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January 7, 2021

Early this morning, Congress certified the Electoral College vote for Joe Biden for President. Afterward, President Trump issued a statement promising an orderly transition of power on January 20th, signaling to his supporters that his challenge to the vote is over.

Some Republicans still challenged the electoral vote certification, such as Rep. Matt Gaetz

But others who had planned to join the challenge, including Sens. Marsha Blackburn and Kelly Loeffler, changed their minds after the day’s tragic violence inside the Capitol building by a small group of “Trump supporters” (there are unconfirmed reports that some might have been false-flag Antifa agitators, but others were reportedly identified as part of far-right fringe movements that did not reflect the views of thousands of peaceful Trump supporters outside.) Nevertheless, after a year of telling us not to condemn all peaceful protesters because of the violent actions of a few, that’s precisely what Democrats and the media are doing.

Some on the right are comparing the people who broke into the Capitol to American Revolutionaries. But the Founders were not a mindless mob who committed violence with no longterm plan. They resorted to revolution only after exhausting every other alternative. They issued a statement of their rights and grievances and pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to defend it. They didn’t harm their own side by mindlessly smashing windows in the British Parliament. A later revolutionary protester, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., spoke his piece from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial; he didn’t vandalize it.

Let me be clear: I absolutely and unequivocally condemn the actions of the mob who smashed their way into the Capitol, just as I also call for an investigation of Capitol police who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt, a female Air Force veteran of 14 years.

Here’s more background on Babbitt and the shooting.

In Twitter comments, some people expressed sadness and dismay, but others coldly dismissed her as a traitor and a terrorist and good riddance (I’m sure the same people who are outraged over police brutality against leftist protesters.) It’s true that no one should have breached the barricades Antifa-style, shattered a window, entered the building and confronted security officers. It was a terrible thing. But why were they met with gunfire? I remember Democrats reacting with outrage at a Trump suggestion that looters be shot. In a tragic update, the DC Police have said that four people are now dead, although they didn’t release the causes, which are reportedly medical.

I am gratified to see that, at long last, Democrats are finally condemning mob violence. Only a few months ago, Washington, DC, and many other cities were ablaze; there were riots, arson, looting and assaults on federal buildings and monuments; and their response was to defend the mob and prosecute anyone who stood up to them. Nancy Pelosi infamously said she didn’t care about some old buildings. It’s suddenly a very different matter when one of those “old buildings” is the one with her office in it.

I’ll stress that pointing out the other side’s hypocrisy and Johnny-come-lately outrage is not an excuse. There is no excuse for breaking-and-entering and disrupting the constitutionally-mandated joint session of the House and Senate that was to certify (or not) the state electors. This was perhaps the ONE CHANCE before January 20 that Republicans would have to present their evidence of election fraud, unconstitutionality and error that might have shown Trump to be the actual winner in certain contested states. It’s something that needed to happen, calmly, openly, rationally. More investigation will be needed to determine why these people felt oddly compelled to disrupt this process and undermine the cause of thousands of peaceful Trump supporters outside.

And about Trump supporters: again, NOT AN EXCUSE, but let's look at how many of us feel right now. We’ve been treated like second-class citizens going on five years. In some professions, we can’t even hint at our political leanings. The blacklist against conservatives is as pervasive and powerful as the one used against leftists in the McCarthy era. The Ivy League elite have consistently condescended to us. On college campuses, conservatives risk being “canceled,” even dropped from academic programs because of some "problematic" tweet. The media try to gaslight us at every turn, repeatedly and with no evidence telling us that our President cares only for himself and is a traitor, an agent of Russia. We're tired of being told that 2+2=5. All the while, they bury stories about Hillary, the Bidens, and the partisan federal bureaucracy out to get Trump and anyone on his side.

It’s gotten worse since the election. The deep concerns of millions have been dismissed. Even in the face of wild statistical anomalies and numerous unexplained election-night oddities, questioning the results in any way is forbidden. “Why, this election was PERFECT!” we’re told. “It was the most secure election we have ever had in our history!” Good grief, we don’t have to be crazy conspiracy theorists to recognize these grandiose remarks as overstatements at the very least. Shakespeare might say that election officials “doth protest too much.”

