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January 29, 2021

Good morning!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Bible Verse Of The Day
  • Biden Meets Reality
  • Facebook Censors Newsom Recall Campaign
  • The Real Attitude Of Liberal Elites
  • Tragic Anniversary
  • A "David Versus Goliath" Story
  • New Test


Mike Huckabee



Biden Meets Reality

By Mike Huckabee

The media love to talk about all those poor, deluded Trump voters who just don’t realize how misinformed they are and how much they need to be “deprogrammed.” Funny, I’m one of those, and I read news and talk to newsmakers for a living, so I don’t feel brainwashed and misinformed. Those might be the terms I’d use for anyone who actually listens to the leftwing propaganda outlets that think anyone who questions leftist policies that have brought nothing but failure, oppression, starvation, poverty, corruption and misery everywhere they’ve been tried for the past century is deluded.

In short, each side thinks the other is deluded, but our side is the only one who can prove it.

Mark Ellis at PJ Media has a great column that bolsters my prediction that Biden’s biggest enemy won’t be Republicans but reality.

That’s already coming true as Biden voters who thought they were getting “normality” are instead watching with shock as a deluge of executive orders is destroying their jobs, raising fuel prices and advancing a radical leftist agenda on the environment, illegal immigration, speech, abortion and trans-rights that’s going to make their lives and the lives of their families infinitely worst. They’re being shaken from their cozy delusions about the Democratic Party in the violent manner of a sleepwalker who was jolted awake by cannon fire.

As Ellis spells out, if you feel betrayed by Biden’s orders now, wait until the consequences start showing up in your everyday life. He lists a few that are coming that should help shake off any remaining delusions about what you were just bilked into electing.

Facebook Censors Newsom Recall Campaign

By Mike Huckabee

Facebook has banned ads for Reform California, a grassroots group promoting a petition to recall the state’s tragically awful Governor, Gavin Newson. Scott Hounsell at has an amusingly blunt account of this latest attempt to censor conservatives and protect incompetent leftists.

It’s not clear what rationale Facebook has for this censorship, but leftist politicians and media have tried to falsely tie the group to the violence at the Capitol (remember when liberals were against guilt by association? Those were the days!) Reform California describes itself as the real peaceful “resistance.” It seems when conservatives peacefully exercise their right to petition the government for redress of grievances, they’re “inciting violence and insurrection,” while leftists attacking cops and burning down buildings is “democracy in action.”

Well, since Facebook won’t let them pay to tell you about the petition campaign, I consider that newsworthy. So it’s my duty to share their website with you. You might want to share it with everyone you know, too, especially everyone in California.

And in the interest of being thorough, here’s another recall petition website.

Say, on an entirely different subject, if you happen to be fed up with Facebook and want to leave, but you’d like to save all your posted photos and videos first, here’s a tutorial on how to do that. If you’re sticking with Facebook but want to tighten privacy settings to keep Mark Zuckerburg from mining your data, there are also tips for that, too.

The Real Attitude Of Liberal Elites

By Mike Huckabee

Good piece by Noah Rothman at Commentary Magazine about how the dismissive “just get a different, green job” comments by Pete Buttigieg and John Kerry betray the real attitude of liberal elitists toward American workers. They have no more interest or understanding of how working Americans live than a dog understands cats. They see people not as individuals with their own skills, desires, experiences, values, hopes and ambitions, but as cogs to be moved around as needed to create their grand “Green New Deal” vision.

The title is perfect: “You Will Be Assimilated.” For those who don’t watch “Star Trek,” that’s what the Borg, a robotic hivemind civilization, say to every culture they encounter: you will be taken over and turned into robots to serve the collective. Rothman also makes a great point about the cruel irony of Biden’s people saying that workers need to make better choices of jobs. It’s frighteningly clear that to them, your choices are utterly irrelevant.

Tragic Anniversary

By Mike Huckabee

Thursday was the 35th anniversary of the tragic explosion of the space shuttle Challenger, which took the lives of the entire crew, including the first civilian astronaut, “teacher in space” Christa McAuliffe. Steven F. Hayward at the Wall Street Journal has a fine article about that terrible day when the Challenger crew, as President Reagan put it, “‘slipped the surly bonds of earth’ to ‘touch the face of God.’” He also recalls how Reagan handled that tragedy and brought Americans together, but also reminded us that the future belongs to the brave who are willing to take great risks.

