July 23, 2020


Remember when we said that if Biden were elected, he’d essentially be bringing back the old Obama machine to the White House? (Of course, my writer Laura Ainsworth has been saying for two years that Michelle Obama will end up either being the nominee or running on the ticket with Biden –- if he manages to make it to the election –- with the goal that she end up in the Oval Office with the original Obama team.)

Well, we'd like to thank Ray Arroyo on Laura Ingraham’s “Seen and Unseen” segment Wednesday for pointing something out. Former President Obama and presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden got together to record a video conversation, and the Biden campaign has released a trailer. The campaign made quite a production out of it, with cameras following the two men as they exit their cars with entourages in tow and even time their entrances from the elevators. Arroyo describes it as playing “like a streaming event.”

He also points out one moment in this trailer in which “Obama reveals more than perhaps he intended.” Can you guess what it is?

It's when Obama says this: “You are going to be able to reassemble [pause and big hand gesture] the kind of government that cares about people and brings people together.”

Okay...REASSEMBLE? Arroyo recalls for his audience the “old group” of Susan Rice, Eric Holder and John Kerry; of course, there are many more. (Quite a few of them are probably still at the FBI.) Whether or not Michelle Obama is Biden's running mate, it’s easy to see that the same old Democrat machine will be back if he wins. Deja vu all over again.

And does anyone think Biden would be willing and able to stop the lawlessness in “blue” cities around the country? No, the only way he'd be able to quell the protests would be to give those thugs everything they demand. They have a long list of "reforms" that would end America as we know it, and Biden would just do it all. I like what Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia said on BREITBART NEWS TONIGHT about Biden, that he is the “leader of lawlessness.”

Collins, who is now running for the U.S. Senate, praised President Trump for working to restore law and order when that is exactly what our country desperately needs.

Elections have consequences, said host Matthew Boyle, and he had a message for those who care about law and order: “I’m calling out to all the listeners of Breitbart Radio tonight: do not think for one second the conservative voice in America needs to be complacent in this country. If you don’t like [it] in these cities, if you don’t like lawlessness, if you don’t like the liberal takeover of your rights and your freedoms, your guns, or anything else, then you have to do more than simply just talk about it.”

We have to fight for what matters, he said. That includes having “a bigger conversation” about “the fact that Joe Biden in his basement in Delaware has been subscribing to these ultra-leftist positions of defunding the police and disrespecting the police.” He has “caved to leftist groups.”

Nothing less than a “conservative movement” will stop this.

But these are the people to whom Joe Biden would bow.

Here are just a few of the ideas these “woke” prosecutors in the Seattle area –- King County –- would like to see considered:

First, to not necessarily file third-degree assault charges against someone who attacks a police officer. “These (charges) often arise from aggressive responses by law enforcement officers toward persons of color, or from an arrestee’s mental health or substance abuse episode,” so such cases should be filed “reluctantly.”

Also, to not file third-degree assault charges against someone who attacks a police officer if the officer didn’t have his bodycam turned on or didn’t have proper training in de-escalation and “implicit bias.”

In addition, to give crime investigators “less input” into bail recommendations. But this group does have recommendations of their own; for example, they think “Burglary 2” suspects with no violent history shouldn’t be held in jail during a pandemic “simply because [Seattle] PD is annoyed by how often they’re responding to break-ins.” (!)

They also recommend that prosecutors not file charges on referrals for: escape, eluding, drug possession, drug possession with intent to deliver, delivery of controlled substance, second-degree burglary, and auto theft, “as long as the suspect “has remained crime free from when the case was referred to present.”

I wish I could say I was making this up, but it’s real. All of these crimes would essentially go unpunished. As in, go and sin no more!

The prosecutor who brought this letter to the attention of FOX Q13 (and did not wish to be identified) was disheartened. “I don’t even know why we’re prosecutors anymore,” this person said. Indeed. “It seems almost as if the prosecutor’s office becomes less and less relevant and necessary to a safe society when we’re willing to let burglars or robbers go free or have a license to assault police officers.”

This letter isn’t the only “starting point” for long-term “reform” of law enforcement in Seattle. Tuesday, an internal memo from the Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention outlined their plan to end juvenile detention by 2025 and to close the King County Jail in downtown Seattle once the pandemic is under control.

And this November, King County residents will vote on whether the sheriff will continue to be elected or instead be appointed, responsible just to county officials. Some, obviously, in county government are pushing to have more direct control over the sheriff. Voters will also decide whether or not the charter can be changed to transfer some policing functions to “other offices.” (Uh-oh.) As councilmember Girmay Zahilay said, “Millions of people around the nation have said we need to redirect most policing functions to unarmed, public health, and community-based alternatives. The King County Charter as currently written does not allow us to do this.”

