Evening Edition - June 5

June 5, 2020 |


Thursday, hundreds of mourners turned out in Minneapolis, and people across the nation paused and watched on TV, as a memorial was held for George Floyd, the black man killed when a police officer held his knee on his neck for almost nine minutes.

It was a moving ceremony, marred only by the Rev. Al Sharpton’s predictable decision to turn the eulogy, which could have been an opportunity to start healing divisions and calming the violence – something that Floyd’s family says he would have wanted – into a divisive partisan speech. But then, Al Sharpton is hardly the person I would choose as a symbol of how people who foment hatred and violence against others should have to face justice.

Here are some wiser words to memorialize Mr. Floyd, from Dr. Alveda King…

And the memorial in photos

And here’s something we can all do that’s more important and effective than riots or political speeches or threats: how about people of all races coming together to pray?


Napoleon famously advised that you should never interrupt the enemy when he’s making a mistake. So maybe I shouldn’t even talk about the latest kamikaze mission that Democrats have embarked upon. Then again, because I care about this country and its people, I feel I should at least try to talk them out of their dive-bombers before they do irreparable harm to many innocent people. Besides, if history is any teacher, they will pay no attention to the warnings I try to give them anyway.


Across America, officials in deep-blue cities are actually, seriously – I kid you not – talking about doing away with their police departments. In Minneapolis, the city that set off the nationwide protests, rioting, looting, burning, assaults and killings, the police chief requested 400 more officers to deal with the mayhem and was turned down flat. Instead, the city council (12 Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party members and a Greenie, zero Republicans) wants to replace the police with a “transformative new model of public safety,” such as sending in a social worker where they used to send cops. This would be like sending in a lamb to deal with a lion because you don’t like that lion tamers carry a whip and a chair.

This is all in response to a nationwide call to “defund the police.” This call has been going on for decades, mostly from criminals, but this is the first time any public officials have actually been dumb enough to consider it. And Minneapolis isn’t alone: San Francisco plans to redirect its police funds to black community causes. Los Angeles isn’t talking about replacing cops with Good Humor men or clerks from Build-a-Bear, but they are considering cutting up to $150 million from the police budget. Yes, that’s exactly what San Francisco and L.A. need: even less law enforcement. This shows just how far to the left and away from mainstream Americans that the Democratic Party has lurched.

Just think: two weeks ago, they were arresting people for opening their businesses; now they don’t even want to arrest you for burning and looting someone’s business.

As a former Governor, let me explain something: the #1 job of every public official is to protect public safety, whether you’re protecting them from disease, crime, or natural disasters. Sure, there are many other important issues, but everything else takes a back seat when public safety is endangered. And these leftist loons are choosing to slash or do away with policing at a time when it’s never been needed more.

This has nothing to do with denying justice for George Floyd (his killers have been fired and charged with murder), or fighting racism, which doesn't require turning our cities over to lawless mobs who are victimizing people of all races. Do they really think that doing away with the police will make rioters, looters, and radical anarchists say, “Well, okay, then,” dust off their hands and go home? I’d ask what they’ve been smoking, but since they legalized it in their cities, we all know.

Absolutely nobody that I know has suggested that Floyd’s death wasn’t horrifying and unjust, and that it didn’t call for serious action. But turning over our cities to mobs that will just prey on the same neighborhoods the people demanding this action claim to be championing is crazy. I seriously doubt Beverly Hills will cut its police force. All those rich liberal celebrities need someone to protect them from the criminals whose bail they’re paying. (Think that’s unfair? Here’s a reminder: )

Yes, just as they badmouth cops and demand guns be banned, then show up at the Oscars under heavy police guard with armed private security, the celebrities will not go unprotected from the consequences of their terrible decisions. All the rest of you will, though.

Want to see what a town that can’t enforce the law looks like? Like Minneapolis, Chicago’s leaders blame Trump and Republicans for their high crime rate, despite decades of one-party Democratic rule. These cities allow rioters to destroy black neighborhoods while claiming it’s for the benefit of black people, all because a white cop murdered a black man. But in Chicago, while the murder and shooting rates are down, there were still 2,139 shootings in 2019 and 490 murders. Many of the victims were black residents shot or killed by black gang members. How would it help black residents to further reduce policing in their neighborhoods? There would still be people with guns for the public to fear, only they’d be murderous gang members. Is that an improvement?

But before you start slamming me on Twitter, here’s a young black man from Oakland who sees the same problem with the left’s position:

Residents and businesses were already fleeing blue cities, and uncontrolled riots, releasing of rioters and talk of cutting police protection is opening the floodgates, just as it’s causing a huge spike in gun sales.

