August 26, 2020


August 26, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


I’m concerned that our friends in the mainstream media might need to see an eye doctor. Either that, or they might have to get new TVs. While watching Night One of the Republican Convention, all they could see is “darkness,” and I’ve never thought of red, white, and blue as dark colors. If they thought that was dark, the Democratic Convention must’ve looked like their TVs were unplugged entirely.

I’m joking, of course, I’m sure “dark” was chosen as the buzzword and those reviews written well before the convention even aired.

Funny how Republicans pointing out things Democrats are actually promising to do is dark and dystopian, but Democrats lying about horrible, hateful things Trump never did is “hope and change.” Richard Grennell summed it up well: “CNN is furious that the Republicans love America.”

Also, as Jon Gabriel at observed in his convention write-up, “As much grief as Trump gets for not being presidential, Monday night’s event was vastly more respectful, patriotic, and…well, classy…than the DNC’s offerings last week. Where the Dems went for snark and mockery, the Republicans spoke to the best of America. They featured celebrities; the GOP featured We the People.”

Why, it’s almost as if the Republican Convention was organized by mature, responsible adults who know how to actually run things. Personally, I give kudos to the Democrats for getting through their entire convention without somebody setting it on fire.


Hurricane Laura has intensified to a Category 3 and is predicted to strengthen to a catastrophic Category 4 before making landfall tomorrow morning in Texas and Louisiana. This storm is expected to cause major damage and flooding, so if you are in its path, please take all necessary precautions. You can find more info, and some terrifying radar images, at this link, and please keep a close watch on the weather news and be prepared to evacuate immediately if need be.


Last night, the violence in Kenosha, Wisconsin, not only continued, it intensified, with self-styled militias reportedly getting involved to protect businesses from rioters, and a shooting that killed two people and injured one other. At this writing, it’s still not clear exactly what happened, only that order needs to be restored right now. This link has information, but I’m sure it will be updated throughout the day. In the meantime, please remember the people of Kenosha in your prayers.


Rules for Thee and Not For Me Update: Having already determined that the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus spreads in churches but not at leftwing protests, the liberal government of New York City has now determined that regular citizens who visit must undergo a 14-day quarantine, but rich, famous pop stars coming in for the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards don’t have to.

Having seen the kind of simulated sex acts that pass for “performances” on the VMA’s, I find it hard to believe that it’s not a super spreader event for one kind of virus or another.


Last night, the Republicans hosted night two of their virtual convention, and it continued making the Democrats’ convention look like a Zoom chat engineered by a 10-year-old. You can watch the whole thing here via CSPAN without the childish snark and constant interruptions of the liberal “news” channels:

Here’s a good recap of “Five things to know” about night two…

And the live blogs of the event with real-time commentary, from PJ Media...


The theme for night two of the Republican Convention was “Land of Opportunity.” While there was nothing as heart-wrenching as night one’s address by Cuban-American businessman Maximo Alvarez on what communism did to his family and homeland, and how he is seeing the same tactics emerging in violence-plagued Democrat-run cities, there were still plenty of excellent speeches.

One of the most powerful came from former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson, whose story was told in the movie “Unplanned.” She was unflinching in describing the ugly history of the abortion movement, starting with PP founder and leftist icon Margaret Sanger’s belief in eugenics and her goal of reducing the minority population. She also didn’t soft-pedal abortion with fuzzy euphemisms like “choice” or “reproductive justice.” She related in sickening detail the dismembering of a living human baby in the womb, right down to the revolting smell. It reminded me of the Lynyrd Skynyrd song lyric: “The smell of death’s around you.”

You can see that speech and read excerpts at this link, but I warn you, it’s not for the squeamish or anyone who likes to make themselves feel better by turning a blind eye to the truth.

Some other favorite speeches for me included Billy Graham’s granddaughter Cissie Graham-Lynch on the Obama/Biden Administration’s assaults on religious freedom and Trump’s efforts to restore those rights…And Nick Sandmann describing the ordeal he went through because the media now care only about pushing anti-Christian and anti-Trump narratives, not telling the truth (I loved the “in your face” ending where he put his MAGA cap back on. I hope he forced enough money out of WaPo and CNN in defamation settlements to buy a warehouse full of those.) Here’s a great tweet on that subject

I understand the CNN commentators were making even more insulting and dismissive comments about Nick Sandmann.