Maybe the people who wrote the King County Charter “as currently written” were not insane. Does anyone think that a (shudder) President Joe Biden --- or whoever his chosen successor might be --- would do anything to preserve law and order in an environment such as this? Biden has already said he definitely would “redirect” funds away from the police. There is no question that he would support redirecting their duties as well.

This would be a hopeless situation for law enforcement. So what we need to do this November is “redirect” the power away from leftists and back towards law enforcement, and the one we can count on to oversee that is President Trump.


After more than 50 days of rioting in Portland, Oregon, and Mayor Ted Wheeler not only doing nothing to stop it but instead defending it, threatening federal officers who came to protect federal buildings from assaults by the mobs, ordering local police not to cooperate with the feds, and actually joining the protesters, President Trump finally had enough. He dispatched federal law enforcement officers (not federal troops) from the DHS to Portland and may send them to other cities.

Naturally, this is being decried as outrageous, unconstitutional and unprecedented, even though previous Presidents have done it, only they actually did send federal troops or nationalized State Guard troops. For instance, FDR sent thousands of federal troops to Detroit to end deadly race riots that had gone on for days (not nearly two months, as in Portland.)

Oregon Democratic Rep. Earl Blumenauer claims that Portland isn’t as bad as it looks. Perhaps auditioning for a gig with MSNBC, he insisted, “Portland, Oregon, is not out of control. To be sure, there are some people who have strong feelings and there are some who have done things that are inappropriate and unlawful.” Yeah, and the Chicago Fire was just a weenie roast that got a little too exuberant.

Mayor Wheeler decried the deployment of federal officers to do the job he’s refused to do of protecting public safety and enforcing the law. He complained, “This is not a de-escalation strategy. This is flat-out urban warfare and it's being brought on this country by the President and it's got to stop now." Yeah, it’s all Trump’s fault. His sending in federal officers after more than 50 days of riots is the reason there are riots. After all, Wheeler’s “de-escalation strategy” was working so well up till now.

Wheeler was with the protesters when federal officers used tear gas to end their assault on the federal courthouse, and he got tear gassed himself. This was after protesters heckled him, gave him demands and chanted for him to resign, so he’s really racking up friends on all sides. I don’t wish any harm on anyone, but a lot fewer people would’ve been injured and lost their businesses if he had, at any point in the past two months, done his job. So he can cry me a river.


And speaking of those “Peaceful Portland Protesters,” three federal officers who had lasers shone into their eyes Monday while defending the federal courthouse are suffering worse than a little tear gas irritation. They may be permanently blinded.

Officers are now being issued laser eye protection, not that it will help these officers. Thanks to Instapundit for reminding us that using lasers to blind people is classified by the United Nations as a war crime.

Also, as for the claims that they are “unidentified federal goons,” they did have their names on their uniforms, but those will now only show their badge numbers after 38 of them were doxed. That means their home addresses and other personal information was looked up and released, so they and their families could be threatened. Obviously, threats made by people who are willing to commit war crimes need to be taken seriously, even if blue city mayors refuse to.


It appears that even New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio actually has a limit to what he’ll tolerate. Of course, like most of the leftist big city mayors, he only reaches the end of his patience with lawless radicals when they get too close to him. In this case, it was the “Occupy City Hall” camp where people had been illegally squatting in front of City Hall for a month, demanding the police be defunded. It turned into a magnet for homeless people, and DeBlasio said, had become a health and safety hazard (as if it weren’t from the minute it went up.)

Wednesday morning at 3:40 a.m., about 700 NYPD cops gave the occupiers 10 minutes to get up and get out, then moved in to remove them so all the garbage and graffiti could start being cleaned away. The scrubbing and disinfection process is expected to take weeks. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said, “The graffiti is just another manifestation of the city in decline.”

No kidding. Wonder what could have caused it to decline so quickly?


There are hopeful signs that a backlash is rising against weeks of unbridled anti-American and anti-police lawlessness and the Democratic officials who are standing by and enabling it. Among those signs:

A new survey by the Cato Institute found that “62 percent of Americans self-censor their political expression out of fear of offending others. Majorities across the political spectrum said they are worried about sharing their political opinions, including 52 percent of Democrats, 59 percent of independents, and 77 percent of Republicans.” And not just offending others, but also out of fear of retribution, like losing their jobs, if they tell anyone what they really think. You think that might be skewing polls a bit?

