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January 10, 2021

This has been a tough week for America. It’s been an embarrassing and disgusting week for those of us who believe that the recent Presidential election was tainted with unanswered questions about fraud and massive voting irregularities. Whatever hopes we had that there might be a sincere investigation into the evidence that the media claimed didn’t exist was wiped out by a hot-headed mob at our nation’s Capitol. To be clear, of the tens of thousands of protesters and demonstrators who descended on Washington, most really were peaceful, law abiding patriots who love God, their families and their country. But those who stormed our Nation’s Capitol, ignored and fought the police, broke windows and doors and vandalized the offices of members of Congress and the Capitol itself were not patriots. They were a mob. A violent, lawless, and reckless mob engaged in criminal acts. Some of those participating in this mayhem or who tried to defend it tried to compare the actions of the mob to those of our Founders in the American Revolution. The violence at the Capitol this week was not at all like the American Revolution.


The Revolution of 1776 was carefully thought out. It was meticulously planned, and carried out by people who had exhausted all avenues to peacefully secure their liberty and to rid themselves of the intolerable behavior of their mother country, England. They declared their independence in a carefully crafted document and pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. They did not act spontaneously or compulsively. Their actions were thoroughly contemplated and the consequences were fully understood. What happened this week was carried out by hot-headed people moved by raw rage. There was no rational consideration of the consequences. There are no excuses or explanations for endangering innocent people, destroying public property, and challenging the authority of law enforcement. Even if 95% of that crowd were God-fearing law-abiding citizens who are rightfully angry that their beloved Republic is being taken over by Marxists and the useful idiots in the media who follow along, there is still no justification for the mayhem. Some of the rioters even quoted Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., but Dr. King NEVER got so fed up with the horrible and unjust treatment by the government and said, “That’s it—let’s storm the Capitol and break windows and occupy the chamber.”

The American Revolution indeed became violent and resulted in a war but they were not a mob, who in a blind rage launched something they had no plan to fulfill. They articulated their grievances, requested relief, and only after all possible remedies were rebuffed did they declare independence.

WE must be the voice of reason and rationality. The mob set back the conservative patriotic cause of limited government and a government that provides justice equally. This angry mob of played right into the hands of the press and the left.


I support the many policies President Trump implemented to put America First. I’m glad he stood up to China and Russia, brought manufacturing jobs back to America, cut taxes because he believed that you could spend the money you worked for better than the government, fought to protect the lives of unborn children, protected religious liberty, stood with Israel against those who sought to annihilate her, and who appointed Constitutionalists to the courts. I don’t blame him because some who supported him devolved into criminal activity and tried to take over our nation’s Capitol. But to be fair and honest, his language about the election being stolen probably cost us 2 Senate seats in Georgia and gave some people the false sense that it was justifiable to storm past police barricades and take over the Capitol. Joe Biden will be the next President. It’s not who I voted for but I won’t burn down the country because he’s President. I will speak out for my views and I will faithfully vote in every election. But as disgusted as I was when Black Lives Matter and Antifa followers were burning our cities, looting stores and attacking police officers, I’m equally disgusted when people who may share many of my views do the same thing. I don’t care what their politics are, they are lawless thugs and need to be found, charged and prosecuted. I can’t teach my children and grandchildren to obey the rules of my house if I can’t be trusted to obey the laws of my nation!

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  • Clara Herrin

    01/17/2021 08:45 AM

    Normally I'm totally on your side, however, you used the phrase "when people who may share many of my views do the same thing...." This is incorrect on the face of it. Those who created the chaos were part of the Antifa faction. They had prepared for this day; they had their weapons at the ready; they had a plan and they executed it to a T. They even dressed themselves as Trump supporters specifically to confuse onlookers and police alike. True Trump supporters were not the ones who trashed the Capitol and any other rooms/areas they entered. I'll stand up for Trump and all others who love him. He's my President and I'll defend him whenever someone, even you, take potshots at him.

