July 15, 2020


“But, But…The NARRATIVE!” In the midst of an explosion of crime and violence in New York City following Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s dismantling and demoralizing of the NYPD, he’s pushing on with plans to do away with the anti-crime unit. Meanwhile, a group of black community leaders and clergy gathered in Brooklyn on Tuesday to condemn DeBlasio’s police “reforms” and his support of anti-police protesters and to demand that he get crime under control. They also blasted so-called “community activists” who don’t live in their communities and are just stirring up trouble they don’t have to deal with.

Bishop Gerald Seabrooks told reporters, “The African American community is saying we don't want crime here. Ninety-five percent of the people here are decent, law-abiding citizens, and the law is for the lawless. So, please, mayor, take your handcuffs off of the police. Let them police with professionalism, respect, and courtesy.”

Someone needs to get that message to black leaders on the national level. Yesterday, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee appeared on Fox News, where she blamed the sudden epidemic of shootings and killings on…(drumroll)… Republicans and the NRA! You see, if it weren’t for us defending Second Amendment rights, those cities could pass strict gun control laws and remove all those guns from the streets, then the money spent on police and jails could be spent on more government programs like summer jobs for teens, and that would prevent crime.

Oh, where to begin unpacking the layers of crazy? First of all, the shootings are in cities run entirely by Democrats for decades (in Chicago, it’s been 89 years.) These blue cities already have strict gun control laws. Even if more were passed, who would take those guns away from violent gang members? Unarmed social workers trained in mediation? Sheila Jackson Lee? No, that’s the very dangerous job of the police, whom she wants to defund. In fact, New York City had an undercover police unit that had removed hundreds of guns from the streets, and DeBlasio did away with it. Finally, do you know the most effective way to create jobs in inner city neighborhoods? Get rid of the crime so that businesses feel safe to open there and hire the residents.

Seriously, folks, this ain’t rocket surgery…

PS – At least you can’t say the Democratic Mayor of Chicago is entirely devoid of any creative ideas for dealing with the city’s problems.

Wonder how long it will be before some Twitter troll claims that the Census Cowboy is offensive to Native Americans and demands the cancellation of both him and the horse he rode in on.


Color Me Surprised: While everyone was buzzing about the scathing resignation letter from writer/editor Bari Weiss to the publisher of the New York Times (where she blasted him for selling out journalistic principles to a small group of far-left Twitter trolls), CNN and MSNBC chose to ignore the story entirely. Because the motto of all great news organizations is “If you pretend the truth doesn’t exist, it goes away!”

But as if to prove Ms. Weiss’ accusations about the Times prioritizing attacking Trump over journalistic standards, it appears that they might have run a story that was actually an unverified urban legend lifted off of a Facebook post. It’s not absolutely certain yet that the story isn’t true, but the point is that the so-called “paper of record” apparently did no research whatsoever to determine that it was true before running it. As long as it made Trump supporters look stupid, that was good enough for them.

And speaking of news outlets that can’t handle the truth, an NBC reporter asked five pediatricians if they would let their kids return to school, apparently expecting them to attack President Trump and say he wanted to kill children and teachers by reopening schools. Instead, all five said as long as the schools followed safety protocols, sure. The benefits of going to school outweigh the risk of the disease, particularly since the number of coronavirus deaths in California among people 17 and under is zero.


Why am I not surprised to learn that one of the co-founders of “the Lincoln Project” – a group of media-celebrated anti-Trump liberals who claim to be Republicans working to elect Joe Biden because they say the nation comes before party – registered last year as a foreign agent of Russia? Which nation is it they’re putting first again?


That leftist “boycott” of Goya because the CEO praised President Trump’s efforts to help businesses and create jobs is going just swimmingly. The backlash has made it hard to find Goya products on some shelves. And a Trump supporter who started a GoFundMe page to oppose “cancel culture” by raising money to buy Goya products to donate to food banks set a goal of $10,000. This article says that fund has raised $160,000, but as of Wednesday morning, it’s closing in on $252,000.

