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  • Arthur Stifel

    07/24/2020 02:54 PM

    Thank you for your common sense. God Bless

  • Andrea Moreau

    07/22/2020 03:00 PM

    We are all important in God's eyes. We are all made different from each regardless of color, religion, or sex. We should respect each other and honor life

  • Herschel Sturgill

    07/22/2020 12:54 PM

    Mr.Huckabee ,I just wish we had more people like you that are Godly enough and smart enough to speak up about what is going on ,we are in a war against evil.you and I both know there is no such thing as a democratic. Party ,they have been taken over by left wing socialists,which is just another word for communism .I am working hard every day trying to get Trumps message out ,because if we don,t we are going to loose America.Mike ,don’t get weary in well doing ,you do a great job speaking up ,we just need to get more doing the same thing .this virus is just a hoax to destroy our economy....keep the faith....

  • paul wunder

    07/22/2020 12:34 PM

    Love the commentary!!!

  • Floyd Hale

    07/21/2020 07:47 PM

    I believe, everything that HUCKABEE just stated , couldnt say it better .!!!!!!

  • Debra MIller

    07/21/2020 07:31 PM

    I agree with You , Thanks for the truth you have on your TV shows

  • Elizabeth Collins

    07/21/2020 04:12 PM

    Yes indeed!!!!!

  • Dawn DeMarco-Book

    07/21/2020 02:47 PM


  • Brian J Moore MD

    07/21/2020 01:41 PM

    Great common Sense approach !!! No one comments about the origin of BLM in Ferguson was based on “lies “as determined by the grand jury and Obama’s own Justice Department.

  • Barbra Cunningham

    07/21/2020 01:22 PM

    Right on and thank you

  • Lou Jacobi

    07/21/2020 12:53 PM

    All lives matter and to say or act otherwise is racist, great speech.

  • Bob Bassett

    07/21/2020 11:01 AM

    Brother, you are so correct. Thank you for your courage.

  • Chuck Godfrey

    07/21/2020 10:32 AM

    So very well said, Mike. Thank you for voicing my very thoughts!!!

  • Delores Hayley

    07/21/2020 09:36 AM

    Thank you, Governor, for sharing things we "regular" citizens don't always find on the web. Also, for keeping GOD in all you do and say.

    As a side note -- I attend a Tim LaHaye conference you held in Little Rock years ago. I took care of Curtis and Ann Coleman's children when he was doing evangelical work and she was teaching school in Texas.

  • Janice Gebauer

    07/21/2020 09:23 AM

    Thank you Mike. This virus has people distracted from what's really going on.

  • Patricia Howland

    07/21/2020 05:13 AM

    I am sick and tired of being bullied and demonized by expressing your very views. Worse of all, the BLM agenda was expressed in my former First Baptist Liberal Church, of which I no longer attend.
    The problem is I have found that those who support the BLM agenda will absolutely not listen to any other opposing view.
    Because of this, some of my previous friendships have been affected.
    I can only offer other sources of information and not discuss.
    Any suggestions?

  • Jerry D Woods

    07/21/2020 03:32 AM


  • Rory Ingram

    07/21/2020 02:19 AM

    I was so heartbroken when you dropped out of the presidential race in 2016. You are so wise, God loving and an all around great person. Love ya. Toby, time for a treat.

  • Linda Stahl

    07/20/2020 11:55 PM

    You are so right on. Thanks for all you do. Hope people are really listening

  • Ann Schmidt

    07/20/2020 11:07 PM

    Well said, Governor Huckabee! Thank you for speaking about the 'race issue' which is a sensitive problem in our country but not the way BLM is depicting it. Thank you, too, for pointing out the extreme groups using the race issue, oppression and violence to scare Americans into giving up fundamental God given rights and freedoms. Such a stance in weakness will only end up with the replacement of real peace with a poorly crafted truce that can and undoubtedly will be broken when the idea suits the enemies of our Nation. God bless you, Governor Huckabee!

  • Clara Todd

    07/20/2020 09:44 PM

    Well done! I always speak up. I am not the "silent majority." I back up my views with the facts and history lessons of the 20th century. I do not want history to repeat itself, again. My father, his brothers, and my mother's brothers served in the armed services during WWII. My father served in the Phillipines, my uncles served in Guam and Hawaii, another one in Italy, and my dad's brother who died on the sixth day after D-Day in France with the whole 29th Ranger Division wiped out....but not forgotten. Thanks to them and that generation, we won the war and our Country stayed free. But we must always be on the "guard" and be ready to defend our Country. Just speak up and make people think that there is more than one side to the story.

  • Glenn Jones

    07/20/2020 09:41 PM

    Malkin, Elder, Owens, Limbaugh, Levin, Prager, Huckabee(?) (& Superman)are all great proponents of the American Way, but they ALL get this one wrong!
    BLM is tickled pink about it, too!
    Is there systemic racism in the USA? They say no (maybe because the left says yes.). We all know about inner city lack of school choice, no vouchers, the war on fathers (especially black), war on nuclear families (especially black), fewer babies (especially black), inner city leaders' perpetual broken promises and indifference to black-on-black murder, and systemic silence on post-Civil War black history. That's seven big examples of systemic institutionalized racism ! But it ALL comes from ONE party's policies! The party of KKK = Antifa, slavery (CSA was 96% Dem), Jim Crow, fire hoses, the Cherokee death march, and continual current chaos, drama and anarchy. The Accuser Party. These horrible events are not the fault of this fine nation, but of those who blame this nation for their own crimes against it.
    All we need do is recognize these facts, and shove them back down their throats!

  • liliana medhurst

    07/20/2020 08:31 PM

    Great word and l feel its about pushing postal votes as a safe option because that way dems win.
    That's why power has been taken away from police so come November the blm will have hoards around poling booths and my guess is they wont mind who they kill then the media will cry postal voles are the inly answer to save the killings
    Thats my theory.
    So people who go to vote might need to have their guns on them to preserve their lives,
    Lord we ask for Your wisdom Lord as we don't know what to do but our eyes are on you

  • Linda Elliott

    07/20/2020 07:48 PM

    Once again Gov you have hit the nail on the head. Keep telling it like it is.

    Linda Elliott

  • Rosalia

    07/20/2020 07:30 PM

    You are so right that all lives matter. Only no to the so called “progressive” class. How is it that regular black people don't seem to have the same value? It is a mistery to me. You say we mus speak up, but how? The so called “conservative” party is very silent except for a few. How can we ordinary citizens who love the country make our voices known? Just giving money just contributes to politicians enrichment. Not my favorite action. If you have any good idea talk about it we might listen.