August 3, 2020


August 3, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


If you would like a preview of the story we hope the Durham report will make official in another month or two, Andrew C. McCarthy has a great, very detailed column that sums it up. It’s all here --- long, but a must-read

McCarthy makes the essential point that all the machinations of the FBI and other members of the intel community --- up to and including the highest level of government --- were implemented to GET TRUMP, not “the Trump campaign.” That’s an important distinction. As McCarthy puts it, “..Do you suppose they moved heaven and earth, surreptitiously plotted in the Oval Office, wrote CYA memos to cover their tracks, and laboriously sculpted FBI reports because they were hoping to nail...George Papadopoulos?”

We know at this point that President Obama himself authorized the investigation of his political opponent in 2016-17, with no actual evidence that would warrant this, on the ludicrous pretext that Donald Trump was an agent of Russia. Something this big could not have happened without Obama's knowledge and approval. (Of course, Biden was present at the Jan. 5, 2017, meeting as well.) They kept Trump’s name off the case files to try to disguise what they were doing, but they can't hide it any longer.


There’s this small little gang of people who once made lots of money in DC as Republican political consultants, pollsters, party insiders, and commentators who really hate President Trump. They have always been tied to the establishment of DC, or the swamp as some like to call it. They once were the toast of the town because they were joined at the hip with the well-established elites who really didn’t have deep convictions about issues, but rather just enjoyed playing for the Republican team because the pay was good and they got invited to all the cool parties in Georgetown, Manhattan, and Hollywood. They were also the reason nothing ever changed or was even challenged in Washington. They worked for candidates and elected officials who pretended to care about issues like the sanctity of life, our alliance with Israel, the middle class, jobs leaving the US for China or Mexico, and health care. In reality, neither they nor the candidates or elected officials they worked for really cared at all. We voted for them because our alternatives were candidates with far-left positions that threatened free enterprise, the lives of unborn babies, small businesses, factory jobs, important court appointments, and more. But the election of Donald Trump messed up their legalized looting of the political donor class. Donald Trump didn’t become President because he was bought and owned by the political class. He mostly used his own money to become President and hasn’t had to do the bidding of the typical political hacks and they aren’t happy! In fact, he’s called on very few of them for anything and they aren’t going away quietly. They don’t hate him because he failed to do what he said-they hate him because he did exactly what he said he would do. The so-called Lincoln Project is about as true to Abraham Lincoln as I am to Weight Watchers. They loved the power and money and when Donald Trump became President, they just didn’t matter that much.

I do have friends who claim to be conservative but say they will vote for Joe Biden because they think President Trump is vain and vulgar. The same Joe Biden caught on a hot microphone uttering a truly vulgar term when talking to President Obama about signing Obamacare and who has cursed at the very people who attended his lightly attended events? But are elections even about a candidate’s tone, Tweets, or temperance? Sure, I’d love for all the people I vote for to be near perfect in personality, piety, and personal manners. But I care even more about whether the performance matches the promises on issues that really matter.

Believing in the intrinsic worth and value of every human life from conception is sacred to me. A candidate right about everything else and wrong in respecting the God-given worth of every human life is a candidate I can’t support. No candidate—not even Ronald Reagan, has taken the number of bold concrete steps to protect innocent human life as has President Trump. Donald Trump has done more for preserving religious liberty than ANY President in my lifetime. I believe strongly in the 1st amendment and with it, untouchable religious liberty. Other Presidents have claimed to be champions for churches, synagogues, and mosques to be free from government control, but President Trump has delivered. Most Presidents promise to create jobs and preserve middle-class jobs, but until the shut-down of the economy because of the Chinese Virus, President Trump had delivered, marking record jobs for blacks, Hispanics, women, and youth with record pay increases. And while the previous administration said our manufacturing jobs would never return, they actually have come back under President Trump. He has unflinchingly stood for the 2nd amendment. He’s insisted that America stop being the chump for China and its cheating. He’s stood for our border security while his opponent believes in open borders. Instead of folding like a cheap tent in a windstorm in the face of violent riots and mass looting, he’s called for the protection of private and public property and the arrests of anarchists who have turned streets of major cities into war zones. And he has cut 7 regulations from the backs of Americans for every new one enacted.

So I understand why the ruling class of elitist snobs who run the DC Swamp would vote for Biden to restore their control. But it means the not-so-connected American being abandoned, so I don’t understand those who call themselves conservatives or even moderates voting for Biden, a candidate 180 degrees from what they claim they believe, and 100% a return to a government for the elites and the swells. Donald Trump went to Washington to shake things up. His problem wasn’t that he failed at that. It was that he succeeded.