  • P M

    01/16/2021 08:40 PM

    Yesterday I was told by Facebook I could not post events. I responded saying I never have so I was sure I was not guilty of violation. I got no response. Today I am banned from posting in groups. These is no method for challenging their ruling so I wait out my Facebook prison time until 1/23. BTW, I've never even posted anything they rejected until 2 weeks ago and I explained it and it was quickly reversed. It was just a misunderstanding. All they have on me is that I am a real conservative.

  • Grace Roene Blankenship

    01/14/2021 01:54 PM

    Thank you for the courage to take a stand for our country and it's principals. Rioting and destruction is never right. Perhaps a better approach would be to boycott---sometimes silence speaks louder than words and giving the left wing radicals an absent audience just might send a message they can't twist to their cause.

  • Ramona Allums

    01/12/2021 06:51 PM

    A retired military officer told the Washington Times that the firm XR Vision used its facial recognition software to prove protestors who stormed the capitol were two Philadelphia Antifa members. One has a tatoo that indicates he is a Stalinist sympathizer. Many members promote anarchy through violence and want the end of America in favor of a Stalinist state. "No more USA at all is a protest chant. Matt Gatez cited the Times article. Not Trump supporters according to The Hill.

  • Deborah Smetzer

    01/12/2021 12:49 PM

    Hello, Mike!
    I appreciate your newsletter. However, a couple comments I felt to be a bit off. One that this "mob" (correct assessment) cost the Republicans two senate seats in GA.? The same technique was implemented in that "voting" as was used on Nov 3... they succeeded in using it once and knew they could manipulate the result a second time, which they OBVIOUSLY did! So, whether it was Patriots (I don't believe it was, although a few were probably caught up in the emotion) or if it was an inserted group (I believe that's what happened - the same groups that terrorized the country for months); they had the vote in the bag, so to speak. A picture of Trump supporters going "in" to the Capitol area showed them WALKING with their flags BETWEEN VELVET path markers (like those used in a movie house). Sorry, but even at my age, if I decided to "storm" an area, to tear it up, a velvet restraint wouldn't restrain me! Just a couple thoughts... thank you, again, for your communications with us. I, too, DO NOT condone outright violent rioting; but a protest that was sabotaged and being so "dutifully" reported as such, by the MSM... well, that's a whole different thing!

  • Eileen J. Pikus

    01/12/2021 11:14 AM

    Thank you for your balanced message, it is just the right balance between speaking truth and encouraging wisdom in obtaining a goal. We need to be united right now, if we are not careful we will end up with no more moral righteousness than the left has shown the past four years. Our wisdom needs to come from our God, not from the wisdom of men. I appreciate your continued leadership in seeking truth.

  • Kim Sonderegger

    01/12/2021 11:00 AM

    Can you explain why, at the congressional meeting counting electoral votes, that the „dual electors“ were not mentioned? Pence seemed to mention „the“ slate of electors....for each swing state that we were told were sending dual electors...

    THank you!

  • Grant Dowdy

    01/12/2021 10:48 AM

    I wouldn’t blame senate seats being lost in Georgia on President Trump! I would blame that on the do nothing republicans that didn’t turn every stone to see that the election was stolen! Suitcases of votes that were taken out from under tables after poll workers were told to leave? Give me a break! Why didn’t republicans fight? Judges that threw out cases before evidence could be presented? Supreme Court that said it shouldn’t be in their court? Why did Texas know dominion could be hacked and other states like Georgia bought them anyway? Did Georgia Secretary of State make any money off that deal ? Why should I ever vote again if 4 cheating cities can steal an election ? Lots of people feel that way! Good luck with this publication because it seems not to matter anymore! And Freddie Black from Lake Village says hi!

