August 31, 2020

This is a thought-provoking piece on what “Black Lives Matter” (the radical organization, not the inarguable sentiment) really is. It also offers evidence that many problems in the black community don’t stem from “systemic racism” but from the chronic lack of two-parent households, which has been encouraged and subsidized by liberal policies.

On this subject, one of my guests on “Huckabee” this weekend was Dr. Rick Rigsby, creator of the speech and now book, “Lessons From a Third Grade Dropout.” It’s about his father, a black man with no higher education but with a phenomenal amount of common sense, wisdom and strength of character that he insured he passed on to his sons. His parents didn’t raise boys or black men, he raised Godly men.

Here is that interview:

Here’s Dr. Rigsby’s speech:

And if you seriously think that BLM is going to help improve the lives of African-Americans, note that not only are they setting back race relations by at least 50 years, but one of their stated goals is the destruction of the nuclear family. In that regard, supporting BLM because you want to help black Americans have better lives is like hiring Jack the Ripper as your barber.

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  • maureen cunningham

    09/08/2020 11:33 AM

    You know full well it's a democratic coup. Say it, instead of dancing around it. Can't beat it if you won't say it......from the phony gun grabs to covid, all democrat drama. Moderate your damn sight. The trolls are taking over and no one in their right mind will keep coming back to your site.

  • yogiman

    09/06/2020 05:20 PM

    Thinking about thinking again in 2024, Mr. Huckabee?

  • richard Spivak

    09/06/2020 04:46 PM

    Rudy Guiliiani stated on the radio that BLM is a terrorist organization organization and read from the manifesto about their trying to over throw our government. I called his office and emailed him and have not had a response. I would like a copy of the manifesto to show our local city managers and our city council as they want to paint BLM on our boardwalk. If this is a terrorist organization I want the city council and our Mayor to know this. Can you get a copy of the manifesto or have Mr.Giuliani get ma a copy, Thank you, Richard Spivak [email protected]

  • Arlene Herrick

    09/06/2020 03:53 PM


  • Bill Davis

    08/31/2020 04:56 PM

    If you go to it is a direct link to the Biden Website. Why is no one telling the country about this?

  • Michael Salisbury

    08/31/2020 04:55 PM

    If more people would do a little research on their own, they would know exactly who BLM is and what they stand for! Just reading their Mission Statement would be a great clue! We live in a day and age now where people listen to false narratives and blindly follow what they are hearing like lemmings do straight off a cliff!