July 31, 2020


August 1, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


A little welcome good news for your weekend: Two more of the charges against the undercover journalists who exposed Planned Parenthood’s disgusting body parts trafficking scandal have been dropped by a judge following an online hearing. This follows six other charges previously being thrown out.

Unfortunately, that still leaves nine charges against David Daleiden and eight against Sandra Merritt for doing nothing more than any other undercover reporter does. All these charges are an outrageous assault on freedom of the press. If the defendants weren’t pro-life activists, the media would be howling for their dismissal instead of remaining quiet as church mice (or mice that never go to church and mock mice that do.)

Their attorney Harry Mihet said he’s hopeful all charges will eventually be dismissed, but there is still no justification for them having to face this long, expensive legal battle at all. As Mihet correctly said, there is no legal merit or basis in fact to these charges; “they were brought only because the target of the investigation is Planned Parenthood,” which is politically connected to leftist California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

Just a reminder: if you like unfettered abortion paid for with your tax dollars and people who believe in the sanctity of life being persecuted by the government for their beliefs, Joe Biden has promised that if he’s elected President, he’ll undo all of Trump’s pro-life policies. That means taking California’s radical policies nationwide. And as we recently learned when House Democrats blocked every attempt to make doctors perform their basic sworn duty to give emergency medical care to babies born alive during abortions, they no longer even concede that a post-birth baby that’s already here is a human life worth protecting.


Here is some more information about my friend Herman Cain, who died Thursday at 74 from coronavirus complications. This is information from his own staff at, with information they hadn’t disclosed until now. You can tell how devastated they are by the news, as anyone would be who knew Herman. He was something rare: a genuine Christian gentleman with a great sense of humor, a brilliant mind, and boundless enthusiasm and kindness.

I was on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show last night to talk about Herman, and you can see that video here if you missed it:

Sadly, we also had to talk about the disgusting way that the liberal media were trying to demean this great man, even in death. Some tried to blame President Trump for his death because Herman was at the Trump rally in Tulsa, as if they have any idea where or how he might have contracted the virus.

One of the worst was Reuters, which took this man of such astounding accomplishments – an incredibly inspiring man who went from rags to riches; who earned a math degree, became CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and made it one of the greatest turnaround stories ever, overcame colon cancer when he was given a 30% chance to survive, and became the first black Presidential candidate to top the polls and one of the most influential political commentators and advisers in the nation – and chose this headline to announce his death:

“Herman Cain, ex-presidential candidate who refused to wear mask, dies after COVID-19 diagnosis.”

Commenters on Twitter rightly blasted that as “disgraceful,” “sickening,” “low,” “abhorrent,” “atrocious,” “shameful” and a prime example of why the media are despised. Rep. John Lewis also died this week, and while I was diametrically opposed to many of his political views and took issue with his statements about Republicans, a person’s death is not the time for petty sniping and point-scoring. It’s a time to put that aside and show respect for the person’s life and accomplishments. This is something that people used to be taught from childhood. As we say in the South, the Reuters editors weren’t raised right.

As for all the other examples of poor child-rearing who gleefully attacked Herman Cain upon his death to score cheap political points, a couple of Twitter users had great responses, as noted by Instapundit:

@The_War_Economy tweeted, “Twitter went from ‘black lives matter’ to ‘Herman Cain deserved to die’ pretty quickly.”

And @Boomieleaks tweeted:

*Black Democrat dies during a pandemic.*

Democrats: “Let’s have a huge indoor funeral.”

*Black Republican dies during a pandemic.*

Democrats: “He deserved it for going to a huge indoor event.”


The latest victim of social media censorship is Dr. David Samadi, one of America’s leading health experts, who got a 24-hour suspension of his Twitter account for “spreading misleading and potentially harmful information.” His crime: stating that Hydroxychloroquine works.

Dr. Samadi pointed out that the media have anointed Magic Johnson, Bill Gates, Sean Penn and Greta Thunberg as experts on the pandemic, but censor medical doctors like him when they discuss scientific studies that the media don’t want to hear about. He asked, “Does anyone know when the First Amendment was nullified?”

