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January 26, 2021

Good evening! Today's Evening Edition includes:

  • Arrested
  • Leftist Delusions
  • Term Limits Reintroduced
  • Republicans Call For A Wider Investigation
  • Wrong Leader Impeached
  • Daily Bible Verse


Mike Huckabee


By Mike Huckabee

I was frankly shocked to hear that WalkAway founder Brandon Straka had been arrested on a felony charge of interfering with police during civil disorder, as well as unlawful entry into a restricted building and disorderly conduct during the January 6th Capitol violence in DC. The details of the charges are at this link:

Two things strike me immediately. One is confusion, since he’s charged with unlawful entry into the Capitol, but the statement doesn’t say he even went into the Capitol, only what he allegedly said and did outside the building. It’s also not clear from this whether what they claim he said was actually an incitement to rioters.

For instance, shouting “Go, go” in a crowd could mean “Go on and riot” or “Go home” or even "Get out of my way so I can leave." How do they know for sure what he intended? Likewise, they assume that him allegedly saying, “Take it away from him” referred to taking away a cop’s shield. Maybe he was talking about taking away a pole that some rioter was swinging at a cop. They seem awfully certain of being able to discern someone’s intentions from allegedly overheard words shouted in the midst of chaos.

The other thing that strikes me is the utter incongruity of these charges. I’ve had Brandon on my show twice, one of them since this occurred, to discuss how Facebook banned his completely peaceful page (it’s now at He has always struck me as remarkably polite and rational. He founded the WalkAway movement because, as a lifelong liberal, he was appalled at the Democratic Party’s embrace of bullying, violence and censorship. He strikes me as the last person in the world who would ever use such tactics himself.

I haven’t seen the evidence, and I wasn’t there, so I can’t pass judgement definitively. But I can say that the evidence for these charges had better be overwhelming and airtight, or else it will be perceived, perhaps rightly, as retribution for someone who dared to stand up to the Democratic Party’s lurch into thuggishness.

And if he’s being prosecuted just for exercising his rights to free speech and to protest, then why were all the charges dropped against the people who rioted in 2017 to protest Trump’s inauguration?

Leftist Delusions

By Mike Huckabee

It’s always interesting to me how leftists’ minds work. They believe that their opinions are the only objective truth. They believe that their ideas are the only ones that work, despite over a century of proven, tragic failure. They think that all of America wants to become California, even though people are fleeing California in droves because of the very policies they want to instill nationwide.

And now, add to their self-delusions the Biden Administration’s idea that Middle East nations hated Trump and are so relieved to have Obama-style policies back.

Under Obama, there was constant war and death in the Middle East, ISIS increased its caliphate to the size of Pennsylvania, and Iran was a growing nuclear threat. Under Trump, ISIS was crushed, no new wars were started (in the Middle East or ANYWHERE), and Iran was neutralized, allowing multiple Arab nations to finally sign landmark peace deals with Israel.

Now, here comes Joe Biden, promising to reverse all that progress and actually thinking Middle East nations will be happy, grateful and relieved to see the old regime back. Guess again. They don’t get their news from WaPo or Stephen Colbert, so they don’t think that everything Trump did was automatically wrong. They’re kind of enjoying all the Middle East peace, and they’re not ready to buy what Biden’s selling.

Term Limits Reintroduced

By Mike Huckabee

It may not have much chance of passage, but let’s all let our Senators know how much we support the Senate term limits bill just reintroduced by Sens. Ted Cruz and five other Republicans.


Republicans Call For A Wider Investigation

By Mike Huckabee

Republicans on the House Oversight Committee are calling on the FBI, if it is going to investigate Parler over the Capitol violence, to also investigate Facebook and Twitter. Seems fair, since so far, that appears to be where most of the planning, threats and anti-government activism actually took place.

In a letter to the Democrat Representative who requested the FBI probe of Parler, GOP Reps. James Comer and Greg Steube wrote, "Like you, we were disturbed and angered by the riot and we believe those responsible should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But casting blame on a single social media company known for its conservative username while simply ignoring other social media companies known for sympathizing with liberal causes is blatantly and overtly partisan…Moreover, your letter is additional evidence of the growing alliance between Big Tech and Democrats to muzzle certain viewpoints, opinions, and perspectives."

Say, as long the FBI is investigating social media, how about investigating that, too?


Wrong Leader Impeached

By Mike Huckabee

I have long warned people about putting private information on the Internet. Power-mad politicians and corporations now want to weaponize everything you ever posted, sorting through years’ worth of posts for examples of “wrongthink,” in a sick and un-American version of the “social credit score” system China uses to control citizens’ speech and behavior.

