October 13, 2021

Because of President Biden’s strict vaccine mandate, Americans are giving up their jobs, military heroes are facing dishonorable discharges, cities are losing desperately-needed first responders, already-strained hospitals and businesses are facing even worse staff shortages, unions are filing lawsuits, the supply chain is breaking down, and it’s rumored that resistance by airline pilots is largely responsible for hundreds of flights being canceled. All of that chaos is caused by the President’s wrongheaded and authoritarian actions that even he once swore he’d never take.

But for all the suffering and turmoil Biden is causing with his dictatorial vaccine mandate policy, one question remains: Where exactly is that policy?

It doesn’t actually exist. At least not in any official form. He said he was going to order OSHA to make such a policy, but he’s yet to sign an executive order, so OSHA has yet to make the rule, and all these businesses are just enforcing what they anticipate OSHA might tell them to do. As Joy Pullman at the Federalist observes, there is no policy or order or OSHA rule: there’s nothing but press statements.

The legality of this all gets very tricky. The White House is treating this as an “emergency temporary standard,” but those can be challenged in court, and only one of the 10 ETS’s that have been issued in the past 50 years has been upheld. Once it’s actually issued, the lawsuits will hit, so we’re currently seeing all this upheaval due to nothing but a press announcement of Biden’s intention to issue an order to OSHA to make a rule that would likely be overturned in court.

In short, we have a complicated system in place to defend Americans’ rights, and this White House is doing an end-run around it and employers are just going along with it. We’ll see how long they continue to go along if the resistance to it among a large number of their employees continues to hold…

And if entire states refuse to play ball.

Whether you favor vaccine mandates or not, you should hope that this effort to exert such extreme control over American citizens and private businesses without constitutional authority fails because if it succeeds, imagine what other freedoms we’ll soon lose based on nothing more than a threatening press release.

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  • Stacey Kelly

    10/15/2021 12:35 AM

    Biden’s executive order has “guidance” that all future contracts requires that the contractor has a vaccinated workforce. So my company Bell Helicopter has more than 50% of its business with government contracts and is competing for the Blackhawk replacement that will be determined next summer. As a result, employees must be vaccinated by December 10th or they will be terminated. Religious and medical exemptions are not guaranteed and will be determined by committee.

    So if your company does any business with the government then you will be required to vaccinate.

    Just so you know that the mandate is real and it will soon be applied across the board. Do not be surprised when you too are faced with get vaccinated or be fired.

    And I have been vaccinated since the spring so this is not an anti vax message. But I have never seen our government force citizens to have a medical treatment against their will or you will lose your ability to earn a living. And that send chills up my spine.

  • Wayne Collinge

    10/14/2021 05:30 PM

    Better do somthing , people are getting upset. Things are not looking good for the good old usa.