May 16, 2020


May 16, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee



Since I want you to take some time off from the news and enjoy your weekend (particularly if you’re in a state or city where you still have the Constitutional right to leave your house and/or enjoy your weekend), I’m not going to get into the ongoing Michael Flynn case or the media’s spinning like an out-of-control merry-go-round to try to convince us that illegal unmasking of incoming White House officials is no big deal, that the illegality we’ve actually seen evidence of is just a wacky conspiracy theory, and that there’s nothing to see here, so just go back to watching MSNBC.

However…if you’d like a little reassurance that justice will at long last be served, here’s some hope from Thomas Lifson of The American Thinker. He recounts and links to a more in-depth analysis by retired Naval intelligence officer J.E. Dyer, who knows how the intelligence agencies operate from the inside. She believes that the recent Flynn developments, with the dropping of charges and the unmasking of the unmaskers, is just the “camel’s nose under the tent,” a small hint of a very large scandal/prosecution that’s coming, and that federal prosecutor John Durham is building a case that he’s keeping under tight security, involving massive, long-standing abuse of the national security apparatus by the Obama White House. She believes we will discover it stretches back well before the Flynn targeting and the Trump Russian Collusion scam.

Read more and comment here>>>


Even if you’re not in a blue state where you can get arrested if you leave your house, lockdown in front of your TV tonight for another great new episode of “Huckabee” on TBN. I’ll talk to White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow about how to get the economy back up and roaring again. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton will talk about the threat to constitutional rights by overreaching authorities during the virus lockdowns. You’ll meet a Huck’s Hero who’s helping save some of the world’s most vulnerable orphaned children in Haiti. And on the lighter side, you’ll be amazed by comedian/”anti-juggler” Ivan Pecel. And I'm thrilled to welcome one of my most-wanted musical guests of all time, the transcendent Sara Evans.

Don’t miss a minute of this very special episode of “Huckabee,” tonight at 8 and 11 EST, 7 and 10 CST, and the same times on Sunday, only on TBN. To find where you can watch TBN, from local cable and broadcast channels to streaming, visit and click on the “WATCH” menu at the top. You can also stream previous episodes, highlights, and Internet-only “Digital Exclusives,” like extended interviews and extra performances by our musical and comedy guests. It’s all at


Friday, President Trump announced the creation of a new public-private partnership, designed to develop and make available to everyone a vaccine for the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus by the end of the year or even sooner.

Appropriately named “Operation Warp Speed,” the goal is to develop a vaccine faster than any vaccine has ever been created, tested, cleared, and distributed before. The partnership involves the federal government, medical professionals, pharmaceutical giants, and the US military. Trump called it “a massive scientific, industrial and logistical endeavor, unlike anything our country has seen since the Manhattan Project,” which developed the atomic bomb during World War II. It sounds like another reason why we're lucky we elected a business manager in 2016 instead of another machine politician.

There are more details at the link. I urge members of the media to read the details closely because I don’t want to see any fake news stories claiming that Trump said he wants to drop the atomic bomb on the virus.


As expected on Friday, the House passed, largely on party lines, the most expensive bill in history, a $3 trillion alleged coronavirus rescue bill that’s actually a piñata stuffed with some of the most radical leftist wish list items ever passed (even though some Democrats, like AOC, complained that it doesn’t go far enough or spend enough money.)

At the link, Newt Gingrich lists some of the non-virus-related items in it (blocking voter ID laws, bailing out spendthrift blue states, giveaways to illegal immigrants, taxpayer funding of abortions, and ironically, a tax break for the rich – only it’s rich property owners in blue states, like Nancy Pelosi, so that's okay.) Gingrich said it’s so crazy (it mentions “cannabis” 68 times and “jobs” only 52 times) that it seems like a joke. Obviously, the Senate won’t pass it, and Trump would never sign it.

So why would such a wily political tactician as Pelosi allow it to come up to a vote and make sure it passes? Gingrich has a theory about that, and – surprise! – it has far more to do with the upcoming elections than it does with helping anyone who’s suffering from the economic shutdown due to the virus.