The thing is, though, totalitarianism crushes all freedoms equally. For instance, here’s a story about how online data-mining of past comments and behavior is being used to discriminate against sex workers and their advocates, a group you’d think Democrats would be strongly sympathetic to.

And no wonder Democrats want complete control over the Internet to be in their hands. Things on the net stay there forever, which is very inconvenient when you constantly flip the standards to which you hold yourself and your opponents.

For instance, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the violence in the Capitol on January 6th an assault on democracy itself, and tried to blame it on the free speech of President Trump and Congressional Republicans who wanted an investigation of the 2020 election. How inconvenient for her that someone just dug up her Twitter tweets from 10 years ago.

In 2011, a mob of leftwing protesters besieged the Wisconsin state Capitol for weeks. At one point, they swarmed the building, yelling and banging on the windows. Terrified senators huddled under the stairwell until police could clear a path through the protesters to a bus. The protesters shook the bus and punched the windows as the senators hunkered down to avoid any flying glass.

And how did Nancy Pelosi respond to that on Twitter on February 17, 2011?

“I stand with the students & workers of #WI, impressive show of democracy in action.”

So to make sure we have this straight: when rightwing protesters attack a Capitol and terrify legislators, it’s an assault on the very seat of democracy. When leftwing protesters do the exact same thing, it’s an “impressive show of democracy in action.”

Some might say that she was encouraging people to commit insurrection. And unlike Trump’s speech, her words actually came BEFORE the planning of the January 6th attack. That’s not even counting all the times she shrugged off or encouraged violent protests in 2020, even against federal buildings and monuments in Washington, DC.

Sounds like the House impeached the wrong leader. They needed Perry Mason at that proceeding, to reveal that the real guilty culprit was the accuser, not the defendant.




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Comments 1-25 of 28

  • HollyBelle Lane

    01/27/2021 09:46 PM

    What is the story on the above picture with Nancy Pelosi walking with what appears to be some kind of Federal guards or something.

  • David Molony

    01/27/2021 05:51 PM

    I was just wondering. If we took the Q-Anon whack jobs views, got positive media support with backing from far left professor and school unions, would it become the 1619 Project? Both have an equal background in fact and equal web support.

  • Floyd Unger

    01/27/2021 02:23 PM

    Thank you

  • George Crews

    01/27/2021 11:31 AM

    “The real guilty culprit is the accuser NOT the defendant “

  • William Fuhrer

    01/27/2021 10:24 AM

    Barr seemed to be a brilliant mind . I would love to hear him at Donald Trump's impeachment trial. I would like to see the FBI who followed up on all those who violently demonstrated in the building. My basic rule is to error on the side of safety so those who decided not to be prepared alone should stop the impeachment trial. Citizens of the United States should be comforted by knowing the BEST are placed in the FBI and CIA and working with BEST Police and National Guard so that Mayors and Governors can keep ALL citizens safe. Rand Paul seems to know all the tricks that were done to cause President Trumps loss

  • Jean Blackwell

    01/27/2021 09:22 AM

    How can we stop what Biden is doing with all the executive orders he has signed? He is destroying our country at a very fast pace. Is there a legal way to restore the pipeline? How can one man (evil) do all the things that are destroying our way of life?

    I know I am to have faith in God and be patient and I pray every day, but it is very hard, but I do know he will prevail.

    I am human and sin and I know I am saved.

    I am very sad for our country.

  • Nick wagner

    01/27/2021 09:15 AM

    What is the significance of the picture above of pelosi and the all female marshalls? I would love to here that shes been arrested.

  • Stephen Russell

    01/27/2021 09:03 AM

    Arrested: maybe he was set up by FBI others ??
    Rigged or use false information very Chinese this FBI.
    How the Deep State works
    & with Dems hating 74M of US hard to combat US all

  • Ann Atwell

    01/27/2021 08:40 AM

    I will never understand how Pelosi continues to get away with breaking constitutional law. When Dershowitz says Trump did not incite a riot, I tend to take the word of a lawyer over a person who continues to show her hatred of Trump. Not only is she acting like a spoiled rotten child who hasn't gotten her way, hatred such as hers has no place in politics. Her total disregard for her colleagues when she brought two senators who were under quarantine due to a positive diagnosis of covid, just so they could vote for her in person tells me all I need th know about her character. And the total disregard all the Dems and Republicans have shown to the troops in DC speaks for itself. At least Trump came through for them. So glad to hear that Sarah is going to run for Gov. Read her book. Very smart lady.

  • Deb Barger

    01/27/2021 07:11 AM

    Spot on! The average American wants nothing of what Biden, Pelosi and Schumer are selling.

