September 9, 2020


September 9, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


The big argument that the Democrats are making for putting them back in power is that they represent the return of “decency.” Well, they can’t claim to represent competence (look at any city run by Democrats.) But they’re not exactly paragons of “decency,” either.

For instance, are you old enough to remember way back to two or so years ago, when they were the big proponents of the “Me, Too” movement? Women who had long been victims of sexual predators were finally speaking up about it. It was a good thing, until some Democrats like Sen. Mazie Hirono took it too far and started claiming that accusation equaled guilt and men didn’t deserve to have due process rights. But in general, it’s still a good thing, even though a lot of Democrats cooled on it once it started bringing down some of their favorite deep pockets donor/predators, like Harvey Weinstein.

Well, the “pro-decency” Democrats just pounded the last nail into the coffin of “Me, Too,” thanks to Kamala Harris. In an act of epic pandering, she traveled to Kenosha, Wisconsin, for a visit with Jacob Blake, who became the latest leftist victim/celebrity when he was shot and paralyzed by police while resisting arrest. Blake’s legal team released a statement saying, “In a moving moment, Jacob Jr. told Sen. Harris that he was proud of her, and the Senator told Jacob that she was also proud of him and how he is working through his pain… Sen. Harris also discussed the policy changes that she and Vice President Biden will seek, including the Justice in Policing Act and implicit bias training, to make things better for all Americans. She encouraged them to continue to use their voices even through their pain to help America make progress to end systemic racism.”

Wow, that’s a lot to unpack! First of all, she’s “proud of him”? Did she bother while in Kenosha to visit with his victim and ask her about the gross sexual assault she accused him of? (details are at the link, and they’re not for young eyes.) You can argue whether the police used too much force in arresting him, but that doesn’t negate the fact that he was violently resisting arrest on a warrant for trespassing, domestic abuse and felony sexual assault. Quite a record to be proud of!

By the way: Sen. Tim Scott proposed a bill that would have addressed police training, but the Democrats in the Senate, such as Harris, voted it down because they wouldn’t accept it from a Republican. Another proud day in the annals of Democratic decency.

And as the article notes, when former Biden staffer Tara Reade accused Biden of sexually assaulting her, Harris first said she believed Reade, then accepted a spot as Biden's running mate and now declares him the embodiment of decency.

Dana Loesch has more on Blake’s female victim and why we hear so little about her or Reade: because women victims only matter to Democrats when they are politically useful.

I don’t think the word “decency” means what these Democrats think it means.


My new book with Steve Feazel, “The Three C’s That Made America Great: Christianity, Capitalism and the Constitution,” is available for order now at Amazon, and you can now read a free excerpt from it at the link.

I hope you’ll get the book, read it, and pass copies on to all of your friends and relatives who think they’re well-informed about history and current events because they watch Rachel Maddow and Stephen Colbert. You can explain to them that all those pages in the back with the little numbers on them are footnotes that list the original sources for historical facts. They’ve probably never seen anyone cite an actual historical fact before.



Yesterday, I brought you what I consider to be THE MOST important story you’ll hear between now and the election: the plan to create election chaos and do whatever it takes –- riots, looting, military intervention –- to get Joe Biden inaugurated, regardless of the will of the voters. The plan is to organize a coup to take down the President and twist the scenario to make it look as though it’s actually the President trying to play “dictator” and bringing it about.

Last night, I went on Sean Hannity’s TV show, along with former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer, to talk about one key element of the plan: the ease of voter fraud.

Ari noted some of the problems we’re going to have with mail-in ballots, even with absentee ballots. “Ballot harvesting is really the biggest problem out there,” he said, “because what it means is, it’s licensing people from the parties, and in particular the Democrat Party that does this, to go out and subject voters to possible intimidation.” They can collect votes from Republican areas and not turn them in, he explained, while turning in the ballots from Democrat areas. And that’s just one way to mess up the count. “There’s no accountability,” he said, “no tracing or tracking on these ballots once they’re collected.”

He noted another problem: states whose deadlines are much too close to Election Day to apply for an absentee ballot. “They won’t get it in time,” he said. “And then all the lawyers are going to be empowered to demand to count every vote, even the ones that came in after Election Day.”

I would add that even the Associated Press is now pointing out problems with absentee ballots. I doubt seriously they'd be doing this unless they thought it helped the Biden campaign.