In the swing state of Pennsylvania, Joe Biden reportedly has an inexplicable 53-40% poll lead over Trump, despite Biden’s promises to destroy coal and fossil fuel jobs and Trump’s great record of job creation. Yet a new Monmouth University survey found that 57% of the state’s voters believe there is a base of “secret Trump voters” who just refuse to say that they plan to vote for him. Let’s hope that both of these surveys are evidence of a literally “silent majority.”

Despite continuing majority support for the overall concept of “Black Lives Matter,” the tide has turned on the anti-police radicalism of the movement. A new Rasmussen survey found that only 23% of Americans support cutting their local police budgets to spend the money on social services instead, a drop of four points in just a few weeks. Meanwhile, 66 percent now oppose cutting their community’s police budgets, a jump from 59%. That includes 69% of whites, 62% of non-black minorities and 57% of black people.

Only 12% now think defunding the police will reduce crime. Sixty-one percent believe it will increase crime. Wonder what was their first clue?

Finally, a new Zogby poll of black voters finds that Trump has 14% support and Biden 77%. That sounds lop-sided, but it’s actually considered “dismal” for a Democrat, who usually counts on 90% or more black support.

Maybe black voters are tired of being told, election after election, that they have to vote for the people who keep their schools lousy and their neighborhoods crime-ridden because the guy on the other side who’s creating jobs for minorities and trying to arrest the criminals who prey on them, help bring business and economic opportunities to their neighborhoods, stop the looting and burning of their homes and businesses, and give black parents school choice is a “RACIST!!” Maybe they’re wise to the con of being told that if they don’t vote against their own interests, they aren’t really black.


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  • Shauna dickerson

    07/25/2020 01:56 PM

    I have heard from several people that they deliberately say they will vote for Biden, just to mess with the pollsters. I know this isn't very nice, but in this day and age, any little protest we can make just somehow give satisfaction. So, it's the vote that counts. Conservative Americans Get Out and Vote!!!

  • Jim Otten

    07/25/2020 11:42 AM

    Just a quick fact check... you made the statement, "...FDR sent thousands of federal troops to Detroit to end deadly race riots that had gone on for days". Was that FDR... or LBJ in 1967?

  • Renee Kendrick

    07/25/2020 03:10 AM

    As for people not expressing their political views, I think of the times that Jesus spoke not a word. He ended up being victorious. There is the excellent scripture of Exodus 14:14 that states "The Lord will fight for you and you shall hold your peace." We need to be praying for our nation and our president. (2 Chronicles 7:14) We can say more on our knees than in written articles or in conversations with each other. His will is going to be done, regardless. He will be glorified through all of this turmoil. His coming is very soon. Hallelujah!!!

  • Darrell McKinnon

    07/24/2020 05:13 PM

    Thank you so much for faithfully reporting the truth. I only wish that everyone would actually hear it from CNN and the other so called “news outlets” that seem to be determined to help destroy capitalism and free speech with the lies and editorialized reports. I believe that most Americans are smart and are not racist and will realize the truth if it is presented clearly to them. Sadly many never hear the truth. Just as it is with the Gospel. Many do not hear it clearly from the Apostle Paul as he wrote it down in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4. They try to follow works or the Gospel of the Kingdom that was only preached to Jews not realizing that Paul received the dispensation of Grace directly from our Lord Jesus Christ that God had kept secret until He revealed it to Paul first - Romans 16:25, Ephesians 3:1-10. The 12 Apostles only ministered to The Jews only Acts 11:19 so why do so many folks ignore the Gospel of grace and want follow what Peter preached in early Acts?

  • Gregory George Keller

    07/24/2020 02:45 PM

    My question is why doesn't our awesome PRESIDENT TRUMP fire the FBI director he is obviously a stonewaller and can't be trusted to do his job.

  • Carol Lynn Bates

    07/24/2020 02:42 PM

    I don’t mind sharing my political opinion & that I’m a Trump supporter, but I will put a Trump sticker on my car because I fear damage by those ledt-wing crazies out there.

  • Marlene Jensen

    07/24/2020 01:58 PM

    To Mike H. and your Newsletter crew: Please improve or I am going to have to stop subscribing. (1) Please increase the font type size. I have to increase it to 150% in order to read it. (2) Please stop cluttering up with ads, social media icons, "read this story" popups, etc. (3) On Bible verse, e.g., Psalm 73:26, don't put black type on dark backgrounds. They're hardly readable.