We’ve seen blatant misreporting in the mainstream media, who prefer the false narrative that “courts have dismissed every one of the Trump lawsuits because, as we all know, there is no evidence.” In truth, the courts find other reasons, such as the inexplicable “lack of standing,” to keep from HAVING to look at any evidence. When the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, does this, what is the recourse?

About 70 million Americans suspect that the results of this election are not to be trusted. But these people have been shut down, silenced, and banned from social media or flagged as “misinformation” or “disputed” for daring even to question it. Even the President himself has been treated this way. If we have to sweep this under the rug, as Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) insist we do, we will never trust another election again.

So when media pundits say that challenging these election results is “interfering with democracy,” I say they’re off by 180 degrees. Under current conditions, challenging the election results is SAVING democracy. Stand back, let the Constitution do its work, and let the chips fall where they may.

The violence on Wednesday wasn't just completely unacceptable, it was downright stupid. It was stupid because the worst consequence --- not counting, of course, the loss of four lives --- is that the visuals of the Capitol being stormed will be exploited forever, used as justification to go full pedal-to-the-metal in quashing the rights of conservatives. Take away their civil liberties, leftists will cry; those people shouldn’t have any say! Why, those right-wing racists/sexists/homophobes/traitors don’t deserve a voice, a place in society, or even a way to make a living. Shun them! Cancel them! (And forget all the video of leftists smashing and burning cities from coast-to-coast.)

All of that was coming anyway, incrementally, if they gained power, but this event by a relatively small number of people hastens it.

For all those who are upset at the way the election was handled, and worried about the future of America under Democrat rule, join the club. But we’ve known for two months that any challenges to the November election were the longest of longshots. I defended Trump’s right to make those challenges legally and constitutionally, but it was never likely that Congress would reject electors that the states had certified.

Probably the best that we could hope for was that the challenges might result in what Ted Cruz called for (basically, what I called for just days after the election): an open, bipartisan investigation of alleged voting irregularities, so that if there was anything illegal it would come to light, and if not, Americans could be assured that the vote was trustworthy and Biden wouldn’t govern under a cloud of suspicion.

Now, thanks to the unforgivable actions of hotheads, even that hope has been dashed. Democrats may think they’ve pulled out a hat trick here: they’ve escaped an audit of the vote, Biden’s victory is certified, and Trump and all his supporters are permanently tarnished. But millions of Americans who feel their concerns have been dismissed and their voices silenced will not go away simply because the media try to shame them into it. 

Our leaders had one chance to repair the tattered fabric of trust in elections that enables a nation of 320 million people of very different views to accept the results and move on, and they didn’t take it. I hope Joe Biden is sincere in his claim that he wants to be the President of all Americans, but sadly, that job just became far more difficult.

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  • Lisa Feustel

    01/25/2021 09:29 AM

    So in other words shut up and except. I felt a connection with Trump that I have not felt with any president in a long time actually since Reagan and Kennedy. I again feel that the present government in charge want dependence on foreign goods and people the American people depending on Washington. As far as immigration I have friend in the mission field who married a Vietnamese woman years ago and their daughter is a citizen as her father but mom's papers and application have been sitting in limbo, while the courts deal with illegals. Yes I am 69 years young, retired RN, a Christian lady and cannot accept paying for abortion through tax dollars. I am tired of watching my four adult children work day in and day out while someone else plays the system and sells their food stamps for drugs and gets healthcare for free while a quarter of their paycheck goes to taxes and another to health insurance just because they make a descent check by working their way up and pursuing education. Yes DC seems to become a regime, place for making rules for Marie Antoinette to reside "Let them eat cake". We need jobs back in this country not overseas. I was also married to a combat Vietnam vet so have seen first hand foreign involvement killing our young and except this to start again under this administration. All part of population control like abortion. Not a happy camper and yes think something really stinks as far as the voting went and no Trump is not my hero God is and I am praying Washington makes a big turn around on it's policies or Jesus is coming sooner!