The Washington Post is breaking with the AP’s new stylebook change of capitalizing “Black” when referring to someone’s race, but not “white.” WaPo plans to capitalize both.

They also list all the other ethnicities that will be capitalized, from Latino to Asian American to Pacific Islander. But here’s the problem for all those who still care about grammar: those are capitalized because they refer to places with proper noun names (Latin America, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, etc.) Black and white are just adjectives describing skin tones.

WaPo claims that "The use of Black is recognition & acknowledgment not only of the cultural bonds & historical experiences shared by people of African heritage, but also the shared struggles of descendants of enslaved people, families who immigrated generations ago & more recent immigrants." Except that’s rather insulting, even racist. It assumes that all black people have slave ancestors, or share the same culture.

As for capitalizing “white,” WaPo rationalizes, “White is a distinct cultural identity in the United States...” and is a “collective group that has had its own cultural and historical impact on the nation.” In short, they plan to blame everything wrong on White people, so they’re throwing us the bone of capitalizing it. This is all nonsense since white people of British, German, Italian, or Australian heritage have no more of a “common culture” than black people from Haiti, Jamaica, Ghana, or Chicago.

To me, white refers to nothing but the relative amount of melanin in my skin, which I have no more control over than any other human being on Earth. I believe that judging others because of it is a sin against God’s creation. So you can keep your capital “W.” Frankly, capitalizing “White” when you’re not doing it for blue, purple, or pea green sounds a little “white supremacist” to me.

On the other hand, the news that WaPo is capitalizing “white” did cause a lot of leftists to go berserk on Twitter, so there is the entertainment value…


By Laura Ainsworth


Dear Miss Manners,

Please let me preface this letter by saying I am a longtime fan of your column, as I am distressed by the lack of courtesy in today’s society and always appreciate your witty replies. You may or may not be aware that I have even affectionately parodied your column with “Miss Mannerly,” here on this very website. That said, here is the original, very thoughtful letter you received and your answer ("Clarifying racism for a white man") that has prompted my missive to you:

I do agree with you that talking about what racism is (or is not) is a semantic discussion. We currently have two “working” definitions of racism being used simultaneously, and we also have many people far too willing to throw around the “r-word.” Under one (the “classic”) definition, anyone of any race can be racist; it means the notion that people of another race are inferior to you and don’t deserve the same treatment as people of your own race. Under the other (the “evolved”) definition, only a white person can be racist, and, in part because he has lived his entire life with racial privilege by virtue of being white, he cannot be considered the victim of racism, either. Add nuance to taste, and stir.

The man who wrote to you, a self-described white male, told you he’d been informed that he would be viewed as racist for bringing up examples of how he personally was abused, targeted with racial epithets, and even lightly hit by a car while living in a mostly non-white country where he was in a racial minority.

The man was obviously trying to show empathy for others who have been treated badly because of their race. But because he is white, his view was considered unwelcome. They told him that the treatment he received was not out of racism, but “rather out of resentment for white people’s history of cruelty and injustice towards others.”

In your answer, you essentially agreed with his friends, saying that even though the treatment he had experienced had been “horrid and unfair,” it was not the same as “the experience of most marginalized groups” because it never took away his basic rights and equality. (Not having been in whatever country this was and experienced what he went through, I don’t know if that is necessarily true. As a woman, I could easily name countries that would take away MY basic rights and equality.)

You made what you called the "key" distinction between “retaliatory” bias and “inherent” bias. With all due respect, being on the receiving end of “retaliatory” bias for something one’s ancestors, as opposed to oneself, did is, to me, as unacceptable as any other kind of bias. I would make the case that it is also extremely racist.

You said his argument makes this gentleman look naive. I am hardly naive, and I agree with him.

If the treatment this man received was “...out of resentment for white people’s history of cruelty and injustice towards others,” I’m sorry, but that was still racism. The man himself had done nothing to anyone; he was being judged –- judged –- by the color of his skin. The argument being used to defend that, which you helped further, is a rationalization for racist behavior. One may agree with that rationalization or disagree as I do, but a rationalization it is.

One problem we have right now is that we’re all encouraged to be having “conversations” about race, but these “conversations” all have to be very carefully articulated in certain ways in order to avoid charges of racism. The man who wrote you obviously is not a racist, but he must speak in exactly the "right" way in order to avoid a minefield. The slightest deviation is heresy. I’m sorry, but that is not real conversation, Miss Manners. It is control. A real conversation is a two-way street, with give and take, and people try to understand each other. I don’t see that happening with this subject. To create a “safe space” for others --- even his own partner --- this person’s thoughtful view is being shut down.

