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November 23, 2021


Good evening! Here are some stories from me that I think you will want to read. 




You know how gangs of thieves are stripping store shelves bare in San Francisco? Well, whatever you do, don’t call that “looting!” According to a retired police officer and Professor of Criminal Justice and Community Policing at the University of New Haven, “’Looting’ is a term that we typically use when people of color or urban dwellers are doing something. We tend not to use that term for other people when they do the exact same thing.”

You know, it’s funny, but when I hear the term “looter,” I just picture people who smash windows and steal armloads of other people’s property. I don’t picture urban people of color. Seems to me that if you automatically associate looting with people of color, you’re the one who has a racism issue you might want to deal with.


Parade Horror Update: It was revealed that four of the six deaths caused by an SUV driver plowing into a Christmas parade were members of a group known as the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies.

Other victims spanned a wide age range, and at least a dozen injured children were taken to hospitals, but so far, there have been no reports of children dying. I hope you will continue to pray for all the victims, both for full recoveries of the injured and for comfort for the families of those who were killed or injured.

As Deanna Fisher at the Victory Girls blog reports, there were a number of vile reactions on social media from people trying to score anti-Kyle Rittenhouse political points off of what so far appears to be a completely unrelated act allegedly committed by a known criminal. But as we’ve learned more about this outrage, a legitimate political issue has arisen, and it’s one the left would rather not talk about. Instapundit has a good round-up of the ways in which the media are trying to spin away what’s coming.

The suspect, Darrell Edwards Brooks Jr., is a black man with both a long criminal record and a string of social media posts that paint him as an anti-white, anti-Semitic BLM supporter. Early reports that he was fleeing police or a knife fight appear to be incorrect, and video shows that his rampage went on for half a mile through eight intersections, so it was hardly an accident. All of which supports the police department’s conclusion that the killing spree was intentional. Wait, it gets worse.

I already told you that despite his violent criminal record and his facing two felony and three misdemeanor charges, he was released two days before the parade on just $1,000 bail. One of those charges was for domestic abuse for hospitalizing his girlfriend by allegedly running over her with his vehicle.

Since 1999, Brooks has been charged with crimes 10 times, many of them very serious.

The office of District Attorney John Chisholm said it’s launching an internal review to find out why such an inappropriately low bail was set. This sounds like a CYA effort. This is kind of like the Biden White House’s investigation into why gas prices are so high, or launching an investigation to find out why you got sick after kissing Typhoid Mary.

Chisholm was elected in 2007 and has reportedly received thousands of dollars of support from far-left billionaire George Soros, who has funded the elections of other leftist DA’s whose idea of “justice reform” is to decriminalize crime, open the jails, handcuff police, and let criminals prey on the community at will. If any of them are arrested, they're released immediately on little or no bail. The only people they seem to want to prosecute are law-abiding citizens who try to defend themselves. Chisholm has even taken credit for inspiring the San Francisco DA, who has presided over a crime wave that’s sent businesses and residents fleeing.

While the Waukesha parade massacre is shocking for the sheer brutality, mindlessness and body count, it shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s come to this. How many other innocent people have already been killed or injured because of Soros-funded leftist “prosecutors” who refuse to prosecute and jail criminals? This steady string of tragedies and injustices didn’t happen all at once on camera, so it’s been easy for the media to ignore them. But this single atrocity brings it home in a chilling way.

Maybe there should be a federal election law requiring that a “Soros-funded DA” warning label be placed on all campaign materials for these people, the same way we put a skull and crossbones on bottles of poison, and for the same reason.


Last night, Fox News aired Tucker Carlson’s exclusive first post-trial interview with Kyle Rittenhouse. He had a message for President Biden and much more to say. Check it out here:

Also, as promised, here’s a link to the full episode of Mark Levin’s Sunday show, with his interview with former President Trump:


Congratulations to President Biden for finally getting a couple of things right. Monday, he angered “progressives” such as Elizabeth Warren by renominating Trump appointee Jerome Powell to another term as Federal Reserve Chair. Lael Brainard, whom the leftists wanted in charge, was nominated for Vice Chair.

In a statement, Biden said, “I’m confident that Chair Powell and Dr. Brainard’s focus on keeping inflation low, prices stable and delivering full employment will make our economy stronger than ever before.”

Warren railed that Powell was a “dangerous” choice because he wouldn’t prioritize such burning issues as “climate mitigation.” Most financial analysts breathed a sigh of relief, however, since they’d rather see the Fed concentrate on reducing inflation and keeping the economy and the dollar healthy, rather than trying to change the weather.