"If ballots are rejected at the same rate as during this year’s primaries,” the AP story said, “up to three times as many voters in November could be disenfranchised in key battleground states when compared to the last Presidential election, according to an AP analysis of rejected ballots. It could be even more pronounced in some urban areas where Democratic votes are concentrated and ballot rejection rates trended higher during this year’s primaries.”

Ah, and there it is: “some urban areas where Democratic votes are concentrated.” The AP is referring to non-white areas, helping to set the stage for race-based disenfranchisement to be used as a pretext to mess with election results. The AP story places this squarely on the agenda. At the same time, TRUMP is being criticized for casting doubt on the accuracy of absentee and, especially, mail-in voting this fall. HE has to be the one blamed for the election chaos, especially if he wins the initial vote count.

This is going to be a mess, and that’s precisely what the Biden campaign wants, as they almost certainly have internal polling that shows better-than-expected results for Trump. The irony is, Trump is absolutely correct about the inaccuracy about mail-in vote counts and the ease with which the system can be gamed. He doesn’t want mail-in voting. He's old-school; he wants all the votes to count, you know, like in AMERICA.

That’s why he (like me) is encouraging voters to cast their ballots in person, not to mail them. He doesn’t want post-election chaos. It’s the Democrats who want it, and they'll make it happen no matter what they have to do. Heck, they’ve got people writing the checks who will PAY rioters to burn down cities.

By the way, Democrats have found something else to be outraged at President Trump about: his recent tongue-in-cheek comment to supporters about voting for him twice. They seriously accuse him of having broken the law for encouraging voters to cast more than one ballot. I think the main problem the left has might be that they just don’t have a sense of humor. They don’t “get” when he's kidding. Heck, they still think he was seriously telling Russia to find Hillary's emails.

That’s why it actually might be a good idea for the Left Coast to secede and take all those leftists with no sense of humor with them. They can burn their own cities down and listen to their unfunny late-night talk shows in their safe spaces while we get back to work and laugh at their stupidity.

Along those lines, I pointed out on HANNITY that the desire for chaos is being driven not by enthusiasm for Joe Biden, goodness knows, but just by hatred for Donald Trump. “They don’t care who gets elected,” I said, “as long as it isn’t Donald Trump.” And this time, it’s even worse than in past years, when maybe we were just worried about who was going to get the “cemetery” vote. Now, we have to worry about people getting more than one ballot and all the other problems.

As I’ve been saying, President Trump has to have an army of people to go vote, IN PERSON. “If the river is flooding, swim the river at flood stage,” I told Hannity.

He brought up another good point: we need poll watchers everywhere! And we’ll also need an army of LAWYERS. It’s sad that we need this, but we do. (Ari recalled the scenario in which Al Franken finally “won” the Senate race in Minnesota after Norm Coleman actually won the vote count on Election Day. As the recount progressed, 26 precincts ended up with more ballots cast than there were registered voters.)

Normally, I think that when it comes to lawyers, the fewer the better. But this time, bring on the lawyers! Reportedly, the Democrats have brought on board over 600 of them. So, CALLING ALL LAWYERS who are fair-minded and want to work for an accurate (as opposed to a partisan) vote count. We are going to need you. If I were a lawyer, I would be on board right now.

Left-wing groups such as are already organizing a day of “mass public unrest” after Election Day, just in case they don’t like the results (and I don’t think they’re going to). As we’ve said, they want to tie the election in knots and then BLAME TRUMP for it, even as they’re doing it themselves. Look at how they’re already trying to twist the narrative, including their threat of the West Coast seceding unless their demands are met. I say again, let ‘em go.




The liberal media want you to believe that former Vice President Joe Biden would challenge Beijing if he is elected as president — but no amount of media spin can transform a serial China appeaser into a bold American leader.

According to a New York Times article published last week, Biden has taken a “journey” with respect to his position on China, adjusting his view of the communist regime over the course of his lengthy political career in Washington.

“As a United States senator, he spoke of transforming China through trade,” the Times article states. “As a presidential candidate two decades later, he denounces it as a ‘dictatorship.’” The article attempts to convince the reader that Biden has matured on foreign policy, and that he now has what it takes to stand up to Beijing after decades of rolling over for our rival.