  • William Fuhrer

    01/27/2021 07:11 AM

    Statistics has shown that the WALL works so the Democrats are the ones that shouldbe on trial for being anti LAW AND ORDER . Because being against the WALL Democrats must be for DRUG TRAFFIKING and HUMAN TRAFFIKING

  • Paul Kern

    01/27/2021 01:01 AM

    Interesting articles you have today.
    Term limits looks good on the surface but has its downside. It would force a constant turnover unless departing Senators left enough info for the incoming freshman. Would also need to ban them from any business working for the government for at least 7 years.
    The founding fathers were looking to the Roman general Cincinnatus as an example. After he saved Rome he refused any government position and returned to his former life as a farmer!
    Also I find no evidence for Nancy or anyone calling this a democracy. Not unless they want mob rule. No, it is a constitutional Republic! We must stick to the facts. Not let the Marxist mobs tell us how to think.
    A lie big enough as Goering said.
    Also the fight now us on a different level as the Bible tells us who are believers.
    Not surprised if more like Straka are charged with crimes. The left will do anything to stay in control. Using the National Guardsman clearly shows they will turn the military into their private troops and they are also terribly afraid.

  • William Fuhrer

    01/26/2021 11:06 PM

    WOW On Fauci's salary I allway thought he wasn't ready for PRIMETIME. On internet polls I participate in 80 % of the responders trust Donald Trump and 20 % Fauci. Then Birx blames atlas for wrong data. I also thought of Barr and Trump as chess masters aka dynamic duo

  • Richard O'Riley

    01/26/2021 10:30 PM


  • Charles Simmons

    01/26/2021 10:29 PM

    Suggestion for the Biden bully-boy regime : build a wall entirely around “inner D.C.,” including White House & Capitol building, in order to restrict access by common Americans and floods of illegals arriving in USA from who-knows-where ... then install impenetrable fencing along the entire outer perimeter of D.C., including Pentagon and Alexandria. Position “Biden’s guardsmen” at gate openings. This should allow “Team Biden” to reduce number of “Biden’s guardsmen” from 7,000 down to about 135 persons, each working 8-hour shifts. This arrangement would be much like the 135 “Swiss Guards” at Vatican.

  • Diane Botkin

    01/26/2021 10:28 PM

    Governor Huckabee, you are a breath of fresh air. Thank you for your common sense and wisdom. In these troubling times politically I am so glad to have a kind, funny and reasonable person discussing the days events. Thank you, Diane

  • Rob Simons

    01/26/2021 09:48 PM

    Washington DC is the city of no consequences, unless you're a conservative. Still waiting for Chuck Schumer to be thrown out of the Senate for threatening Supreme Court justices. I could be wrong, but i think 74 million Americans are sick and tired of the double standards being applied in government and the media. Is there any wonder why they want our voices silenced?

  • Rick Bishop

    01/26/2021 09:25 PM

    Thank you again for your informative and insightful commentaries!

  • Jerry Nelson

    01/26/2021 09:11 PM

    Why Are We Not Calling For The Removal Of Pelosi & Schumer?

    Pelosi not once, but twice, has now pushed an unsubstantiated impeachment through the House. This most recent one broke six Constitutional laws! According to Alan Dershowitz, "They violated the free speech provision. They violated the impeachment criteria. They violated the bill of attainder. They violated due process, on and on and on."
    Pelosi has spearheaded numerous other investigations on President Trump that were also unwarranted.
    A new article just came to light to show that Pelosi has also committed insurrection!
    Not mention completely ignoring all the rioting that took place in 2020.

    Let’s look at Schumer. The most recent is to refuse to through out the impeachment handed to him by Pelosi. It is against the Constitution to impeach a civilian. President Trump is no longer in office and can’t be impeached, yet he insists on continuing the impeachment at taxpayer’s expense.
    Schumer also threatened the Supreme Court Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh if they dared decide on an abortion case that did not align with Schumer’s believe, then lied about it when he was called on it.
    Both Pelosi and Schumer have repeated abused their power, wasted millions of taxpayer money on frivolous investigations and impeachments, and broken the Constitutional laws.
    Citizens need to call on their immediate removal from office. An investigation needs to be done and charges need to be filed. America wants Justice! They are a danger to out national security!

  • Anne turner

    01/26/2021 08:33 PM

    We know what the lefties are doing. They know what they are doing, too. The difference is in that the progressives have no conscience. Just as Stalin, Marx, Lenin. Hitler, and Mao, they believe that they are so correct, so righteous in their thinking that the end justifies the means. They are going to mess up royally, but it may be too late to fix in a very short time. I really would like to take Trump over my knee and spank his bottom for his loud mouth. He did this to himself. People bought the Biden cover without any regard as to what is inside.