  • Kathy Russell

    01/12/2021 01:58 AM

    Mike - I love reading your newsletters. Your dry humor and crafty language puts an entertaining light on a lot of frustrating news, but "darlin" agreeing with the left that the Jan 6th "mob" was mainly Trump supporters is just wrong. I agree that there were SOME far-right Trump supporters, but there were definitely Antifa-trained people who got to the capital bldg ahead of the Trump marchers. They were brought in with equipment for breaking windows & doors, chemicals to damage bldgs and people, gas masks, dressed in black with black masks. They PLANNED to do harm and to incite others to join them. I have heard accounts by Trump supporters who were there on several conservative news sites that Antifa was already there and urged the Trump marchers to join them. I do agree that the whole situation put the conservative movement back a long way and gave the left good fodder for their far-left spin on everything.

  • Tracee Turnpaugh

    01/12/2021 12:16 AM

    I agree with you 100%!
    We will miss you and your family here on the emerald coast, best to you and yours in 2021! ??

  • Thomas Burroughs

    01/11/2021 09:47 PM

    Attacking the capital building was not done by hotheads. It was a planned event. It’s very easy to find Antifa members in the photos. One “hothead” even has an hammer and sickle tattoo on the top of his right hand, in a now famous photo.

  • Linda McClanahan

    01/11/2021 09:06 PM

    The United States COULD be the greatest nation in the world. I love my country and can't even get through the National Anthem without crying with pride. But should Biden and his cronies take over this month as they plan, my American Flag -- which has flown proudly on the front of my house for many years -- will be joined by a black mourning ribbon, signifying the death of Freedom, Democracy, Truth, Justice, and Freedom of Speech. God help us.

  • Nancy Harris

    01/11/2021 08:32 PM

    Thank you for the article- it eloquently puts my feelings into words.

  • Jerry Hall

    01/11/2021 06:01 PM

    Thank you for your statement. I agree that it wasn’t right for the people to storm the capital, to destroy any property, or fight with police. But from what I saw, from the many videos that have been aired, there were instigators there. They were inciting and pushing for aggressive and destructive action. I saw MAGA supports yelling for the window breaking to stop, and even forcing them away from the window. I truly wish you would have mentioned that. There was a ANTIFA member there, who was arrested and let go. What about all the rioters, looter, police killers that were granted a “catch and release policy”. That, I know, doesn’t excuse the loss of control at the Capital; but there should be equal justice under the law. Please keep speaking out on our behalf, we need a voice. There have been to many in the Republican Party that have caved to the extreme left. Please don’t leave us, abandon us, and let this fascist/socialist party and the huge corporations that are in bed with them, get away with taking away our free speech or taking any more of our freedoms. Again, my thanks. Jerry Hall

  • Christine Simpson

    01/11/2021 04:06 PM

    I wholeheartedly disagree with your notion that Trump caused us the two Senate seats in Georgia. I am from Georgia and me and my family made sure we were there on election day, even though we knew there would most likely be shenanigans, i.e. fraud with this election as well. The people to blame for the loss are SOS Raffensberger who angrily went on TV to announce that the presidential election was "the fairest" in history, that there was nothing fraudulent going on. Our Governor, Kemp, was MIA for days after the presidential election, nowhere to be seen or heard. I am sick to death of everything being blamed on one man - Donald Trump. Nobody has fought harder for the American people than this man. All he has received in the last 4 years is ridicule, hatred, threats and lies. He is an extraordinary man put in this position by God and God will not let our country be taken over by vile anti-God liars. The next two weeks will be very interesting indeed. And no, Biden is NOT going to be sitting in the White House and neither is Harris.

  • Helen Griffin

    01/11/2021 02:45 PM

    What has the democratic s done that they are so scared will come back to bite them?

  • Dan Gilek

    01/11/2021 02:30 PM

    I usually don't comment on your observations because I so often find myself in complete agreement, however Governor, this time you are WAY OFF BASE.
    As others have already pointed out in your comments section there is more than enough evidence that the whole "Storming Of The Capitol" was nothing less than a setup orchestrated by those same swamp crawlers who stole this election from us, The People. = Do at least some basic research beyond the MSM propaganda. PLEASE!
    I can only hope and pray that you too have not joined the swelling ranks of Trump Turncoats now that you see the ride on his coattails drawing to a close as your words here have begun to lead me to believe.

