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April 1, 2020 |


Tuesday, President Trump also suggested another $2 trillion, phase 2 stimulus bill, this one focused on rebuilding US infrastructure. Trump tweeted that it’s a good time to do it, since interest rates are at zero.

This is something Trump has been pushing for since he ran for President, arguing that the US economy is being harmed by our outdated and even dangerous airports, bridges, railways and other necessary structures. I doubt he’ll have much luck getting that past Republicans in Congress, at least not until they wait and see if such a huge stimulus is needed or justified. But in the meantime, maybe Trump should work on refinancing the national debt at zero percent interest. Or at least the part of it that’s held by China.


I wrote briefly yesterday about the Tampa-area pastor who was arrested for holding a Sunday church service in defiance of an order against large gatherings and asked for your responses. Since then, that story has exploded into other very important areas. Last night, I was on Laura Ingraham’s show on Fox News to discuss this story…

…which has taken on new meaning in light of rising infringements on Constitutional rights. Local authorities say they support freedom of religion, but the church service endangered the public health in violation of a quarantine. However, the church claims the service was conducted with great care, including social distancing of attendees and other strict health precautions. My friends at the Liberty Counsel are defending the pastor. And a Pennsylvania pastor wants by holding an "outdoor Easter blowout service" a la Woodstock to show solidarity.

Both the defiance of the lockdown orders and the draconian measures some political office holders are using to enforce them have given rise to a serious debate about whether we are in danger of losing our Constitutional rights, not just during the current health emergency, but from now on. Personally, I believe that for the safety of me, my family and my community, it’s best to do whatever is necessary to stop the spread of this disease, and that can include innovative ways to worship, such as streaming services online or even this.

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The bigger issue, though, is the swiftness with which our elected leaders, particularly mayors and governors of deep blue areas, have rushed right past “leadership” directly to “dictatorship.” While it might or might not be within their powers to curtail some freedoms during a deadly pandemic, their lack of concern for how that impacts individual rights is a warning sign that either they don’t understand those rights or hold them in contempt. Neither quality is acceptable in someone who holds a powerful office.

For instance, it is one thing to order people to stay inside during an emergency. You might even justify arresting someone for defying that order. But in New York City, Mayor Bill DeBlasio threatened to “permanently” close any church or synagogue that violated it (tellingly, he didn’t threaten mosques, but that’s another issue.) By what possible right does he claim the power to take away people’s right to freedom of religion and freedom of assembly “permanently”?

Some of these officials seem to be winging it without even thinking about it. For example, they’ll release all the criminals from jail, because they might catch the virus there. Then they try to deprive citizens of their Second Amendment right to defend themselves from the criminals they released by closing gun stores. The Mayor of Washington, DC, even threatened to arrest and jail people who go outside. So to recap: they’d empty the jails to protect criminals from getting the virus, then put citizens into the virus-ridden jails they just let the criminals out of, just for leaving their homes, because that might give someone the virus. If you can follow that circuitous reasoning, please send me the directions.

This is a time when it’s important for our officials to keep the public informed and alert, to show leadership and lead by example, and to impress on everyone the importance of voluntary compliance with guidelines to save lives. Draconian enforcement should be a last resort, not a first resort, and never should it be allowed to become commonplace after this passes.

Just as the public needs stern, sober reminders of why their cooperation is a matter of life and death, so do some political figures need a remedial lesson in Constitutional rights. Lesson one: the Bill of Rights is not a list of things that the state allows us to do, if we’re good and use them only the way they want. It’s a list of rights granted to us by God that the state cannot take away, except by tyranny.


Speaking of trampling on people’s Constitutional rights, once the coronavirus emergency is over, a lot of people in Washington who used the Bill of Rights and FISA laws as toilet paper before there was even a shortage might think that we’ll forget what they did and let it slide so they can continue abusing their powers. Just as a change of pace, here’s why we should not.

1. U.S. # CONFIRMED CASES (As of 2:00 PM): 203,608   DEATHS: 4,476  RECOVERIES: 8,400

TESTS GIVEN:  1,064,506

2.  CDC RECOMMENDATIONS: How to protect yourself  |  What to do if you are sick

3.  NEWS:  There is some hopeful news.  There is some fake news and more fake news.

4.  BUSINESS HELPS: This week President Trump introduced another leading business person who is joining the government in the coronavirus response.

5.  CHINA TO BLAME: Over the past couple of days, I’ve written about the lack of truthful information from Chinese leaders herehere and here.