    A communications thought: we need some wealthy tech savvy faithful
    Christians and .Jews to start a Face book look alike. There would be rules. No name calling and no blasphemy. There would be a requirement to back up statements with facts or identify the message as opinion. All people would be welcome, including LBGTQ and all religions as long as the above rules are kept. Yes it is censorship but equally applies to all. There would be boxes to check, factual or opinion. Factual would require a short reference to source material.

    Good luck to your daughter. I hope her beautiful family is not threatened. You must be very proud of those cute grandkids. I hope Arkansas exercises good judgement. She is brave, in this environment, but we cannot let ourselves be cancelled. I agree that there are going to be many disenchanted Biden voters, but the have not seen anything yet until Harris is President. My one satisfaction from this election is when I will hear my Biden friends remain remarkably silent or complain. As that famous line in a famous movies about Germany said, “But Herr??? , I had no idea it would come to this”

    It would seem to me that if trans women to men are allowed to fight in combat, then all women should have that choice. You can bulk up with Norman’s but you cannot change the basic structure and with proper diet and fitness training most women could also bulk up. Personally, while I think women are capable of handle many combat roles in our mechanized world, like fighter pilot, hand to hand, close action combat should to be left to men.

  • Erika Eimicke

    01/26/2021 08:00 PM

    Re: Wrong Leader Impeached.
    She should definitely be impeached no doubt about that. What has been on my mind is this. It is said that Pence chose to follow the Constitution in countig the EC votes. In my opinion, he chose a process over truth. The people who were alive during the time the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were created had lived through a treacherous war, had seen death close hand, and so in my opinion more brave than I can ever imagine. They experienced more death than we presently have. I understand Pence wanted to follow law, but the initiators of the land's documents meant for the right thing in God's eyes to prevail, both matter the consequences. Looking through the lens of God, Pence could not have in good conscience counted the ECV because the state legislatures who represent millions of Americans had requested a halt in order to further investigate. Pence represented only himself - one mind. The legislatures represented millions of minds. The riot that manifested on that day of the ECV count at the Hill was an attack on someTHING. I don't agree that destroying things is right, AND at the same time I believe congressmen are destroying some PEOPLE - their freedoms are being restricted. So, what is right through the lens of God? A building is just a building. Like Christians say sometimes, a church is just a building without the people. PEOPLE are what is more important. A building can be rebuilt. More care should be given to the PEOPLE. I hope that Congressman can see past a building as being sacred, and choose to see that it is the people who matter most.

  • James Drury Jr

    01/26/2021 07:41 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff.

  • Linda DeVoll

    01/26/2021 07:26 PM

    Governor Huckabee,
    I've sent this email to as many senators that I could find today, I'm serious, this needs to be done, if only for our safety when leaving our home.
    These are the criminals!!
    We Americans want these violent people brought to justice please.

    "there will be blood in the streets"-

    "Who says protests have to be

    "There needs to be unrest in the

    "Protesters should not give up" -Kamala Harris. WE THE PEOPLE WANT HER IMPEACHED FOR INCITING A RIOT!

    "I just don't know why they aren't uprising all over this country" - Nancy Pelosi. WE THE PEOPLE WANT HER IMPEACHED FOR INCITING A RIOT!

    "You get out and create a crowd and you push back on them, tell them they are not welcome " -Maxine Waters. WE THE PEOPLE WANT HER IMPEACHED FOR INCITING A RIOT!

  • Emily Yeatts

    01/26/2021 07:12 PM

    Gov. Huckabee congratulations to your daughter she will be great.
    In response to Nancy’s hypocrisy does she not remember the violence at the Capitol during Kavanaugh confirmation or the bombing from now leader of blm that Clinton pardoned from a 58 year sentence why doesn’t the media report on all of this
    On a side note can you tell me how to get in touch with President trump as I will always refer to him as I am interested in moving to fla and would like to work at his new office

  • Keet Parakeet

    01/26/2021 06:56 PM

    Gentle People: I strongly oppose term limit laws. Reason 1. The Swamp aka the federal bureaucracy is NOT going to be term limited. It takes time (& some luck) to figure out where the unelected elite in government are hiding the ways they move money and do things their way instead of the people's way according to law. Term Limits axe that capacity to control. Better to remove "administrative law" and "administrative rule making" than Term Limit.

    Reason 2. I live in a "term limited" state, which as a smaller, bottom up arrangement has some different problems resulting from the limits like axing the capacity for small political sub sets being unable to get and maintain people with sufficient experience to keep things going adequately on the lower local levels like townships and school boards. Again, the bureaucracy isn't term limited and since the elected officials are term limited the unelected bureaucracy has become much more powerful. The small politic subdivision problem aside, the result is a rolling of the political class from one job to another and even moving from one district to another to avoid the limitations. It's not Quite the worst of all worlds, but it's Not good. I've lived under term limited and non term limited. There was no improvement. None.