Worth a Read: Peggy Noonan on the “class struggle over lockdown,” between the protected class lecturing us to stay in place indefinitely to be “safe,” and the working class who know there’s no such thing as “safe” and whose lives are a series of tough choices that the protected class has never had to deal with.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie made a similar argument to the very-much-protected hosts of “The View,” who can’t seem to grasp why those selfish people out there want to risk getting a virus by going to work to feed their families and save their businesses.

Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

We love him, because he first loved us.

1 John 4:19 (KJV)


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  • Rose Li Bassi

    05/19/2020 12:38 PM

    Hi Gov. as usual your comments make sense. I wonder why the liberal pols don’t have any of that? Is it because they come from the ruling class? Never had to worry about how to cover bills, because daddy and mommy would take care of it anyway? They seem to think that they are God’s gift and working people.should feel honored that they would even speak to those they consider inferior. The attraction of America to those of us abroad was the freedom. Though I quickly realized after a while here, that it was mostly an illusion. Today it is blatantly upfront freedom for me but none for thee. I do not believe those who so blatantly disrespect our President and those who elected Him will suffer any consequences. I have lost my faith in the American justice system. I hope to God I am wrong for our future.

  • Judy DuCharme

    05/18/2020 02:57 PM

    This is a piece I wrote this weekend. Thought it might bless you. Judy DuCharme
    Why Sit We Here Till We Die?
    This verse is from 2 Kings 7. There was a famine in the city. Four lepers sat outside the city gates. Lepers were contagious with an awful debilitating disease and were therefore, by law, not allowed in the city. The city was starving from the famine and the lepers were starving as well. The Syrian camp was not far away and they, of course, would not allow those in the city to do anything that could alleviate the famine – the Syrians control cut off any avenue for the Israelites to gain food.
    Finally, one leper said to the others, “Why sit we here till we die. If we go in the city, we’ll die from starvation or be killed because we’re unclean. If we go to the Syrian camp where there is food, perhaps they’ll give us some food, or they’ll kill us. No matter what we do, we’ll die, so why not take a chance.”
    Now on their way to Syrian camp, the Lord made the Syrians hear what sounded like an invading army. They ran. When the lepers arrived, there was an empty camp with plenty of food. After having their fill and settling down to enjoy their good fortune, they realized the famine starved people in the city needed to know.
    How does this relate today? I see the famine as the Covid – it has strangled and starved and cut-off a city (a nation) from survival.
    I see the Syrians as those with the power to keep what has now become the status quo: staying home by edict of the government and living in fear of getting Covid.
    I see the lepers as those who have been ostracized, given no hope and no voice, and without the means to earn a living, but wanting to work. No matter what the lepers do, it seems they will die . . . there is no hope for them . . . just be quiet, stay alone, and slowly die.
    Finally, they reason it out. Maybe, just maybe if they venture out, they’ll at least get a little bit to live another day. If not, they’ll die anyway. So, they go.
    I see the sound of an invading army that the Lord sent as the intercessory prayers of God’s people at this time. Think of it – it took the lepers to think with reason and the Lord used it. I’m sure there were people in the famine starved city who were crying out in prayer, but right along with that, the undesirables had to make the choice to do something. If the Lord had routed the Syrian Army without someone realizing it, they all would have sat there till they died, so He used the lepers, the lowest of the low.
    I believe, no matter our situation, that we must rise up in the Spirit and pray. We need the Lord to send the sound of an invading army to those who would not allow us to make a livelihood and have them remove debilitating restrictions. Oh, I know: Science and Safety. You can still behave with wisdom and safety. But will you sit there till you die? Or will you take a chance and let your voice be heard?
    The lepers didn’t yell or confront, but they moved in the direction of life. Should you let your voice by heard by contacting the legislators, by preparing your business to open, by encouraging those who are hurting, by sharing what you have with others. I’m sure many are doing just that, but I believe we need to also strongly be the sound of the invading army in the Spirit.
    Yes, we must enter our personal place with the Lord to be strengthened and at peace. That’s Mary choosing the good part, sitting at Jesus’s feet and hearing Him.
    But He has also prepared a place of authority for us and the church needs to move into this. We are seated with Him in heavenly places where we can see, with Him, over the mountain range in the distance, see what’s coming, hear Him tell us what to pray in and what to stop with His authority in our prayer, pulling down strongholds and every high thing that exalts itself against the Lord.
    Your place of authority, assigned to you by the Lord, may be big or small, but it’s YOUR assignment. It may be your family, your neighborhood, it may be praying for revival and great salvations, it may be for your church to be ready for the revival, it may be for your ministry or another’s ministry, it may be for the healing of those with any ailment, it may be for the children, it may be for the financial welfare of your community, your state, the nation and the world, it may be for the nations of the world, it may be for the peace and protection of Israel, guidance in the military, correct and proper decisions in policy-making in the legislature and courts, it may be for the wisdom of the governmental leaders – we are exhorted to pray for those in authority so we may lead a quiet and peaceable life, so that the gospel may be preached.
    We are in an unprecedented time in our society where the voices of the church are being quashed and churches aren’t allowed to meet. Yes, we are online and in prayer, and we understand safety, and many are coming to the Lord. Still, many are still ‘sitting here till we die’.
    I think many of us are using the shield of faith to stay safe and putting on the shoes of the gospel of peace to bring many to the Lord. I think we need to use our sword of the Spirit to cut off the strongholds that would prevent life and livelihoods. Although hand-outs and bail-outs provide a much needed stop-gap for so many, what people need most (besides the Lord) is to return to their jobs. These provisions are a stop-gap necessary for a period of time and serve as an opportunity to share about the Lord, but they’re not meant to be a way of life.
    Pray with authority, church! Be the answer! Be the sound of a mighty invading army, a mighty rush of wind that will scatter the enemy and return us to life.

