THE most important story, Part II

September 9, 2020 |

Yesterday, I brought you what I consider to be THE MOST important story you’ll hear between now and the election: the plan to create election chaos and do whatever it takes –- riots, looting, military intervention –- to get Joe Biden inaugurated, regardless of the will of the voters. The plan is to organize a coup to take down the President and twist the scenario to make it look as though it’s actually the President trying to play “dictator” and bringing it about.

Last night, I went on Sean Hannity’s TV show, along with former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer, to talk about one key element of the plan: the ease of voter fraud.

Ari noted some of the problems we’re going to have with mail-in ballots, even with absentee ballots. “Ballot harvesting is really the biggest problem out there,” he said, “because what it means is, it’s licensing people from the parties, and in particular the Democrat Party that does this, to go out and subject voters to possible intimidation.” They can collect votes from Republican areas and not turn them in, he explained, while turning in the ballots from Democrat areas. And that’s just one way to mess up the count. “There’s no accountability,” he said, “no tracing or tracking on these ballots once they’re collected.”

He noted another problem: states whose deadlines are much too close to Election Day to apply for an absentee ballot. “They won’t get it in time,” he said. “And then all the lawyers are going to be empowered to demand to count every vote, even the ones that came in after Election Day.”

I would add that even the Associated Press is now pointing out problems with absentee ballots. I doubt seriously they'd be doing this unless they thought it helped the Biden campaign.

"If ballots are rejected at the same rate as during this year’s primaries,” the AP story said, “up to three times as many voters in November could be disenfranchised in key battleground states when compared to the last Presidential election, according to an AP analysis of rejected ballots. It could be even more pronounced in some urban areas where Democratic votes are concentrated and ballot rejection rates trended higher during this year’s primaries.”

Ah, and there it is: “some urban areas where Democratic votes are concentrated.” The AP is referring to non-white areas, helping to set the stage for race-based disenfranchisement to be used as a pretext to mess with election results. The AP story places this squarely on the agenda. At the same time, TRUMP is being criticized for casting doubt on the accuracy of absentee and, especially, mail-in voting this fall. HE has to be the one blamed for the election chaos, especially if he wins the initial vote count.

This is going to be a mess, and that’s precisely what the Biden campaign wants, as they almost certainly have internal polling that shows better-than-expected results for Trump. The irony is, Trump is absolutely correct about the inaccuracy about mail-in vote counts and the ease with which the system can be gamed. He doesn’t want mail-in voting. He's old-school; he wants all the votes to count, you know, like in AMERICA.

That’s why he (like me) is encouraging voters to cast their ballots in person, not to mail them. He doesn’t want post-election chaos. It’s the Democrats who want it, and they'll make it happen no matter what they have to do. Heck, they’ve got people writing the checks who will PAY rioters to burn down cities.

By the way, Democrats have found something else to be outraged at President Trump about: his recent tongue-in-cheek comment to supporters about voting for him twice. They seriously accuse him of having broken the law for encouraging voters to cast more than one ballot. I think the main problem the left has might be that they just don’t have a sense of humor. They don’t “get” when he's kidding. Heck, they still think he was seriously telling Russia to find Hillary's emails.

That’s why it actually might be a good idea for the Left Coast to secede and take all those leftists with no sense of humor with them. They can burn their own cities down and listen to their unfunny late-night talk shows in their safe spaces while we get back to work and laugh at their stupidity.

Along those lines, I pointed out on HANNITY that the desire for chaos is being driven not by enthusiasm for Joe Biden, goodness knows, but just by hatred for Donald Trump. “They don’t care who gets elected,” I said, “as long as it isn’t Donald Trump.” And this time, it’s even worse than in past years, when maybe we were just worried about who was going to get the “cemetery” vote. Now, we have to worry about people getting more than one ballot and all the other problems.

As I’ve been saying, President Trump has to have an army of people to go vote, IN PERSON. “If the river is flooding, swim the river at flood stage,” I told Hannity.

He brought up another good point: we need poll watchers everywhere! And we’ll also need an army of LAWYERS. It’s sad that we need this, but we do. (Ari recalled the scenario in which Al Franken finally “won” the Senate race in Minnesota after Norm Coleman actually won the vote count on Election Day. As the recount progressed, 26 precincts ended up with more ballots cast than there were registered voters.)

Normally, I think that when it comes to lawyers, the fewer the better. But this time, bring on the lawyers! Reportedly, the Democrats have brought on board over 600 of them. So, CALLING ALL LAWYERS who are fair-minded and want to work for an accurate (as opposed to a partisan) vote count. We are going to need you. If I were a lawyer, I would be on board right now.

Left-wing groups such as are already organizing a day of “mass public unrest” after Election Day, just in case they don’t like the results (and I don’t think they’re going to). As we’ve said, they want to tie the election in knots and then BLAME TRUMP for it, even as they’re doing it themselves. Look at how they’re already trying to twist the narrative, including their threat of the West Coast seceding unless their demands are met. I say again, let ‘em go.

