March 4, 2020

“Orange Man Not-So-Bad” News: President Trump is such an unfeeling, racist, xenophobic warmonger that his Administration has offered aid and sanctions relief to help Iran cope with the coronavirus. Also, despite (false) claims by the left that he’s never done anything to help anyone else and that he thinks the coronavirus is a hoax, he just donated his latest quarterly paycheck of $100,000 to help fight it. Can’t wait to see how the media spin all this to make him look evil.


The Dow leaped over 500 points this morning on the news that it’s even less likely that Bernie Sanders will ever be President of the United States.

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UPDATE! Just hours after Mike Bloomberg’s campaign claimed he would press on past his Super Tuesday wipeout, Bloomberg suspended his campaign and endorsed Joe Biden. Although you’d think he’d be a Bernie man by the way he just redistributed so much of a billionaire’s wealth.

The announcement was greeted with great sadness by thousands of TV stations and websites that were making a killing off his wasted $500 million ad budget, but with great relief by everyone outside of American Samoa, who will finally be able to watch cat videos on YouTube without having to see Mike Bloomberg first. It just proves once again that all the advertising in the world can’t sell a faulty product once the public gets a good look at it.


Joe Biden’s legendary “gaffes” seem to be getting more frequent. Not only did he head into Super Tuesday by forgetting the most famous line of the Declaration of Independence and telling supporters to press on to “Super Thursday” (Democrats: please note that this year’s election has been moved to the secondThursday in November, per Joe Biden), during his victory speech, he mixed up his wife and his sister.

It was especially unfortunate that this happened right after he promised to launch a war on Alzheimer’s disease. Maybe this particular “gaffe” was just a function of lights in his eyes, campaign stress or being distracted by the crowd, but it happens a lot, even in dim light and one-on-one interviews. Some pundits are suggesting that if Biden were elected, most of his duties might be delegated to others, and as we’ve seen from him promising to put “Beto” O’Rourke in charge of gun control, that’s a scary thought, indeed.

As sad as this is, some commentators couldn’t help joking about Biden confusing his wife with his sister. Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit remarked, “This puts Hunter’s behavior in a whole new light.” And comic Steven Crowder tweeted: “BREAKING! Ilhan Omar endorses Joe Biden for President.”

(NOTE to all the liberal “fact-checking” sites: that last tweet was a JOKE. Ilhan Omar didn’t really endorse Biden. It’s premised on the claims that she married her brother to get him a green card. Confusing a sibling with a spouse. See? Sigh… Jokes were so much funnier when you didn’t have to explain them to humorless leftists.)


You probably already know this, but if you want accurate, useful information on the coronavirus, you might want to look somewhere other than CNN. A study found that the majority of their coverage of the story so far could be boiled down to two words: “Trump Bad!”

By the way, even the Washington Post is now admitting that those “Trump cut funds for fighting disease” stories were lies.

Here’s the latest round-up of real news about the coronavirus outbreak:


The relentless promotion of transgenderism and “gender fluidity” to innocent children may be starting to face a backlash. There have been several recent articles about young people who underwent painful, disfiguring “gender confirmation” surgery, only to later realize that it was a horrible mistake and they actually just had emotional issues that should’ve been treated with counseling – an obvious truth that you can now be banished from society for voicing. But now, one of those victims is seeking legal redress.

British teen Keira Bell is suing the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, parent of the National Health Service’s Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS.) GIDS has become infamous for over over-diagnosing “gender dysphoria,” with cases leaping from a few dozen to over 2,000 in ten years. At least 35 psychologists have resigned from it in the past three years in protest that young people are being “over-diagnosed and over-medicalized,” such as being given dangerous hormone treatments, but they’re afraid to resist for fear of being branded “transphobic.”

(May I just add: “Government health care, ladies and gentlemen!”)

Ms. Bell claims that she was rushed into gender reassignment treatments after just three short sessions that did nothing to uncover the fact that her “gender identity crisis” was really a coping mechanism for deeper issues. She suffered serious health effects that left her feeling drained, depressed and suicidal. She said her body went into a menopause-like state and “shut down,” and “There’s no going back from it.”

I wish her the best with her lawsuit, and I hope it turns into a class action suit that forces an end to this madness perpetrated on our children. Today’s true epidemic of “dysphoria” is not children who look in a mirror and see the opposite sex, it’s politicized health officials who look at a child and see a guinea pig.