Tokyo has already postponed the summer Olympics to next year, but there’s still some question whether America’s big summer spectator sport events – the major party political conventions – will still go on. Both parties use those conventions to boost enthusiasm and turnout, something Joe Biden particularly will need. Although some might argue that having him walk a tightrope over Niagara Falls would be less risky than putting him onstage in front of the nation for a high-pressure convention speech on live TV. (Just look at how many gaffes he got into a brief interview on MSNBC, from calling Wuhan, China, “Luhan” to confusing the CDC with CVS pharmacy).

Some top Democrats are pushing to cancel the convention in Milwaukee, while others are suggesting at least postponing it. President Trump wants to go on with the GOP Convention in Charlotte. Both might not be feasible, but the Republicans have a better shot, since their convention isn’t until August 24th, while the Democrats were set for July 13.

If the conventions have to be canceled, it would be a shame, since they are great spectacles and a traditional part of the American electoral process. But in light of what we’re dealing with now, having to forego hearing Maxine Waters screech about Trump to an arena full of people in donkey-shaped hats and Greta Thunberg T-shirts seems like a small sacrifice to make.


How to make protective facial masks that will block the coronavirus, for yourself or donate to medical facilities, using sewing supplies and HEPA vacuum cleaner bags (unused!)


While you’re at home with the kids, trying to ensure that they get a good education under trying circumstances, the kids’ TV channel Nickelodeon is trying to replace what they’re missing by being home-schooled instead of indoctrinated in leftist dogma by public schools. Say, this would be a great time to introduce your kids to the concept of “books.”


As always, the conservative humor site the Babylon Bee has the perfect headline: “Teachers Urge Government To Reopen Schools Before Students Learn To Think For Themselves.”

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Comments 1-25 of 147

  • Nelda Craig

    04/04/2020 09:02 AM

    Thank you.
    Every time I read this newsletter I feel like: 1. Here is a voice of reason and truth.
    2. I am better informed.
    3. Grateful.
    4. Wondering what I can do to do my part in my own section in the world.

  • Gail Denham

    04/03/2020 11:40 AM

    "Before children learn to think for themselves" - I hope this is a joke. but frankly the at hom e- online schooling avenues - 6 of our grandchildren are homeschooled and have gotten a much better education that if thye'd attended public schools - they also have outside classes with other homeschoolers, learn debate tactics, explore all kinds of inventive avenues. they're a lot smarter than I was at their age.
    It's great. so proud of them - and of our son and his wife who made a pact with the Lord to do this. they also ahve a small farm holding and boy the stuff they learn there.
    I'm concerned also about these power-hungry mayors and gov's who are handing down rules that are so absurd it makes a person gasp. It borders on taking away our religious rights - our gun rights - and frankly our free speech. we have to main tain those - and best pay close attention.
    Thanks for your daily talks - they are appreciated.

  • Donna Oates

    04/03/2020 07:34 AM

    I said from the beginning that churches would be targeted to close their doors. Satan is no dummy and he will use any crisis to his advantage. Governors would be wise to tread softly and ask pastor's to voluntarily postpone services until a safer time and not make demands that take away freedom. As a former pastor and a former governor you have a better understanding than most. Maybe it is time for you to speak up. Ask pastors to be reasonable and governors not to make demands that they do not have a right to enforce. (I am a member of FBC Dallas. We enjoyed your visit and Sarah's.)

  • Sherry Stone

    04/03/2020 03:29 AM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee,
    I am sick of being closed in and not being able to see my family. I also can’t stand to watch all of my savings go down the drain. All of the businesses being closed is ruining this country. I would rather take my chances on getting the flu, than to watch everything that is good about this country and the economy being destroyed. If I lose everything, what do I have left to live for?

  • rodney burke

    04/03/2020 12:19 AM

    Trump is gonna have to put the screws on all govs, Especially Di Blasio and Newsom to give us out rights back...ALL of them. There has been some abuses and they need to be rectified. and AG and T nened to be harsh about it.

  • Carol

    04/02/2020 09:23 PM

    Mr. Huckabee you are so spot on right. Maybe that is because I am a dedicated Republican who sees all the info from the media and can't believe how absolutely stupid the Democratic Party has become. Were they always that way or is technology just getting out to people more these days. How can I get my one Democratic neighbor to listen to reason?

  • Janet Mathies

    04/02/2020 04:39 PM

    Thank you so much for your newsletter to us. We appreciate them so very much.

