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November 10, 2021


Good evening! Here are some stories from me that I think you will want to read. Topics include:

  • Trump request
  • Inflation
  • Edward Durr
  • A Radical Biden Nominee
  • Illegal Immigrant Payouts
  • Mask Hypocrisy
  • And Much More...




Not surprisingly, a federal judge denied an executive privilege request by former President Trump to block the House’s January 6th Committee from having access to White House records. They claim to want to see if Trump helped plan the January 6th “insurrection,” and they’ll be able to get the records Friday, but Trump’s lawyers plan to appeal. Details are here:

Trump accuses the Committee, which is so stacked against him that Nancy Pelosi took the unprecedented move of refusing to accept the Republicans chosen by the House Minority Leader to be on it, of wanting to see White House records and notes of private, classified conversations with advisers to go on a fishing expedition for anything they can leak to smear him.

He called on the Biden White House to defend executive privilege, but they refused. Some legal experts say that's a very short-sighted decision. We’ve already learned that “Contradict Trump” is their prime directive, and any resultant damages don’t matter, whether they’re from opening the border, shutting down oil production or undermining the Presidential right to executive privilege that I imagine Biden will be heavily relying upon himself in the near future.

Incidentally, to show you the politics-uber-alles attitude of this Administration, White House counsel Dana Remus argued that the documents requested by the committee could "shed light on events within the White House on and about January 6 and bear on the Select Committee's need to understand the facts underlying the most serious attack on the operations of the Federal government since the Civil War."

Really? FYI to the White House counsel: Here’s some info on the actual bombing of the Senate in 1983 by leftwing radicals known as the “Armed Resistance Unit,” who also plotted to kill Henry Kissinger:

And here’s the media-suppressed story of the Bernie Bro who nearly murdered Rep. Steve Scalise in a shooting spree at a Congressional softball practice, where he’d hoped to kill enough Republicans to alter the balance of power in the House. He had a record of violent anti-Republican and anti-Trump media posts, including on a Facebook page called “Trump Is Not My President.”

Both of those things sound like more serious attacks on “the operation of the federal government” than January 6th. And like the Civil War itself, they were launched by Democrats.


The more I hear from Ed Durr, the underfunded New Jersey trucker who defeated Democrat State Senate President Steve Sweeney (who still refuses to concede, despite a reversal looking mathematically impossible), the more I like him.

Gov. Phil Murphy, who barely got reelected (and his underfunded Republican opponent has yet to concede, either), just pulled a classic Democrat move by pulling up old social media posts of a Republican, crying that they’re “controversial,” and smearing Durr as “dangerous.” Well, he’s dangerous to mess with, and I’m happy to see Republicans starting to take that attitude. Instead of groveling and apologizing to the tender feelings mob, Durr fired back with a Howitzer.

You’ll want to read all of this, but here are just a few excerpts to whet your appetite. Durr responded that Phil Murphy “is the dangerous guy who killed 10,000 nursing home residents and destroyed the lives of countless hardworking New Jerseyans. The only reason Murphy wants a concession is so he can get back to work to see how many more lives he can ruin with his lousy policies.”

Cherry on top: “As if I would ever appear on a show with Anderson Cooper or Chris Cuomo…There is absolutely no way I will accept an invitation from CNN, MSNBC…They can go find another way to pull their ratings out of the toilet.”

Hey, Ed, if you want to appear on a TV show, you’re welcome on mine anytime!


Ever since day one of President Biden taking office, a debate has been raging over whether his Administration is malicious or just almost supernaturally incompetent. Nobody wants to believe that a President (or more likely, his staffers who are really pulling the strings) would deliberately inflict so much damage on America. But could anyone possibly be dumb enough to think that throwing open the borders or shutting down the domestic fuel industry or pulling troops out of Afghanistan BEFORE evacuating our people, etc. etc. etc., could be anything other than disastrous?

Then, just as you’ve almost convinced yourself that they couldn't really hate America, they’re just really terrible at their jobs, they give you more evidence that it’s the former. Meet Cornell University law professor Saule Omarova, Biden’s nominee to head the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the most powerful and important regulator of banks, financial institutions and the US dollar.

She brings to the job such a long history of hostility to the banking industry and the established system that keeps our economy stable that it’s sort of like appointing Lex Luthor to oversee Superman. Her longtime dream is to kill the private banking industry and create a “National Investment Authority,” an independent government agency that would “centralize and nationalize strategic spending,” replacing the free market economy with a controlled economy, like that of China.

She’s praised the old Soviet Union for not having a “gender pay gap,” and she also recently told a conference that her NIA would direct capital toward “green” energy companies and away from the oil, gas and coal industries, because “we want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change.”