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Comments 1-25 of 41

  • Ron Martin

    03/05/2020 02:24 PM

    Strong religious values are the antidote to lies and false news; otherwise, to play on Chuck Shumer own words, our country will never know the truth about what hit us.

  • Leland Busbee

    03/05/2020 10:08 AM

    In this news letter, the first thing was a survey asking who is stronger, Obama or Trump. I filled in the requested info, voted for Trump and hit the enter button. Before it changed I saw that my vote was changed to Obama! I tried to catch it but it was too late! Sounds like this site has been hacked!

  • Susan Dozier

    03/05/2020 09:53 AM

    Thank you for your daily letter. It's nice to read a small paragraph on each topic that is of course not going to be found on main stream news programs. I trust it and it is much less stressful than going to any of the news websites.
    God bless you and your family.
    I'm a fan of your daughter as well!

  • Margaret Beattie

    03/05/2020 09:20 AM

    If Biden is found guilty of corruption in Ukraine and China was does that do to his chances of being elected President.

  • Jerry Korba

    03/05/2020 09:07 AM

    My last opinions have been at Democrats behavior and thought process Schumer has exposed what I experienced the last 10 days being with 2 Democrats The Left is is crumbling the Dems biggest power source Schumer is cracking and has become feeble sounds as he will bring in hit men to knock out or kill Supreme Court Justices; if I don't know what hit me, means I am either dead, druged or unconscious the FBI or the secret service needs a midnight visit to this creep a threat like that better be investigated threats like that don't get punished it will cascade down into the public.

  • Amelia Brown

    03/05/2020 08:38 AM

    Enjoyed reading articles that don’t bash anyone and everyone who has a conservative thought.

    And very sad about the kids undergoing gender reassignment surgery. As a parent that adopted daughters who were previously abused, they went through gender confusion prior to counseling. Both are now happily married to men. They also thanked me for not accepting their constant flip-flopping thoughts of being gay then straight then bi-sexual.

    Keep reporting real news!

  • Kevin Turnbaugh

    03/05/2020 08:34 AM

    Mark me down as proudly transphobic!


    03/05/2020 07:57 AM

    Mike you know as well as I do that Joe Biden has dementia and only a Democrat could run for the highest office in the land in that condition. If that were a Republican the Democrats and to be redundant the lamestream media would be bellowing 24/7 of why he was unfit for office and should not be allowed to run. Just another double standard that we put up with.

  • Thomas Roper

    03/05/2020 07:56 AM

    My daughter, Nora, who's 37, has been convinced she's transgender. She was raised in a Christian home but she CHOOSE to believe she's trans. She's on hormone and had her breast removed courtesy the state of California.

  • Mona Kramer

    03/05/2020 07:32 AM

    "Socialism only works in two places: Heaven where they don't need it, and hell where they already have it."
    Ronald Reagan

    Tell President Trump to keep going, don't look back! He is doing just fine!

  • David Woods

    03/05/2020 06:09 AM

    good morning, Governor!
    it occurred to me that Bloomberg can say the same thing as Dire Straits, "Money For Nothing", except in reverse!!

  • spencer G plumley

    03/05/2020 03:38 AM

    Good updates, as usual. I really like how effectively you make fun of so many stupid things going on in our country -- usually by the left. Keep up good work.

  • Thala J Susag

    03/05/2020 03:29 AM

    I'm still disgusted with the Senate Dems killing the bill
    that would insure medical treatment for a baby who
    survives abortion. Why do they support a woman's
    "reproductive rights" without regard to the right to
    life of an unborn child? The woman had the option of
    preventing the pregnancy in the first place. I am
    praying the Supreme Court will reverse Roe v. Wade,
    and soon. Ban Schumer from the building to protect
    the justices. He's a nut case for sure.
    How do we keep politicians and LGBTq do-gooders who
    support changing the sex of a young child, away, far away,
    from America's children? They kill the unborn, and those
    who survive are then subjected to sex changes which affect
    them the rest of their lives. It's likely most of them were
    just dealing with the usual ups and downs of childhood,
    and needed a hug from understanding parents. Can this
    horrible sacrifice of children be stopped?

