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January 1, 2021

Happy New Year! Yes, 2021 is FINALLY here, and let’s all hope and pray that it’s better than 2020 (although things aren’t looking up so far.) I hope you had a safe and fun New Year’s Eve, in whatever way you were able to celebrate.

2020 was a very difficult year for many of us, made all the worse in some states by politicians who specifically targeted places of worship for shutdowns. This despite the fact that studies showed regular churchgoers were the only group whose mental health improved over the span of the pandemic. It shows once again the importance of spiritual support, community and fellowship in surviving hard times.

Too many political leaders forgot this in 2020, and concentrated on meeting physical needs while isolating people and ignoring their spiritual and emotional needs, even waging war on those who tried to meet them. We weren't allowed to visit sick or elderly family members, and when we lost them, as too many of us did, were barred from holding funeral services to comfort the bereaved.

As we enter a new year with hope that the irrational disregard or even hostility to our spiritual needs will soon be behind us, I’d like to share this excerpt on that subject from my book, “Rare, Medium or Done Well: Make the Most of your Life.” It seems even more timely now than it did when I wrote it. And let's all pray that 2021 will be the start of our "happily ever after..." era.

When I was growing up, my bedtime ritual always included a fairy tale that started with “Once upon a time...” and ended with the comforting words we all remember: “And they lived happily ever after.” As a child of the optimistic 1950s, I dreamed that life might be like that: whatever obstacles, dangers or perils might come my way, in the end, I would live happily ever after.

There were certainly plenty of struggles along the way, but I have to say that things did eventually work out even more happily than I could have imagined, from a career that I love to a wonderful family, including the world’s greatest grandkids. But sadly, for many people, “living happily ever after” does seem like an unobtainable fairy tale. Why is that happy ending seemingly out of reach for so many people?

Of course, there are always factors beyond our control, like health problems and accidents. None of us can ever know if our birthday or Christmas celebration was the last we’ll ever enjoy. We have no way of knowing when it will all end, only that someday, it will (that’s why it’s said that the only certainties in life are death and taxes.)

Well, I can’t help you with your taxes, but I do have a bit of advice that I think will make death less frightening and greatly increase your chances of living “happily ever after.”

For decades, our nation has been focused on personal pleasure. The message drummed into everyone by pop culture is “If it feels good, do it.” It’s fostered a culture of self-centeredness that led to Baby Boomers being nicknamed “The Me Generation.” Today’s young people have been dubbed “iGen” because many are so fixated on self and selfies that even their gadgets’ names all start with “I.” Advertising bombards us with the message that life is all about me and all about now. Such messages of immediate self-gratification may sell products and services, but they cause us to sell our souls if we follow this philosophy to its logical conclusion.

At some point in life, we all experience events that shake up our routine, much like the agitator in a washing machine shakes loose the grime in our clothes. We may not want or enjoy such experiences, but they’re necessary to force us to focus on the frailty of life and the certainty of death. They also force us to begin asking what really matters and why.

If we react to setbacks based solely on what feels good right now, we greatly lower our chances of enjoying a happy future. But if we believe there is even a remote possibility that our actions have lasting implications beyond the immediate, both within and beyond our lifetimes, it should cause us to think differently, live differently, and leave a different kind of legacy.

Without apology, I believe that the spiritual side of our lives really does matter. To believe otherwise is to define humans as little more than animated protoplasm, going through the motions of life for no particular purpose. I prefer to believe there’s more to us than flesh and blood. If we possess a soul capable of living beyond our lifetimes, then the seeds we plant in this life will yield fruit forever. If you believe those things, the ultimate becomes more important than the immediate.

When we decide to live beyond our lifetimes, our responsibilities to the next generation will outweigh our roles in our current jobs. More important than the money we’re paid for our work is what we will become as a result of our work. Our character will become more important than the careers we follow.

For all of us, life began “once upon a time.” Unlike the fairy tales, however, it’s up to us to make the choices that determine whether the last line of our life stories will read, “And they lived happily ever after.”



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  • Ann Bennett

    01/02/2021 11:31 AM

    Please stop putting your Bible verse in your newsletter on top of a picture. The picture makes it nearly illegible and sometimes I just want to forward to somebody that I would like to read the verse and you make it useless for that purpose by having the verse on top of a picture

  • Linda Jones

    01/02/2021 09:52 AM

    I think the medical community response shows beyond doubt mask and hand washing doesn’t work. They won’t allow anyone else in with these “protections” in place to comfort the sick family member or celebrate the birth of a child. Are these medical workers never around other people, shopping, going to clubs (yes documented on FB), their children’s sporting events. What makes the difference?

  • Rose Killian

    01/01/2021 06:50 PM

    Happy New Year
    may God save us in 2021

  • Elizabeth jones

    01/01/2021 06:19 PM

    Thank you for seeing and caring about the whole man and woman! Glad you know the great gift God has for all people and you share the Truth! God bless and Happy New Year!

  • Susanne Bunch

    01/01/2021 05:52 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, thank you for your words of wisdom and faith! I voted for you in the 2016 primaries. You would have been(still could be) an awesome POTUS. Thanks for your encouragement to your readers to focus on the eternal rather than the temporal. You continue to inspire and lead us in many ways.

  • Roberta Ann McDaniel

    01/01/2021 04:31 PM

    WHAT is going on with Pence’s response to lawsuit??? Does he not support Trump??? What is GOING ON??? What about this election? Do we not fight for our constitutional republic?? HELP ME understand.

  • Roberta Ann McDaniel

    01/01/2021 04:26 PM

    PLEASE tell me what is going on with Mike Pence & his response to being sued????? Is he not supporting Trump?????