This is the type of idiotic blather that George Orwell called so absurd that only an intellectual could believe it. FYI: some European nations tried replacing reliable energy sources with insufficient and unstable alternative sources, and they ended up freezing in the winter and dying of heat stroke in the summer. And it could happen again, because leftists never learn from their mistakes, since their disasters are always someone else’s fault.

These are the type of grandiose, revolutionary pipe dreams that hothouse academics have been pushing for years, except the only places they actually work are in theory and in faculty lounges. Previous Administrations were smart enough to keep them there, but Biden actually wants to put one of these bubble-dwelling revolutionaries in charge of our money and our energy supply. That’s why it’s hard to believe anyone could have America’s best interests at heart and do that out of simple stupidity.

Omarova’s ideas are so out there, and would clearly be catastrophic to America’s economy and the free market, that even some Democrats on the Senate Banking Committee, including Sens. Jon Tester, Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Warner, are reportedly reluctant to confirm her. Surely, Biden can find someone better to deal with America’s money and energy interests. If not, try throwing a dart at the Dallas phone book.


Uh-oh! Better call the FBI! We’ve had a domestic terrorism incident!


President Biden wants to give up to $450,000 in compensation to illegal immigrants who were separated from their children when they brought them across the border ILLEGALLY (or at least he does now that his staff has told him he does.) He even snapped at a reporter who questioned him that “whether it was legal or illegal, you lost your child! You lost your child! It’s gone! You deserve some kind of compensation!”

So PJ Media’s Stacey Lennox asks, what about Ernest Ramirez?

He’s also Hispanic, an American citizen, and he just lost his 16-year-old son, Ernesto. He did what Biden is telling people to do and made his son get vaccinated for COVID. The government told him the vaccine was safe and didn’t tell him that his son’s chances of dying of COVID were near zero. Five days later, his son died of an enlarged heart, one of the symptoms of myocarditis. Will he get compensation? Highly unlikely, and certainly not $450,000.

Attorney Aaron Siri, who represents vaccine-injured clients, says nothing is available. The government shielded the manufacturers from lawsuits, the HHS exempted these vaccines from a federal program that compensates victims of vaccine injuries, and Sen. Ron Johnson says his phone is ringing off the hook from people claiming to have suffered adverse reactions, but the CDC, NIH and FDA are ignoring them. Siri says the only place to turn is the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program, but its standards of proof are so high and its payouts so low that it’s hardly worth it.

Ramirez testified to Johnson’s Senate panel that now, “I love my country. I don’t trust my government.” That’s understandable when the government wants to give $450,000 to illegal immigrants but won’t even give a hearing to grieving American parents.


Stop me if you’ve heard anything like this before… While Democrat politicians are forcing your kids to wear masks in school until they pass out, check out this photo of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at a lavish Getty family wedding at San Francisco City Hall where she officiated. Note the packed crowd of guests around her, all of them literally rubbing shoulders and not a face mask in sight. I hear that fellow mask enforcers Gov. Gavin Newsom and San Francisco Mayor London Breed were also there.

FYI: The City Hall is still officially closed to public meetings due to COVID, but they made an exception for this. They must’ve figured there were so many Democrats there that the virus wouldn’t spread as a courtesy, the way it also doesn’t spread at BLM protests or fancy restaurants where Democrat politicians dine.


I would call today’s Democratic Party the new home of racism in America, but between slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow laws and Bull Connor, it’s more like the traditional home of racism. Which they continue to prove not only by their embrace of “Critical Race Theory” (while denying it exists) and their 24/7 efforts to divide and judge people by skin color alone, but through the way they launch vicious racist attacks on any minority person who dares to demand the right to think for him- or herself and not just parrot the DNC party line.

Current disgusting example: their assaults on Virginia Lt. Gov-Elect Winsome Sears. Instead of celebrating a black, female immigrant/veteran who made history by winning that office, they’re savaging her in the most disgustingly racist terms, accusing her of being a ventriloquist dummy for white supremacists. This because she’s a patriot, a Republican, someone who truly loves America and a believer in the Rev. King’s vision of a colorblind society where people are judged by the content of their characters. (By the way, how much longer will it be before these so-called “anti-racists” are tearing down statues of MLK?)

This is a must-read smackdown of that self-serving, race-baiting garbage that many people are finally starting to see through and stand up to.

It’s by Jennifer Oliver O’Connell, a black female writer who got “woke” to the left’s exploitation of minorities long ago. It’s called “Take This Dog Whistle and Shove It.” As she makes clear, the Democrats pose as saviors and claim that only they can help black Americans with their problems, but “three-quarters of the problems Democrats claim they want to save us from have been fostered and exacerbated by their awful policies.”

I can see why they suddenly want us to stop saying the word “woke.” Too many people really are getting “woke” to their decades-long scam.

