February 2, 2020

A few amusing "impeachment" side notes: the Iowa Caucuses are tomorrow night, so by stretching this through Wednesday, Mitch McConnell forced Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar to spend the entire final weeks when they should have been campaigning in Iowa sitting in DC, listening to Adam Schiff lie.

One hilarious moment came when the Democrats’ final chance to speak during Q&A came and, for possibly the first time in his life, Jerrold Nadler sprinted to the microphone, ignoring Adam Schiff’s panicked cries of “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!” Nadler gave the expected bad and off-putting answer, although to be fair, it was probably no more annoying than Schiff would’ve been. And at least it gave us this hilarious viral moment.

When the vote to call more witnesses predictably failed, several hundred anti-Trump protesters outside the Capitol let out with screams of anger and outrage. Have you noticed that leftists endow sounds with magical powers? They think that words they disagree with cause them physical harm. They believe that talking about a problem means they’re solving it. They elect candidates based not on qualifications or experience but on rhetoric that makes their legs tingle. They think that calling something “debunked” or “proven overwhelmingly” means that it is, even when it clearly isn’t. And for some reason, they seem to think screaming at the sky conveys some actual political power, when it just makes them look emotionally unstable. They’re like roosters who think their crowing makes the sun come up. Go ahead, scream at the sky. Who cares, other than people who are trying to sleep?

To be fair, I can understand why they screamed at the sky: they were being forced to relive the first traumatic time they did that, on Election Night 2016. Once again, they were hysterical with rage to discover that even after going to all that trouble to rig the system, they still lost to Trump.

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  • Raymond D Babcock

    02/04/2020 11:32 AM

    Elizabeth Warren must upset? For she must think she is the best liar the democrats have. Schiff i think has bested Lieahwathy.

  • George Reynolds

    02/03/2020 03:10 PM

    Speaking of the screamers in protest outside the Capitol reminds me of the contrast to the Second Amendment Lobby Day gathering in Richmond on Monday, January 20. No one was screaming (although there were some chants of, "USA! USA!") and no one was acting irrationally. There were 6000 of us unarmed on the state capitol grounds, in the area fenced off by police in response to Governor Northam's bogus "state of emergency" edict. There were 16,000 or more ARMED citizens outside the fence, carrying handguns and rifles and flags and banners, but there was NO VIOLENCE and no trashing of the neighborhood. Heck, we even cleaned up after ourselves when it was all over. We picked up the bright orange "Guns Save Lives" stickers that had fallen off people's coats (they are notoriously non-sticky!), and left the place at least as clean as we had found it, if not more so. Gov. Northam had indicated that he had feared armed Antifa thugs would come from out of state (whom he erroneously equated with lawful armed "militias" from out of state). As it turned out the Antifa thugs were AFRAID to come because of the presence of the armed militias! Those who came from as far away as Michigan and Wisconsin said they came to support their "brothers in arms" in Virginia.

  • Kenneth Hadler

    02/03/2020 11:37 AM

    Thank you for enduring through the efforts of the House Managers . I am glad I didn't have to sit through the litany of lies they presented over and over and over. They made their bed with their "Whine Cellar" tactics. Now instead of looking back and saying "Where did we fail to present our case?", they should be asking "Where did we fail our people by devoting so much Congressional time when we really had no case? And how can we HONESTLY make this up to the people of the WHOLE country?"