August 3, 2020


When is hitting 777 not a win? On Saturday night, New York City marked its 777th shooting so far this year. That exceeded the 776 shootings that took place in all of 2019. By the end of Sunday morning, another seven had been added to the total. Also, in the past week, there were 32 shootings with 36 victims, compared to 19 shootings in the same week last year. This follows Mayor DeBlasio disbanding the 600-officer plainclothes NYPD unit that took guns off the street, and comes amid his plan to cut $1 billion from the police budget.

Fortunately, DeBlasio and other Democratic leaders aren’t remaining idle. They’re honing in on the real problem: the city seal is politically incorrect and needs to be updated to represent not any of the noble history of the city but the violence and destruction inflicted on Indigenous Peoples by the settlers. Also, the Dutch settler depicted on it is holding a rope with a loop on the end that might be interpreted as the world’s tiniest lynching noose.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, even though overall crime is down 9%, probably because of the virus lockdown, shootings are up 150% from last July and murders are up 51% so far.

Even more sickening, so far in 2020, 212 kids under 18 have been shot, 36 fatally. Fourteen have been murdered just since June 20th. The most recent victim is nine-year-old Janari Ricks, a straight-A student who was walking to a friend’s house to borrow a game controller when he was gunned down.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has stepped up weapons confiscation, but without cracking down on the gang members who simply go get another illegal weapon. She has the police engaging in dialogue to hear the concerns of affected residents, but not to remove the criminals who are committing the shootings because that might violate their civil rights.

Meanwhile, in Minneapolis, criminals are so completely in control that the police are advising citizens just to do as they say and give them your property so you won’t get hurt or killed. Oh, if only there were some government agency charged with preventing criminals from preying on law-abiding citizens!

Finally, in Seattle, which is entering its third month of riots and terrorism under the guise of “peaceful protests,” Antifa radicals blew a hole in the wall of a police station with an explosive device. Remnants of a Molotov cocktail were found at the site of an explosion near an under-construction juvenile detention facility. And police confiscated a van packed with “firework pyrotechnics, smoke bombs, stun guns, bear and pepper spray, makeshift spike strips and gas masks.” The police chief stated what should be obvious: “Peaceful protesters do not show up in a van full of … explosives.”

Of course, Mayor Dunkan knows who is really responsible for all the violence: President Trump. She said that his plan to help overwhelmed local police by sending federal agents (or as Nancy Pelosi calls them, “stormtroopers”) has “decreased public safety” (does Seattle still have any of that left to decrease?) and is a “dress rehearsal for martial law.” News flash, Mayor: after what’s happened to your city under your pathetic lack of leadership, nobody wants to take it over. Although I sincerely hope someone – ANYONE – is willing to run against her for Mayor and try to clean up the anarchy she's allowed to expand.

All of these once-great cities are plagued not only by horrible violence, but by horrible Democratic leaders who refuse to accept responsibility for the consequences of their terrible policies or to address the real problems, all while handcuffing their own police and pointing the finger of blame at the Republican President many miles away. And just for the record: Seattle hasn’t had a Republican Mayor since 1969, Minneapolis since 1973, and Chicago since 1931. New York’s only had Democrat Mayor Bill DeBlasio since 2014, so it's a measure of how far left he is that he's managed to do decades’ worth of damage to the city in only a few short years.

In November, Democrats will be making the same argument on the national level that they make in blue cities: “You must elect us to power because only we can solve the horrendous problems that our being in power creates!”


A response from Herman Cain’s website to the slanderous false allegation that he claimed the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus was a “hoax” or that he refused to wear a mask. No, none of that is true.

But some people really are trying to perpetuate a hoax about the coronavirus, like Nancy Pelosi, who called it the “Trump virus,” Sen. Diane Feinstein, and all the other Democrats who try to shame us into not associating its spread with the Chinese government’s unconscionable lies, cover-ups and silencing and intimidation of doctors. And here’s the latest evidence of that:

A Chinese doctor told the BBC that he examined a family on January 12 that had the virus, despite only a few members having traveled to Wuhan, 500 miles away. He realized that the disease could spread efficiently between humans, and over thousands of miles by plane travel. But China’s government kept insisting it wasn’t contagious for more than a week, and the WHO backed that up.


