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January 2, 2021

A lot of people who had nothing to do with the rapid development of a COVID-19 vaccine – and who mocked President Trump for saying it would happen – are now brimming with suggestions for who should get it first: other nations, non-whites, “essential workers,” and of course, themselves (we all know how essential Democrat politicians are.) That’s why it was so refreshing to hear what Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said in explaining why he would not cut the line to get the vaccine before Florida’s elderly population does:

"I’m willing to take it, but I am not the priority, they’re the priority. I’m under 45. People under 45 are not going to be first in line for this, so when it’s my turn, I will take it. I want my parents, our grandparents to be able to get it. I’m an elected official, but whoop-dee-doo. At the end of the day, let’s focus where the risk is."

"I'm an elected official, but whoop-dee-doo" is not merely the quote of the day, in a year in which too many elected officials acted as if they were kings, gods or dictators, it might be the quote of the year.

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Comments 1-13 of 13

  • Dusty

    01/03/2021 10:09 AM

    As a retired RN worked ICU for years this vaccine has to be for of course all those front line people medical, police, fire etc. Next workers who have not been able to work their jobs per shut downs so they can get back to work again. WHY this shut down for majority of businesses as WALMART, TARGET, most grocery were open how was this any different the crowds I a 78 year old was around for months ? No one has told me how they got selected and yet others no money businesses permanently closed now . Who pays the bills the Govt now per stimulus to give out to even those who are working making over 6 figures NO that is not how it should work? We all will pay for this shut down in the end? Amazing the demonstrations have kind of quieted per supposedly Biden is Pres elect? Hmm! Wake up voters.

  • Robert Picket

    01/03/2021 12:33 AM

    I am 80 years old, my wife is 79, we have not been able to get an appointment to get the vaccine yet! Are we to be passed over in Oklahoma?

  • JoAnne Applebaum

    01/02/2021 09:06 PM

    Thank you. I was wondering that myself: The vulnerable shouldn't have to wait. I hope this puts the other politicians to shame. Thank you Governor.

  • Kathie Welch

    01/02/2021 07:32 PM

    Thank you, Governor DeSantis. We are blessed to have you as our governor.

  • georgia hanssen

    01/02/2021 03:26 PM

    I am so proud to have a governor who “serves” the people.
    Unlike so many other politicians, Governor DeSantis has put the people first.
    The Democrats and liberal elites have turned things around. In their thinking the “common” people are to step aside, bow down, and serve them.
    I’m praying Governor DeSantis, a true public servant, will one day be President DeSantis.

  • Edward Marrone

    01/02/2021 03:13 PM


  • Susan blizzard

    01/02/2021 02:30 PM

    He is right! Best gov. We had. Sick of the Dems giving him he'll here in the state. If he runs for anything, even dog catcher, I will vote for him.

  • Laurie Bonnitt

    01/02/2021 12:24 PM

    Wow that’s so refreshing! Someone actually looking out for the good of others instead of himself. I hope Florida appreciates their “elected official!”

  • Kim Frank

    01/02/2021 12:11 PM

    Would have been really refreshing if both he and Rick Scott, had not gone against President Trump when Puerto Rico's elite was lying about the death toll, and without being asked for their opinions, both sidesd with the lies right after President Trump stumped for both of them... Not impressed with either....A part time back stabber is just as bad as a full time backstabber....

  • Charlene Coon

    01/02/2021 12:07 PM

    I am thankful for the courageous public servants during this trying time. Governor DeSantiz is a wonderful leader and taking a stand for our state by encouraging us to stay open, and for this I am grateful! Thank you so much for you’re articles! God bless you! Sincerely Charlene Coon

  • Larry Bishop

    01/02/2021 12:06 PM

    You are so right, Mike !

  • Jim Eschrich

    01/02/2021 12:02 PM

    It's funny how those weaned on leading from behind vault to the front of the line when it comes to something like the vaccine. Good for DeSantis to buck the trend.


    01/02/2021 11:52 AM

    Thumbs UP! .....