Here’s my advice to Democratic officials that I am certain they will ignore. There are two ways this insane abdication of your basic civic responsibility will end, both very bad: Either the public will turn on you immediately and vote you out of office in November…or else you might hang on to power in ever-shrinking areas, dominated by high crime and anarchy that you can’t control because the only people left there will be criminals and victims unable to leave for one reason or another. As your appeal becomes “more selective,” your base will shrink and your cities will exist largely as sad cautionary tales for the rest of the country, which is already sitting up and taking notice of your dangerously irresponsible policy decisions.

One more piece of advice: You’d better at least budget for a lot of rent-a-cops to deal with the rioting that’s going to happen in your cities when Trump is re-elected in a landslide.


Police unions have long been supporters of the Democrats, but they’re not going to stand for Biden since he’s not standing up for them. On the bright side, I’m sure the Democrats will get the endorsement of the ARLU: the American Rioters and Looters Union.

Say, remember that study in the British medical journal The Lancet, claiming that hydroxychloroquine not only didn’t help with COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus, but was linked to heart arrhythmia and a 34% higher risk of death? It got big play in the anti-Trump media, which apparently would rather see a promising treatment fail than admit Trump might have been right about something. Because of that study, patients were taken off the drug, and clinical trials, including one by the World Health Organization, were halted.


Well, I suspected there was something hinky about that study, but since I’m not a doctor (or a pundit who plays a doctor in liberal media outlets), I was waiting for some experts to weigh in

Now they have, The Lancet has RETRACTED that study because they can’t vouch for the veracity of the data or the methodology. Several aspects of the dataset were impossible, and the study didn’t separate out people who were already extremely ill before they got the drug (one of the obvious problems with the previous VA study.)

Again, I’m not a doctor. I don’t know if this drug works or not. But I do know that it’s shameful to root against a drug working just because President Trump said it might be worth a try. To all those reporters who blame him for every coronavirus death, will you now take responsibility for any deaths caused by people stopping treatment because of your biased flogging of a bad piece of research?

Also worth mentioning: President Trump ended his daily dose of hydroxychloroquine two weeks ago, and he’s perfectly fine. Never mind!


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  • John Snell

    06/11/2020 08:56 AM

    I think ANTIFA is becoming the 'National police force" that Obama spoke about when he was president. Kind of reminds me of the SS when the Third Reich took over Germany.
    If I am wrong, we are still headed into a dark place.

  • Viola Cunningham

    06/08/2020 12:19 PM

    Why isn't there riots when Black Men shoot our cops sitting in their car, like New York.

  • Michael

    06/07/2020 05:16 PM

    The Democrats won't care if they defund or dismantle police departments- for the Democrats stand and support lawlessness, anarchy, criminals, illegals and everything that is against this Nation and President Trump. The Democrats have PROVEN themselves to be anti-American. In these states and cities that have been under Democrat control for the last fifty years will there be enough people to finally wake up out of their blindness to see that the results of every crisis, every riot has been the Democrats of who they voted for?!!! Now it's obvious that though the Democrats want to blame President Trump for everything in the 3 and 1/2 years he's been in office, yet many of these Democrat controlled states and cities of the past 20-50 years, things are worse, not better.Yet it's Trump's fault? Get real!!! Wake up America to what the Democrats really are and what they really represent. The only way our Republic will be saved from the Democrats is to completely vote them out and make them a non-existent political party. Think that is extreme? Then think what the Democrats have done to our country- NOT ONE good or beneficial action since Obama!!! Vote against all Democrats and God forbid they would gain the WH, the Senate or keep the House- then buy guns and ammo, because the Democrats will change this Nation to look like the communist countries they so admire and inflict that same agenda upon this Nation to fit their warped ideology !!!!

  • Bonnie Miller

    06/07/2020 07:40 AM

    Are you having your HuckPac campaign again this year? When does it start?

  • Kathleen A. Claycomb

    06/07/2020 02:14 AM

    Please sign me up for all Huckabee emails. I love reading them and have tried to sign up but am still not getting them.

  • Patricia m drewb

    06/07/2020 01:43 AM

    My $0.02 please confront shummer and palosi as to what they recommend in real time during a catastrophy.. Maybe they would have less criticism for Trimp.