Actually, it hasn’t been nullified here or on TBN, where Dr. Samadi was my guest last week to talk about the coronavirus. At the risk of being banned from social media, here’s a link to that interview:

(Incidentally, before anyone brings up this moth-eaten cliché, yes, I know the First Amendment only applies to the government, not private entities like Twitter. But since Twitter only enjoys its protection from lawsuits because the government protects it as an impartial platform, a status it negates when it acts like a biased editor, then I’d say they’d better start respecting the First Amendment or else brace for a lot of lawsuits.)

Also, a Hydroxychloroquine update: One day after the Ohio Board of Pharmacy announced a new rule barring pharmacies from dispensing or selling the drug as a treatment for the COVID-19 (Chinese) novel coronavirus, it suspended the rule pending further examination. This came after Gov. Mike DeWine intervened and said the choice of treatment should be between doctors and patients. What a “novel” idea!


This week, ESPN ran a bombshell story about human rights abuses allegedly inflicted by Chinese instructors on young participants in the NBA’s training academies in China. These included physical beatings. One former employee compared the atmosphere to “World War II Germany.” I wondered if this might be enough to finally make the NBA distance itself from China. After all, if even ESPN would run the story, it had to be extremely bad, right? Well, it is, but apparently not bad enough for CNN and MSNBC to cover it…


The Washington Post is breaking with the AP’s new stylebook change of capitalizing “Black” when referring to someone’s race, but not “white.” WaPo plans to capitalize both.

They also list all the other ethnicities that will be capitalized, from Latino to Asian American to Pacific Islander. But here’s the problem for all those who still care about grammar: those are capitalized because they refer to places with proper noun names (Latin America, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, etc.) Black and white are just adjectives describing skin tones.

WaPo claims that "The use of Black is a recognition & acknowledgment not only of the cultural bonds & historical experiences shared by people of African heritage, but also the shared struggles of descendants of enslaved people, families who immigrated generations ago & more recent immigrants." Except that’s rather insulting, even racist. It assumes that all black people have slave ancestors, or share the same culture.

As for capitalizing “white,” WaPo rationalizes, “White is a distinct cultural identity in the United States...” and is a “collective group that has had its own cultural and historical impact on the nation.” In short, they plan to blame everything wrong on White people, so they’re throwing us the bone of capitalizing it. This is all nonsense, since white people of British, German, Italian or Australian heritage have no more of a “common culture” than black people from Haiti, Jamaica, Ghana or Chicago.

To me, white refers to nothing but the relative amount of melanin in my skin, which I have no more control over than any other human being on Earth. I believe that judging others because of it is a sin against God’s creation. So you can keep your capital “W.” Frankly, capitalizing “White” when you’re not doing it for blue, purple or pea green sounds a little “white supremacist” to me.

On the other hand, the news that WaPo is capitalizing “white” did cause a lot of leftists to go berserk on Twitter, so there is the entertainment value…



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  • Anne Turner

    08/02/2020 03:08 PM

    The funeral of prominent people should be for celebrating the life if the person with humorous and serious stories about their life. It should never be used for political speeches by prominent people, and should not be divisive. Unfortunately, I had thought that O would be a person to bring the country together especially since he is of mixed race. But not to be. He was the great divider President. The best at it in my 80 year life thus far. The second most divisive was Johnson. He convinced black Americans that they are victims and are not capable of seeking a better life, creating a welfare system that literally drove men out of living with the families they creat.

  • Jerry Korba

    08/02/2020 09:32 AM

    All legal citizens should have access to Federal funds that are being offered due to Wuhan Virus. All legal citizens should have access to all available Federal funds. Illegal people in this country should not have access to Federal funds provided for Legal citizens. Legal citizens earned the access to funds Illegals commit another crime to have access to Federal funds. Sanctuary States and cities are Illegal in my view . If I would allow a rapist sanctuary in my home I would be charged with a crime. Rapist, Murderers, Thieves are condoned, by Governors,Mayors, city counsels. that allow Sanctuary cities if people want this they are part of the society being destroyed by the likes of DeBlasio Cuomo Lightfoot Wheeler Biden. America you have elected so many to destroy a civil society keep electing these monsters, say Hello to Horror Look at your cities on fire what loves the fire? The Devil itself.

