October 11, 2021

The worldwide shortage of energy is forcing many nations to go back to using coal-fired power plants that were shut down in an overly-ambitious attempt to do away with carbon emissions. This has caused the price of coal to hit its highest level in a decade.

That would normally be great news for America’s coal-mining industry except for one thing: we barely have one anymore because Obama openly declared war on it to stop global warming. Remember John Kerry telling all the unemployed coal miners that they could get jobs building solar panels? Now the world is facing energy shortages and blackouts, and the solution is a fuel that we have in abundance but can’t supply anymore.

One of the hardest-hit nations is Germany, which (coincidentally?) also gave the most power over its energy supply to the greens. They shut down their coal and nuclear plants in favor of unreliable and inadequate green energy sources. For instance, they built a lot of solar panels, which last winter stopped functioning because they were covered with snow and ice during Europe’s coldest winter in a decade (wait, I thought snow and ice were a thing of the past…)

Here in America, the Biden White House is following the same disastrous plan on steroids, with massive amounts of spending planned on green energy initiatives while shutting down our domestic oil and gas industries and blocking new nuclear plants. Within months, we've already gone from energy independence back to begging OPEC to produce more oil. It’s a recipe for disaster that anyone with a brain could see coming just by looking at Germany’s experience. Sadly, we are currently under an Administration that not only can’t learn from others’ mistakes, it can’t even learn from its own.

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  • Diane Rowlands

    10/11/2021 09:39 AM

    You probably won't publish this, but I think Biden is an ass. I didnt vote for him and I think this administration will do alot of wrong things.