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November 2, 2021


Good evening! Here are some stories from me that I think you will want to read.



1.  WAS IT JUST FAKE NEWS?!?: You’ve heard all the caterwauling from the left over a Southwest Airlines pilot allegedly saying, “Let’s Go, Brandon” (the euphemism for a strong diss of President Biden), over a plane’s intercom. The outrage mob is shaking their flaming torches at Southwest’s executives. Their groveling apology isn’t enough! This pilot must be identified, fired, pilloried, shamed and barred from ever working again for committing the unpardonable thought crime of expressing an opinion that intolerant leftists disagree with (and according to polling, a majority of regular Americans wholeheartedly endorse.)

Well, there might be a problem: it’s possible nobody ever actually said that. And the “journalist” who claimed to be on the plane and to have heard it claimed it happened on October 29th, which turns out to be 18 days after the alleged audio of it was posted on social media.

So it’s possible that the left is acting like their hair is on fire over a complete hoax, which would make “Southwest Brandon-gate” the latest version of “Russian Collusion”-gate.

Incidentally, I’d like to highlight the very telling comment in that linked story from a triggered leftist on Twitter: “This pilot is encouraging violence against flight attendants with this statement.”

PJ Media’s Robert Spencer notes how they’re trying to equate all conservative speech with violence. But I’d like to ask another question: if simply hearing the pilot say “Let’s Go, Brandon” would spark someone to commit violence against a flight attendant, who, exactly, would be committing that violence? Surely not conservatives. And how would mindless violence from leftists who go into a rage and attack innocent people just because they heard a differing political viewpoint be the fault of the pilot?

Seriously, is there any point at all at which these people become responsible for their own behavior?

2. WELL-DESERVED: Colin Kaepernick’s outrageous comparison of being a millionaire NFL player to slavery is sparking some well-deserved reactions. One of the most stinging was the reminder that real slavery does still exist, only in place like China, where they make the Nike products he’s paid millions to endorse.

Derek Hunter at pointed out that it’s only because of outrageous statements like this that Kaepernick is still even a public figure.

And as usual, the best reaction came from the Babylon Bee, whose satirical take played off the fact that Kaepernick has spent years trying to force the NFL, which he now compares to slave owners, to “enslave“ and oppress him again.


“This…Is CNN!” Don’t worry, it’s okay for CNN staffers to take off their facemasks because the COVID virus knows it’s just for a photo op. It would never ruin a CNN photo op by infecting anyone there. Besides, they’re all vaccinated (so why are they wearing masks in the first place?...)

4. “DON'T LOOK NOW, BUT YOUR HYPOCRISY IS SHOWING”: Conservative writers are having a field day responding to the pearl-clutching outrage of leftists over the “Let’s Go, Brandon” mocking of President Biden. “Why, how dare someone show disrespect for the President?!”, they cry. Here’s an entertaining round-up of some of the worst offenders.

Just as a reminder of some of these highly-respectful elitists’ behavior when Trump was in the White House: Steven Colbert made an obscene comment about Trump and Putin on national TV, Madonna said she wanted to blow up the White House, Kathy Griffin brandished a fake Trump head covered in blood, and Robert DeNiro dispensed with any clean euphemisms and simply shouted, “F--- Trump” at the nationally-televised Tony Awards, for which he was rewarded with a standing ovation.

But now, they demand civility in discourse about the President? I’m fine with that, since I’ve never profanely attacked any President, even ones I disagreed with. But their moral high ground is shakier than the San Andreas Fault. They don’t want to restore respect for the Presidency, they just want to stifle criticism of the guy they backed. Sorry, the First Amendment isn’t a one-way street.


5. STRANGE FINDING: This is a strange finding, considering how racist America is supposed to be. surveyed white college applicants and found that 34% falsely claimed on their applications to be racial minorities. 81% said the reason was to improve their chances of getting accepted. Most claimed to be Native American, while smaller numbers claimed to be black, Hispanic or Asian/Pacific Islander (Tip: claiming to be Asian will not help you get into most colleges these days.)

This story was tweeted by Critical Race Theory proponent Ibram X. Kendi, who apparently saw it as more proof of his claims about America being racist – before he apparently read it a little more closely, realized what it actually said, and quickly deleted the tweet. Sadly for him, the Internet is forever.

6. DISTURBING: Sen. Lindsey Graham is under fire himself after a report appeared claiming that during the January 6th Capitol violence, he urged police to use their guns against the unarmed protesters.