Thank you, Miss Manners, for your attention. Though you are correct in saying this gentleman risks alienating some people –- that they might challenge his point and perhaps call him naive and even racist –- simply telling him to “stop” is to inhibit honest, heartfelt conversation. I, for one, am willing to (very politely) have that conversation, and if someone wants to wrongly accuse me of racism, that is the person who needs to learn some common courtesy –- and some common sense.



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  • Basil Kopey

    08/05/2020 02:41 PM

    A big AMEN to Laura's column! Frankly, I thought the response by "Miss Manners" was uncharacteristically heartless. She basically told a man who wanted to have a "conversation about race" to "shut up"!

  • Laura Knoerr

    08/04/2020 04:19 PM

    Re: The Truth about Swamp GOP
    "Believing in the intrinsic worth and value of every human life from conception is sacred to me."
    I agree. This is my bottom line. If a candidate doesn't support protecting the very most vulnerable of human lives, how can I believe that they will protect anybody but their own donors/voter base/family/ethnic group, etc.? How can they possibly represent me in any other law-making decision? They can't.
    Thanks for your commentary and insights!
    Laura Knoerr

  • Dick Algire

    08/04/2020 07:21 AM

    When slavery is written or spoken about the only slavery considered is that which took place in the United States, much of it before there was a nation called the United States. Most of the slaves who were brought to the U.S. came from other foreign nations such as Portugal. Africans who became slaves were most often captured by other Africans captured in internecine wars--wars between African tribes with the males above the age of 12 being sold into the slave trade. The other people who were huge slavers were the Muslims. This is historical fact. It wasn't the white people going into the 'dark continent' and taking slaves, it was people of color doing so. What is also lost in this story of slavery is the fact that white people were enslaved by people of color for some 300 plus years in Egypt. The Bible is very clear that the Egyptians and Ethiopians were descended from Noah's son, Ham, whose name meant "the burning one" indicating his skin color was dark or black. The Hebrew people, descended from Noah's son, Shem, were white and the nation that enslaved these people did so after Joseph, a son of Jacob, had been the major reason the Egyptians and many other nations were able to survive an intense famine that lasted for seven years because of Joseph's understanding of how to store food during the good years of harvest for the purpose of sustaining the people during the tough days of the famine. Slavery is never a good thing and never has been in all of human history. However, it was Britain and the United States who sought to destroy slavery with some 750,000 dying in the American Civil War that ended slavery in America. What is going on today has nothing to do with slavery but everything to do with the socialist left pushing the racism narrative to divide and weaken the U.S. because those elitists whose desire is to rule the world with 'one world government' cannot have their way with citizens being free and allowed to be armed as they are in the United States. The BLM movement has shown it's only issue is the creation of division with the funding for this coming from the Communist Left. A former KGB operator, Yuri Bezmenov, defected to Cananda in the 80s and wrote a book, "Love Letter to America," in which he detailed exactly how the Communists were working to weaken the U.S. and cause it to fall, not from invasion but internal divide. True history is not taught in American education. The education system was corrupted long ago and has become not education, but indoctrination.

  • M.Bennett

    08/03/2020 07:04 PM

    Help get word out! Gmail anti Trump.
    Hi Mr. H: Was shocked to see 50 emails in spam folder as rarely have 1. They were emails from Trump campaign usually go to inbox as few times in past have reported not spam. Gmail seems in effort to hurt Trump campaign around Jul 20th misdirected all Trump related emails into spam. Doubt I am the only one. Hope you can help get word out. What's next, the liberals of free speach going to lose any emails from Trump?

  • Keet Parakeet

    08/03/2020 07:03 PM

    In Re Miss Manners & Response
    Biblically, a person was to be punished (executed) for their own sins (murder of a commoner, noble or king for example). One's children were not to be punished for the acts of their parent. Lots of other societies of various colors religions & ethnicities executed large chunks of whole families for the action of one family member, be the family member sane or crazy at the time of the commission of crime. Even those who were in utero at the time of the crime would be executed. Over time, English and later American law tended to follow the former model. The every body is responsible for the crime of someone farther back in the family tree or somewhere down the trunk & off to the side by several generations or dozens of generations is ungodly and a flat out barbarism.