This is behind a paywall, but if you don’t have a WSJ subscription, you can read a lengthy excerpt at Instapundit. If you do have a subscription, you can click through to the full article.

A "David Versus Goliath" Story

By Mike Huckabee

The “David takes down Goliath” story of the day traders on the website Reddit who ran up GameStop’s stock price and cost a short-selling hedge firm that was hoping to bankrupt the company nearly $3 billion continues to reverberate.

For instance, the Robinhood small trader platform barred trades in GameStop, AMC and some other companies. Some analysts accused the CEO of destroying his own company by betraying its users to protect hedge funds, while others pointed out that the real clients of Robinhood are hedge funds that pay for data on how people are trading. Either way, Robinhood appears to be robbing the poor to give to the rich, which is the same longstanding situation on Wall Street that the Reddit crowd set out to upend.

Robinhood is already facing multiple lawsuits, including a class action suit, for allegedly colluding to protect institutional investors and harm retail investors.

Now, we also have Nancy Pelosi and other government figures suggesting an investigation of the Reddit traders, as if it’s their business to punish investors for daring to make a profit at the expense of the Wall Street vultures who fund their campaigns, and for using their own tactics against them.

As Instapundit reminds us, Senators got advance briefings on the coronavirus before the public and sold off millions in stock, and that didn’t result in any consequences or new regulations. But then, the people on Reddit aren’t Senators or hedge fund billionaires. They’re just American citizens, so why should they think they have the right to follow the same rules as the elites?

And here’s the least surprising news of the day: President Biden’s Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has big money connections to the hedge fund.

For a MUST-READ article on this story, I direct you to Matt Taibbi, a liberal reporter formerly for Rolling Stone, but one who has lately been distinguishing himself for his bravery in reporting honestly in contradiction of leftist narratives, especially about double standards on free speech and financial laws. Taibbi not only explains what’s going on now, but gives a great history on how the predatory practices on Wall Street laid the groundwork for the fed-up small investors using those same practices to turn the tables.

This story is evidence that there are some things liberals and conservatives, even AOC and me, can agree on, like our lack of sympathy for the billionaire stock manipulators crying about losing in the casino they created. As Taibbi puts it, “The only thing ‘dangerous’ about a gang of Reddit investors blowing up hedge funds is that some of us reading about it might die of laughter.”

Incidentally, I think one of the most important lessons from this tale is that while the billionaire elites think they run us, there are a lot more of us, and if we combine our economic power, we are more powerful than them.

So when you hear of retail stores firing conservative employees or dropping products like MyPillow because of the founders’ political beliefs, you might want to remind them that they are ticking off 75 million (possibly former) customers. I don’t know why, say, Bed Bath & Beyond would want to lose the business of 75 million hard-working Trump voters who actually care about having nice homes to placate a relative handful of loudmouthed Twitter trolls, many of whom (as I can guess from close exposure to some of them) live in their moms' basements and never even take a bath.

New Test

By Mike Huckabee

China has unveiled a COVID-19 test that involves an anal swab. I hope they tested it on the communist leaders of China, and that it required a pool cue instead of a Q-Tip, preferably a pool cue with a lot of splinters.

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Comments 1-25 of 43

  • Mark D Seibert

    02/01/2021 01:13 AM

    Can you explain how hedge funds work? How can you bet on businesses going bankrupt and make billions of dollars? Was it from you where I read that some of these hedge fund people go on MSNBC and scare everyone saying some business is going out of business, so then people sell stock in that business, and the hedge funds make billions as the business loses all profits. Ruining the business. I don't understand how people make money in a bankruptcy. But to actually destroy a business and jobs all for the love of personal gain, well, that's evil and should be criminal. Why is this allowed to happen? We should all work for the common good and want businesses to succeed so they can create jobs for the people.

  • Kenneth Cooke

    01/31/2021 01:36 AM

    Just finishing reading your fantastic book the three c's. Your don't mention U.S. Constitution Article 2, Section 1 and Clause 2. Why NOT? This section was violated big time by the politicians in Pennsylvania in changing the voter ballot laws. Why won't the U.S. Supreme Court uphold this section of the Constitution and demand a recount in Pa.? Could you address this on your TV show which we look forward to watching every week?

    Ken Cooke

  • Lisa m Johnson

    01/30/2021 01:21 PM

    A pool cue? Best thing I’ve read all day! ??????
    Thank you for your newsletters; they really are the only thing that I can stand to read about current events.

