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January 4, 2021

I know I’m supposed to be OUTRAGED over this leaked telephone call between President Trump and Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp. The left is railing over Trump pressuring Kemp to find enough votes to show that Trump actually won. listened to the entire call and had a very different take from what we heard from the media.

Personally, I’m more depressed than outraged. Here I was, like most of us, thrilled that 2020 was finally over. Yet January of 2021 kicked off with Democrats and the media accusing Trump of multiple felonies and demanding that he be arrested/impeached for making a phone call in which Trump told another head of state that he needed to get a handle on corruption under his watch that involved someone named Biden. All I could think was, “Oh no! 2021 is just going to be 2020 all over again!”

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  • Judy Kasky

    01/05/2021 10:27 AM

    Yes let"s impeach again and do more investigating. What are the updates on Hunter? Has the FBI called in Joe for serious questioning. Should they not since he isn't a president yet. Joe lies a lot yet all I hear is the critics talk about Trump lies. What about Durham? Will we ever see a conclusion to that? Biden's qiud pro quo? Trump was impeaced for his assumed quid yet not one word about Joe's real quid pro quo and celebrated over its success. Yes this is so frustrating. For now the demons inside this democratic party seem to be winning and the millions of conservatives continue to pray. I ask God a lot of why's. Are we being tested over our faith? Sin is sin big and small which makes no difference to God. So are we, too, in the same pot with corruption, fraud, destruction, hate and killing? God's ways aren't our ways or even what we pray for or pray about. We are Trump supporters and think Pence has been a faith based mentor for Trump. And we support conservative values and not the Pelosi/Schumer values. God's Word is our truth. But over four years of standing for truth we do get down and out even depressed seeing so much hate and what comes from that. We await just a bit of good news and not greedy at all. I don't know how President Trump has survived all of the harrassment and bullying and still did well for this country. And big tech has done their job well being a part of political corruption. Like the battle of Jericho..we keep on marching around and around waiting on God.

  • Margaret Siegrist

    01/04/2021 05:40 PM

    Communist always demand things, where patriots assume they will let up...No they will not. We either stand up for Trump or we will stand in bread lines, and poverty... sooner or later the Executions will begin as they have after WWII ended in Europe namely Croatia, under Tito's communist regime with the help of the British. Read my book,...How Far Away Is Never.. on true life story of a 5 year old girl from Croatia who survived, not only rape and horrors of war but 56 bombings in just one city. The only thing Communism creates is, fear hunger and pain and mass graves.

  • M Jill Busam

    01/04/2021 04:37 PM

    I am SICK to death of the absolutely LAWLESS behavior of the Democrats in Washington. AND NO ONE IS MAKING THEM BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE! No one gets arrested no matter how high the stack of proof is. Courts cover for them! RHINOS cover for them! ALL TO PROTECT THE KICKBACKS FILLING THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS! To heck with the American people! To heck with our Country! To heck with our Constitution! This has got to be stopped! I am just not sure how, yet.

  • Patti Orr

    01/04/2021 03:20 PM

    I’m sick of corruption