  • liliana medhurst

    08/02/2020 08:23 AM Start watching at 52.26
    The above link is a sermon that was given at my church today Sunday 2nd August. It included my pastor giving an oversight and then the dreams and visions from the Associate pastors wife to do with a subject that unless you watch it in full you do not get the full impact
    as to why the enemy is frantic to rob Christians of their faith and their DNA which is made in the image of GOD. I don't want to spoil it. My church is a prophetic church The Lord gave keys, blueprints wisdom as to why the strategies from the Left are being orchestrated with such fury and what we as Christians need to be aware of and what we can do
    This is something that is backed by scripture and the revelation has not been looked at in this vein by any preacher that l am aware of

  • Jerry Korba

    08/02/2020 07:50 AM

    What will happen to the country if the elections of our states cities county are controlled by people like Cuomo DeBlasio Wheeler Lightfoot to stuff the ballot boxes with voters that are animals that are dead people that have been deceased for years people that don't exist people that do not have the right to vote how does that make elections legal or constitutional? The left is confusing absentee ballot for a mail in ballot the absentee ballot has some security as valid the general mail in ballot can be mailed by the CCP anybody to anyone or thing. Voter ID is absolutely necessary and absolutely required to have a chance of a valid election. A Billion dalliers are spent on campaigns the legal voter earned the right to a valid election.

  • William Appelt

    08/02/2020 01:14 AM

    Great commentary today. You have solidly identified all the conflicts we are having in our country. Democrats(John) favored over Republicans(Herman), truth finders vs false information(David vs PLP), Experts(Doctors) vs Celebrity and last of all the contrast of black and white. Only thing not talked about is the money flowing to fuel these conflicts and the obvious desperation behind it. BTW co-conspirator for Epstein may be spilling the beans and exposing yet another HUGE scandal(Clinton!, etc). When will the money for abortion and our left politicians be connected (Clinton again?) No wonder they do not care except for the money(can't see the baby but here's the cash!).
    On a side note, I wonder if we could change our melanin for our favorite color in our skin. Science is changing, gender you know(disastrous of course) but just for the fun of the idea. I would be green(with envy) and my wife purple(probably lighter to Lilac) and maybe then no more black/white issues! Sounds horrible, I know..... and melanin is still in control.
    White is not our fault any more than any other color, just sin which has nothing to do with skin(except the k is missing!).
    Thanks for keeping the bible verses in with your comments, puts all in perspective.
    Sincerely, Bill and Lynda

  • Ronald R. Cooke

    08/02/2020 12:04 AM

    I'll continue to write what I feel ...
    and feel what I write.

    and I'll capitalize what I believe is important to the narrative.

  • Dan Klaffke

    08/01/2020 10:41 PM

    I am very sorry to hear about Herman Cain. He was a good man.
    We have cures that work for stopping the Chinese virus. Hydroxychloroquine is one that helps. It is sad when those treating the COVID 19 infections refuse to use what we have available because of money or political correctness. The Asthma medication budesonide works extremely well to treat and cure covid-19 infections as well. People should not be dying from the virus. Taiwan is doing something correct as with a population of over 23 million they have had only 7 deaths.

  • Christine Norton

    08/01/2020 09:21 PM

    Hello, Mike, The message from Trump for elections should be simple contrasts - (1) rioting and burning on one side and a family sitting on their front steps (anywhere - city steps, whatever) on the other with a caption about the President wanting people to be safe and secure in their lives (2) cars queued up for food giveaways and Pelosi in from of her fancy freezer with ice cream with a caption about how much Democrats really understand the plight of the average American (3) storefronts with "help wanted" signs and people in unemployment lines with a caption about how Trump policies will get Americans back to work. The message has to be straight to each person's heart and sense of fairness. President Trump sometimes has too many words and I fear the message is lost.