  • Linda Wolfe

    08/03/2020 06:32 PM

    I am a 74yr white female and NEVER ONCE HAVE I RECEIVED "WHITE PRIVILEGE " I have on a few occasions been" treated unfair because of my white skin. On the other hand, there IS "Black Privilege" in America, it is called AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. Please don't misunderstand , I have many black friends. We understand each other. They are NOT "African-American" they are black Americans. Calling them African is in my opinion, a racist term. I told them if they want me to call them African-American, I want them to call me Irish-American, same difference. Your either an American, here on a visa, or an illegal alien.

  • Firewagon

    08/03/2020 04:30 PM

    "The man himself had done nothing to anyone; he was being judged –- judged –- by the color of his skin."

    I must be a racist, as I do judge a lot of folk on the basis of the color of their skin! I judge, that is, my probability for the need for 'enhanced awareness' that conflict could happen. The crime statistics do not lie. Over 52% of all crime is committed by blacks. The greatest proportion of that 52% is done by only 9%, mostly young, athletic, black males, of the black communities. That recent punching to the head of a 92 years old woman, causing her to fall and injure herself, is a prime example. Being elderly, she had probably forgotten that the 'young black' male approaching her had a 50% chance of doing her harm!

    My alternate point is that until the black community changes the criminal dynamic from that one in two (50%) probability for their young committing a crime, violent or otherwise, there should be no question as for why 'whitey' would cross the street or enter some store before encountering a single 'young' black male, let alone two or more! From an 'old' perspective, there is far too much "white guilt" on display, and you can call that racist think also.

  • Stephen Russell

    08/03/2020 04:25 PM

    Id like to urge a Lockdown Study:
    o Does it effect virus?
    o do masks effect virus
    o Econ cost since lockdown began
    o social costs to lockdown
    o Whose Pro & Con Lockdown.
    o Who orders lockdowns., State MD or other.
    o Can they be planned ahead?
    o Is this Politcal
    o What gains? for lockdown
    o why cant we use the Sweden model?
    o Or the Detroit model on crime
    o why cant rioters get lockdown BUT we do
    o Who benefits from lockdowns?
    Name names
    o How are U effected by lockdowns

  • Tracy Brewer

    08/03/2020 04:14 PM

    Hi, I’m writing you because I have no where else to go. I have been seeing on and off for the last four or so weeks many jets in the sky’s over where I live in Elbert, CO spraying Chem-trails. This is very concerning to me because I don’t trust these people. If they can spay harsh chemicals in the air that effect us I am sure they wouldn’t stop at possibly spraying something like COVID that way. Trump has said it is in the air. How can they be permitted to spray anything in the air right now anyway with all the nefarious acts going on with the cabal, China, etc. Could you please help me pass this to our wonderful President. Elbert hasn’t had but 2 deaths from COVID. Something is going on with these numbers. I don’t believe a lot of it. Anyway, Thank you and God you.

  • Stephen Russell

    08/03/2020 03:41 PM

    Voter issues: Pls do survey to compare, contrast etc:

    o Being lied by HC types ( Fauci)
    o Information blocked by Big Teach
    o CIA runs Big Tech?
    o Chinese threat
    o rampant mobs in nation
    o Pro Mob, Mafia, Crime
    o Do nothing Congress & Senate ( GOP side, save few who do)
    o Do as I Say vs As I do ( John Lewis burial & attending church)
    o MDs who want to Inform silenced day 1 of virus in March to date
    o Deny acess to Info
    o Random lockdowns & wearing masks
    o Told masks Hurt more than Help.
    o No Uniform virus model seen or used
    o MDs who may have other ideas CANT come forward

    Im tired, fatigued, & angry
    Want to fight back BUT How aside voting.
    & after vote??
    ALL for Power & they Dems think we dont see this
    Hey Fools under lockdown have Lots of TV time to see your antics anyway

  • Joanne Wolf

    08/03/2020 01:06 PM

    I’m a victim of my first amendment rights and have not only lost my pc, tv, landline, cd/dvd and android cellphone but all the friends I had on FB. It seems I have to hide and I hate this! What can I do? Please help me. Joanne

  • Floyd A Unger

    08/03/2020 12:18 PM

    Thank you

  • Pam Driggers

    08/03/2020 11:36 AM

    Mike, your comments about why the GOP elitists dislike the president and why they would vote for Joe Biden is spot on in my opinion. Everything you said is exactly what I have tried to tell people who hate President Trump simply because they believe him to be rude and vulgar, and they like to point out things that he has been accused of doing or saying in the past.