The Democrats continue to desperately manufacture excuses for why Joe Biden shouldn’t debate President Trump, the latest being former Bill Clinton White House press secretary Joe Lockhart, who hilariously claims that Trump demeans the Presidency by lying. Did I mention that he was the former White House Press Secretary for Bill "impeached for perjury" Clinton?

If Biden won’t debate Trump, I’d suggest that Trump just hold a debate anyway, against a cardboard cutout of Joe Biden and a random word generator. I doubt many viewers would notice the difference.


Word is that Kamala Harris was the likely pick to be Joe Biden’s running mate did not go over well with some of the most “progressive” (i.e., those who hate prosecuting anyone but their political opponents) Democratic insiders. There’s reportedly been some hidden pushback, which might explain why Biden (or whoever is actually making the decision) postponed it for another week.

In the meantime, leave it to the satirical site, The Babylon Bee, to craft the perfect headline for the story.


This was a wonderful surprise: the Hollywood Reporter just ranked me as the #1 most popular TV personality in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.)

I consider this an honor that I owe to all of you, so congratulations and thanks to you! 


Last week, Sen. Diane Feinstein cautioned against holding China responsible for the Chinese virus pandemic and lectured us that China “is growing into a respectable nation.”

I’m sure that came as news to the people of Hong Kong, as well as all the people infected worldwide thanks to the Chinese government’s self-serving secrecy and lies about the disease (and to her fellow Senators, whom I notice were all sitting at least six feet apart.) But then again, perhaps she’s right about China being a respectable and trustworthy partner. After all, maybe she got that information straight from her chauffeur.


Members of the Cuban community rallied to support a Cuban restaurant owner who was accused of racism because, even though he says he supports Black Lives Matter, he spoke up against their use of Mafia-like tactics in threatening his business unless he did what they told him to. This is not how you win friends and influence people.


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  • Robert and Denise Annika Wright

    08/07/2020 07:25 PM

    YES!!!! Well deserved!!!
    This was a wonderful surprise: the Hollywood Reporter just ranked me as the #1 most popular TV personality in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.)
    I consider this an honor that I owe to all of you, so congratulations and thanks to you!"

  • Joyce Birch

    08/04/2020 03:22 PM

    Congratulations for being the #1 most popular TV personality in social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
    Nothing will be done with these democrat mayors or governors. I guess they don't believe in life is more precious, but to protect the violators. This is terrible to say, but suppose something happened to one of their family members, they would probably charge Trump.
    I never liked Feinstein, & I don't like Kamala Harris, she's to giddy. Laughing idiot. I can't see anyone of these women for VP. I think Biden buried himself when he said he would pick a woman of color. It's a 50/50 chance he'll debate President Trump. Governor, do you know how to get on one of these polls (natural)? I've done surveys, but never been picked for a poll. The President & the people have to get behind him with this mail in voting. He's right. I just dropped off my husbands Absentee Ballot at our Town Hall. I'm going in person. Looked what happened in Fl a couple of years ago & trouble in NJ in 3 towns or counties. I think it's NJ.
    What doesn't Pelosi get about this next round of stimulus? The people need it, food, rent, unemployment, businesses (but not the $600 a wk), not her radical charities. She doesn't have to dig to far into her wallet, so she could give it to her fancy organizations.

  • Kathy Dix

    08/04/2020 02:18 PM

    Mike, This may sound off base, but I have concern about an underlying current in the movie “Joker”. Against my better judgement...back when the Joker was playing at the theatre, my husband said he had read it was an “ art film” and wanted to see it. I wanted to walk out after awhile for it was offensive and very dark movie. Towards the end...the scene in the movie is exactly the scene that is taking place in our major cities. Cars overturned, stores burning, people being robbed, stabbed and killed...etc. etc. And to think this disgusting move got an award. ( Not sure which because I don’t watch the Academy Awards ever. Bunch of overpaid liberals . My point is that America should boycott all these movies that suggest being against civil obedience. Too many young people haven’t been brought up to respect our society and do not recognize disgusting stuff like the Joker is meant to corrupt the minds of the young.