  • Gregory George keller

    06/06/2020 08:27 PM

    I agree with you 100 percent love your show and insight. I have two questions that I hope you will answer or at least reply to. One I have heard that a sheriff has the legal right and authority to form and call up the militia s it so and why hasn't it happened. Number two why does the democratic party realize that there actions could cause another civil war like they did before and they will lose again. Thank you sincerely gregory Keller in Oregon

  • Dot Whitley

    06/06/2020 04:27 PM

    Alveda King appears to be a nice woman, and I'm so sorry for the sad life she has lived. It would be easy to get along with her.
    When these things happen we are suppose to let the law handle it, and bring the accused to trial, and settle the case peacefully. Praying certainly would be better than acting like wild animals while we wait for the verdict.
    Although the media loves to show the video, and judge the police I don't like to watch personal things like this, so I don't watch it. When this goes to trial then I will listen to it, or read about it , but now it's not for me to judge anybody in any way when I have no proof
    I surely would like for the trial to be honest, and I wish we could all have compassion for both sides. It's awful in every way, because there's two families who are hurting, and terribly worried, and I feel for both.
    These crooks, and I do mean crooks have had a field day, and have been celebrities thanks to television,and I hope for the day they have to pay. They are a useless waste of space.
    Dot Whitley

  • Danny Browning

    06/06/2020 04:04 PM

    Al Sharpton is bonofide racist and he has bilked the black business for years. He is also an idiot

  • Joyce Birch

    06/06/2020 04:03 PM

    Thanks to you & your staff for honest conservative opinions. I'm so afraid what's happening in this country. Is this the wild, wild, west? I can't believe how so many liberals & businesses are standing with the protesters. Who's in control now? I feel for the President because he's in a very tight spot to do anything with his authority because I believe it will result in a revolution on humanity. I'm hoping those people can see the light & switch to voting for President Trump.
    Oh, and by the way, did you hear one of the protesters make a comment with one of Fox News reporter--addressing the mayor & governor, NY. They won't stop protesting (in so many words) until changes are made, & included they would protest in the "diamond district" & gasoline is cheap. Fox News host Eric & Arthel both heard it & rejected the indirect threat. Why aren't the clergy of all religions out their & try to get them to pray.
    I agree the death of George Floyd was a horrible act. I know the cops are entirely wrong, but hope justice is not blind in this case(I hope it's a FAIR TRIAL). But, I too have read a lot about his background. May be he had changed, I doubt it. These last 2 weeks & all the protests & memorials, you think he was royalty. Do you have a list of all the people & businesses that are supporting BLM & other groups, putting up bail. I'm even getting emails from retail businesses saying how they're supporting the protesters (not in money). Burlington Store for one in our area. Living in fear is not my idea of freedom! I have a 91 yr. old spouse who turns 92 in Aug. He's a veteran & was stationed in the Philippines (US Army). He taught the Filipinos how to defend themselves. He's a very proud American & Veteran! Amen.

  • Ann Hall Roberts

    06/06/2020 02:21 PM

    Dear Mr./Rev., Governor Huckabee, What a fine man you are...thank you a million times for trying to help citizens get the correct information so they can make wise decisions when they vote and/or do civic things to promote goodness in this country.
    I agree with you 100% and thrilled to read your comment that the Democrats will need to hire extra officers when Mr. Trump is re-elected. I am praying daily that Mr. Trump will get re-elected. But I would rather have your name on the ballot!
    Also, I am forwarding you an incredible video made my Ms.Owens, a very smart young lady who has told us how we are making a "saint" out of George Floyd when he has a criminal record a mile long. I hope you will find a way to get her words in print in your column., The crime rates that George Floyd has on his record have been verified. We must get the rest of the nation to wake up and see what's wrong. Do you have a secretary who could get me the names and email addresses of ALL the major network presidents (NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX)? I plan to send them the video and hope and pray they will watch it to learn what the lady has to say. I also plan to send the video to all the Black mayors and to Al Sharpton.
    I wish you continued luck with your efforts to help educate the masses, Bless you and Good Luck with your mission. I so wish you had been elected our President...Ann Robts. in N. Texas
    PS...I so appreciate your Bible Verse of the day. It always seems to be just what I need to hear.

  • john hashagen

    06/06/2020 02:15 PM

    You are correct

  • Steven J Fuller

    06/06/2020 12:30 PM

    What happened to Mr. Floyd was absolutely WRONG! whether black, white, yellow or red, he was restrained and there were FOUR officers present. All are g complicit in his death (murder). That said Mr. Floyd was a victim of improper, unnecessary excessive force, however he is not a martyr - a NOUN
    a person who is killed because of their religious or other beliefs. He was an excon with some serious criminal hx, who via two autopsies had multiple illegal drugs in his system ( depending on what body samples used to determine what will also reveal how long been present in his system) He according to some reports may have been a born again Christian and maybe he fell back into the drug abuse trap, I don't know.... but if he was a Christian I seriously doubt he would claim that title. A sinner fallen - yes, a victim - yes, a martyr - no ......