He’s now meeting with Goya executives to buy directly from them due to the huge volume, and expanding the number of food banks that will be helped. If you want to keep this ball rolling, here’s the GoFundMe link.

We should probably also thank AOC and all the other leftists who called for a boycott to punish Goya for straying from the leftist hivemind. This could be the first time they’ve ever done anything that helped the poor that didn’t involve forcing other people to pay for it.


In recent months, we’ve seen rising an alarming rise in a lot of negative things, but one that’s gone largely unremarked upon is the rise in blatant anti-Semitism. The demonizing of Jews and Israel has stretched from actors and rappers to professional athletes to leaders of leftist political movements we are warned not to dare criticize. The examples of it include both public repetition of vile anti-Semitic smears and conspiracy theories and physical assaults on Jews.

I was working on compiling a list of these atrocious incidents, but Derek Hunter at did such a good job of it, I’ll instead point you to his article, “Tolerant Liberals Sure Hate Jews,” as a must-read.

In an upside-down world in which people can lose their jobs or even their lives simply for saying something as benign and inarguably true as “all lives matter,” you might wonder just how hateful a comment about Jews you would have to make to get “canceled.” As Hunter points out, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson posted an anti-Semitic quote that he thought was from Adolf Hitler on his Instagram and all he faced was an undisclosed fine and a forced semi-apology. He wrote, “I probably never shouldn’t have posted anything that Hitler did cuz Hitler was a bad person” (duh!), but he was just trying to “enlighten my people and just let everybody know there’s no hatred involved.” Yeah, how could anyone think hatred was involved in repeating an anti-Semitic quote you thought was from Adolf Hitler?

Believe it or not, someone finally went far enough to find the breaking point at which a media outlet will fire a black liberal celebrity for racist and anti-Semitic comments. ViacomCBS has severed ties with Nick Cannon (host of the hit show “The Masked Singer” on Fox) after video resurfaced of his podcast with rapper Professor Griff in which they discussed some of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan’s more hateful comments and conspiracy theories about whites and Jews, and threw in a few of their own. You can read some of the details here, but brace yourself for a package tour into Hateville and Crazytown.

Cannon is refusing to “bow down” and apologize, saying he can’t be responsible for everything Farrakhan says, or, apparently, things he says himself.

I am certainly no fan of “cancel culture” and people losing their jobs for stating their honest opinions, so I don’t want to sound like I’m hypocritically demanding free speech for conservatives while cheering the firing of liberals. But there’s a vast difference between being fired for expressing a legitimate opinion that others take issue with and spreading vicious libel about an entire race or religion.

Cannon actually made several good points when he said this in trying to defend himself:

“To me apologies are empty. Are you forcing me to say the words ‘I’m sorry’? Are you making me bow down, ’cause then again, that would be perpetuating that same rhetoric that we’re trying to get away from. What we need is healing. What we need is discussion. Correct me. I don’t tell my children to say, ‘I’m sorry.’ I want them to understand where they need to be corrected. And then that’s how we grow…You can say sorry in as many different languages as you want to, and it means nothing. But until someone truly understands where they may have been wrong or where they may have offended someone, then that’s where growth occurs.”

That’s the kind of reasonable response that everyone should have always had whenever someone was targeted for destruction by the Twitter mob simply for stating an honest opinion. Unfortunately, it took a desperate and self-serving attempt to defend the utterly indefensible to get a liberal finally to say those words.


This is a very long article by Mark Hemingway in The Federalist, but when you have a little time, it’s well worth the read. Hemingway explains the contents of two of the most poisonous and racially-divisive books that are currently being forced upon America – “White Fragility” and “How to Be an Anti-Racist” – then suggests some books to read that more accurately reflect the history of America and race.


Not to downplay the seriousness of the coronavirus, but when people point to statistics to shut down every business and church, it would be good to first make sure the 98% positive COVID-19 test rate reported by a lab isn’t actually 9.4%. Or that 76% positive isn’t actually 6% positive.