I'm sure his attorney was taking notes (Brian Stelter might want to lawyer up.) I really want him to win enough money to take over CNN and turn it into a news network again. I know he’s just a teenager with no journalism training, but I don’t see how he could possibly run it worse than it is now.

Kentucky’s African-American Republican Attorney General Daniel Cameron rocketed on to the national stage with his tough speech about the Democrats’ refusal to deal with violent anarchists destroying property and assaulting police and citizens in their own cities. He also listed some of the condescendingly racist things Biden has said over the years (like if you don’t vote for him, “you ain’t black.”) Cameron delivered the most devastating and quotable comment of the night:

“Joe Biden is a backwards thinker in a world craving forward-looking leadership. There’s no wisdom in his record or plan, just a trail of discredited ideas and offensive statements. Joe Biden would destroy jobs, raise our taxes, and throw away the lives of countless unborn children. And he is captive to the radical left, a movement committed to cancel culture and the destruction of public discourse. They believe your skin color must dictate your politics. If you fail to conform while exercising your God given right to speak and think freely, they will cut you down.”

And of course, First Lady Melania Trump’s speech from the Rose Garden was magnificent. I have been telling people for years what a warm, gracious, charitable lady she is, the perfect embodiment of the best of America – an immigrant who grew up under communism, studied and worked hard, came to America and made a success in fashion and eventually became First Lady, a position she’s used to champion children worldwide. Possibly the most insane manifestation of Trump Derangement Syndrome is the mindless hatred and vitriol spewed at her by the left, simply because of who her husband is. I think my daughter Sarah got it exactly right.

While the speeches were all fine, I think what will be best remembered about last night are the stories of real people, like small business owners and farmers telling how Trump helped them (he actually knows that farming isn’t just throwing corn in some dirt and watering it.) There were also inspiring human dramas that were more moving than any fictional show on TV last night (I told you last week that Trump knows how to produce a TV show.)

Like New Mexico cop Ryan Holets, who praised Trump for fighting the opioid epidemic as he told how he adopted a homeless drug addict’s baby, and she’s now sober and a close friend. There was also a stunning surprise when Trump oversaw the swearing in of five new US citizens from around the world, which was not only inspiring but also made it clear that Trump does NOT “hate immigrants,” as his opponents say; he merely believes that immigrants should follow the rules and that laws against illegal immigration, passed by both parties in the past, should be enforced.

But easily the most moving and memorable moment was the story of Jon Ponder, a former gang member and bank robber who found God in prison, became best friends with the FBI agent who arrested him, and founded Hope For Prisoners, which helps ex-convicts re-enter society. I bet Mr. Ponder wasn’t the only one who was overcome with emotion when the President surprised him by signing a pardon for him on live television.

I think you can tell how incredibly effective this convention has been so far by the hysterical efforts of the Democrats and their PR department in the media to tear it down. Word obviously went out that it should be described as “dark,” which just resulted in making the coordinated media message hilariously obvious. It was the Democrats who painted a dark vision of America as a racist dystopia; the GOP Convention is about as “dark” as a Fourth of July fireworks show.

We also have the spectacle of Democrats “demanding investigations” of everything from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaking to Trump appearing in the White House during a “political event.” All that does is remind Americans that since taking over the House in 2018, the Dems have done precisely nothing other than launch expensive, time-wasting, politically-motivated investigations. (It also reminds us that these sticklers for propriety just let Bill Clinton lecture Trump on proper conduct in the Oval Office.)

And far be it from me to interrupt the opposition when they’re in the process of destroying themselves (I rationalize that they’ll never listen to me anyway), but the journalists and Hollywood celebrities who are having arrogant, impotent, juvenile, foul-mouthed meltdowns all over Twitter are not making the case with Americans that they are serious adults who should be trusted with running anything. There have been some shockingly racist comments about the black speakers (how DARE they think for themselves?!) and Bette Midler provided one of the few non-profane tweets when she sniped on Twitter about Melania Trump, “Oh, God. She still can’t speak English.”