  • Ken McAlear

    01/11/2021 10:27 AM

    Governor, why do the Democrats control the Senate (with Harris' vote) when there are only 49 Dem Senators (plus an Independent/Liberal Senator who caucuses with them), when we have 50 Republican Senators?
    Who is the Majority Leader in a 50/50 split?
    What are the chances that Senator Manchin will change his party affiliation to Republican, or an Independent that caucuses with the Republicans?
    I would appreciate your comment/answers on these two questions, either to my email address or in your newsletter.
    Thank you.
    Ken McAlear, Colonel (Ret.)
    United States Air Force

  • Anne Kennedy

    01/10/2021 02:56 PM

    Governor Huckabee, I am both saddened and disgusted. My husband and I are hard working conservative Christians who have worked hard to teach our children aged 11 and 12 the right way. I had no explanation for them at our dinner table on Wednesday night other than to say that there are bad people in every group. My son is worried mom and dad will be imprisoned for being conservatives. My daughter is ready to fight all of her liberal friends. I'm just overcome with the stupidity of a few angry people and the ripple effect this will have on us all. The left, rather than putting that "time for healing" message to action is emboldened, frothing at the mouth and compiling their to do list starting with impeaching Trump and eliminating any dissenting voices who have now lost all credibility due to the actions of these few. I get it. I was ENRAGED when I saw those idiots putting their feet up on congressional desks, hanging from rafters, "decorating" statues. THAT IS A FEDERAL BUILDING! HOW DARE THEY! At the end of the day when the dust clears and we return to our "normal" lives, where do we go? How do we fix this? America is crying out for solutions but getting nothing but the same old news, the same old tit for tat. God help us all.

  • Dwight Davis

    01/10/2021 11:15 AM

    I have been a supporter of yours, ever since your candidacy for president. I have great respect for your views. I fully supported the three conservative judges appointed to the Supreme Court. I voted for Donald Trump because I thought he would appoint these type judges. I started having problems with Trump when he started the daily updates early in 2020. I did not like the way he came across in those briefings and wanted him to let Mike Pence hold those briefings. I see Trump as a hot head who always has to be in charge and let people know he is in charge. He needs to step aside and allow the Conservative Republicans regroup and take the House and Senate back in two years. I fear he will jeopardize this by trying to control the Republican Party. I will forever be grateful for him keeping Hilary Clinton out of the Oval office, but it is time for him to step aside and let Mike Pence lead the Party.

  • Michael

    01/09/2021 08:32 PM

    I feel very badly for every veteran who ever served and fought for our freedom and liberties under our Constitution and AGAINST Communism. Sadly, the military should have been fighting the domestic enemies within our borders and there are plenty of them. Now these domestic enemies and domestic terrorist are about to usher in Communism. Stop calling the Democrat-Socialist by that name as they are Communist!!! And the worthless Republicans let it happen and joined evil. I hope the Republican party will disolve and maybe we can gain a Patriot party. And as much as that sounds hopeful, it won't happen when the evidence of the fraudulent election is all swept under the rug. Biden-Harris, Pelosi, and all the other evil players along with most of the RINO'S will utterly destroy America and go after the 75+ million Trump supporters. Which is why the 2nd ammendment will become the most important ammendment and right. NEVER, NEVER give up that right, because if you do you will end up in re-education camps that the Communist want. And after you polish and make ready your guns, read up on your history of Adolph Hitler and study our countries Revolutionary war and watch the Patriot with Mel Gibson. Get prepared!!

  • Charles L. Ellis

    01/09/2021 12:55 PM

    I accept that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are president and vice-president of the United States. They were legally elected. I would however have preferred that at least someone from the Democratic party had supported the investigation rather than trying to demonize anyone from the Republican party who even suggested that there was evidence of fraud.
    We as a nation are divided and I see no one actually trying to reach out to the other side to extend an olive branch.
    I thank you governor Huckabee for having a level head and trying to keep everything in perspective. I enjoy your show and the newsletter.
    God is in control and we learn from His Word that the leaders of any country are there because he has allowed them there. He has never been and will never be surprised.
    I don't know what will take place in the following 4 years, but I do know in whom I have believed and am convinced that He is able to keep us who have believed in Him.
    Even Nebuchadnezzar learned to praise Him!