This is a very disturbing claim. However, since the report came from the Washington Post, I think I’ll wait to pass judgement until I find out whether there’s any truth to it.

7. CLIMATE HYPOCRISY: While real problems in America continue to snowball, and fuel costs are skyrocketing as winter approaches, President Biden and many of his Administration’s top officials are in Glasgow, Scotland, working on fixing the weather. They’re attending COP26, the big climate change summit. How big? So big that 30,000 elites flew in, mostly on private jets. Of course, that included John Kerry, who arrived on a jet that emits more CO2 in an hour than the average American generates in six weeks.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos arrived on his own Gulfstream jet, straight from fellow “green” billionaire Bill Gates’ birthday party, for which guests were flown by helicopter to the party on a massive super yacht.

At the event, these government and industry elites got to hear Britain’s Prince Charles tell them that they had to launch a “vast military-style campaign to marshal the strength of the global private sector,” using the “trillions at its disposal, far beyond global GDP,” to create a “fundamental economic transition” to green power. Pretty grandiose talk for someone who’s 72 and never held a real job.

Maybe they could start by setting an example and holding these meetings via Zoom. Oh wait: all of the rest of us already spent the past year setting that example for them, but it didn’t seem to do any good.

To bring all this talk of remaking the world to control the weather back down to Earth, here’s Richard Fernandez at PJ Media reminding us of what all this rhetoric will really mean: sky-high gas and heating fuel costs, widespread energy shortages, and trillions of dollars spent on green energy boondoggles that are not capable of meeting the world’s needs, so a lot of people will be freezing in the dark. It’s like that old joke (“What did socialists use before candles?” “Electricity”) written on a global scale.

Well, they might not be able to create a viable source for clean energy, but at least there is no limit to the creativity greens have when it comes to spending other people's money and inventing excuses for when their policies fail. Fernandez writes of one of the more recent: if wind turbines can’t meet energy demands, it’s not because the wind can’t blow hard and often enough to replace oil. No, it’s because climate change is causing “global stilling.”

Well, maybe that’s one problem the giant collection of blowhards in Glasgow could actually fix.

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  • Mary Jo Lincoln

    11/03/2021 04:22 PM

    Please follow up with truth about Lindsey Graham’s actions on January 6.

  • Richard Colston

    11/03/2021 02:54 PM

    Even I know that the sun shines only about 12+/- hours a day while most electricity is consumed in the evening AND (me regularly driving to Palm Springs (where a large wind turbine generator farm is) drove there recently only to notice that only a handful of them even turning, which last time I looked was necessary that they turn to produce any power at all! And why is there little if any talk about nuclear power generation? I think France depends on this pretty much to keep the lights on...??

  • Floyd A Unger

    11/03/2021 02:53 PM

    Thank you

  • Tom Davis

    11/03/2021 02:02 PM

    Dear Governor: Would you support a move to request CNN (Cable Network News) to change their name? Under truth in advertising rules I believe they could identify more if their name was CON (Cable Opinion Network). Because, of course, everyone spots the con when anyone on CON is talking. They seem to struggle to find truthful news. Thanks Governor!

    Your friend,

  • Jerry

    11/03/2021 07:24 AM

    I think it’s so wonderful that people are grasping the evil of communist mandates and policies that are being slammed down on the Americans. communist puppets like Obama Abrams Biden mcauliffe and the collection of Biden’s appointments are exposed as the puppets off the CCP way of life even the Minneapolis population are understanding the evils of communist rule which is showing a glimpse of intelligence I think it is so wonderful that people are waking up to the evil of communist policies remember Americans the propaganda machines are not going to stop the indoctrination of communist lifestyle

  • James Drury Jr.

    11/03/2021 06:36 AM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Michelle Clark

    11/02/2021 09:34 PM

    Climate hypocrisy: you failed to mention the cruise ships that came in to port to accommodate staff for this mess. And ports aren't equipped for 'green' operations ( but ships are) so they will be burning fuel instead, which is SO not green!

  • Raplee C McBurney

    11/02/2021 09:10 PM

    Keep up the good work, Gov Mike! And keep the Bible verses coming, I analyze every one.

  • Jim Bryant

    11/02/2021 08:48 PM

    Love the newsletter, love the Bible verses, love the hymns, but use of the word "caterwauling," made my day! Thanks Gov and company!

  • David Berry

    11/02/2021 08:33 PM

    Thanks again for bringing all these interesting news stories to us all in one newsletter. Real Climate Science is another great source for you and your excellent writers to share with others.
    (Also on YouTube)