  • Floyd A Unger

    08/04/2020 01:54 PM

    Thank you

  • Rick Locke

    08/04/2020 12:09 PM

    My very liberal daughter and her family came over for dinner last week and she was wearing a black mask with the large letters "VOTE" on it. I asked her where she got it and knowing that I'm a very conservative Christian, she was hesitant to tell me. VOTE, PEOPLE! We have the numbers. Now we need the voters.

  • Phillip Ridenour

    08/04/2020 10:54 AM

    Just a a brief grammatical note: one HOMES in on a real problem, just as a radar homing missile homes in on a target. One HONES one's skills or knives to make them sharp. Just sayin'.

  • Wallace Hoffman

    08/04/2020 10:27 AM

    As always, your comments are right on target.
    Now I need your postal address to send you a free complimentary book. Last week I signed a book publication contract with Covenant Books, though publication will require some time. You can send to my email address above. Previous mail to you has been returned to me and donations to Huck PAC do not come to your attention. Thank you.

  • Elvenor Gilbert

    08/04/2020 09:41 AM


  • Jerry Korba

    08/04/2020 08:15 AM

    DeBlasio Cuomo are offspring of the medicine man, cure all eqiuxsr the traveling man sold to people to make them feel younger and live without pain he disguised cheap bottles of alcohol as a cure all to problems our ancestors had. Cuomo and DeBlasio have done the same Thing selling New Yorkers the same bottle of cure all and the state and city all bought in. The bottle is empty and no longer for sale what you have in New York is an everlasting hangover for which for now has no cure. Miserable people, desperate people watching their city and state corrode, crumble as the citizen slowly decompose the mental condition of the citizen is rotting before DeBlasio and Cuomo and the citizen will die a slow painful death along with its city. DeBlasio and Cuomo 2 slick salmon sold New York out of business Liberty has a tear in her eye as she watches New York sink.

  • John R Courter

    08/04/2020 08:07 AM

    crime is going to continue to rise as the punishment is not severe enough to out way the gains.
    This simple statement says it as best it can be said.
    keep in mind a person who takes a loaf o bread and a quart of milk to feed a family is not the same as one looting stores and destroying property.

  • dale fugate

    08/04/2020 06:27 AM

    Thank You Mr. Huckabee! I live and work in California. As of recently ( last 3 + years ) with all the depressing events that mysteriously happen here on the west coast. I find it refreshing to read your email everyday. A ray of sunshine while we citizens exsperience cloudy stormy days. Our great country is fighting for its very life. Unlike the life our forefathers envisioned. With the constant assault of our freedom of sense. Your patriotism and logical reporting is a breath of much needed oxygen.
    Thank You,
    Dale Fugate

  • Dick Ostheller

    08/04/2020 01:11 AM

    Congratulations on being #1 most popular tv personality without fake news!!!!! Are you sure this came out of Hollywood??? I didn’t think anything good came from there. Or California for that matter, but I see a wave of resistance rising from the ashes. I am thinking that the local and national newscasts are going to start having live studio audiences so they at least know they have somebody watching!!!! Thanks for keeping us informed with the real stuff.

  • Anne Turner

    08/03/2020 11:43 PM

    Congratulations. People trust you and that is rare thing these days.

    Of course Biden won’t debate. His handlers know he can’t think fast enough and will get muddled. But as always the left finds an anti the devil himself reason. Unfortunately, the people I know who are liberals will buy it hook, line and sinker. I feel like I am in never, never land and will wake up and find its all a dream. Yes, Trump does lie, as did Obama, and Clinton, etc. I sometimes think it is not deliberate but is more either sarcasm that they take seriously, or exaggeration, or he is just mistaken. I don’t think he would do that in debates. He’s been lied about much more than he lies. But the problem is that people are tired of the upheaval and they think if Trump goes things will calm down and we will have peace again.

    i feel so sorry for those folks who live in the crowded project areas. They are getting less and less protection. But with Biden in, some nice social workers will go into the projects and convince the gangs that they should get counseling and learn to be nice, I talk to people that really don’t know what is going on because CNN is their trusted source, or PBS, sometimes the networks. They would not touch FOX. So they see the storm troopers but not the rioters. These poor hardworking small business owners are just going to give up, but it will be blamed on the virus and thus Trump. The folks in the poorer area will be much worse off without local businesses to serve their needs. I would love to see this question put to Biden: how would you have stopped the virus. If he says I would have shut down earlier, then ask how would you have coped with those who accused you of being racist when you did so and SF and NY leaders encouraging people to got to Chinese NY snd party.