  • Stephen Russell

    08/01/2020 06:53 PM

    My idea for new Voting rights act to challenge Obama:

    o ALL Votes counted
    o Machine counted same day
    o Vote & Counted same day at polling place.
    o AI counts votes
    o NO duplicate ballots
    o Vet USPS personnel for service
    o NO ballot harvesting.
    o QSR code per absentee ballot.
    o Absentee ballots have State, Region, City, ZipCode.
    o Satellite counting centers estd.
    o Indie citizens board oversees voting.
    o ID polling place from phone app?
    o Lasers scan ballots.
    o Voted counted when recieved & logged to Final tally.
    o No felons vote
    o No illegal immigrants vote.
    Deter voter fraud

  • Larry A, Willis

    08/01/2020 06:15 PM

    I know this is a little silly, but have you and or your team ever investigated just how much formal education some of these politicians actually have, and compare to world leaders.
    We all know so many educators are very liberal too. Just thinking dangerous as that is today.

  • Sandy Krohn

    08/01/2020 05:42 PM

    Greetings from Michigan!
    Because I highly respect your opinion, I ask your take on the book, 'White Fragility and its effect on those believe its premise that white people are innately racist.
    Thank you!

  • robert galloway

    08/01/2020 05:12 PM

    Mike Huckabee, where we are at in the realms of our political arena, is nothing short of the pillars are crumbling. and until we draw a deeper line in the sand, we will succumb to the erosion of our governing corrupted bodies.

    You pretty much know where I stand and you also know we are cut from them same fabric and have connections on the same ground .

    We must take a detour in to where we are headed and to make new alliances for us to preserve and to have a solid future.

    President Trump, may have 4 more years left, and then what? And what if we are surprised when November comes. When we are fixing to rely on mail in ballots .. I know how that system works. I was taught well, how it could very well go.

    I am witnessing now, what I witnessed in 2006-2008, where my family's estate was of questioned and in the crosshairs of the local political powers at the time of Dads passing.

    The succession and the closure of the families estate was catastrophic, lost millions upon millions, because of the underhanded dealings and my unequal knowledge of that surrounded such.

    it still a bitter pill to swallow, as is with all of the destruction of southern history , and desecrating of the southern soldiers graveside and monuments and memorials .

    enough of the ranting ,

    Peace be with you, and may Gods grace protect you and family and allow you to continue the on going fight to preserve who we are.

  • Sarah Menne

    08/01/2020 04:50 PM

    Where's our "Huckabee" Preview this morning? I often do not receive the Evening Newsletter until too late (thanks to Cox :). I email the preview info to my friends every Saturday and Sunday. We love your show on TBN, Mike, and we love your daily newsletters. It's so refreshing to receive such honest news each day. We also love your quirky humor! Thank you and God Bless You!

  • Janet Underwood

    08/01/2020 04:14 PM

    The way people with knowledge and education are suppressed when they attempt to educate the public about the efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine tells me that the suppressors and nay-sayers have some "skin" in suppressing its use. Most likely, it's political--trying to hamstring our President and prevent his re-election. It could also be monetary with those who are working so hard to keep the public from using this drug because they will have financial gain from a vaccine or two or three. Personally, I think the latter is the case here.

    This situation reminds me of a personal experience I had with an innovative doctor in 1993. I became quite ill and after a week with symptoms worsening and a high fever developing, I went to the emergency room. I had the incredible good fortune of going there on a night when a surgeon was on call who had developed a procedure for performing colon resections using laparoscopy. As it turned out, I had diverticulitis (that's an infected version of diverticulosis). When the infection kept returning after treatment with antibiotics over the next several months, Dr. Fowler recommended that I have that part of my colon removed. The surgery was a long one, about 15 hours, but because it was a minimally invasive surgery (especially when compared to the previous methods), I was able to go home after just two days. After a week, I was able to resume all normal activities, including lifting and driving.

    I was the 53rd patient to have this surgery done using this method and of course, I was thrilled with the results and how quickly I was able to recover. After a few months, though, Dr. Fowler suddenly left the practice he worked in and the city. When I asked what happened, I was given sly reasons that hinted that he had been involved in an extramarital affair without coming straight out and saying it.

    Dr. Fowler went on to do well for himself. He went from the hospital where I met him to the University of Pennsylvania where he worked on developing many new procedures and tools. Currently, he is Vice President and Medical Director for Perioperative Services at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center and on the board and serves on the boards of several medical technology companies in the US and Canada.

