February 17, 2020

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I’m not sure a lot of Americans pay much attention to the chatter-heads on liberal media who hate President Trump so much that they’ve become irrational and hysterical.

When the President dismissed Lt. Col. Vindman and his twin brother from their positions in the White House National Security Council office, you would have thought that the President personally went to their desks, grabbed them by the collar, and boot-kicked them out in 3 feet of snow on the White House Lawn. It was said to be vindictive, outrageous, unprecedented, unpatriotic, and that was just for starters.

Lt. Col VIndman deserves our respect for his decorated military service. What he does not deserve is to be treated like a martyr yanked from duty because he was just doing too great a job. And both he and his brother didn’t lose their paychecks. They went right back to the Pentagon and never missed one day of pay or benefits. What they lost were their positions at the White House on the staff of the National Security Council. My reaction was not to think it so very cruel, but to wonder why it didn’t happen sooner and why aren’t there more being ushered out the door.

Vindmam was a hold-over from the Obama administration. In sworn testimony before Congress several months ago, his direct supervisor complained of Vindman failing to follow the proper chain of command and seeming to think that the President ought to be taking more policy advice from him.

There are 2 kinds of government employees—there are civil service employees who supposedly are politically neutral and who have jobs from which they can almost never get fired—even when they should be. To fire one of them requires “cause.” And that cause has to be something criminal, aggresiously unethical, or grossly insubordinate. And it’s still VERY hard to get rid of them. Then there are those employees who have jobs defined as “serving at the pleasure of the President.” That’s a broad definition but it means these are political appointees and can be terminated without cause. It’s literally at the “pleasure of the President.” And if he has no pleasure with such a person, they can be frog-marched off the grounds because of what they ordered at Waffle House. No reason has to be given.

When I was governor, I oversaw over 70,000 employees. Most were civil service. It was easier to get Adam Schiff to decline a TV interview than fire one. But there were hundreds of employees that were deemed “at will, “ or who “served at the pleasure of the Governor.” I could fire them at any time for any reason. I fired quite a few, but not nearly enough.

Presidents (and Governors and Mayor for that matter) routinely replace political appointees from a previous administration and no one from the press makes a peep. On his first day in office, President Obama fired every single US attorney and every Ambassador President Bush appointed. Bush got rid of Clinton’s people. Not a scandal. Elections have consequences, and if you win, you get to put your own team on the field. Stop the crocodile tears about Vindman or anyone else who got sacked. If President Trump has made a mistake, it was not cleaning house on day one. He should not be expected to keep people around him who leak to the press, whine about the decisions of the Commander in Chief, or get upset when the person who went through the rigors of a campaign and got elected expect the people getting a paycheck from him to either show some loyalty or get the heck out. If there is one skill Donald Trump brought to the White House, it was one he got really known for on the long-running TV show “The Apprentice.” His signature line was “You’re FIRED!” I think he needs to be saying it a lot more!

With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

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"CHEERS, ANDY": The big picture on Andrew McCabe

By Mike Huckabee

There’s an old saying that in our justice system, “you can indict a ham sandwich.” But after the recent decision at the Department of Justice not to prosecute former deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe for lying, we’re seeing that for this saying to be true, there has to be one caveat: “...UNLESS the ham sandwich is part of the anti-Trump swamp.” In that case, the sandwich will remain unindicted and will walk free, to be picked up by CNN or MSNBC, where it will be hired as a paid contributor.

The decision not to indict didn’t come from Attorney General Bill Barr. The U.S. Attorney for Washington, DC, sent a letter to McCabe’s lawyer saying he wouldn’t face prosecution over the leaks and related lies. Clearly, McCabe did lie about his role in the leak to reporter Devlin Barrett, then at the WALL STREET JOURNAL, and lied some more to try to cover himself. IG Michael Horowitz’s report was blistering in its account of McCabe’s repeated lying. Legal expert Andrew McCarthy has a new piece in NATIONAL REVIEW, “Why Wasn’t Andrew McCabe Charged?” (link below) laying out the lies he told about a leak he authorized concerning the existence of an FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation –- a bogus investigation, I would add, but that’s another issue –- and explaining what factors might have been involved in the decision, finally, not to charge McCabe. Compare this decision with the full-speed-ahead indictments against George Papadopoulos and Michael Flynn, and it’s easy to see the two-tier justice system at work.

The tweet sent by Lisa Page on the announcement that McCabe wouldn’t be charged says it all.



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I wanted to make sure you also read these comments:

Interesting turn of events: Nevada’s powerful Culinary Workers’ Union announced that it will not endorse a candidate in the upcoming Democratic Primary. Joe Biden was counting on that endorsement. The union issued some boilerplate comments about how all the candidates are great, but it’s no secret that they don’t like Bernie Sanders’ idea of trading in their high quality, hard-won union worker health care benefits for “Medicare For All.”

