August 17, 2020


August 17, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


Very interesting story from National Review about a business owner who tried to use a fast, reliable, inexpensive COVID-19 test to help his employees return to work safely, one that’s being used widely and successfully in India. But he couldn’t because the FDA won’t let it be made available until it passes the kind of difficult, expensive tests that can take years. The writer argues that we’re in a life-and-death struggle with the disease, and FDA bureaucrats are disarming us.


As if you needed any further evidence for why we put the term “fact-checkers” in quotation marks, Tim Graham goes through the campaign kickoff speeches of Biden and Harris and lists just a few of the jaw-dropping whoppers that the media “fact-checkers” failed even to notice. MSNBC’s Laurence O’Donnell claimed there was not a single false utterance in 35 minutes. I think he was just preserving MSNBC’s record of never going that long without making a false utterance themselves.


Our prayers and condolences to President Trump and the Trump family on the death of the President’s younger brother, Robert Trump. He died Saturday night at the age of 71 in a New York hospital after becoming seriously ill.

President Trump released a statement calling Robert not only his brother but his best friend, adding, “He will be greatly missed, but we will meet again. His memory will live on in my heart forever. Robert, I love you. Rest in peace.”

This would be the point in most conservative news sources where they would tell you of the horrible comments made by leftists, both in the real media and on social media. They want attention and trending hashtags. I’m not going to reward them with any of that. What they need instead is a long timeout in their rooms, staring at themselves in the mirror and wondering how they ever allowed an obsession with politics to wither their souls and erase their human decency.


There’s a media term for late summer: “the silly season.” That means there’s usually little real news, so we get a lot of dumb, frivolous stories. Well, late summer of 2020 is hardly short on real news, yet thanks to the election, it has some of the silliest stories of any season, ever.

Probably the silliest is a ridiculous conspiracy theory, fanned by Democratic politicians, liberal media and celebrities and others on the Internet, that President Trump is trying to suppress the black vote by having the Post Office go around in big trucks and remove all the mailboxes. Montana Sen. Jon Tester is demanding an investigation, and Nancy Pelosi is also making a federal case out of it. I’d say she should be ashamed of herself for spewing this kind of divisive, groundless conspiracy garbage, but the House Democrats would demand an investigation if Trump ordered tea instead of coffee at breakfast, so I don’t think she’s capable of shame anymore.

Matt Margolis at PJ Media explains what’s actually going on, and it stretches back to long before Trump took office.

Ever heard of “e-mail”? It’s cut into the Post Office’s business quite a bit. So much that many mail collection boxes are no longer getting enough mail to be worth the fuel and effort to go around emptying them every day. So for years now, the Post Office has been removing boxes that draw fewer than 25 pieces of mail a day, and adding boxes in higher-need areas.

According to the Post Office inspector general, “Nationally, the number of collection boxes declined by more than 12,000 in the past 5 years.” Before you scream, “TRUUUUMP!!”, that quote is from 2016, so all those mail boxes were removed when Obama and Biden were in office. It’s sort of like that “Trump’s cages for children” story about the border detention facilities that were actually built under Obama.

One of the silliest responses to this silly conspiracy yarn came when a huge crowd of protesters showed up at the Postmaster General’s house in North Carolina to complain that without mail-in voting, it will be unsafe for them to vote because they would have to show up at the polls in…a huge crowd...


And now, “Silly Conspiracy Theory Part Two”:

As part of their never-ending quest to convince black voters that Republicans are racists, Democrats are claiming that legitimate concerns about the trustworthiness of “voting by mail” are just code for “Trump is trying to prevent black people from voting!” In fact, in places that have tried mail-in voting, there are more red flags than at a Chinese Communist Party parade.

From New York to California, we’ve seen many thousands of mail-in ballots invalidated for various reasons, and election results delayed for weeks while officials tried to sort out the confusion. The latest disaster came in Clark County, Nevada, where over 200,000 mail-in ballots (about a sixth of the total) were sent to outdated or undeliverable addresses.

Despite the nonsense being peddled all over social media, Trump is not trying to keep anyone who needs to vote by mail from doing so. Anyone who is unable to go to the polls on Election Day – or who somehow can’t manage to do it during the weeks of early voting (a bad idea, since you never know what might happen at the last minute that might have changed your vote, but it’s up to you) – can always request an absentee ballot and mail it back in. That includes people who are at risk from the coronavirus, although even Dr. Fauci says that for most people, there’s no reason why voting in person wouldn’t be perfectly safe with normal precautions.

Election officials know a legitimate voter is receiving a requested absentee ballot and mailing it back, which ensures the integrity of the election. The “voting by mail” that Democrats are pushing would have officials mail ballots to every name and address on the voter rolls, with no assurance that the addresses are current or correct, that the people are still alive or legal residents, or that they would arrive in the hands of the voters at all. It would turn ballots, which should be the most secure form of mail, like certified mail, into virtual junk mail.

