast only on Election Day from 6 am to 9 pm, and that's it. Other than Absentee Ballots from military personnel that are overseas, and to count those like we used to years ago before the Democrats found ways to make voter fraud more prevalent and wide-spread.

    There is a lot to say about going back to the things that worked and were more reliable than technology, as we now see technology has been abused to enhance evil ways more than good ways anymore. So we can do away with it in our Election Voting Process. It is (technology) only created by humans, and so it can be taken down by humans too. Also for those greenie people, it causes more 'carbon footprints' than before technology was invented, by Gore too, remember that's what he said, that he created technology himself. Again, warning bells and lights should have gone off when he said that, as a new thing to use to manipulate and reduce any integrity in our election processes.

    Now in retrospect, it has happened. President Trump and us, his supporters, need to keep fighting and to uncover ALL THE FRAUD that has happened in 2020. Also seems like the Chinese virus was used as a cover-up to let the voter fraud operatives carry-on within their back rooms', and in their basements 'underground', (because of lock downs, due to virus), covert operations to make only their illegal and corrupted candidates win, because they are anti-American and probably have many planted operatives from communist, socialist, countries to control our elections....China started the virus and is also using its influence to affect & infect, our elections...Thanks to Clinton family, Obama family, Soros' family, Biden Family corruption, Pelosi/Schumer/Cuomo family corruption...., the list is in the hundreds, of those who hate American tradition and embrace socialist communism, and will DO ANYTHING TO TAKE AMERICA DOWN. But....they didn't count on President Trump to stop it in their he MUST continue to fight them and drain the swamp as he has A LOT OF SUPPORT from traditional American citizens and WE WILL NOT LET THEM BEAT US! WE are in like a revolution again, but it is between Americans who support American Traditions and our Constitution, and those who want to undo everything our U.S. Constitution stands for, and the U.S. Constitution supporters will win, as our Constitution has stood steadfast for over 200 years, and it will weather this storm too, because we elected a STRONG, STEADFAST, AND UNCOMPROMISING PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP! (A trump card always beats the others in a high stakes game.)

  • Roger Shofkom

    11/17/2020 03:33 AM

    Usually when there is so much opposition to the truth and transparency as in the election and Joe Biden's involvement with China and personally profiting from his previous Government position; then perceptions are 99% reality. Certainly not the qualities of a Leader or unifier of a free Nation.

  • Shirley Roberts

    11/17/2020 02:16 AM

    PS...Please take Biden's picture off all your communications...I've seen all of him I ever want to see, and now look at how many days/years he will be splashed on TV.
    One more thing, Sir. Please get your "think tank" to find ways to address the yellow journalism espoused by ALL the major networks. They need a horse
    whipping if they can't write the facts and leave out their biases. Thanks again.

  • Shirley Roberts

    11/17/2020 02:11 AM

    Dear Rev. Ex Gov. Huckabee, Sir, I read your "daily" news on my PC regularly and with DILIGENCE There's too much crookedness taking place in our federal government. My hope is that you will form a coalition of people who are like-minded, and this group with become a "think tank" creating just and fair ways to bring INTEGRITY back to our government. All you have written scares me greatly because there is no restitution for some of the wickedness that is occurring. I will hope and pray that someone is smart enough to put the election outcome in the hands of Congress. However, I'm not sure all those folks are equally trustworthy...But maybe least there's a Republican heaviness. I will keep praying that you are able to help correct the wrongs that are occurring. I urge you to call Mr. Trump and suggest he focus his energy and money on not getting the votes re-counted, but getting the decision in the hands of Congress...He will listen to you. One other point that really bothers me is that the vaccine makers had that shot ready a long time ago and did not reveal that...that's just wrong. I hope those who knew that and did not become whistle blowers lose sleep every night and also get the virus. That's not kind, but what they've done is also not kind. It's awful. Also, should a lot of money fall into my hands, you can be sure I'm going to send you mega-bucks. Good Luck. God Bless You. ShirleyR

  • Schlegel Susan and William

    11/17/2020 01:35 AM

    Could you make a list (again) of all the good policies that Trump has done. It might drown out the media noise about all the bad things his term has produced. I'd like to have some solid talking points if I have to converse with friends that think he hasn't done anything good. Thank you.

  • Amelia Little

    11/17/2020 01:31 AM

    I had looked up the succession of the Presidency if there is no clear winner by Jan 20, (previously, not to "fact check" you today, lol) and according to the sources on google results, the speaker of the House is President until a winner is officially (that means, legally, officially, not msm "officially") I'm am absolutely relieved that that is not so. I was disappointed that she has been re-elected (had my hopes up when I saw some Republicans won in CA) but surely, SURELY even the democrats in the House would not be so stupid and obstinate as to continue to have her be speaker.

    I had read, when Pfizer announced the vaccine, that already democrats (am not sure who to quote, but I think some congressmen and certainly msm) had already denounced the vaccine because it came in under President Trump's term. I don't know if they were expecting it to come even later and were planning on biden winning and then they would have jumped with joy and accolades? Even if it were announced Jan 20 and even if biden would be President, are they so clueless that they would credit biden with getting it done so fast (on inauguration day!!! Now, that's fast!!! lol)

  • Nancy K. Wagner

    11/17/2020 01:27 AM

    I agree! Moderna is the best percent effectiveness, AND, NO aborted babies or animal DNA added!

  • Steven P Taylor

    11/17/2020 01:08 AM

    I live in the very blue state of New Jersey. I am a retired Coast Guard veteran who spent 25 years in uniform. I am conservative, but I am the only conservative in my family. My former son, who used to be like me is now in the belief that he is female and now her viewpoint has shifted wildly left. I must not express my thoughts. It's hard sometimes because I see what's going on. I'm intelligent, I listen to people talk and I am completely amazed at how they think. Where do they get these crazy ideas? Why won't they consider another viewpoint? Why don't they pay attention? I look forward to reading your posts. Thank you for your insights. I am retired now, since 2000, now a partially impaired veteran. Sorry about the random nature of this post. Keep up the good work you are doing!

  • carol denardo

    11/17/2020 12:59 AM

    God knows the hearts of good leaders like President Trump. He knows Trump's love of country, sincerity and generosity. As the old saying goes, "who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men," (and women) not the shadow, but God. All the good President Trump has done for us, the dems will destroy overnight. Yet he continues to do what is good and right. That is how he should be remembered.

  • Jerry Korba

    11/17/2020 12:01 AM

    Voter rolls when do they ever update them or do the voter rolls just lay on the table for 10 years and are never updated? What office keeps the voter rolls accurate? Or inaccurate Or does accuracy not matter in the process of voting. NASA just sent 4 people into outerspace to hook up with the space station I would think a computer could kick out a dead voter or cancel a voter that try's to vote more than once. The country is being taken over by the lawless Deep State it has always been in control remember what ever the deep state accuses the GOP of doing the Left has already done or is in the process of doing. When Obama talks of putting people in jail or murder somebody better look out . Obama still has a general in court for a crime he didn't commit. Obama is the new lead to become the next Al Sharpen he even looks like em the beat goes on. Obama has always hated America and has done a lot to try and destroy her the Deep State got him elected twice and the cheap double Biden just may get America destroyed. Biden theme will be Make China Great Again.