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  • Dahni Hayden

    07/20/2020 06:45 AM

    Lincoln Project- I’m not “surprised” George Conway is a co-founder either.

    Census Cowboy- You just put seeds (thoughts), into the feedbags that will call this discriminatory against native American. ??

  • jim bergman

    07/18/2020 08:09 AM

    Their extreme rationalism, by "seeing through" all "rational" motives,
    leaves them creatures of wholly irrational behavior.

    The Abolition of Man by C. S. Lewis 1943

  • Alan Doud

    07/18/2020 01:47 AM

    I had not heard of the Lincoln Project till I read it in news letter. My first thoughts were, what is this a group of democrats posing as republicans to try and influence others to their side. So I looked them up They are described as a group of prominent republican who banned to prevent the election of Trump. I still think they are democrat plants, since this group came together right after Trump was elected.

  • Joan Detherow

    07/16/2020 04:00 PM

    Sorry, Fox did not fire Cannon because he says he is "remorseful". So you can be as racist as you want and trash anyone you want as long as you are black and say I am sorry. What a world we are trying to live in and are white.

  • Helen Sustachek

    07/16/2020 02:05 PM

    Gov Mike, I can hardly stand to read about all the awful things going on anymore. It makes me sick to my stomach. Today the part about the Jews just makes me so upset. Along with them comes the Christians. It is all so crazy-making.

  • Sherry Kuhne

    07/16/2020 10:06 AM

    I very much enjoy your news letters. I can keep up with the news without too much drama. I’m also very glad that you posted information about the go fund me page for Goya foods. I gladly chipped in. I wanted to let you know that for those who can not afford to chip in to the go fund me page there is a page (which is free) that I found where people can sign in support of the Goya CEO (and President Trump):

    We, the silent majority, must make our voices heard or we may lose all that we hold dear.

    Thank you for all you do.

  • Steven Peet

    07/16/2020 09:25 AM

    I somewhat agree with Nick Cannon's assessment of the words "I'm sorry" being empty, as that statement takes an "All about me" view of an offense. It's much harder to ask "Will you please forgive me?" of someone who has been offended. But I believe that is much needed.

  • Michail Kalman

    07/16/2020 03:03 AM

    Extremely valuable and thoughtful observations. It would be most useful if each story would have link/share options to Parler, Facebook, Twitter. The same in the email version.

  • Sue Lott

    07/16/2020 01:21 AM

    What I don’t understand is why so many blacks praise Hitler. They haven’t researched the man they admire very much or they would realize that he hated Blacks as much as Jews, because during the 1936 Summer Olympics held in Germany he left the stadium every time Jesse Owens beat one if his super athletes. He considered them to be subhuman. It makes no sense to me.

  • Cliff Newman

    07/16/2020 12:42 AM

    It's time we the people changed our focus from what the hate America Globalists are shoving in our face to defunding (not the police but) everything the Globalists profit from. Without our resources they will very quickly sliver back into their dung pile taking their lies with them and then we can get back to being Americans. But so long as we keep paying homage to their FAKE life agenda, we will continue to be a ruled people. This is The Republic of America and her free people (the land of the free, home of the brave) NOT the land of rulers & tyrants and their mask wearing slaves!

  • Gene H. Muehring

    07/16/2020 12:17 AM

    Love your summaries. Would like your thoughts on the following: With some of the states mailing out ballots to every resident and even to a dog, I fear a record turnout with Democratic operatives stuffing the ballot boxes. Can the Republicans match the Democrates in dirty tricks or have a plan for assuring a more honest election?

  • Cheryl Breon

    07/15/2020 11:58 PM

    I am proud of my Dad who was both a conservative and a literal "rocket scientist" where his job was to, in my very simple words, to "keep lightning away from the shuttle". He used to have a job keeping lightning away from airplanes before that. I am proud that he had a picture of Ronald Reagan hanging on the wall. So you can be a rocket scientist AND a conservative and believe in creation and not evolution! That shows how smart you really are.