I thought she spoke English exceptionally well, considering it’s not her native language but one of five languages she speaks. I wonder if Ms. Midler could speak Slovenian, French, Serbian or German with no accent? I wonder if she even knows the word for “xenophobe” in Slovenian? Because that’s what any Republican would be called who belittled an immigrant for not speaking perfect English.

Incidentally, the Nick Sandman intro showing liberal icons like Trevor Noah sneering about wanting to punch a kid in the face simply reminded viewers that the thugs assaulting people in blue cities are not an anomaly: that attitude that you’re a superior person who has the right to physically assault and demean anyone who disagrees with you has permeated the Party from top to bottom. And all the nasty, snarky insults on TV, Twitter and the Internet are simply piling up more evidence that these people aren’t mature enough to be trusted to run a lemonade stand.



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  • Patricia Young

    08/27/2020 12:04 AM

    Mr. Huckabee, I am concerned about our national debt. Almost $30 trillion I think. Who do you know or do you know how we can lower this debt? I read somewhere that a person making $50K per year would have to give all of that money each year for 31,000 yrs. to pay off $1 trillion. Is there anyone who has a real plan to take care of this? I know nothing about this other than it's very scary to me. Thank you, Mrs. Patricia Young

  • Rob E

    08/26/2020 09:41 PM

    I've coined a new phrase..."You lie like a democrat!" This might catch on and become a regular American saying. Feel free to try it out and pass it on.

  • Floyd A Unger

    08/26/2020 07:09 PM

    Thank you

  • Ted Fukushima

    08/26/2020 06:19 PM

    RNC convention; night 2 - Very uplifting!


    08/26/2020 05:41 PM

    Restore the "Mark of Cain" to identify the evil people who are leading violent activity linked to protests. I suggest a green magic marker be used to draw a green diamond on the forehead of those who can be caught and marked. If possible, use sticky tape to grab their fingerprints. If possible, take photos of their faces and hands and any ID cards they carry. Then, after removing everything they can use as weapons, let them go and deliver your evidence to the police, with copies to the media to check on the police. As with the original "Mark of Cain" no harm should come to the evil person from those who identify him or her. Let the police handle it, and if they don't, let the media handle it by identifying the police who fail to act. Your cameras are your best (and should be your only) weapons. Use them to deliver the "Mark of Cain" to those who commit evil acts.

  • Lawrence Foster

    08/26/2020 04:56 PM

    Dear Bette Midler,

    I've heard you, and I've heard Mrs. Trump. Yes, she has a bit of an accent. Remember it was Henry Kissinger who was told one time he had an accent, and he said "Yes, I'm told I have an accent in all eleven languages I speak".

    Frankly, I find Mrs Trump's well modulated tone - even with a bit of an accent - preferable to the witch-like screeching of many on the left (yes, you too Bette, when you go into hate fueled verbal overdrive).

    And she had something to say. You?

  • Firewagon

    08/26/2020 04:51 PM

    "....these people aren’t mature enough to be trusted to run a lemonade stand." You are giving WAY too much credit to these wonks for their 'abilities' or their acumen, Mike. You probably require at least two skills to "run a lemonade stand." 1) The ability to 'make' lemonade; 2) Have enough 'math' ability to make change for money and/or at least run a calculator!

    These 'leftists,' especially those like Alexandramada Ocrazio-Cortex and her cohorts in crimes known, incorrectly, as 'The Squad' and all the pretenders to become "Leader of The (not so) FREE World, Obiden, Harris, the 'criminal' Clinton, ad nauseam, are not competent enough to perform "Toilet Overflow Watch!"

  • Mike Horst

    08/26/2020 04:15 PM

    Gov. Great recap of the RNC night 2. The only issue I have is broadcasters on CNN & MSNBC think that their commentary is sooo enamoring to us viewers they don't even have to let us hear or watch the convention. I only watched a couple of seconds of those two networks on Monday Night 1. From that point forward I flipped between Fox News and CNN. Why because, no offense since you are a broadcaster and a DARNED good one I might add, the broadcasters again thought I wanted to hear their commentary more than listen to a very well produced Convention. Also because CSpan is not a HD broadcast and I have an HD big screen. Last night I watched the entire Night 2 RNC on CSpan. It is like when you invite your family and friends over to watch a football game and they chatter more than watch the game. I am a serious football guy and I hate people who won't be quite and watch. Well in a different way that is what happens when broadcasters won't allow the RNC to be watched in its entirety. Just saying. By the way I love it when yourself and Jason Chaffez do fill in at FOX News. Why you say. Because you allow the guests to talk after you ask a question. I have to laugh at Mark Levin when he had Hannity on his Sunday night show. Levin says, "Are you planning on interviewing yourself"? Hannity has a really bad habit of not listening. I watch your Saturday Night show every week.

