April 23, 2020

We know the People’s Republic of China has been covering up its response to the release of the COVID-19 virus, but here’s a firsthand account that will chill you. It really is like something out of a spy thriller.

Chinese “citizen journalist” Li Zehua disappeared on February 26, after posting video on YouTube, Twitter and Weibo from his own car of being ambushed and followed by a white SUV and finally making it home but, hours later, having his apartment entered by three agents.

Prior to this happening, Li was working for the State-sanctioned broadcaster CCTV and had traveled to Wuhan to report on the coronavirus after another journalist “disappeared.” Li dared to report on the efforts of one neighborhood committee to hush up the reporting of new infections. Apparently the State decided he was taking his duties a bit too seriously, as his reports also involved interviewing the sick and visiting a crematorium where an employee said they were being paid extra to transport bodies.

At the time of his reports, he was outspoken about what he had seen, saying, “I don’t want to remain silent, or shut my eyes and ears. It’s not that I can’t have a nice life, with a wife and kids. I can. I’m doing this because I hope more young people can, like me, stand up.”

As Li was being pursued, he got it on video. He made it back to his apartment but then saw police and men in protective gear knocking on his neighbors’ doors. So he turned out all his lights and waited silently in front of his computer for hours. When the knock finally came, three men who identified themselves as “public security” officials entered his apartment and made him go with them to the police station, where they had him turn over his devices to a friend and told him he was being detained and investigated on charges of “disrupting public order.”

He wasn’t jailed, technically, but was kept “in quarantine” in Wuhan and later in his hometown, which is in a different province. Officials said the quarantine was being done because he had visited “sensitive epidemic areas.” Apparently, he was monitored by security guards, served three meals a day and was allowed to watch the CCTV evening newscast. Isn’t that nice?

He re-entered society on March 28. But some of those covering the story of his re-emergence have noticed that Li’s newly uncritical, patriotic tone is markedly different from the way it was before law enforcement took him in. “Throughout the whole time, the police acted civilly and legally,” he said after his release, “making sure I had rest and food. They really cared about me.” So nice. He said that since he got back, he had been spending time with his wife and family. He wished those who had been suffering from the disease a fast recovery. “May God bless China and the people of the world unite,” he said.

At the close of the new video he made on Wednesday, he quoted a cryptic line from Confucius about staying true to one’s beliefs: “The human heart is unpredictable, restless. Its affinity to what is right is small. Be discriminating, be uniform so that you may hold fast.”

When award-winning Chinese author and Wuhan resident Fang Fang documented online her life under the coronavirus lockdown and agreed to publish her journal in other languages, she began receiving threats. Apparently, her diary is not anything like the “official” account.

For example, in a post from February 13, she describes the scene inside a local crematorium. She tells the story of receiving a picture from a friend who is a doctor; it shows the floor of the facility littered with the cell phones of people who had been incinerated. The scale of death was apparently much larger than officials had said publicly.

Many of her posts have been deleted, she said in an interview last week with Chinese outlet Caijing (whose piece was –- surprise –- also deleted); her Weibo account (it’s like Twitter) was temporarily blocked; and she has received threats that make her worry for her family’s safety, as her home address was published.

For writing about the fear, anger and hope of Wuhan residents being kept in isolation, as well as “sensitive” topics such as overwhelmed hospitals turning away patients, shortages of basic supplies, the death of relatives, and –- worst of all –- daring to have the work published in English and German, she is being called a traitor.

Much more detail of her fascinating story is at the link. And read on to learn what we know about the two coronavirus whistleblowers who are still missing.

NATIONAL REVIEW reports that U.S. officials believe the ChiComms have spread already-existing misinformation about coronavirus through fake social media accounts and also through text messages, which Americans, in turn, shared on their networks. For example, one fake text message claimed the Department of Homeland Security had announced the Trump administration would impose a lockdown “as soon as they have troops in place to help prevent looters and rioters.” This one spread so widely (no doubt given a big push by anti-Trump media) that the National Security Council took the rare step of publicly denying its content.

According to one senior American official, agencies are looking into whether misinformation was being spread by Chinese spies on diplomatic missions in the U.S.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in a Wednesday interview with Laura Ingraham, said “we still don’t have the transparency and openness we need in China,” and he blamed the World Health Organization for failing to achieve that transparency. “We need a structural fix for the W.H.O.,” he said, adding that we may never be able to give funds to that organization again.

Pompeo wouldn’t commit to saying the virus came out of the biolab, saying only that “we don’t know precisely where it started,” because China has denied access to investigators. He chuckled lightly at suggestions from the likes of former Secretary of State John Kerry that we should work with China. We’d love to work with China, Pompeo said, but you have to have a partner who is willing to do that.

One thing you have to say about Mike Pompeo: when it comes to the ChiComms –- and to most things, come to think of it –- he’s a master of understatement.