Have you ever gone into the Post Office and seen the trash can overflowing with junk mail tossed there by P.O. box holders? Much of it is addressed to people who used to rent those boxes but don’t anymore. Now, imagine it overflowing with wrongly addressed ballots. Then imagine at every apartment building a box of undeliverable ballots sent to people who’ve moved and left no forwarding address. Imagine some enterprising political hacks gathering them up, filling them out and sending them back in. That’s what “voting by mail” could result in. It’s a recipe for voter fraud, or at best, elections that take forever to certify and still leave Americans unsure of whether they’re legitimate. Either outcome would destroy the public’s trust in the election results, and without that, representative democracy no longer works. For people who want to destroy the US, that’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

Bottom line: states handle the voting process, not the federal government. President Trump couldn’t stop any voter from requesting a mail-in ballot even if he wanted to, and he doesn’t want to. If you are a legitimate voter who needs to vote by mail, just request an absentee ballot and you can vote by mail. He and other Republicans are just trying to prevent our election ballots from becoming the equivalent of junk mail.

Bonus: Instapundit highlighted a tweet from a liberal railing against the Trump Administration because something she mailed took too long to arrive. They summed up her complaints as threefold: The Post Office stinks! There were never any complaints about the Post Office until Trump was elected! We need voting by mail!



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  • Ellen J Hoffman

    08/19/2020 10:34 PM

    Every day a "new low" gets hit in the world of politics. It is so maddening and depressing. I can hardly read your newsletter and you shave down through quite a few stories to get closer to the bottom line. I appreciate this and I am grateful you're willing to do it. My husband and I are both veterans of the US Navy. Common sense seems to be MIA. There is so much lying going on that it is hard to find truth anymore. Excepting reading our bibles, which we still do. I am grateful for the work you and your staff do. Blessings from WI.

  • Patricia Owens

    08/17/2020 11:43 PM

    Governor, Is Apple, via my iPad, able to manipulate my gmail? I have no problem on the cellphone. However a few weeks ago I discovered my political mail was being deposited into the Junk file, along with other odds’n’ends. Then this morning I discovered my consumerlab. Com newsletter there. Weird, until I realized the opening line was about face masks. So why would that happen? I very rarely move anything into the Junk file, so no previous history of even donation requests. It is as tho the Junk file is now my In box. What say you on this? I’m thinking everyone with Apple needs to double check their boxes.

  • Eric Harold Read

    08/17/2020 09:37 PM

    In Utah, we have mailed ballots for the Primary Election. This has happened two years in a row. We fill out the ballot and can either mail it in, or we can take it to drop boxes that the county has put up by the courthouse. This system has worked quite well. We are required to vote in person for the General Election in November. Absentee ballots are also available if you need to use one.

  • Erik

    08/17/2020 07:57 PM

    Hey Governor,

    Hope you read this. I don’t know if you are aware but yahoo has disabled commenting on their articles. I used to go to yahoo and check out their articles mostly to read the comments section to see what people are saying. Yahoo mostly published far left sources such as huffington post, daily beast, vox, scary mommy, business insider and bloomberg, some Fox News stories and occasionally National Review. By June I was seeing a lot of comments by people across the country calling out the media’s bias, the overreaction to covid, many people saying that covid is basically the flu and we shouldn’t be as concerned as we’re led to believe, any anti trump story the comments were full of pro trump support. Clearly a lot of people commenting were not buying into the Marxist, progressive propaganda, so yahoo decided to disable the comments because people were free thinking and calling out the BS. It’s very interesting.

  • J Harold Mohler

    08/17/2020 06:52 PM

    Since virtually everything we do that is important requires some form of ID why shouldn't something as important as voting require legimitate ID?

  • Jerry Korba

    08/17/2020 06:15 PM

    The DNC is it still being used as a political party. All I see now is a party that wants the public, it does not want the people to work it wants them to stay home and bang on the drums all day collect checks that will not let them make mortgage payments not allow the children in school the DNC wants these children to become more ignorant than urban city students remember the children grow up and elect people like Omar Frey DeBlasio Wheeler Lighthouse and the list is longer than one would think. I think our message may gotten thru to our white suburban women I have ranted about the high amount of education they received at their Liberal colleges is bogus when it is applied in real life maybe a glimmer of hope they will reject the teachings they will be paying for the next 7 years was not a bargain but a liability Girls MAGA vote Conservative.keep your AMERICAN dream alive.


    08/17/2020 05:41 PM

    God Bless, Mike.
    Use 2 Chronicles 7:14 for Daily Scripture, sometime.
    The USA needs it...

  • Mike Horst

    08/17/2020 03:44 PM

    Governor, Has it ever occurred to Nancy Pelosi that when everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie that after awhile people just figure that if her lips are moving she is lying. Its as though because she is the speaker of the house we should just believe everything she says given her reputation.

  • Helen Sustachek

    08/17/2020 03:34 PM

    I vote by absentee ballot, but I still wonder if my vote is being counted. I am Republican but the Democrats always win in CA. When I lived in other states when I voted Republican they always won. I'm in the wrong state now.

  • Floyd A Unger

    08/17/2020 03:19 PM

    Yup I have already voted absentee and will continue to do so

  • Harold Levi

    08/17/2020 02:33 PM

    Sir, over the last few days I have been receiving political e-mails that have been edited. In particular the American Wire Political Cartoons are coming in without cartoons. Their other e-mails have articles missing. I just got an e-mail where in the whole e-mail text was missing.

    I know there is nothing you can do, but please pass this info on to those that can do something.

    Deo Vindice,
    Harold Levi