  • Don Crumbley

    08/26/2020 04:12 PM

    Gov. Huckabee: You provided an excellent description of the RNC 2nd night. The RNC has peaked my curiosity, as to what is really behind the Democrat National Convention "manta theme" of "Hate Donald J. Trump"? Hillary Clinton just recently released a "dog whistle" to the Democrat Progressive Resistance Movement and to its recently nominated duo, Biden/Harris, (DNC elected presidential/vice president candidates), that they should not concede the Nov. 3, 2020, National election, if they should lose the election tally. However, a peaceful transition of elected parities has always been the hallmark of our National election process and this "dog whistle" contradicts our previous traditions.

    Now, go back to the night of 3 Nov, 2016. When Donald J. Trump wins the National Electoral Vote Count and visit the fact, that Hillary Clinton would not concede to President Trump, in her having lost her election bid to become President of the U.S. that night either. Hours later, she finally sent her Campaign Manager, out onto her presumed victory stage, to announce to her waiting followers, to "not give up the fight" and "there was a plan", that they would announce to the faithful believers, in the very near future. Well that plan was and still is called "resistance" to all things related to Donald J. Trump, for the next four years. Hillary Clinton's "dog whistle" in 2016 and now in 2020 is still "resistance", while still using the DNC mantra of "Hate Donald J. Trump".

    In my opinion, the "Hate Donald J. Trump" mantra is only a masking of the real purpose of the Democrat Progressive Leftest Party, which is to take total control and power by what ever means possible, over the United States of America and should this not be achieved in the Nov. 3, 2020, Nation Election voting process, the faithful socialist followers are to continue with "resistance" at every level possible, in order to continue to destroy/remove Donald J. Trump, from the Office of the President of the United States of America.

    In other words, unfortunately, ideology is not going to change in the Progressive Leftest "resistance" movement, come next Nov. 3, 2020, when President Donald J. Trump is re-elected as President of The United States of America. Hillary Clinton has already issued out the attack instructions in her "dog whistle". The current political ideology divide will remain and that will be the major task for the new Trump administration to bring the country back to the middle again or else we will see something much worse and un-retrievable.

  • j. debra halsmith

    08/26/2020 03:30 PM

    After watching sooo little of the DNC events last week here 'n' there--couldn't handle much of it [like taking castor oil...EEEEEWWW!!!], the ONLY acronym that came to mind was... "inexperienced sloppy JV team!"

  • George Trittschler

    08/26/2020 03:29 PM

    Hello my wife and I got to Keesler AFB on or about 7/9/1969 and it was only about a month after that Hurricane Camille hit the coast. We lived in an apartment right across the hwy along the beach and it was the most frightening night of our lives. We stayed in our apt that night because our 62 yr old land lord said "you're 22 ft above sea level and will be safe". He was right by the slimmest of margins (tide marks just a few feet out from the frt wall of the bldg) but to this day I think I sort of suffer post traumatic stress syndrome when a bad storm is heading into the southern states.
    I hope and pray for a good outcome for the people that live in the area.

  • David Nielsen

    08/26/2020 02:59 PM

    The reason the rioting is intensifying in Wisconsin is because of the lawless governor of Wisconsin, the lawless Attorney General of Wisconsin, and the lawless mayor of Kenosha.

  • Stephen Russell

    08/26/2020 02:22 PM

    Virus politics:
    Getting tired of virus politics
    Lockdown churches BUT OK protest & bars
    shut down small business BUT OK Corp biz IE Target etc.
    Wear masks but elites DONT

    Getting weary, angry & tired of these Games.
    & Nothing from the GOP united on issues
    Gutless DC elites
    & then fake virus data IE are we winning or losing?