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  • Michael K. Garrett

    09/10/2020 05:42 PM

    The Dems are to decency what X-rated is to movies -- indecent. They are now guilty of redefining practically every word in the English language, including hypocrisy. Are you listening Kamala? She has redefined that word and many others in order to fit her agenda and get elected at all costs. No wonder she never got more than 2 percent of the vote in any Dem presidential primary. I wonder how many masks she has at home, one to fit every occasion. She and Biden are viruses America can't afford to catch or we will all end up in ERs or mental hospitals.
    Michael Garrett
    Trinidad, Colo.

  • Gene Curtis Boswell

    09/10/2020 01:00 PM

    Rumor: Trump borrowed a stiff from a local mortuary to practice for the debate!!

  • Lucia Acosta

    09/10/2020 12:27 PM

    Mr. Huckabee
    I am not a lawyer but I want to help. What can I do to have a fair election?
    Thanks for all you do.

  • Les Whitehead

    09/10/2020 11:19 AM

    The Supreme Court should step in and declare it illegal to have mail in ballots for elections based on fraud.

  • Gloria Walsh

    09/09/2020 11:38 PM

    Governor I certainly don’t disagree with your comments about the “left coast”. But sadly, I’m a fourth generation native Californian who moved nearly 20 years ago with her late husband to Washington state. I hate what the left has done to my native state and I hate what the left is doing to Washington state. I simply don’t understand the ignorance of people who continue to vote these thugs into office. But know this sir, there are still some of us “citizens of Heaven” who vote God’s heart. We’re just outgunned so to speak. It’s very discouraging to see our states overrun by these thugs. But, God is still in control. Please don’t think that everyone on the west coast has lost his or her mind. We haven’t. This great country God has gifted to us belongs even to us whether we can change the trajectory or not. I only have to answer to God. That’s what keeps me voting and praying for changes.

  • Gail Cleveland

    09/09/2020 10:30 PM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee, I appreciate and respect your analysis of the absolute chaos that unfortunately describes our country right now especially on the west coast. However as a second generation southern Californian I would like you to know there are many of us in this state who are solid Trump supporters. Unfortunately, my husband and myself who used to love living here as natives back when it was okay to believe whatever 'felt good' to you have decided as many of us have to get out of Dodge before the state burns down! Please understand even though we live in ultra liberal southern California and are currently "in the business", we are still conservative, praying Christians. Please pray for us and our beloved state. Who knows maybe it will eventually get a sunburn and turn red!?

  • larry rippere

    09/09/2020 10:21 PM

    No, no, Mike.... we don't all WANT to go. I know there aren't many of us, but you and Trump actually do have some followers like us out here on the Left Coast (SF Bay). I'm not foolish enough to put Trump signs on my cars or lawn, but we will certainly vote for him, in person!!!

  • Lynn Broesch

    09/09/2020 06:11 PM

    How do those of us who are pro Trump but health or age restricted from pole watching help??

  • Alene Lindstrand

    09/09/2020 05:54 PM

    I wonder if you have any national stats or any stats especially for my state of WA, regarding the % of Christians registered as well as what % of those registered actually vote?
    About 10 yrs ago a Christian candidate mentioned 50% were registered and then 50% of those actually voted... but we are a liberal state and those figures were a long while ago and I don't remember where they came from. I could use natal stats if you have them.
    I am one month voted in as Spokane County Vice Chair and we are working on letters to be sent out to motivate voters and wanted to use accurate stats since proof is a good thing.
    If you have such info, I would love it to use. Thanking you in advance,
    Alene Lindstrand, VChair Spok GOP, [email protected], 509-869-7657


    09/09/2020 05:46 PM

    Definitely not a pretty scenario. Voter ID should be the law. I also believe there should be some strict guidelines for NOT voting in person. Voting in person, especially with EARLY voting, is just too easy.

  • jack macdonald

    09/09/2020 05:43 PM

    Expect a repeat of the intimidation tactics of the black panthers, BLM, Antifa and others at polling places attempting to suppress the vote in conservative precincts.

  • Irene Mary Kelly

    09/09/2020 05:23 PM

    I don't know if you even read these. I am not reading news. I read your morning and evening edition. I am glad that Trump is up for the Nobel Peace Prize.
    I am praying for our nation. Reviewing how God acted in the Old Testament. God's mercy that He agreed with Abraham if there were 10 People He would save Sodom and Gomorrah. There weren't even 10 people.
    I sent a letter to 5 Pastors churches started by ours and ours asking why they were not leading our people in prayer for our nation about 3 weeks ago. Never got a response.
    I will not be able to go to Washington prayer but I will be praying.
    I am praying that God's watchmen are awake. God hears our prayers wherever we are. Praying for our nation to repent. I don't watch as much news because I get angry at what I see. So I have to repent for my own attitudes.
    God bless and keep you.

