February 7, 2020

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On Thursday, President Trump held a gathering at the White House to thank his family, supporters and legal team and celebrate his acquittal in the Senate. This ends the travesty of his phony impeachment, which started even before he was inaugurated and went on to shred the Constitution in the attempt to take him down. Of course, like sharks that have to keep swimming and eating to stay alive, his political enemies are still actively searching for some crime to “get” him on. They and their media accomplices were even criticizing him for his remarks during Thursday’s event, slamming him for “not bringing the country together,” if you can believe that.

The President was justifiably outspoken about the attempted coup that took place within the intel bureaucracy. “...If I didn’t fire James Comey, we would have never found this stuff. ‘Cause when I fired that sleazebag, all hell broke out. They were ratting on each other; they were running for the hills. Let’s see what happens...It’s in the hands of some very talented people.” a reference to Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham

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Iowa Caucus Update

By Mike Huckabee

It’s five days past the Iowa Democratic Caucuses, 100% of precincts have reported, and we still don’t have an official total. How is even possible to be that bad at math? Oh, wait, I forgot who we’re talking about.

The vote isn’t being finalized because some precincts reported more votes than voters. That’s hardly unusual for a Democratic precinct, but in this case, all the voters were supposed to be in a locked room, raising their hands, which is impossible for voters in cemeteries to do. Bernie Sanders supporters are claiming there was cheating, noting that Bernie got more votes than Pete Buttigieg, but Buttigieg got more delegates and declared himself the winner. Having blamed a malfunctioning app, President Trump and Trump supporters for their own embarrassing debacle, Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee fell back on the Dems’ greatest hits by blaming Russia.

Once again, the satirical conservative humor site The Babylon Bee was ahead of the curve.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez is so frustrated, he’s demanding that the Iowa Democratic Party begin an immediate recanvassing. Between this and House Democrats immediately launching yet another impeachment investigation based on the same bogus Ukraine “quid pro quo” charge, the (D) after Democratic politicians’ names must now stand for “Do-over.” I might jump on the bandwagon and suggest a do-over of the 2018 Congressional elections.

At this rate, some Democrats are worried that next Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary will already be over and done with before there’s an official Iowa result. Well, don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched…

PS – One of the least-reported stories of the Iowa Caucuses involves the claim that party faithful are so “energized” over choosing one of these candidates to take on Trump. In fact, turnout was, let us say, “underwhelming” in many areas. Like Dubuque County, a heavily-Catholic area that should have been a Biden stronghold. It has 97,000 residents and 25,000 registered Democrats. Total number of Democratic caucus participants: 217. I’ve used this gag before, but it’s still appropriate: there are more people than that in the bathroom lines at Trump rallies.


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I wanted to make sure you also read these comments:

In related “sanctuary” news, ICE reported Wednesday that over the past two years, Orange County, California, officials released 2,121 illegal immigrant inmates with ICE detainers, in violation of federal law requiring them to be turned over to immigration authorities. Of those, 411, or about one in five, later ended up back in the Orange County jail on new charges, including rape, domestic violence, child sex offenses, assault with a deadly weapon, identity theft and DUI. That’s about a 20% recidivism rate, although it might be worse, since it doesn’t count any who committed further crimes anywhere other than Orange County.

How much longer will Californians, New Yorkers and other residents of "sanctuary" areas allow this madness to continue before they finally provide sanctuary from violent criminals to law-abiding Americans by throwing these leftist lunatics out of office?

Must-Read Article! You need to hear what Pete Buttigieg said to Megan McCain on “The View” about not just late-term abortion but killing a baby that had already been born…and then ponder this disturbing fact: in the current Democratic Presidential field, he’s considered a moderate.

Again making comedy writers obsolete, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wishes to inform us that we shouldn’t listen to politicians who say you need to “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.” She said “that’s a joke” because “it’s physically impossible!” I’m assuming she tried it, which I would have paid money to watch. I also assume she thinks that a “metaphor” is a very small 4.

But to be fair, she has a point: it isn’t easy for someone to be a self-made success. For instance, if you want to go from being a socialist bartender to a celebrity Congress member, you’re going to need the votes of a lot of fellow idiots.

The Oscars are this Sunday, and because nobody can meet the impossible standards of today’s PC cancel culture, they will once again have no host. That prompted one of the best Oscar hosts of all time, Billy Crystal, to complain that it’s like a “trial without witnesses: moves faster, but not quite the result that you want.”

I see what he’s getting at, but having just sat through the House Democrats’ endless bloviating at the Senate “impeachment” trial, I can assure him that a trial without witnesses does not move faster.

Friday Funnies! From Conan O’Brien: “The Oscars are Sunday, and just to prepare you, it could be a very long night. The results are being tabulated by the Iowa Democrats… ’1917’ is the favorite to win Best Picture. ‘1917’ is about Bernie Sanders’ freshman year of high school.”

Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

"That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man; That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love."

- Ephesians 3:16-17

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  • Roger Russell

    02/09/2020 08:46 PM

    I have a commercial idea for President Trump. Bernie is talking about a record number of $18 donations to the Bernie campaign. The president should make a commercial saying that if you are a working class person and you can afford to send $18 to Bernie you need to say thank you to President Trump for the job and pay raise that gave you that additional discretionary income that allowed you to make that donation

  • Dave Krusemark

    02/07/2020 04:53 PM

    Your readers may be interested to read and your comment appreciated on text of this proposed bill sponsored by J. Garcia, D-IL

  • John Tyler

    02/07/2020 03:52 PM

    Thought you might enjoy this joke.
    The presidential motorcade had just arrived and the president had just stepped out of his limo when the new secret service agent began to shout Mickey Mouse and point at a man in the nearby crowd who had just reached inside his coat. A couple of other agents grabbed the man. The president was quickly lead inside the building. Luckily the man was just reaching for his cell phone to take a picture. Afterwards, the new agents supervisor thanked him for his alertness in spotting the man but ask him why he kept shouting Mickey Mouse! The agent explained he was so excited that was all he could think of. He meant to shout " Donald duck!

  • Anne Amato

    02/07/2020 12:20 PM

    Governor.....Two items of which you should be aware......
    1) We need to pay VERY CLOSE attention to House Resolution H.R. 5383 - New Way Forward Act. It has support of 44 House Democrats. Basically eviscerates immigration laws regarding violent criminals, and LOTS more.....whole resolution is available on .gov site.

    However, Tucker Carlson DID have a breakdown of the worst of the high points of this bill....and it is disastrous for America! (I cannot find a video of this show)....but it is included as part of another YouTube source. We need to wake up and know what these bills include!!!!! And who is supporting them!!!!!
    2) Information from Latvia has been transferred to some Senators that involve the Ukraine missing funds. The timeline on all this is extraordinary....and the people involved? At least one is absolutely scary! But the corruption and money laundering is beyond belief....and this reaches all the way to the top.
    The timeline and involvement of IMF and OMB is very important as well.
    Can find on Glenn Beck...Ukraine: The Final Piece.
    On Twitter:#Ukraine:TheFinalPiece.

  • Jeff Knapp

    02/07/2020 11:26 AM

    Wow, Governor, your comment about AOC actually trying to "pull herself up by her bootstrap" is funny, but your friends at Babylon Bee beat you to it when in a headline a couple of weeks ago they said she almost choked herself tying her shoelaces.
    As Ben Shapiro said in a tweet, "here's breaking news", money doesn't actually burn a hole in your don't actually throw babies out with the bathwater...oh wait, Dems probably would if they could.
    Thank you, and your crack staff from the great Republic of Texas, for your double daily dose of news.