    When I was facing my first open-heart surgery in 2014, I told my cardiologist about Dr. Fowler (I was trying to talk him into doing a less-invasive surgery than the old barbaric saw-open-the-chest-and-pull-it-apart method). This conversation renewed my curiosity about what had happened to Dr. Fowler. I learned through my research that he has become quite well-known for his inventions, most of which he never patented because he did not seek personal gain from developing these tools. Second, I found out why he left our city and hospital so quickly. In an interview, Dr. Fowler said that some of his colleagues felt threatened by the work he was doing. They feared that they would not be able to master the procedures he was developing, which are likened to using the same skills one uses when playing video games, and that furthermore, his procedures would lead to them making less money from things like colon resections. His colleagues were so threatened by what he was doing, they started threatening the lives of his children unless he stopped. For the safety of his children and his own life, he left.

    Many people think that doctors should never be questioned -- that the initials MD somehow stand for "Morally Divine." We should never forget that doctors are people. A few of them are truly exceptional, like Dr. Fowler, and a few of them are driven more by greed and power. As my father used to tell me when I was growing up, "Don't forget that half of the doctors in the hospitals and private practice, graduated in the lower half of their classes." Probably an exaggeration, but all the same, it's wise not to just assume that all doctors are good and have your best interests at heart. The overwhelming majority of them are those things, but there's always a chance that some aren't.

  • Linda Wolfe

    08/01/2020 03:59 PM

    The term "African-American" is a divisive term. Frankly, I think it's racist. I probably have more black friends than white. I told them if they want me to call them 'African-American", I want them to call me Irish-American, same difference .

  • T Joseph Marshall

    08/01/2020 01:27 PM

    (please don't print my email address or name)
    Fauci testified that he considered no Covid-19 treatment was valid without a random placebo trial (I agree that's the best proof). However, if doctors report partial or full success even without a random placebo trial that doesn't mean it is fake or didn't happen. Who would submit to a placebo trial where they might inject you with a deadly virus?...oops! you lose.
    Also, Pelosi just requested money for marijuana aid..because Fauci test required there?

  • James J. Ferr

    08/01/2020 01:08 PM

    Is this true??

  • Floyd A Unger

    08/01/2020 12:21 PM

    Very good. Thank you

  • Michael Inman

    08/01/2020 11:58 AM

    Mike H., Speaking of trafficking in human body parts of PP's baby in the womb murders; How about giving a weekly update on the progress of Covid-19 vaccines that use (and the ones that don't use the immorally obtained stem cells of fetal remains?

  • William Fuhrer

    08/01/2020 11:52 AM

    Supreme Court should have the HIPPOCRATIC OATH before them when they make any decision concerning Planned Parenthood

  • Carol MacMillan Godsey

    08/01/2020 11:45 AM

    Media meddling in medicine is costing lives and they should be made to pay for it! Can't wait to see some sharp lawyer soliciting victims' families to sue the likes of Twitter, CNN, CNBC, NBC, ad nauseum for wrongful death - and win! Note: Dr. George Fareed is another front-line doctor who successfully uses the HCQ cocktail for prophylaxis. The doc has written to Pres. Trump and the Task Force with his findings.

  • Renee Kendrick

    08/01/2020 07:10 AM

    I was not one of the voters on your vaccine pool but to quote the late Whitney Houston, my vote would be "Hell to the No"!!!!!!!! I would not take the vaccine because Bill Gates is behind it plus I've seen articles stating that it will alter your DNA. That Gates is trying to patent individuals. It makes cloning sound sheepish. (Pun very much intended.)

  • Renee Kendrick

    08/01/2020 06:31 AM

    Jeremiah 13:23
    Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots? Then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil.

    The control-freaked media, radical left, and Democrats (Yes, I am being redundant) are fighting a losing battle. They will be unable to save the planet, change anyone's skin color, or live without laws and boundaries. Why? Because all of these things - and then some - are under God's control totally and completely. They are SO deceived by the devil!

    I want to gag as well as cry out for the salvation of their souls, especially for the ones who are rebellious toward their raising. May they see the wickedness of their ways before it is too late. The labor pains are becoming closer and closer together...the delivery is upon us!!!