  • Michelle Wood

    05/16/2020 10:43 PM

    Does this warp speed development of a covid vaccine trouble you at all? Does the fact it's expected to be given to the entire population trouble you at all? Does the fact it's going to be distributed by the military trouble you at all? These are sincere questions. Will citizens be able to maintain the right to sovereignty over what is injected or put into their bodies? I certainly hope so--but I don't hear anyone raising alarm bells here. No one is saying it's optional that I hear. It's being touted as the only way out!!! This is not the free America I grew up in! Please--give some pause to this issue, research the risks of vaccines--and the fact that many are developed using cell lines of aborted fetuses--and who stands to profit from their mass application. Please, raise awareness that this is NOT the ONLY answer to the pandemic. We must retain our personal freedoms. Otherwise, we give in to a dark enemy looking to reduce the population. I think you know who I mean.

  • MK Mattson

    05/16/2020 08:11 PM

    I heard your opening words on Huckabee show May 16, 2020 regarding the truth on Democratic political leadership framing Trump. How can I get a copy of that to share on my Face Book page? I believe everybody needs to hear your words of truth.

  • David Berry

    05/16/2020 07:33 PM

    I'd like to see the numbers of deaths from the seasonal flu this year. Then subtract that from the Wuhan flu numbers that are reported.

  • Joan F Whalen

    05/16/2020 05:20 PM

    I truly enjoy your show, especially the opening monologue. Do you have any idea when you be returning to your theater? I am going to be in Nashville in July, and would love to be able to attend a show. Hendersonville is just a short hop from my campground.

  • stephen russell

    05/16/2020 02:35 PM

    Lockdowns: mayors make no sense, random, no uniformity IE schedules etc.
    For LA CA its from March to maybe August? & July for Oregon.
    Recall effort for Garcetti Mayor
    Wear face mask in public BUT I read from HC types wearing mask enhances virus etc.
    No agreement on issue.
    Must address.
    & see MI case 2.

    States with these tyrannical edicts GO Red for Nov or voting.
    Imagine CA all Red & Pres Trump holds later rally in CA??
    By 2022??

  • Floyd A Unger

    05/16/2020 12:49 PM

    Thank you

  • Jay H Mohler

    05/16/2020 11:52 AM

    I fully agree that we need to open up and take our chances and the chance of contracting COVID-19 is less than the risk of an auto accident and we still daily drive our cars. These liberal leftists need to get the message that they are not gods and that we regulars are smarter than they are!!