    Just an additional note = The work of our Founding Fathers may have been conducted in an orderly and civilized manner, but you might want to stop to think about what was taking place on the streets outside of those halls. . . . No revolution in the history of this world was ever civilized, and it is far from likely that our Founding Fathers would have felt a need to take action if not motivated by the outcries of The People.

  • Marilyn Kaplan

    01/11/2021 02:16 PM

    What would you have us do, Governor? The elections are no longer elections due to fraud. Congress won't listen to us at all because they are career politicians getting filthy rich from their corruption. Legal recourse has not been even entertained by those who are supposed to "represent" us. President Trump is a brash man that is frustrated and has been since the attacks began even before he won the Presidency. The man the left called a "war monger" is the first President I can remember who hasn't started a war, did not retaliate when provoked by other countries! He used tariffs and talking to deal with N. Korea (which has become active again with the possibility of a Biden/Harris administration) as has Iran. China is making noise about war... We are being attacked, silenced, and now there is talk from Democrats about destroying the lives and livelihood of anyone who has supported the best administration since JFK. While the Democrats LOVED seeing BLM and Antifa riot and vandalize our cities, they blamed Patriots for the assault on the Capital when it is not certain that it wasn't Antifa and BLM doing the law breaking and yeah, I get that there is huge frustration and in the moment some Patriots may have lost their sense. I am SO sad about the state of our country. Now, the Democrats are turning society upside down and there is evil being celebrated and good being called evil in DC. Yes, we pray for peace and common sense to rise in DC, hour by hour, some of us. We have prayer meetings and praise meetings and look to the Lord for help. I feel like David at times when he wrote Psalms - which the new "president" cannot even pronounce which shows how unfamiliar he is with God's Word. So what should we do, Governor?

  • Biagio Vincent Schettini

    01/11/2021 02:00 PM

    I have no way of proving it, but I suspect that the mob that stormed the Capitol Building last week may have been a left-wing group who wanted to stir up dissension.

  • Les Littlefield

    01/11/2021 01:27 PM

    Thank you Gov. Huckabee for the wise words. As you said, no true American condones violence. I wonder if the liberals feel the same about their 'summer of love?' This opinion-based impeachment process only adds fuel to the fire. Is this Biden's plan to unite this country? God help us.

  • Anja Suratt

    01/11/2021 01:11 PM

    Thank you for expressing what I have difficulty saying. You do it so well.

  • Vicki Schwartz

    01/11/2021 01:10 PM

    I totally agree with your commentary about the riot. I hurt for our nation and our conservative cause.

  • Shannon Rust

    01/11/2021 01:01 PM

    Donald Trump did NOT cost Georgia those two seats due to his comments on the election being stolen. He is our voice. He needs to talk about that! Those seats were lost due to weak republicans and due to the fraudulent election. Why would true conservatives go back and vote again after their votes were stolen just weeks prior? Nothing has changed. Biden is not the legitimate President nor will he ever be and Loeffler and Purdue showed their lack of spines immediately after Trump put himself on the line for them the day before. Disgusting.

  • Brenda Morgan

    01/11/2021 12:09 PM

    I agree with you but I believe there were antifa and BLM characters that were involved and at the front of the destruction. It appears to have been a planned orchestrated movement to slander the Trump supporters.... I'm not saying some supporters weren't caught up in the moment. I saw a video of a policeman opening the barricades to let protesters in......

  • Clyde Tambling

    01/11/2021 12:01 PM

    Welcome to the UUSSA UnUnited Socialist States of America instead of North vs South it will be East and West Coast vs Middle America. Thanks to Mainstream Media, Twitter, and Facebook. I think on January 20 2021 we should call for the impeachment of President Joe Biden for collusion with China and Ukraine to subvert the 2020 presidential election. We have more evidence of wrongdoing by the Biden's than the Democrats had on Trump in the last 4 years.