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January 21, 2021

However, there were violent demonstrations against Biden, only they came from the far left. In Seattle, Portland and Denver, Antifa mobs staged demonstrations that included assaults, burning the American flag, vandalizing a Democratic Party headquarters and multiple arrests. You can see a lengthy round-up with photos here:

And here’s more

Note: not a MAGA cap in the bunch. Their profane banners included one reading, “We don’t want Biden, we want revenge” with a drawing of a semi-automatic rifle. (Note to Nancy Pelosi: Now, THAT’S violent insurrectionist rhetoric.) Others boldly declared, “We are ungovernable!” Somehow, I get the feeling that’s about to change.

All through the year, radical left anarchists like this were able to riot, loot, attack and burn to their hearts’ content, knowing that local Democrats would protect them, while national politicians and media would conveniently blame their violence on Trump, while also calling him Hitler if he did anything to stop their violence.

They don’t seem to realize that everything changed at 1pm EST, Wednesday. Those troops that Nancy Pelosi called “stormtroopers” when they were stopping the Antifa thugs from attacking federal buildings, businesses and police during the election campaign are now “defenders of democracy against violent insurrectionists,” and Pelosi poses for selfies with them. In fact, she thinks there aren’t enough of them – oh, and that they need machine guns.

I have a feeling that the Antifa punks are soon to discover that their free ride is over. They’ve outlived their usefulness. Now, they’re just a nuisance, a source of bad press that spoils the “unity/Kumbaya/We’re all overjoyed Joe is President” narrative. Republicans have no interest in saving them from the Democrats, and Democrats will no longer protect them from Republicans.

They may think they’re “ungovernable,” but they’re not. They just became expendable.


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  • Maureen Innis

    01/22/2021 01:17 PM

    Remember in the debate with President Trump? Joe Biden - Oh, Antifa isn't real, it's just an idea. And we have this idiot who had an election stolen for him while he sat in the basement trying to remember if his wife was his sister, if he was running for senator, what state he was in, and who was president currently, saying he's now president of the United States? Well, Joe, looks like your "idea" isn't real fond of you either.

  • Renee Kendrick

    01/22/2021 10:17 AM

    These people want revenge but what they really need is mercy and grace. Vengeance from the Lord could be what they receive if they keep asking. They are trying to start a war within this country! May God have mercy on them!

  • William Jakovac

    01/22/2021 08:58 AM

    Not an impressive start for the unity administration. I’m sure Trump will continue to be blamed for the next four years.

  • Steve Kellogg

    01/22/2021 08:15 AM

    And somehow I doubt proud patriots on the right are going to waste their energy standing up to the anarchists this time. Let ‘er rip.

    “People will do what they do” - Nancy Pelosi

  • Jonita Haines

    01/21/2021 10:45 PM

    I will never understand the babbling sod Nancy Pelosi. She makes no sense at all. I mean if conservatives do something it’s ALL wrong, but let a group of Dems do the same thing and it’s like a message from God. Go figure.

  • Vicki cox

    01/21/2021 06:44 PM

    They want revenge for what? For Biden being sworn in? Trump leaving? What?
    Thank you for explaining this..I'm stumped.

  • Glenn Thistlethwaite

    01/21/2021 05:49 PM

    These anarchists don’t care what political party any local, state and federal leaders are members. They just want chaos.