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  • Ramona Christensen

    04/24/2020 03:10 PM

    We are all worried for our lives because of the Pandemic when we really need to wake up and defend them. The deliberate lack of restrictions of travel from Wuhan to the world until the trade agreement was signed, which by the way had a clause allowing China to back out if there was a Pandemic really raises suspicion. Not only that but the move of China to take away from America the advantage of the US Standard, the accumulation of China to buy and amass gold and stocks at reduced prices scream this economic war has evil elements of our destruction. The support of legislators and politicians by China backed money, the loss of industry and essential products including metals needed for our defense in China's control should also wake us up. China is also aggressive in outer space control and is working to have the ability to put our electrical grid out of commission by attacking our satellites. Do we really want a Totalitarian Government to take over the world and suppress all it's people? I sure hope the left will love their country, realize Communism is not the answer to climate change and we as a country realize what is going on. Is anyone reading this that can send out an alert? If I am wrong on my observations please let me know so I can rest better. I sure hope our President is aware of all this, if not someone should tell him.

  • Dolores

    04/24/2020 11:26 AM

    We need to return to olden days when people had much more common sense. My grandmother had so many old sayings. “Dance with the devil, the price is death.” As for Mr. Soros , if he hates this country and its people so much, LEAVE! Go back to Hungary.... oh yeah, they kicked him out. Wonder why....

  • Janet Pingston

    04/24/2020 10:50 AM

    in 1988-89 school year. Seniors from every state were chosen to go to New York and sit in a mock session of the United Nations. Each was assigned a county to research and then participate sitting in that countrys chair. A session was held. The resolution this group of young adults passed: Ban the research of bio chemical warfare. This group is now living in an environment they sought to stop.

  • Anita Royal

    04/23/2020 09:18 PM

    The truth can’t come out fast enough!

  • Teresa Smith

    04/23/2020 07:35 PM

    Great story, Mike!

  • Timothy Rafferty

    04/23/2020 06:18 PM

    I have been warning about they wholesale transfer of US sovereignty, media and manufacturing base to China and Russia since the early 80s online and vocally.

  • Martha sisk

    04/23/2020 05:38 PM

    Love your stories. Keep it up!!

  • Shirley Beckett

    04/23/2020 05:32 PM

    There is more to the China Wuhan story than we know. The Democrats are making everything
    more difficult for the American people. This is not good for our country. Very sad.

  • Tim Irwin

    04/23/2020 05:27 PM

    The truth always finds a way to be told!!

  • Carolyn Hansen Rice

    04/23/2020 05:18 PM

    This is so sad but reveals how very different the United States is compared to China. Think about the recent "whistleblower" in the Trump Impeachment Sham being "unseen" and "unheard" for a month! People would go NUTS!


    04/23/2020 05:07 PM

    Who is buying all these U.S. Government Bonds and notes being used for this Stimulus programs being passed. So far we have obligated over 4 Trillion Dollars almost the same amount of our 2021 Budget. Is it the CHICOMS or one of our enemies who after the November 2020 Election will demand and cash in those bonds and request ownership of certain locations as repayment.

    I would hate to see it happen but after watching the Democrats and AOC and uninformed Americans fall hook line and sinker. It will be too late then after it happens.

  • James Jeffers

    04/23/2020 04:31 PM

    It seems RevCom or RCP have had fingerprints all over every hot button issue in this country from Rodney King to LGBT to Open Boarders (see Wikipedia Revolution Communist Party, USA). Chinese are the villains behind the opioid crisis, and have had a strong influence on the media's attacks on the Trump Administration. The Covid19 epidemic is from a lab in China and coincidentally, this week, China is unveiling their new Internet bank currency See (NPR's China to Test Digital Currency Jan 19,2020).
    So, my question is, why isn't anyone putting all the dots together and sounding the alarm on China for conducting a two decade economic war on the United States and the free world? They appear to be winning.

  • Dusty

    04/23/2020 04:30 PM

    Surprise! How the Chinese want to play a game on lying about this virus and to say we the US set this off ? Why not step up and tell the whole truth? We gave them all kinds of business for over 25 years so this is how they say thank you? Why were we this greedy to give up so much for all these years and send away millions of good paying jobs ? What now do we hear Bloomberg say on this Chinese Virus? Soros who do they believe? Do not see Michelle in as a VP. She is one sharp lady but think for now she is happier per her life a little quieter. So sad to see the many deaths around the World and like it never has mattered to the Chinese? WHY? Try now to see if we can have open some of our businesses? Saw one beauty shop that has spread apart their seating, have gloves, masks, spray san. , So now to see if they can do their work and not have all get this virus super. Look at our grocery how many in the stores and the workers how have they done around the world? Truckers all over the US now how have they done? Pray and hope for the best to come.

  • Donna Cornell

    04/23/2020 03:36 PM


  • Carbine Williams

    04/23/2020 03:35 PM

    There's no doubt in my mind that Soros paid the Chinese to develop this virus to swing the election in November.It was genetically engineered to create as much damage to the human body as possible.We need to hold them responsible for all of the costs involved and quit buying their products.Remember the time when Walmart sold only American. Those were the good old days.

  • Stephen Russell

    04/23/2020 03:30 PM

    Reads like Manchurian Candidate or brainwashing for reporter to appeal to police forces.
    CCP covering up something.