Biden’s so-called “journey,” however, is more of a lengthy jog on a political treadmill — lots of motion, but going nowhere.

As the American people have learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, Biden couldn’t even bring himself to condemn the Chinese regime for its mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak. And Biden has even echoed Beijing’s propaganda criticizing President Trump’s emergency travel restrictions, which have helped save countless American lives, as being “xenophobic.”

“This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria and xenophobia — hysterical xenophobia — and fearmongering to lead the way instead of science,” Biden said Jan. 31.

Moreover, the Democratic presidential nominee has vowed to reverse President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the corrupt World Health Organization, ignoring the fact that the institution has played a key role in facilitating China’s coronavirus cover-up campaign.

In fact, the WHO publicly disseminated a Chinese study about the pathology of COVID-19 that falsely claimed the virus can’t be transmitted between humans. Why would America trade President Trump’s courage for Joe Biden’s capitulation to the communist dictatorship?

“Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in #Wuhan, #China,” the health organization tweeted Jan. 14.

To make matters worse, Biden recently pledged to “reevaluate” President Trump’s strategic counter-tariffs on Chinese goods if he gets elected this November. The Trump policy is designed to correct Beijing’s years of dishonest trade practices that have stolen millions of jobs from American workers.

Biden doesn’t even comprehend the geopolitical threat China poses to the U.S. Just a year ago, the former vice president passionately insisted that the world’s second-largest economy is not “going to eat our lunch,” airily dismissing widely held concerns about the rise of the communist nation.

“They’re not bad folks, folks,” Biden said at the time. “They’re not competition for us."

Of course, The New York Times went out of its way to point out that Biden has labeled China a “dictatorship,” as though this obvious statement of fact proves that the Democratic presidential nominee has no illusions about the regime’s brutality. But pointing out China’s tyrannical tendencies and recognizing the foreign policy threat it poses are two very different things.

There are around 200 sovereign states in the world. Many of them are dictatorships that pose no challenge to the United States.

China, on the other hand, is determined to undermine America’s hegemony and fundamentally change the world order — and it’s well-positioned to achieve those aims if American leaders don’t assert our country’s interests.

Donald Trump has done just that since taking office, securing a historic Phase One trade deal with China that went a long way toward restoring parity to our trade relationship. We need to keep the pressure on until we finish the job. After years of being played as chumps by China under past administrations, President Trump has put America — and American workers — first.

The liberal media are desperately trying to redefine Biden as a leader who can challenge China — but erasing history is no easy feat. Beijing Biden does not have what it takes to stand up to our biggest geopolitical adversary, and his own actions during this election season show it.

President Trump has put a stop to the long-time swamp policy pushed by politicians like Joe Biden, who have left cookies and warm milk out for the Chinese as if they were Santa Claus when they were actually acting like burglars in the homes of America’s middle class.



I predict that this will be the least reported major story of the week: a member of the Norwegian Parliament has nominated President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize for brokering the peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

I can confidently predict this because Trump's actual achieving of peace in the Middle East was also one of the least-reported stories of the week it happened. After all, it’s not real news, like some anonymous sources claiming that he said bad things about World War I soldiers two years ago. It’s also not something that’s truly worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize, like when Obama won one for…existing, I guess.

Still, it’s nice to see that someone actually noticed that Trump enjoyed a minor achievement, like brokering peace in the Middle East.



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  • Dwight Stephenson

    09/10/2020 04:11 PM

    Thank you for all you do to keep us informed! Another way I believe that we can overcome the Democrats' desperate attempt to rule through thievery is to not only vote in person and give our President the landslide he deserves, but to elect an overwhelming number of Republicans to the House and Senate in an attempt to let the Democrats know just how out of touch their views are with most of America. I can think of no better way to send the message that this is not a socialist country than to kick all the socialists out of office. I pray God keeps you and your family well!

  • Nadine Zerbe

    09/10/2020 12:26 AM

    Biden and Kamala are flippin’ fish!! That’s being REALLY NICE!! I am weary of their two-sidedness! (A double-minded man/woman is UNSTABLE in ALL HIS/HER WAYS!!) I learned today that there is a young police officer in the hospital paralyzed in a shooting in the line of duty! It seems he is new to the department and doesn’t yet qualify for insurance! I’m SURE she has plans to visit him to let him know how proud she is of him being injured doing his job and I’m equally confident that we will hear about it from all news sources!!!