  • Christine Burke

    01/09/2021 06:44 AM

    Thank you for this thoughtful commentary. I also condemn the violence that occurred out of frustration that Congress, and the legal system is unwilling to listen to our complaints. The election was stolen I am ever more convinced, and I will not accept any more lies to the contrary. God help the USA, apparently only he has the power at this point to make any change, and I’m not sure he will or cares

  • Gloria Lingle

    01/09/2021 05:48 AM

    I agree with your comment. As Christian's have been praying for our President, his administration, & his family it has been so hard to accept what has happened. I can't believe that with all the great things this President has accomplished, even most of it w/o the help of many Republicans that God would allow all of this to go for not. I still feel there has to be a way or a miracle only by God that He would step in. I don't know what but something. We cannot be a socialist country & I don't trust Biden to do anything to stop it. He's already broke his promises to the American people by blaming Trump & his supporters for all of this. What about the people in black scaling the outside if the capital & the "police" that let the first rambunctious group of them in & opened the doors for them? I think something doesn't smell right & many Trump supporters who spoke on facebook knew the rules & saw signs of where they could/couldn't go. But this rambunctious group came out of 'no where's according to some. Something is very suspicious & I think the Dems/Black Lives Matter were part of it...they were all mixed in with that first group. Nothing will get investigated when Trump is gone. Dems are already planning to impeach him w/in this first week (Monday) so Trump can't do anything. Some Republicans will go right along with them, especially the RINOs in the House & Senate. Trump saw who his true loyal Republicans are by the ones who stood up for him & didn't vote to accept the electors. I'm praying that there has to be a way for Trump when & where there seems to be no way. God does not want our nation to be a socialistic country.

  • Melissa Fountain

    01/09/2021 01:53 AM

    Thank-you for speaking out. You are only one of so many of us who only wanted a fair count of the votes. I came barely get over what has happened in "The land of the free and the home of the brave," and in my generation even though so many have said that countries such as ours do not usually make it beyond 300 years. I am stunned, shocked and dismayed. I still pray to God for hope.

  • Carol Mathews

    01/09/2021 01:42 AM

    Biden will only unify those who agree with him. He has no intention of unity with all just those who want to think like him, and be clones with no voice other than vows to him. Russia said many years ago that no shot would be fired and we would fall from within. Obama layed the foundation and Biden will be the instrument of the fall. They will sell out to China who owns him already. Civil war from the oppressed will ensue and we shall pray more than ever before. They feel embolden and will try to put us all under the thumb of missinformation, sensorship and laws. There was an underground during the civil war, and underground is current in many countries and if enough finance can be raised, a media outlet with the truth will come to pass. They have only an empty victory and it will never satisfy and it will never be whole.


    01/08/2021 03:31 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, Mike, I just wanted to thank you for your informative and well written thoughts on the issues at hand in our great country. It is also greatly appreciated by a fellow Trump supporter that you are a strong conservative christian. I am so disappointed by the recent developments with regards to the electoral college votes and the outcome. But, as my christian friends and I have said several times during this unfortunate turn of events, GOD is in charge. GOD will see to it that the corruption, hate, and lies are dealt with. GOD Bless you and your family.
    Sincerely, JK Jack
    Retired Military/GOVT SVC

  • Debi LUMLEY

    01/08/2021 01:05 PM

    Dear Governor, please don't give up the fight. We need trusted leaders to give our President support. What else can we do to show how corrupt this election was? I don't accept Biden as President!

  • Kay Martin

    01/08/2021 01:01 PM

    I hope that before Trump leaves office he will get a special council for election fraud and one for Hunter Biden. That’s the only way these things can be handled.

  • Phyllis Doran

    01/08/2021 12:07 PM

    HELLO GOVERNOR, ENJOY YOUR SHOW. WANT TO SAY I BELIEVE THE MOVE ON THE capitol WAS STAGED TO INTERRUPT the counting of ballots. It worked..I saw a video where an officer lead the rioters up stairs. Dont believe president had nothing to do with it. The lady shot was seen going in a window. It's sad but blaming him is perposterious. If the supreme court had took the cases this would never happen. Just sad. Too many hateful people in congress.