  • Madene Fisher

    03/05/2020 02:48 AM

    I couldn't agree more about your comment.... "Today’s true epidemic of “dysphoria” is not children who look in a mirror and see the opposite sex, it’s politicized health officials who look at a child and see a guinea pig."

  • Linda Radosevich

    03/04/2020 11:02 PM

    I think Joe Biden did the ‘wife/sister mix-up’ did THAT one on purpose- did you see the sly look he had in his eye while everyone got their panties in a bunch? The other gaffes however worry me.

  • Marjorie Pregitzer

    03/04/2020 10:46 PM

    I'm thinking that Obama, who is now endorsing Biden, will try to cozy up to him in the coming months before election and offer to be his "wingman", as in "Vice President", and then will have the men in white suits come and escort poor old Joe from the White House while Obama slips (like a snake) into a third term. Sound reasonable? Sure sounds scary!! Would that be possible? Can a past president become a vice-president?

  • Barb Sabin

    03/04/2020 10:16 PM

    Dear Governor and brother. I want to thank you for the fearless truth that you pass to WE THE PEOPLE!!! Please be careful and watch your back because Hillary is watching and listening and we have long suspected that THE CLINTONS have a huge eraser for those who interfere with them!!! You are so BLESSED to have THE GOD OF ANGEL ARMIES ON YOUR SIDE!!! We Hope and Pray that JUSTICE PREVAILS when she is questioned yet AGAIN!!! Amen and Amen

  • Toni DeFronzo

    03/04/2020 10:10 PM

    And the weak parents, who allow ANY authority figure to take over the care and direction of their children.

  • Gloria Walsh

    03/04/2020 09:00 PM

    Thank you, Mike, for “fair and balance” reporting (seems someone used to use this as a tag line.....). Honestly, I get my news from your site everyday. For months, I haven’t even listened to the local or national news. Never have listened to CNN nor will I ever. I’m “free at last” since I made this change. Besides, I know how the story’s all in the book of Revelation. Keep doing what you do. You’re the best!

  • Floyd A Unger

    03/04/2020 08:55 PM

    These always help

  • Rick Locke

    03/04/2020 08:48 PM

    With "Quid Pro Quo Joe" as the new Democratic darling - I'll bet the race for Vice President will be hotly contested. It'll be interesting to see who survives the cut.

  • Keet Parakeet

    03/04/2020 08:45 PM

    The url to the retraction of the washington post is grayed out. Is that from a typo in your newsletter or because the washington post hid/retracted their retraction? Just curious.

  • Terry Nixon

    03/04/2020 08:32 PM

    Mike, As usual, your news is accurate and not "spun-up" like what we see on the Communist News Network." I just wonder if you think we will ever get interest rates back up so our savings can make a decent amount of return. At age 61 I am contemplating retirement. The only thing holding me back is the high cost of health insurance for someone with diabetes and hypertension.
    As usual, I enjoy reading your news delivered in such a positive jovial manner!

  • Mike Carey

    03/04/2020 08:00 PM

    It’s time for Joe Biden to name his Vice Presidential Running Mate so Voters will know “Exactly” WHO they are voting for in the Presidential Elections. It is extremely likely that shortly after a Joe Biden victory and under the new stress of President, either the 25th Amendment will be invoked as he exhibits mental and/or physical inabilities to fulfill his duty as President, thereby being removed and the Presidency will be assumed by the Vice President. (OR) the Vice President, along with a majority of the Cabinet can legally remove the President for an inability to perform his duties, thereby enabling the Vice President to assume the Top Office of President. THIS IS SERIOUS. Suppose For example, that in exchange for his support, Obama, in a Quid Pro Quo arm twisting, forces Joe to name Michelle Obama as his running mate?? Are You Laughing?? Really? Or how about Chuck Schumer as VP.
    Worse Yet, Hillary has NOT denied she would accept a VP slot.... Hopefully Poor Joe would steer clear of her, considering her track record of her associates suddenly coming down with a case of “Clinton-cide”... Remember poor Vince Foster, Hillary associate in scandal that suddenly committed Suicide..... yup, and Hillary would get to be first female President.... OMG!
    How many people reading this post believe Joe Biden will 100% complete his first term?

  • dennis gregor

    03/04/2020 07:10 PM

    AMEN.... God help them kids