  • Jerry

    01/30/2021 09:20 AM

    The Nations Education system spread an anti America to the children that are now parents and voters the Teachers Union are refusing to go to work for the work done the last 25 years appears to be finish now they want to go the beach and teach children from a lounge chair thru Virual school the Union refuses to go back to the school rooms while contining to be paid by the government nothing better than Socialism the system they taught for decades a new type of retirement fund set up by the Union now ain't that America today/ now for a few soon to be for all.

  • jackie rose

    01/30/2021 08:55 AM

    I am sickened at what is happening to my country

  • WB

    01/30/2021 08:25 AM

    Mike could u Check this about the Keystone Pipeline stoppage; with Warren Buffet and Obama's influence along with Berkshire Hathaway its Chairman Warren Buffet and BNSF railroad system. The BNSF charges 30$ a barrel to transport oil out of NW Canada the Pipeline would charge 10 $ a barrel to transport the oil Buffet sits on the Board of Berkshire that owns BNSF Buffet gave enormous money to Obama Campaign Buffet makes about 2 Billion$ a year if the Pipeline doesn't exist and makes 2 Billion if the Pipeline is delayed Obama held office for 8 Years as President has anyone figured out how Obama whose owns a mansion near the White House might have whispered in Bidens ear to shut down the Pipeline I am having a bit of difficulty figuring the cost of transporting oil between high cost and low cost without a national
    alternative to energy in place as of now why would one want energy costs high for every citizen uses the energy source we have today and remember we have a high unemployment rate money is tight for most of American households and small business. Lower energy costs make sense to me. As most people will feel the cost of energy is rising to a couple of people in powerful offices they don't care to the millions of users tough Shitff.

  • Tom Davis

    01/30/2021 07:59 AM

    Dear Governor: In response to John and Pete's response to the pipeline workers benched from work by presidential fiat know that solar panel assembly jobs are available according to Within a hundred mile radius of the following cities, the wages are Orlando, FL @ $12-$14/hour, Columbus, OH @ $14-$16/hour, Kansas City, MO @ $16-$18/hour and Los Angeles, CA @ $18-$20/hour. At 2080 hours of work a year (52 weeks x 40 hours) LA offers $41,600 minus as the state and local taxes, etc. That's a far cry from $100,000-$150,000. Maybe John would contribute a bottle of Ketchup? All the best Govenor! A fan, Tom

  • Michael Hutch

    01/30/2021 03:07 AM

    The anal swab. Perhaps this is what should be sent to the CUOMO brothers in the size they Joked about with the Nasal ones

  • Robert and Denise Wright

    01/30/2021 12:30 AM

    Governor Huckabee you left the best for last in this newsletter.
    NEW TEST article kept me laughing for several minutes!

    Thanks to you and your staff for all of your hard work in giving up the real, unbiased news of our country and world.

    God bless you all.

    The Wrights - Indiana

  • Mary Ann Sniff

    01/29/2021 10:30 PM

    I suggest conservatives revert to using the phrase, “persecution culture” instead of “cancel culture.” I think the old fashioned P-word evokes a stronger sense of victimhood; thus, conservatives become the victims of cruel leftists. We can play that game, too!

  • Kathleen Kemm

    01/29/2021 09:36 PM

    I saw every Hunter Biden video tape, emails, despite the Tech Tyrant's censoring of the information. Hunter loves to prance in front of mirrors, light up the crack pipe, and sleep with family members, and underage minors. In the videos, he does not care if it is a male or female that is playing with him. China certainly has all it needs to compromise the Joe Biden family, and their secrets of pedophilia.

    Sorry to get to the point of what I saw on those videos. But it was more disgusting that anyone could possibly imagine.

  • Michele Walker

    01/29/2021 09:10 PM

    I heard that the Pelosi’s bought 1 million of Tesla options at $500 a share prior to Biden’s announcement to turning the US fleet into electric vehicles. Insider trading. ?????

  • Margaret I Robbins

    01/29/2021 07:40 PM

    Thanks for the newsletter. I am not up on alot of this so I am glad you explained everything to me.

  • James Drury Jr

    01/29/2021 07:37 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff.

  • Judy Radley

    01/29/2021 05:36 PM

    Here is a quote from a popular movie, I won't name, as to not give the Hollywood liberal elites any credit, regarding the story about the job-killing policies of Democrats' bidden, of the pipeline and other jobs that the bidden dictatorship will kill, "just because my dreams are different than yours, doesn't mean they are less important". When I heard that quote in the movie, it was a very suitable statement that many of us Conservatives feel about those in opposition with us. Since our dreams, goals, and drive, are different than theirs, doesn't mean they are less important.