    May God richly bless you for all that you are doing to keep us informed and may God help us!

    Jann and Neal Mathies

  • Charles Hentz Lieutenant Philadephial Police Dept. (Retired)

    04/02/2020 01:52 PM

    HR-5717 is a 260 page bill introduced by the Democrats recently that destroys our 2nd Amendment. National gun control, registration, License to own and carry, permitting, of guns and ammunition controlled by ATF&E. The ability of the ATF to have a judge decide your speech or actions are a THREAT TO SOCIETY and deny you the right to carry, or own a firearm. There are also 24 separate legislative initiatives that have been submitted by the Dem's in the last two years, all inter-related with the new bill. Someone should investigate to find out who writes these bills?Tthe congressional staff, or the congressman's attorneys do not write these bills, they are to complicated, and the congressmen are not qualified to develop these concepts. These initiatives are being presented to them completed by others. . Find out who is paying for and supplying the attorneys and research to write these bills. I bet its Soros and Bloomberg, along with other liberal secular money men with bodyguards are behind this.

  • Cindy Taylor

    04/02/2020 01:26 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee,

    I am furious. Yes I am frequently angry with far left media and politicians, but I am outraged at people who choose to ignore the CDC guidelines and endanger others.

    My husband has a good friend and colleague who has a child with cancer in a hospital hundreds of miles away. The friend had to tell the child goodbye and leave. The hospital has a strict, no exceptions, rule in place that only allows one visitor. The other parent was allowed to stay but has to remain, quarantined for a period of time, even after the child goes into the loving arms of Jesus.

    And while this is happening the friend returned, heartbroken, to see a packed parking lot at a new discount outlet’s “Grand Opening”. This is the type of behavior that makes the current crisis worse. The rapid increase of infection is very much due to things like this. The hospital’s strict rules are in place due to the wide spread pandemic.

    Our friend was deprived of their child’s last days. I firmly believe that people who ignore the guidelines and enabled the rapid spread of the virus are to blame.

    This friend and my husband work at a hospital. They may have to tend to some of these thoughtless and selfish people, risking their own lives.

    I pray that this horrible disease is soon abated. I pray for our friend and their family. I pray for our president and our country.

    God bless you and your family.

    Cindy Taylor

  • June Slemp

    04/02/2020 12:52 PM

    Can we just reduce the debt to China by the cost of dealing with this Chinese virus? They were very slow in giving pertinent information and what they did give was woefully inaccurate...

  • Dallas Gutacker

    04/02/2020 12:23 PM

    I just wanted to add my 2 cents about how things have evolved with manufacturing leaving the country. Back in 1979, I worked at Hamilton Technologies and we manufactured mechanical bomb fuzes as well as worked on solid state electronic fuzes (I'm a EE). Anyway, back in '79 our wonderful military came out with the decision to allow our semiconductor manufacturers to no longer be required full capability in the states! That change started the flow out of our country. Something I was against back then and still to this day! Although I was a Reagonite, I was against the trading to China. After all, I watched how the Japanese stole our technology only to know that China was far worse of a country to deal with. But the bean counters just didn't care about not only employees in the U.S.A. but the long range problems of having no industrial manufacturing capabilities in the states as well. Back in the '80's, when I was then at RCA, we (us engineers) came to the conclusion that nobody gave a rats ass about anything being not only made but designed here as well. Management assumed that they're were just a capable design engineers off shore than were here and they were far cheaper! I can say, we all knew that they surely weren't capable since we saw what garbage they designed but that didn't matter. Neutron Jack killed RCA and our retirement pension from the company as well as other companies. He was the corporate raider and ruined a lot of peoples lives as well as industry here. I did not mourn his passing.
    In any event, I probably went too long here, but one needs to look back at our past military "leaders" in their bone headed decision to allow semiconductors to no longer be required to be made in the U.S.A. to start the path of doom. Things need to be changed big time for things to get better here and attitudes about it need to change. You an I will probably not see that in our lifetime. The liberals are out to destroy everything we stand for and their rapid move towards socialism is pathetic! It takes more than reading a book to try to figure out how to run a forge, experience is a key to that and there is none here to speak of! I could go on for more, but I feel that I've said enough at this time. Here's hoping you read this and possibly disseminate some to others. BTW, my wife was an Industrial Engineer as well. So we've seen both ends. I met her when designing some production equipment when her boss sent her to find out what it was and how it would affect the number of workers needed on the Fuze line! Keep up the good work / fight!!!