Related Video: If you missed my interview with Lt. Gov-Elect Winsome Sears on last weekend’s “Huckabee” on TBN (or want to watch it again), just click here to see it and connect to her website and social media pages:



As if climate change weren’t already the worst thing in the known universe and the type of existential threat that only spending $100 trillion of other people’s money could fix, now it’s sexist, too! Or as Nancy Pelosi explained it, “It’s a threat multiplier that amplifies and accelerates existing inequities!” Bad, sexist climate!

I’m particularly glad the children were here today to hear that authentic liberal gibberish.

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  • paul reed

    11/15/2021 04:44 PM

    Recently travelled to Hawaii for vacation and business. It was interesting to go to a restaurant to eat. At some, no requirements if you were picking up, or eating outside. Others, must show your Vaccine card, others your card and a picture of your id side by side on your phone .... occasionally we were required to show the physical id ... because our picture of our id with us right in front of them wasn't good enough? We even had to pull masks away from our faces to make sure we were the people in the pictures and on the ids.

    What struck me the most in this was how RACIST a state like Hawaii was, with all of it's indigenous population. I mean, can you IMAGINE how that would go over for VOTING in many places?

  • Robert E. Carter

    11/14/2021 12:20 AM

    I truly admire the work Donald Trump did while president. The public and Democrat exposures were different. It's like policy directions were masked in secrecy, rather than providing them, with "presidential" transparency, giving public rationale for doing what's right. Perhaps, as a "front", we could pray for his public appearances to start taking on that nature, showing that he is not ashamed of the gospel in acting with God's guidance. Does that make sense as effective preparation to do great things in the future ?

  • Wendell Hurst

    11/12/2021 10:06 PM

    They'd get more information on the planning of January 6 events by looking at Nancy Pelosi's records. Communications between her office and the capitol police would be particularly revealing. I guess the Democrats don't want that to get out.

  • PAUL Schaber

    11/11/2021 10:52 PM

    With the present condition of this country, I am thankful I am retired and doing my best to educate those WOKE and CANCEL CULTURE people to the faults they believe just like the people did in the 1920's until the crash came on 29 October 1929 and the world changed forever.

  • Donald J Stone

    11/11/2021 05:20 PM

    Regarding your "1. TRUMP REQUEST IS DENIED"

    Bill O'Reilly addressed this PERFECTLY here:

    ".....On Wednesday evening the No Spin News uncovered information the corporate media apparently could not find - not that they were looking. It has to do with the Biden vs Trump, January 6 story.

    President Biden has issued an executive order demanding the National Archives hand over private conversations between President Trump and his top advisers on January 6, the day of the attack on the Capitol. Mr. Trump is trying to block, claiming Executive Privilege.

    A liberal judge ruled in favor of Biden saying Trump does not have privilege because he's no longer President. The judge is wrong and will be overturned.

    Here's what we dug out. On his second day in office, January 19, 2009, President Obama signed Executive Order 13489 that specifically states former presidents can legally invoke Executive Privilege with respect to records kept in the National Archives. That order is still in place.

    Therefore, Donald Trump will win this legal battle.

    So, congratulations to us. We did old school reporting. All the other media should get back to it."

  • Teresa Edwards

    11/11/2021 02:22 PM

    You can say all the nice things about Matthew McConaughey the pleases you, but I worked with him on a movie and found him to be an egotistical, snobby narcissist. I wouldn’t vote for him for dog catcher.

  • William Fuhrer

    11/11/2021 12:09 PM

    Some persons supporting the moral side of issue backed Trump. Could some politician hold a THANK YOU DINNER for Trump stating why they supported Trump. Try to get it covered be anti Trump stations

  • Stephen Russell

    11/11/2021 10:40 AM

    I say to HELL with mask mandates
    Tired of the Dble Std
    Tired of these Games for Power
    NO More

  • Jessie Teddlie

    11/11/2021 10:15 AM

    Right after the school in Afghanistan was raided AGAIN by the terrorists and violence by an illegal occurred in Texas, I got on the government website and wrote a letter to President Biden about giving money to UN and not holding them accountable as their efforts to do what they were originally created to do have shown little results even before Obama! I also asked why there were still rules and laws in place that keep people in education, law enforcement and others from receiving our full social security benefits (WEP/GPO). After a long time I got a reply letter blaming Trump for Afghanistan and saying nothing about stopping the payment to illegals over retirees who are having their paid retirement money because of laws! “His” letter also said that he HAD been “fully” updated on why they should withdraw immediately from Afghanistan when he said, “He didn’t know…”. It is bad enough to lie in speeches, but to lie in response letters is even worse! Even his response staff put Biden’s stamp signature on fake letter response!

    I used to write often to former President and always got a response directed towards my issues!

  • Elizabeth Houghton

    11/10/2021 10:23 PM

    The Democrats have been and are even more openly practicing race fetishism. At times it becomes comical, but try not to laugh because the fallout is serious.