    Thanks for reading and considering these suggestions.

  • Dusty

    07/24/2020 12:38 PM

    Gov right on in the info you provide to us per what we are not getting on liberal media or even Fox today. Trying to figure out how the President is not allowed to send in whoever he feels is right to protect his citizens. That if I live in Seattle or Portland I am no longer protected per what they have allowed the rioting , looting burning and that I as President cannot send in any one to protect the people and take this away from a mayor or GOV. WHY? How is this possible.
    Pelosi old Botox face with her matching face mask for all of her outfits what a disaster she has become. Attack this President in her nasty comments. She cannot even protect her own city of San Francisco or tries but she can take down the President anyway possible. Get her out. She does not talk of the Chinese per no doubt per her own City and state many are very rich and contribute to her very rich donors? So make this Trump Virus not what it really is go to Spain on the virus and they say Chinese Virus. Why so many Democrats not speak out on what they set out on the World too many billionaires and many athletes who depend on China for their money honey. Now Trump can make a big comeback to this election by finding an affordable health care for all and he promised this and so far not here and Obamacare was not a good health plan I know per family on this out of work at $575/mo. How do you pay per no job?

  • Susan Shipe

    07/24/2020 12:20 PM

    The Leader of Lawlessness. Sort of like the enemy of our souls. GOD FORBID. Praying.

  • suzanne Schwartz

    07/24/2020 12:14 PM

    Did you see Louie Gohmert's resolution to outlaw the Democratic party for its strong history of racism? i saw this on One America News this morning, and think it is brilliant. If the leftist want to erase history, they better take a look at the racist history of the Democratic party. This news gave me a chuckle and lifted my spirits today. i do pray for the leaders and anarchists that continuously try to tear down the USA and bring us to obliteration. i pray their hearts will be pierced by the Holy Spirit, and they will have no peace until they know true peace only comes from Jesus.

  • Shirley Wade

    07/24/2020 11:37 AM

    I am an President Trump Supporter. Not saying I agree with everything but he is the best man for the job. I think he is being played concerning this Covid 19 and it is to stop him from campaigning. He is in very dangerous company all around him that have no regards to life. I pray he doesn't take the vaccine unless he sees that all the left and dems take it first. Obama hates Biden and Biden hates Obama, so their little love fest meeting hasn't fooled anyone. They still think we are stupid or still asleep. Which I am not, I was once but not by choice.

  • Janet Hoehner

    07/24/2020 11:20 AM

    Great evening edition!! There is a Trump silent majority - I'm one of them. I don't take polls on the internet and no pollster has ever called me. It is very HARD to read your daily bible verse at the end. Black printing on a very dark background is not good.

  • David E. Laman

    07/24/2020 11:03 AM

    I cannot understand why these terrorists that are attacking our cities and the police in these cities are not being treated as terrorists and forced to name the people who are behind this activity? There is big money and power causing this action and I have to feel that there are FBI, DOJ and other government agencies that are being bribed to keep the scum behind these terrorist secret. If this government is this corrupt, we are in a deep world of hurt! I am sorry to say, I believe it is!

  • Dr. Paul McCaulley

    07/24/2020 09:40 AM

    If I understand what worship is, and I do, I am struck by the crowd that kneels for the national anthem. To worship is to ascribe great worth and excellence above all others to someone; to hold them in awe and wonderment; to ascribe majesty, honor and glory to one who only is worthy. And this worship, as found throughout the Bible and in all the world's religions, is demonstrated by bowing before another. Let me see if I got this right -- Are those who bow during the national anthem actually worshipping the flag and this great country for which it stands? Just saying......

  • Thomas Douglas Roper

    07/24/2020 08:20 AM

    I have gotten several phone calls in which RNCC shows up on the ID. Right as the person starts to introduce themself the call gets disconnected. Is it possible for their calls get hijacked? Could be another reason the poll numbers are off.

  • Mona Kramer

    07/24/2020 07:11 AM

    When is Barr going to prosecute the FBI Deep State people? I am tired of talk!!!!

  • LeAnn Kathman

    07/24/2020 01:54 AM

    The insanity of defending police scare me to death. In 2020 it would be worse than the wild west. I'd be afraid to leave home.

  • Bettye Martinez

    07/24/2020 01:07 AM

    Dear God, help us if Biden wins! Our world will be for ever changed.

    I agree with Miss Ainsworth about Micelle Obama as Biden's running mate. A vote for Obama is a vote for Obama no doubt about it. God save us all and Trump!