  • Beverly Thrasher

    07/15/2020 10:29 PM

    I want to thank you for keeping us up to date with all of this mess that's going on.. When I want to know the truth I read your articles. May God Bless you and your family. Once again Thank you.
    The Thrasher Family.

  • Ruth Echelberger-Bell

    07/15/2020 10:11 PM


  • Carol Biedermann

    07/15/2020 10:01 PM

    Hello and thanks for all your editions and Bible verses. I would like to know your position on those face masks that we are now being mandated to wear, even here in Montana. It's a symbol of silence, keep yer mouth shut, to me. I don't like being forced to do what I don't believe is right.

  • William Fuhrer

    07/15/2020 09:28 PM

    Greg Gutfeld has never been a gun guy....depending on the New York police but his mind has been changed

  • David W Schoffstall

    07/15/2020 09:05 PM

    I think the police in New York should ignore any directives from the Mayor which run contrary to their Oath to defend and protect the citizens of the City. If he attempts to interfere he should be arrested for violating whatever law he’s attempting to get the police to ignore. The same should be done in every other City in the US.

  • Charles Simmons

    07/15/2020 08:19 PM

    If a black person is afraid of being harmed by other blacks, does this mean they are racist?

  • Pamela Lee

    07/15/2020 07:52 PM

    I agree kids should be going back to school, but parents in my area seem to be totally against this.

    Also, in Fredericksburg, VA, along with other areas in the country, attorneys are forming groups to defend for free violators charged with crimes during “peaceful” protests.
    The comment was that the defendants shouldn’t be prosecuted for peacefully protesting. That is not what they were charged with-they were charged with offenses that don’t require jail time, thus no court appointed attorney-like curfew violation, obstructing, etc. Legitimate criminal offenses that now aren’t considered criminal because they occurred during peaceful protesting.

    My head is about to explode!

  • Julie Detlefsen

    07/15/2020 07:48 PM

    Sheila Lee ....I want to live in the make believe world you talk about where no one needs police to fight crime or guns to protect themselves because there is no such thing as a bad person. Wake Up! That is not the country we live in and taking away the rights of the good people does not make the bad people disappear. I teach my children that if you follow the laws/rules, you won't get in trouble in the first place. If you choose to break the rules, consequences will occur. Feel free to use my rules to run your city. Sounds like you could use some good advice.

  • Marguerite Skaret

    07/15/2020 07:43 PM

    I was talking with my niece in Utah and she said they are encouraging home schooling, paying $300/per subject, per child in every household to home school. I wonder how many states are doing that? Thanks for being an honest news broadcast.

  • James Drury Jr

    07/15/2020 07:36 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff.

  • Elizabeth Crouse

    07/15/2020 07:23 PM

    Watch you tube interview with Dr Richard Bartlett of Midland TX on healing virus. He served under Gov Perry and has simple inhaler or nebular treatment

  • Archie Burdette

    07/15/2020 07:21 PM

    Who is DeBlasio really? Why not tell the truth about him to everyone. They should know!
    Warren Wilhelm, Jr., who changed his name twice. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, his parents had to leave their Federal jobs because they were Communists. He left college to go to Nicaragua in the 80's and greatly admired the Soviet backed, socialist Sandanista. He returned to America and joined the Nicaragua solidarity movement of New York whose goal was to end Capitalism and replace it with Democratic Socialism. When he married in 1994 he honeymooned in Cuba, He said he is very proud of his Marxist work. He worked for both of the Clinton campaigns. In 2001 he changed his name to Bill DeBlasio.

  • Lori W Morris

    07/15/2020 07:15 PM

    SUDDENLY SPAM- Beginning with the July 9 Evening Edition, all my Huckabee emails have landed in my spam folder.

    Coincidentally, every email that has the word Trump (Donald, Eric, Laura, etc) in the address has landed in my spam folder since the beginning of time.

    Anyone else have this issue with a g-mail account?

    Inquiring minds want to know!