    Personally, I like to look at what he has DONE while in office, and it’s pretty impressive. I know that this man loves his country and he wants to do what’s best for the American people. The personal attacks on him and his lovely wife and their son just proves that his attackers are hypocrites of the worst sort.

    Your column is a breath of fresh air in the polluted political environment, and I appreciate that you boldly proclaim the truth and expose the lies of those who want to fundamentally change our great country. Keep it up!
    Pam Driggers
    North Carolina

  • Michelle L Robinson

    08/03/2020 11:26 AM

    Do you have any information on when we stopped requiring a class in US Government and/or US History in High School to graduate?
    I'm writing an article on the failure of American Education is the fault of the Teachers Unions.
    95% of monies donated by the Teachers Unions have gone to the Democratic Party. Hence, Hillary's quest for absolute power, (fan of Sal Alinsky, wrote her thesis on his "Rules for Radicals), to dumb down the population, so that the "re-education" of the children could be started. Enter the Teachers Unions and their quest for power. Common Core, was the brain child that truly launched the final assault on the American Educational system. We now have a whole generation of "useful idiots" to control.

    Would most greatly appreciate your help.


  • Charles Simmons

    08/03/2020 11:16 AM

    Under ongoing assault from democrats on integrity of USA, the current trajectory for USA easily could result in depopulation of cities, serfdom for farmers, and the collapse of civilization into a repeat of a prolonged Dark Ages ...

  • Mary Houser

    08/03/2020 11:11 AM

    Excellent newsletter today! I always enjoy reading both the am and pm editions but today's am edition was especially great! Loved Laura Ainsworth's commentary. Wise and true! Have a blessed day ~ look forward to tonight's edition!

  • Jerry Korba

    08/03/2020 11:01 AM

    Obama is a coward a low life that needed some one else to defeat an opponent. Obama used all of America's resources to defat a citizen of the United States.With every weapon for his needs also shows what an ignorant low class person he is, still could not get the job done. The picture is clear he could not stand up and face Donald Trump. Obama a little misfit 138 pound weakling with the backing of a massive police force, an intelligence agency that surveils the world a corrupt Judicial system and still could not defeat Donald Trump. It is without a doubt he could not stand up to the enemies of the US. He drew a line in the sand he judged ISIS as a JV team he blamed Benghazi on a video Obama is not only a low life but a cowardly greedy Mutation that America is ashamed of.

  • William Fuhrer

    08/03/2020 10:58 AM

    After history was clarified that President Obama had such a dislike for President Trump and Religion has it moved the needle with Black Baptists at all in theircharacterization of President Trump and the PRO LIFE movement

  • Christine Pfeiffer

    08/03/2020 10:58 AM

    When I read Laura's open letter to Miss Manners I wanted to give her a standing O. Thank you for saying what many of us feel but who also mostly don't bother because it's just not worth the fight.

  • Kevin Cook

    08/03/2020 10:40 AM

    As we all know the democRat Enemedia will call this a conspiracy theory and Slow Joek will never be asked to explain. The GOP will do a show but Hussein and Hellary's coup attempt will NEVER be brought to justice except for a few low level scum. I have come to sadly believe that we a very corrupt Federal Govt thanks to DemocRats and faux Republicans. We elected DJT to finally get a citizen president that did NOT need this job and was doing this job as a true public servant and not career self interested politician. Career politicians rule our government and must be eliminated on both sides if we are to regain our moral high ground as a super power. The good news, as long as democRat and republican politicians keep dousing each other with gasoline our republic is safe from tyrants like Hussein and the DemocRat party.
    November will be a critical test of how much do we cherish our freedoms.
    The DemocRats led by the "Squad" have never had to experience any self sacrifice that made the USA the greatest country known to man. These ingrates inherited a golden spoon life and if given the chance will squander our inheritance like the idiot prodigal child.
    If Slow Joek wins and Pelousy remains Speaker, they will most certainly reinstitute Hussein's tyranny that sought to destroy the greatest Country known to mankind and remove the USA from its sole superpower status. I pray to God that the traitor and cancerous DemocRat Party, the party of Slavery, the Confederacy, Jim Crow, Baby Murder, 1960s sleaze hippies that destroyed the family and especially the black family, Antifa and BLM will finally be destroyed like Sodom and Gomorra!

  • Carol MacMillan Godsey

    08/03/2020 09:53 AM

    Absolutely right, Laura - in some eyes, no white can be poor enough, oppressed enough, or marginalized enough to be the victim of racism. Only blacks can be victims, and apparently only certain blacks. To paraphrase Biden, "you are not really black if you don't vote for me!" Excuse me if I consider that racist!