  • June Butler

    04/02/2020 12:17 PM

    I'm behind Pres Trump all the way. I think hes doing a good job. But it disturbs me at press conferences & when pence visited walmart they dont do the 6 foot distance & I hope the phone was sanitized pence used in walmart

  • Kyle W Miller

    04/02/2020 11:46 AM

    I'm a Virginian (a long term fan of yours) who believes that our Governor has abused his authority in forwarding his political agenda. This is obvious in his stay-at-home executive order to be in effect through June 10th, one day after the Republican State Senate Primary. WOW! Smells (rotten) fishy to me. Sadly this is only one of his many outlandish orders but is probably one of the most obvious.

  • Linda Meyer

    04/02/2020 11:42 AM

    Thanks as usual Governor. I can’t wait to see how many people are going to walk around with vacuum cleaner bags on their faces!

  • Connie Karhoff

    04/02/2020 11:17 AM

    Listen, I am a firm supporter of religious rights, this however is NOT aimed at churches only. The CDC has stated numerous times we ALL need to stop gatherings of people to help slow down and prayerfully stop this pandemic! We are praying from home, livestream sermons, sermons on tv, stopping extended family get togethers, etc. Why would anyone ignore these guidelines or possibly spread this deadly virus??!! What an odd thing for Christians to take a stand on!! Why not speak out for God's Word against abortions, same sex marriage, taking God's and Jesus name out of our country, etc., etc. Afraid of losing a tax exemption are we?? Well, God is definitely not pleased with his people's silence. Read 2 Chronicles 7:13,14.

  • Gary Swartz

    04/02/2020 10:45 AM

    Please, while your right to practice religious freedom should be protected, so should my right to life. If, by practicing your right to religious freedom you knowingly put another's life in danger.(C-19 Kills) my right to life trumps your right to gather is large numbers in your church.
    When did we lose the ability to use common sense?

  • Janet Burton

    04/02/2020 10:30 AM

    Can't thank you enough for the truth of what is going on out there. And, yes, that statement from the Babylon Bee did bring a smile. Please stay safe. And thank you for the daily verse.

  • richard mader

    04/02/2020 10:29 AM

    Absolutely correct. Governors should not and can not over rule the consitution and Bill of Rights. People in USA have right to assemble an LIVE THEIR LIVES as they see fit.

  • Allen Downs

    04/02/2020 10:07 AM

    Since the two Drugs are showing promise, why don't they give it to the people who test positive at the same time.

  • Benita Jo Gettel

    04/02/2020 10:01 AM

    Our President needs to reveal ET's and evidence.....and nefarious agendas

  • Martha Delaney

    04/02/2020 09:53 AM

    I didn’t know that the rule didn’t include Mosques and wonder why? Also, you can get a service any time if you look!

  • Richard Volk

    04/02/2020 09:45 AM

    I fully agree with you on refinancing the debt, especially at zero interest. It has been a bug-a-boo
    in my craw for a long time......thank you Mike!

  • Terry L Sampson

    04/02/2020 09:27 AM

    I am very glad that I live in Oklahoma. The governor about a week ago had a one hour " church service / praise and worship service" that was carried by many of the Oklahoma TV stations. When you have persons over you that are people of faith it makes it easier to make it day by day.

  • Jan Moore

    04/02/2020 09:15 AM

    The more I read about this virus, the more I learn about its ability to infect others. It is more airborne than was previously thought. It can float in the air like particles of dust. It is microscopic, even smaller than a bacteria cell. Know that, I think it is wise that we not be indoors and sitting in pews together. We really need to stay away from each other. However, I love the idea from the pastor at victory.com. A parking lot sermon and online sermon. Check him out. God Bless!

  • Kevin Turnbaugh

    04/02/2020 08:40 AM

    Gov Huckabee, I do not feel it is God honoring for Pastors and their congregations to defy the social distancing request by the USG. Yes, we are not to forget the assembling of ourselves together, Hebrews 10:25. However, Jesus did say that where 2 or 3 are gathered, He would be there too, Matthew 18:20. Instead of these mega--churches getting together, and only adding to the anti-Christian attitude in the USA; we need to meet in groups of 10 or less for Bible studies and pray for our nation. Praying for President Trump and his administration, the men and women on the front lines of this China virus crisis, and our nation's urgent need to return to our worship of God.