    Then will come Biden and his administration saying that things aren’t fixed after a couple years because he inherited such a Trump mess. Probably by that time it will be the VP because Biden will have resigned due to illness. If he picks Camilla I think they will win but if he picks Warren or Rice Trump will have a better chance. He will blame all the unemployment on the mishandling off the virus as well as the stock market dropping putting retirees into poverty. .

    With all the Democrat fixes that will come to the election process, .i doubt we will ever have a GOP President again.

  • Debra Mitan

    08/03/2020 10:42 PM

    I'm just sick of all of this. Thibk how it must hurt the geart of God. Keep up the good work.

  • Shary Jones

    08/03/2020 10:35 PM

    Well done....Congratulations on being at the top of the charts as #1 with social media. Although there is only ONE Mike Huckabee, we clearly need more like you stepping forward!

  • Linda Hebert

    08/03/2020 10:31 PM

    WOW Governor! Congrats are "Righteously in Order!" Surprised, but thankful that Twitter or Facebook hasn't "censored" or "fact checked" the "true facts" with their PC USA Today qualifiers on your broadcasts or newsletters! Goes to show that they only pick fights that they know they can win! You deserve your "Badge of Honor!" One day it will be a Crown!


    08/03/2020 09:46 PM

    your exactly right. we are to love our enemies but we need to stop them and take them down for sure

  • Brandon Moffitt

    08/03/2020 08:47 PM

    I've been reading the constitution and bill of rights. I'm really confused on how this is even happening. Why isn't anyone (Republicans) using our ESTABLISHED law to put an end to abuse of power?

  • Cheryl Breon

    08/03/2020 08:30 PM

    It still staggers my mind that "they" (FDA, CDC, liberals) started this myth about hydroxychloroquine (combo) which could have prevented thousands of deaths, most likely, and avoided the destruction of the economy just because Trump touted it or maybe just because they needed a crashed economy and thousands of deaths to blame on him. The lengths they will go to! It's horrid and sinister. What I also don't get is why other countries are not using it more. They don't have an election coming up. They were using it before. What happened? Has it been "banned" all over the world? Or do doctors just have to lie and say it's for malaria, lupus, or RA?

  • Tara Walsh

    08/03/2020 08:26 PM

    Thankyou for always keeping it real. I live in republican controlled Florida, and am aghast at what democrat leaders? subject the citizenry to. I truly expect November to be a severe comeuppence for their acceptance of violence, rioting, murder and destruction, and unless the cheating is above par (better than all that have already been caught) we will see reason return to America. If you are for what is happening, you don't deserve America.

  • Carrie Cole

    08/03/2020 08:00 PM

    I was just wondering if anyone has thought about the true reason the Democrats are pushing for Mail-In Voting, might it not be because they know it will delay the votes so that Nancy Peliose can become President? Maybe that is why they keep pushing for an incompetent Joe Biden because they plan on Peliose taking over and not leaving even after the votes come in even. I wonder about this after I heard her slip and say she is getting Daily Briefings on the situation? What did she mean about that?

  • Diane Battaglia

    08/03/2020 07:39 PM

    The law needs to enforced no matter creed, color or age!

  • Dot Whitley

    08/03/2020 07:31 PM

    Congratulations to you. This is encouraging news to many of us who are thankful for you. Does this mean there's hope for America?

  • James Drury Jr

    08/03/2020 07:30 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff.

  • Jay H Mohler

    08/03/2020 07:14 PM

    When will these Democratic mayors of Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and New York remove their blinders and start to protect their citizens before they all move away to safer areas?