  • Glen D. Odom

    01/08/2021 11:16 AM

    Great comments and article. Now that Congress and especially the GOP has let the American people down by not demanding a review where do we now go for the truth? We surely aren't expected to simply say, it's a done deal and accept it and wait till 2022 and 2024 and get it crammed down our throats again. Back in 2012, I truly will always believe this same thing happened then when Obama was re-elected. We, the People just didn't get the insight of the issues like we have with this election. If this is the way it is going to be, our country has already become just like the other countries where they do elections and the results are always tainted to the chosen ones.

  • Catherine Barnowsky

    01/08/2021 10:58 AM

    I wrote to the Whitehouse asking for Voter I.D. Legislation over two years ago. Nothing was done. Had we had that, votes could have been checked that way...until we have I.D.s, we can’t have honest elections. Very disheartened...thinking of leaving the party and becoming an Independent...

  • Edna Kelley

    01/08/2021 10:48 AM

    I do not believe that Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, Why would they and stop the debate of the electoral vote ? I believe it was Antifia and others paid to do this n order to stop the debate. Regardless , Justice & Truth will prevail. I will pray for Biden because we are commanded to but I will never call him president. He is just another democrat that needs a Damascus Road experience like Paul had.

  • Carol Johnson

    01/08/2021 10:42 AM

    I’m 83! What I cannot fathom is the courts were (are) too timid (crooked perhaps) to take up the complaints of the alleged fraud in election manipulation by changing the rules by other than the legislatures of the states in question. Doing that would have totally eliminated the travesty we witnessed this past Wed. Thank you Governor for your insightful analysis!

  • Analyn Miller

    01/08/2021 10:06 AM

    Is Mike Pence two-faced? I saw emails posted in Parler dated back in October 2016. He is part of this whole thing since 2016 against President Trump!

  • Sharon Loveall

    01/08/2021 09:59 AM

    Governor, besides praying, what can we do as citizens to get our country back? To ensure that votes are counted accurately, and that this never happens again? Is it too late to do something?

  • Barbara Hiatt

    01/08/2021 09:57 AM

    When Biden and Harris are in office,may God help us all!

  • Ed Thompson

    01/08/2021 09:14 AM

    First— the assault on OUR Capital Building was horrible. Now— unless you are living under a rock you cannot ignore the timing of it all! It started right after the first voices in the senate chambers started to speak out against the massive discrepancies of the votes counted and some of the Republicans were voicing their opposition to the numbers. Right after the first voices were heard, that attack on the building started! Who have we seen these past few years so organized that they were capable of being so coordinated with their timing to attack in such a way? Who have we seen riot in several places at once in order to loot and burn and destroy everything around them without interference from any police if even sent! In four years not one Trump rally becomes a riot or violent crimes against America or innocent people. I’m sorry it happened but don’t look at Trump supporters for the reason it happened. Those people who attacked the Capital Building were anything BUT Trump people.The few Trump supporters who did go inside were unfortunately caught up in the moment and shame on them but it’s understandable given their passion for the truth! This so called election is a huge fraud perpetrated on EVERYONE in America. The numbers don’t lie. Here in Pennsylvania was over two hundred thousand votes without people to account for them! Sorry but a honest election is not going to happen and I am never going to accept Joebama or Kamalmamalier as anyone even close to my leadership! America has a huge problem.

  • Sheryl L. Stevens

    01/08/2021 09:11 AM

    Well said Governor Huckabee.
    You are a very intelligent person.
    I for one like reading what you say because I think and feel the same way (most of the time), but can't express it myself so nicely. TY

  • Linda Reynolds

    01/08/2021 08:32 AM

    Heartbreaking on so many levels
    Comfort in Psalms that God will handle it as He did the rebellious Israelites. Thank you for a compassionate, concise re-cap

  • Linda stahl

    01/08/2021 08:23 AM

    Mike.. where do we go from here? I am so afraid for the future. How do we fight the insanity. I know God is in control, we still have to put up with this nonsense. Is there anything we can do