  • Giovanni Catanese

    04/23/2020 03:18 PM

    Great observations, as usual. I would like to take the opportunity for you to pass this to the president. It seems that Dr. Anthony Fauci, supposedly our leading infectious disease expert, just give the green light for mandatory medical procedures. Recently he asserted that "unless there is a big pharma shot for SARS-CoV-2 (the virus which causes COVID-19), the respiratory disease could simply return year after year, and that even if everyone is immunized things may never get back to pre-pandemic business-as-usual". I, and many others, fear that public health officials will eventually claim a (mandatory) immunization would be necessary to control the virus and get the economy back on track and that it will have to be administered universally – for example, included on the required list of shots for schools and employers. pharmaceutical research has skyrocketed since the COVID-19 outbreak began in late December 2019, thanks to collaborative efforts from “scientists, physicians, funders and manufacturers” under the leadership of the World Health Organization (WHO). Recently the WHO acknowledged that their global team of experts are working to “develop a vaccine as rapidly as possible", but I wonder if such "speed" only will increase the risk of pushing a vaccine onto the population that hasn’t been properly tested nor confirmed to actually work. We still don't know much about the virus and we claim to be able to develop a vaccine for it? Already many governors are abusing their power and trashing the Constitution. If President Trump will allow this "abuse" by the CDC or other "health experts" to mandate compulsory vaccinations, I'm afraid he will lose most of his supporters. Our freedoms must most be revoked for uncertain "safety and health" benefits. I'm very wary of Dr. Fauci's intent especially since he worked to support Gates and the WHO agendas.

  • Dean Barto

    04/23/2020 03:08 PM

    You can bet on one thing for sure, and that is their meddling in the 2020 Election. The Democrats will get plenty of help from the CCP.

  • Ed Thompson

    04/23/2020 03:01 PM

    Why does none of this surprise me? When did anyone—and who are they— actually think China was anything but a super paranoid country run by duplicitous and conniving people who not all that long ago were as ruthless towards America as anything coming from North Korea. President Nixon did the world a favor in opening diplomatic relations and establishing a dialogue with them and the other nations in the world but history has shown that no matter what they “say” about anything, actions always speak louder than words. For years most of the world has turned a blind eye to them in pursuit of their business and the promise of riches for businesses run on cheap labor and selling products back to the Chinese citizens for huge profits. Funny how everyone gets paranoid when China starts spending the money coming in from around the world to make their own military into something everyone sees as dangerous for them. These are the people who don’t care about laws from outside their borders and they don’t have any problems taking something apart from another country and reverse engineering it to build it in their own country and maybe sell it on the open market, not giving even one penny to the original owners of said products. And people are supposed to be outraged by this latest news on their denial about knowing anything about the virus? Not me. But there again, I’m not a politician,just a person who reads lots of history books and understands that words are not always worth the time to hear them from some people. Just saying. Common sense and logic are in a very short supply around the world.

  • Joe Analco

    04/23/2020 02:57 PM

    Unfortunately America is so divided that sooner then later we will be pushed to either stand and fight or submit to the communist dictatorship being pushed by the socialist left, their politicians and misinformed citizens.

  • Vernon R Freeck

    04/23/2020 02:37 PM

    I am not a Walmart owner etc, but heaing people say things like keep Walmart open so you can buy your flowers and close the flower shop etc. I buy my RX and some foods and home maintance products. I know people like to sound off but please get your facts right. Love your news letters and TV show

  • William Guice

    04/23/2020 02:29 PM

    Li Zehua's dramatic change after his confinement reminds me of the end of Orwell's 1984 - does he really "love" Big Brother now?

  • Oscar Williams

    04/23/2020 02:28 PM

    We KNOW what went on. And for WHO, a "reckoning" will come. WE will probably never know for sure what will be DONE to China and the WHO. China just "donated" $30M to the WHO, of course to buy absolution. So....every country will have to decide for itself if it wants to be an independent, capitalistic and nationalistic nation, or an economic puppet of world money and China. The CCP is truly evil. And "karma is a bitch".

  • Bonnie Parvino

    04/23/2020 01:33 PM

    Sitting on my Heavenly Porch---there is a Big Blue Rocking chair.
    JESUS LOVES ME, & HE looks my way & does inquire as to how I fare.
    He says---"Come, my child---let Me rock you to sleep."
    And, as He rocks me, I know I am, forever, within His Keep.
    His Song is beautiful and He has a magnificent Voice.
    The sound of many Waters & for me Total Peace ---given as His Choice.
    He holds me close & I hurt no more.
    Peace is in this package of His Love & that package has many Gifts in store.
    MIKE----I don't know how I can explain how Jesus rocks me and I feel safe. I have
    a panic disorder & I sometimes climb up in the lap of my Savior and allow him to rock me.. I think total Peace within his care and I wanted to share this with you. I don't know if it makes sense or not but most importantly it makes sense with me. May GOD bless each of you. Bonnie Parvino

  • Robert Freeman

    04/23/2020 01:16 PM

    Thanks for all you do to get us the truth.
    The good Lord knows who is guilty and who will someday answer for what they have done!