    06/06/2020 11:50 AM

    Your quote " the #1 job of every public official is to protect public safety " hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately I live in a state where our governor , State senators and many other officials have either forgotten this or never learned it in the first place. Every time I write governor Murphy ( oops I let out where I live ) I remind him of that exact responsibility. Perhaps you can come to New Jersey when our governor deems it safe ( just yesterday he extended our lock down until July 7th ) and remind him or perhaps educate him for the first time that our safety is his PRIMARY concern. Last Sunday rioters and looters destroyed many businesses in our state capital Trenton and he spouted some gibberish about Social Justice. Please consider moving to NJ to become our next governor to straighten out the mess we are in. Thank-you for writing every day so we can try to make sense of what is happening to our country. Keep up the great work!

  • Darlene Weigum

    06/06/2020 11:23 AM

    It is showing up on facebook that George Floyd spent five years in prison for a armed home invasion where the five of them raped a woman. I would like to know if you could look into this. If this is the true person he was then I think the people on the streets need to hear it. It sheds a different light on why they allowed this murder to go on. They also said he was high on fentynol.
    Could you find out if this is true?

  • Ann Ross

    06/06/2020 11:04 AM

    Enjoy your true news perspective.
    Just want to State a fact here. Re Floyd celebration, listen to Candice Owens investigation report. You may see things more clearly.
    Also good news - there is NO racism in America.
    There IS mental brain washing via black activists and white progressives via the media and both serve the democrats agenda.


    06/06/2020 10:08 AM

    Two comments actually: Just wondering, if Mr. Floyd's family wanted to calm the flames with his service, why ask Sharpton to throw gas on the fire? He hasn't changed a lick in all my years!
    Secondly, have the liberal democrats running these cities that are out of control totally lost their minds.....abolish their police departments?????? WOW

  • Janice Roberts

    06/06/2020 09:36 AM

    One of your best commentaries yet! I can hardly believe we are talking about America. My dad, a WW11 Veteran, is rolling over in his grave!

  • Ricky Jackson

    06/06/2020 09:25 AM

    "I’d ask what they’ve been smoking..." Smoking weed doesn't make you stupid; being a liberal makes you stupid.

  • Gayla Blevins

    06/06/2020 08:58 AM

    Having worked in LE for several years as a dispatcher, these cities/states that are planning on "removing" police officers are in for sad times. Being a dispatcher, hearing the calls that come in, is something most people will never hear, and honestly, it's taxing on a person that has compassion on humans. When we get that call, the person calling is in a dilemma, it's the worst moment of their life at that time. People are screaming and crying hysterically, asking us to "Please help!". We got our officers, EMS, Fire, whatever, there as fast as we could, and sometimes, sadly, that wasn't fast enough. When you think of a city of say 25,000 people, and a shift of officers, the count is WAY off. I had 5 officers on a shift. That's 5,000 people to ONE officer.

    I guess what I'm saying, is, if they remove police from a city, and a call for help comes in, how much LONGER will it take those officers from another city to get there, if they even can? You are looking at a 30 minute to MUCH longer time frame for a response. Heck, where I live, the closest CITY is 25 miles one way, and 30 miles the other. People are going to HAVE to take things into their own hands to be able to, at least, hold someone at bay, until help can arrive. But the way things are going lately, if you DO happen to kill someone that is breaking into your house, then you take the chance of being the one that is arrested, simply for protecting your home/family.

  • Linda Olds

    06/06/2020 08:53 AM

    On hydroxychloroquine (HCQ): as a medical professional, I looked into the facts at the beginning of the wuhan virus outbreak and try to inform people about it. It's been used safely without any special precautions since 1955. All drugs have side effects; some OTC drugs are more dangerous than HCQ. From what I've read and heard, from doctors and pharmacists, is that it's effective when given early in the illness. People who discourage the use of HCQ are responsible for a lot of illness and probably deaths that could have been prevented.

    I would love to see President Trump reelected in a landslide, and Republicans take over the House of Representatives, keep the Senate, and take over the leadership of many cities and states.

  • Craig A Johnson

    06/06/2020 08:39 AM

    Thank you for your posts. I agree with most and am encouraged. Our society will get worse. We have HOPE!

  • Barbara Dahlberg

    06/06/2020 08:30 AM

    Thank you for sharing Psalm 147:3. God spoke to me through you, Governor Huckabee. God bless you. Barb

  • Brenda Kado

    06/06/2020 08:30 AM

    I am so glad my cousin sent me a link to join this email. Refreshing news!!!! Thank you! And a Bible verse to conclude it! Wow! Thanks for the real side of what is going on!

  • Ann atwell

    06/06/2020 08:28 AM

    Mike, I have followed you for a long time. Had you been selected as the Republican candidate I would have voted for you. I support President Trump and I think he is doing a great job. I just recently signed up for your newsletter and so far an enjoying your letter very much. Keep those letters coming and God bless the work you are doing.