  • Linda Orf Strebbing

    09/09/2020 04:31 PM

    All I can say is that all my hope and all my faith is in Jesus to disqualify every fraudulent vote. God is in control. May the man with most votes and electoral college votes win.

  • Glenn E Rainer

    09/09/2020 03:43 PM

    I agree with you about the left coast and add the right coast (New York City) as well. Let them go.

  • Roberta Marye

    09/09/2020 03:43 PM

    Governor, Like you, I am dedicated to our country's survival as a free republic, our election integrity, all the things the founders established, religious freedom, etc... I have found myself getting frenzied about the upcoming election, too. I have been praying fervently for America, and like other issues near and dear to my heart, have fretted over what I should/ could do to help prevent potential catastrophic outcomes. I am convinced that no matter what we do, and we very definitely should vote at the poles, God's will will prevail. He will get His message across to us no matter what it takes. We've seen it over and over in Scripture. He uses a variety of strategies to get out attention and make His will known. Many of those strategies are unpleasant to be sure. But you wouldn't remove your hand from the fire if it didn't hurt or visibly affect your hand in some way. We have strayed far from Him, and I believe He will be trying to bring us back sooner or later. So, I believe we must do the best we can to save America, but we should be prepared for the possibility that God has other plans. I appreciate your column and your show, and all you are doing to foster American greatness. Thanks for giving us a place to spout off!

  • Gynn O. Deaton

    09/09/2020 03:36 PM

    Believe me, there are many who live on the west coast who want to have a "red" coast instead of blue. The small towns and rural areas are for Trump. We voted Republican before and will again. We are working hard to add to our numbers. I am an 89 year old widow with a large family. Only had to convert two of my extended family. Keep of the good work.

  • John R. Gibbons

    09/09/2020 03:14 PM

    Hello Governor Mike, This will be the biggest election disaster of our lifetime due to mail-in voting & the corrupt dems. Voting should require proof of identity & only the sick should be allowed to vote by mail. Sadly this election will not be decided on election night, but in the courts after the dems. have used every dirty trick in the book plus the intimidation factor. We cannot stand by & let this happen to our great country. Enjoy watching you on Fox & reading your daily newsletter. Your Daughter, Sarah, is totally awesome, hope she runs for Gov. of Ark!

    Thank You,


  • Gregory George Keller

    09/09/2020 02:44 PM

    This is very important and I hope that you pass it on . I called the RNC in our area and talked about how to protect my vote and if I could even vote in person in my sate . Even if they have mail out ballots, they told me something that was very beneficial that not only you can drop off the vote at the ELECTION OFFICE you can also TRACK your vote to make sure it ends up where it's supposed to end up. Thank you hope that you spread the news and GOD BLESS YOU Governor

  • Nancy Streit

    09/09/2020 02:43 PM

    Do whatever is necessary to ensure an honest count.

  • Pamela Kaminski

    09/09/2020 02:39 PM

    My how I will miss the West Coast! If they want to succeed, then they will have to be treated like a foreign country. Tariffs, no federal monies, nada, zilch, NOTHING will they receive anymore. I am sure they are not willing to forego all that aide money they receive. All talk, no works! Please keep us informed on all that is going on. The MSM is a waste of time. Only FNS and OAN is a reliable source. God bless you and your family.

  • Jen Yost

    09/09/2020 02:01 PM

    FYI Dana Loesch was absolutely brutal on tweeting about the President before he was elected... I have never seen nastier tweets. I never trust a Never Trumper.

  • Elaine Swank

    09/09/2020 01:54 PM

    This is what happened in Ca #39. Young Kim won the election by almost 9,000 votes. She moved to DC and moved into her office. On the last day ballots had to be received, a mob of mean Dems went into County Clerk’s office. They turned in over 9,000 ballots and Obsma’s pal, Gil Cisneros took over the Fullerton office. Young Kim is again running against Cicneros and it is a tight race. They will do it again!

  • Patricia Barlow

    09/09/2020 01:51 PM

    Don’t fall for it! Vote at the polls vote all Red vote Trump in again vote every democrat out of congress and the senate!

  • Onie Alexander

    09/09/2020 01:22 PM

    Thank God for you, Mr Huckabee. Your show keeps me sane. After President Trump I sure would like to have President Huckabee!

  • Sue VonderOhe

    09/09/2020 01:20 PM

    It’s very frustrating to me here in CA when it’s all mail ballots. There’s no polling places, only mail box or drop boxes for ballots. I’m not even sure I’ll get one in the mail. When I asked the county election officials about it, was told “Its only for this election.” Grocery’s are open, and all but churches and polling. Tell you anything????