Since this is from, it naturally doesn’t mention that some political analysts wonder if Trump’s success in bringing back blue collar jobs, creating a booming economy (which is the lifeblood of a tourism town like Las Vegas), and presiding over rising wages might be forcing union bosses who reflexively back Democrats to listen to their members, who like what Trump is doing and don’t want to go back to the Democrats’ stagnation and war on free enterprise.


Considering that Joe Biden’s hopes for staying alive in the Presidential race rest on turning out black voters for him in South Carolina, I can’t help thinking that his strategy for appealing to them wasn’t very well thought out. He’s running an ad that’s mostly positive until it suddenly takes a negative turn and tries to paint President Trump as a racist and America as a nation where black people are struggling to survive. He also repeats the same quote from the Rev. James Cleveland (“I ain’t no ways tired”) that Hillary Clinton famously used in 2007 and that caused her to be roundly mocked and accused of racist pandering (as Joe now is, by Deroy Murdock.)

And who thought it was a good idea to include that photo of the so-called “cages” at the border? I know Democrats love to blame Trump for those (actually, they are detention facilities, not “cages”), but did nobody on Joe’s staff think anyone would point out the fact that they were actually built under the Obama/Biden Administration?

If Biden wants to appeal to black voters, I’d think the last thing he’d want to do is ask them to think about how things are going for them now (wages rising, black and black youth unemployment and black poverty rates all at record lows) and vote to go back to the way things were when Obama was President. Here’s a thought: try appealing to black voters by telling them how he’s going to improve things for Americans of all races, instead of trying to frighten them by saying the other guy is a racist and wants to “put y’all back in chains” (one of his previous unfortunately quotes.) Except that would require policies that would actually improve on what’s already working. This is why we get demagoguery, pandering and race-baiting: because that’s easy and actually improving people’s lives is hard.

Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

"That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man; That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love."

- Ephesians 3:16-17

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  • Mike Horst

    02/18/2020 09:23 AM

    Mike, It maybe over simplistic but I have the quick easy solution to all these crazy leftist nonsense. Vote a straight Republican ticket on 11-3-20.

  • Lisa Ford

    02/17/2020 03:54 PM

    Tired of commenting on evil democrats. Let's think on something cool. Like our Precious President & 1st Lady running the Presidential Limo around Daytona. The reception he got, a minister that didn't pray a sheepish prayer. Makes one proud to be AMERICAN! And don't forget Air Force One buzzing the racetrack. That made my day! We have a great President, that's backed up by a great 1st Lady. So let's smile thinking about that.

  • Lisa Ford

    02/17/2020 03:52 PM

    Tired of commenting on evil democrats. Let's think on something cool. Like our Precious President & 1st Lady running the Presidential Limo around Daytona. The reception he got, a minister that didn't pray a sheepish prayer. Makes one proud to be AMERICAN! And don't forget Air Force One buzzing the racetrack. That made my day! We have a great President, that's backed up by a great 1st Lady. So let's smile thinking about that.

  • Jerry Korba

    02/17/2020 02:40 PM

    You and me for the good of the country all of the left overs from the Obama Admin should be shown the door from the WH unless Donald wanted to keep the countries enemy close by keeping an eye on them. I hope that is the case. Not so sure though I hope he has his people watching what the Left overs are doing. That would be sweet. The Left is beyond making sense I am amazed any one is still listening to this group of fictional writers elections still have consequences people can not take them seriously if they do mental health issues is the diagnosis.

  • Rick Reinhardt

    02/17/2020 01:17 PM

    Yes GOV I agree 1000% he should have fired everyone on day ONE!

  • R. Saffell

    02/17/2020 12:41 PM

    RE: COl. Vindman. I need to disagree with you sir. Vindman "used to be" patriotic. "In the past"....he deserved to be decorated. But now? He is a traitor and deserves prison. What a person has done in the past …. their history....must always be considered of course. But it is what they are currently doing that we judge them by. For instance if Vindman was proven to be a pedophile we would....( I hope so at least ), put him in prison even though he had been decorated...correct? We need to cease letting these traitors like Vindman off. It only encourages more people to become one.

  • JC Holland

    02/17/2020 12:27 PM

    AG Barr should be fired. He is the boss. Therefore he allowed the McCabe charges to be dropped.
    Either Soros and Clinton got to him, or he is part of the swamp.

  • Lucille Yuen

    02/17/2020 11:36 AM

    It puzzled me that President Trump didn't do a housecleaning immediately upon assuming office. We began to learn about the nefarious leaks and trouble from the "deep state". Why didn't he fire them all with a wide stroke?

  • Christine Kerekffy

    02/17/2020 09:49 AM

    When talking about how good the economy is doing and all the jobs created, no one mentions all the riots we used to have in the streets and now we don't because all those rioters now have jobs to go to. Just a thought.

  • Stephen Russell

    02/17/2020 09:28 AM

    Civil Service Reform:
    Pay for Perforamance
    Needed skills, Ed.
    Update positions
    Scrap positions.
    Merge depts, Units etc.
    States & Feds aside City & County
    Make= & No Exceptions