  • William Fuhrer

    01/29/2021 05:31 PM

    STEEL WORKERS: President Joseph Biden reneging on the ALASKAN PIPELINE should cool unions love affair with the Democratic Party

  • Martha Schafer

    01/29/2021 05:24 PM

    A great way to leave us laughing with the pool cue with splinters ! If the pool cue isn't available, perhaps the giant swabs that the Cuomo boys used as props to yuk it up about getting Covid-19 tests when one has a large Roman nose might be available.

  • Amelia Little

    01/29/2021 05:18 PM

    Unfortunately, there are people who don't watch any news, so just listen to people around them--and if they are liberals, they only hear those views. There are people who, to this day, maintain that President Trump did nothing--NOTHING!!!--for us in for years. IF they watched msm, msm surely wasn't going to list even ONE positive accomplishment. Try to tell them anything that was accomplished--hog wash!!! Consevatives are brain washed. There was a bit of a clue of their astonishment that biden was going to lead us down a bad path--the number of voters who had never heard anything of bad acts of biden and hunter.

    I wasn't aware newsom recall efforts were being removed from social media. But, I did figure that with his alleged move to "open up" kind of sort of because, like cuomo, now that the inauguration is over, that people would decide recall wouldn't be necessary. Funny how the corona has figured out liberals are controlling things, so it will not affect people eating out like it did under President Trump. I'm wondering how this will be written in their new version of "science."

    biden already went the route of just getting a new job back when good ol' hil was campaigning. So, miners will be losing their jobs. Seems like they should all be reprogrammed to do something IT. At one time, after ocasio entered the scene and with her green deal, biden did say those having lost or who will be losing their mining jobs--they can get work in destructing current buildings and constructing them to fit the new green deal idea. Easy, huh?

    Corona testing--I'm not doing it regardless of where they swab. Maybe the test isn't for actual current covid--just at some time have a coronavirus like H1N1. Too much fishy going on there. Plus, I don't have to go through the motions. Just sign up at a CVS or wherever they are mass testing, have my name on the list--and I'll get results without taking it!!!

  • Rheann Shine

    01/29/2021 05:11 PM

    Read the Taxpayer Advocate NTA blog for 1/28/2021found on website. Next hit to taxpayers

  • George Reynolds

    01/29/2021 04:49 PM

    I went to the Bed Bath & Beyond website and did a product search on My Pillow. Several My Pillow products appeared on the screen. I did not go any further or try to buy any of them, however.

  • Ann Atwell

    01/29/2021 04:31 PM

    Read a article where Biden is going to buy all electric vehicles for our politicians to use. Read that Pelosi has recently bought stock in the electric car industry. Isn't that "insider trading", and isn't that against the law.

  • Brenda Staten

    01/29/2021 04:20 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, I needed a good laugh today, and I can always count on you for my daily dose of humor, with, of course, reality.
    I wonder if the left will ever learn that, try as they might, they can't shut the mouths of us "deplorable, freedom loving, politically incorrect" conservatives? We will find a way!
    Gavin Newsom reminds me of one of those snake oil salesmen I used to see in movies. Unfortunately, our state of New Mexico has the female version of him...Gov. Michelle Lujan-Grisham. Who, by the way, has caused a bunch of us to start our own recall petition.
    I hope that if anal swabs ever come to the US to test for the 'rona, we get to choose who will be first in line to get it done, and with a "pool cue instead of a Q-Tip with lots of splinters"! I have a list ready.
    God Bless you Gov.! And congratulations to Sarah. I hope she wins bigly in Arkansas! Since most of my relatives live there, I know they feel the same way.

  • Lena M Swavely

    01/29/2021 03:52 PM

    Brilliant! Shared this with my family and friends! Always love and appreciate your insight, style and humor! Keep up the good fight!

  • Mary Oscarson

    01/29/2021 03:50 PM

    Again so very well said Mike! And i hope that they have fun removing those splinters! Gods many blessings to all.

  • Julie Barnes

    01/29/2021 03:17 PM

    Dear Mike,
    As a Christian woman I was thrilled when you moved the scripture to the top of your newsletter. Unfortunately for me, today I read all the way to the bottom of the newsletter. The brief story about a Covid anal swab and Chinese leaders was far below you. I hope you will consider more carefully reviewing such comments. Pray for those… You know the rest. Respectfully,