  • Lena Estep Gipson

    09/09/2020 10:14 PM

    FB took down your video siting George Orwell etc. Shut it off in the middle of my listening

  • Stephen Russell

    09/09/2020 05:45 PM

    New book title: The 3Cs & I for Innovation, Ideas.
    Book 2

  • Thomas Marshall Cooper

    09/09/2020 05:03 PM

    I love your daily writings, and have just one suggestion:

    When you refer to something pertaining to Democrats, please refer to that as "Democrat" not "Democratic". For example, in this piece on 'decency', you mention "... in the annals of Democratic decency", but it would be more correct (and have more clarity and impact) to say "... in the annals of Democrat decency".

    Thank you, and keep up the great work.

  • Cathy Wentz

    09/09/2020 04:57 PM

    The sheer hypocrisy of the Democrat party in terms of "decency" is dizzying. They are willing to do and say ANYTHING to gain power. I hope that all the truly decent people are wide awake to this deception and hand the Democrats a staggering defeat in November. It seems so obvious and yet no liberals seem to get it.

  • Jerry Korba

    09/09/2020 04:51 PM

    The MSM is indecent blaming our country for the effects of the Virus China sent around the World. It was invisible at first, we had finished trade deals with China and while the deal was being completed they sent a deadly virus. What does the MSM say about that? China kills Americans and the MSM blames the Administration for it. The MSM does not talk about the savage way the Virus killed our elderly, our citizens, it blames Trump the experts predicted it would kill millions and Trump and his Administration tamped done panic reduced its estimates by 80%; the cost of peoples jobs should be reason for the MSM to attack China and demand the cost of unemployment benefits be paid for by China thats just for starters. Burial fees should be paid for by China I say do not pay the loans back until China starts a payment plan to the US. MSM do not blame this Administration for the China Virus, attack China for dropping that bomb on the World and on America its China you indecent corrupt organization the MSM.

  • George Davenport

    09/09/2020 04:00 PM

    New Democratic Slogan: VOTE EARLY, VOTE OFTEN!

  • Frank Chavez

    09/09/2020 03:06 PM

    I was amazed that Ms Harris would visit a man accused of sexually assaulting a women in her home and the comments that she that she is proud of him?? Well, maybe so since her running mate, Biden was accused of the same type of sexual assault!! The "Me Too" movement had some validity, except when politicians use it or ignore it for their purpose.

  • Ashley Holtam

    09/09/2020 02:08 PM

    I just read about the 14th amendment and its implementation in this crucial time . I was wondering what you and your staff thought about President Trump declaring insurrection and thereby implementing the processes of the 14th amendment.

  • Carmen Price

    09/09/2020 02:02 PM

    Governor Huckabee:
    We have to vote in person. Recently in MA someone found a box of thousands of ballots from 1998, could that have effected any election back then? Bet so.............we have to vote in person !
    I am a senior and I am scared............I don't want to live in a socialist country.

    Carmen Price
    Reno, NV

  • Daniel P Packard

    09/09/2020 01:53 PM

    Biden harris and pelosi have decentsy because. They claim to be practicing catholics but their support of abortion begs the question of why haven't been admonished to change their stance on abortion or be excommunicated. Just baffles the brain why this isnt being brought up and pushed until the church takes a stand

  • Floyd A Unger

    09/09/2020 01:51 PM

    Again excellent and thank you Mike Huckabee

  • dave allen

    09/09/2020 01:45 PM

    thank you for using the NIV today, for the 99.9% of the population not "trained" in KJV-speak :-) and Amen to prov 3:6

  • james randolph

    09/09/2020 01:28 PM

    Comparing VOTING and COMMERCIAL FLYING ...
    Flying - -
    ID required to even get past TSA.
    The plane WILL not wait for you. Be early.
    You obey THEIR rules. You do not make your own.
    They will throw you off the plane as they determine.
    Lost luggage is YOUR problem.
    Articles stolen from luggage are YOUR problem.
    They will break your guitar, then force you to write a song about it.
    Conclusion - - let the airlines count ballots ...

  • William G Walls Jr

    09/09/2020 12:30 PM

    The DemonRats need to be gotten completely out of our Government because they could care less about the American People and their well being