  • Linda Dixon

    07/24/2020 12:56 AM

    Hi govenor, after listening to what's going on in our country the past 2 1/2 months, of the over 330 million people living in America, what do you believe out of that number, do these renegade fascists represent, disrupting civilized peoples lives, and more importantly why is this the biggest event on every news outlet? Is there really nothing else to report on happening in the world worth listening to or reading about??

  • Kathy Wingate

    07/24/2020 12:32 AM

    We can't let the anarchists win....Christians must pray constantly, that God will deliver us from the lawless mobs and weak politicians. I firmly believe that God is our only hope for a future we would want to live.

  • Cheryl Breon

    07/24/2020 12:15 AM

    Michelle, "my bell", is a horrifying thought that her husband will, once again, take over in essence.
    She will most likely become President (even though it would be totally weird for Biden to pick her at this late date, but weirdness is his forte). That, in turn, means her husband will "rule" once again. Perish the thought! Prayers need to be said, fasting occur and groups formed to combat this kind of thing.

  • John L Skulavik

    07/23/2020 11:47 PM

    Michelle Obama can't run for office she has been disbarred as a lawyer!!

  • Frances. Davis

    07/23/2020 11:36 PM

    Thank you for all the information makes me and I’m sure many thousands,feel better about our Country. Thank you President Trump for “taking care of this mess”!!!

  • Judy Radley

    07/23/2020 11:30 PM

    So now dumb and dumber, Cuomo and other Democrat idiots in Albany, NY, are against any fed. troops (like in Oregon), being sent to NYC, says it's the state's responsibility, but if the state isn't fulfilling its responsibility, yeah Cuomo, that means you, then I agree that Yes President Trump does have every right to have the federal govt. overrule any state that does not protect its citizens regarding rioting, looting, violence, et al. Too bad Cuomo, you are such a hypocrite! He wants monetary help from the fed. govt., but doesn't want any protection by fed. govt. for NY state's citizens, as we all know any money for NYS, will not be seen by the citizens as Cuomo and all other Democrat governors will take the money and use it on their own agenda, anti-American projects, etc. So I surely hope that Cuomo will be voted out in the next gubernatorial ( sounds like goober, like the character from The Andy Griffith's show) election. In this case, Cuomo is like a dumb goober! And has been like his father before him, they are goobers, liberal Democrats! They add nothing but only chaos and trouble wherever and whatever they are leaders. And I thought that the whole nepotism was supposed to be put down by what Democrats' said in the past! Good News from Genesee County though, Chris Jacobs won the special election for US Congress that replaced Chris Collins, for supposedly 'inside trading'. I'm sure all the AOC's and Pelosi's and Schumers do that all the time, but NEVER get caught! Besides, I think the whole charges were a smear job on Chris Collins, as is always the case that happens against good Republican Conservative govt. reps. My son, and his peers in their 30's are all so happy and thrilled that they voted and their candidate won! So hopefully that is an ongoing trend for this year's election cycle, less Democrats and more Conservative Republicans! There are many Trump signs in NY and in Pennsylvania, as myself, my husband, and my mom, just went to visit family friends in PA last weekend, and I didn't see any Democrat supporting signs, only President Trump signs! More and more are being seen around too for President Trump support! I still think that President Trump will win re-election by a landslide in November! Esp. now that large city residents all over the U.S. are fed up with the chaos and uncivilized behavior of the Democrat run states, esp. true when it comes to the virus exec. orders, and people of the younger ages, 20's and 30's are tired of it all too! All the better for President Trump, he doesn't even need campaign ads, as we all live the disastrous outcome of Democrat run states every day! We see it with our own eyes, so no TV ads have to convince us, we already knew Democrats are not leaders, only anarchist domestic terrorists!

  • Timothy Bashor

    07/23/2020 11:19 PM

    Thanks for your terrific commentary. It has really helped to broaden my spectrum of “public” information.
    In your earlier defense of the confederacy, however, I ask you to consider, What if the South had won and the Confederacy had survived another 100 years? While I don’t propose that we erase history, I do think that we have been enamored, for too long, of the heroes of the Confederacy. As a Marine and Texan, I often wonDered why we idolized these men and even named our Army bases after them when, in truth, they lost the fight and Thank Almighty God that they did. This hero worship is actually a direct result of the racist Democrats who resisted every opportunity to allow their former slaves to exercise their God given rights as provided in our constitution and won with the blood of our Nation.


    Tim Bashor
    Major, USMC (Ret)
    Diplomat, Retired