The other move by Biden that suggests he caught a fleeting grip on reality was his decision to release 50 million gallons of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to bring down gas prices, a move also being taken by other nations.

Don’t get me wrong: this is hardly a long-term solution. It’s only about a three-day supply for America. It won’t solve the problem of how to get a steady supply to fill our needs when the President and his Party are waging war on our domestic fuel industry. And as Joe Cunningham at suggests, they see this as just a mollifying stopgap while they force Americans to “transition” to unreliable and expensive green energy sources that can’t meet demand.

And former President Trump slammed the move because the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is supposed to be for national emergencies, not temporary relief from the bad consequences of your own stupid policies.

Many others agreed.

But at least Biden did show signs of understanding, even if only for a day, that there is a relationship between the supply of oil and gas and the price of oil and gas. It may be a small victory, but I’ll take miracles wherever I can find them these days.


A group of House Democrats, including (of course) Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, penned a letter (news flash: they can write!) to Senate Democrats, demanding that they ignore the Senate Parliamentarian who ruled that a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants can’t be included in a budget reconciliation bill. Their “argument” is that the Parliamentarian’s role is only advisory, not binding, and that the citizenship change would have a “massive budgetary impact.”

Well, that’s one thing they got right! Except that with these people, everything they want to do has a massive budgetary impact.

For the record: budget reconciliation bills are allowed to pass on a simple majority vote not subject to filibuster, the idea being that something as important as keeping the government funded shouldn’t be held hostage to politics. However, Democrats have begun widely abusing this rule to shove through all sorts of unpopular, “transformative” legislation that could never garner 60% support in the Senate. That’s precisely why the Founders created the Senate: to prevent the “tyranny of the majority” and put the brakes on any unconstitutional power grabs that the hotheads in the House might send up.

AOC and other leftists find it terribly inconvenient that there are rules built into the system to prevent them from shoving their radical agenda down our throats with only the tiniest of majorities. Since taking power, they have dreamed up all sorts of rule changes to get around those roadblocks, from eliminating the filibuster to stacking the Supreme Court to suggesting a combined House/Senate majority vote. This is just their latest desperate gambit to seize more power. They’re trying to force as much America-transforming radicalism through as they can because they sense that after the next election, they’ll be such a tiny minority that they’ll be officing out of a broom closet.

I’m so old, I remember the hilarious claims by people like AOC that “Democratic socialists” were, like, TOTALLY different from old-style socialists! Those socialists abused power to force their will onto millions of people and steamrolled over anyone who got in their way. “Democratic socialists” are SO different! They have the word “Democratic” in their name.


The National Republican Congressional Committee has added another 13 names to its “Democrat Exit List.” These are Democrats who have either announced that they’re leaving or that the NRCC believes are vulnerable, so they’re already running ads targeting them for supporting big spending legislation that’s fueling runaway inflation. Like to read their names and enjoy some pleasant daydreams about them no longer being in office? There’s more at the link:


Radical “Squad” member Rep. Rashida Tlaib gave an interview to Axios and found it impossible to defend her own positions on such insane policies as closing down all federal prisons and releasing everyone in them.

As the writer Sister Toldyah puts it, this shows why she is “precisely the type of person that doesn’t even deserve to be elected dog catcher in her local community let alone allowed anywhere near the levers of power in Washington, D.C.” Let me just add that I appreciate that she didn’t say Tlaib SHOULD be a dog catcher instead of a Congress member, because I’m a dog lover, so I want all dogs dealt with only by people who are smart, humane and competent.


Prepare for heads to explode among Texas liberals. They’re finally getting their wish: conservative Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert might be leaving Congress... (now, prepare for the “booms”) because he’s decided to run for Attorney General of Texas.

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  • Cathy C.

    11/24/2021 11:26 AM

    Sorry Mike you've gotten one wrong. In giving Biden credit for keeping Jerome Powell Fed Reserve
    Chair it's only so that a Trump appointee can be blamed for the interest rates going up and all other financial messes he gets us into.

  • Jerry Korba

    11/24/2021 11:15 AM

    People talk about diversity i encounter people of our Congress the Biden Admin. and I see people without all their limbs some are missing an eye some are Homosexuals some are Bisexuals some are Straight some have color in their skin some don't some are female some are male some are not sure some have Religion some don't some are evil some are kind it doesn't matter what you are all the matters is are you COMPETENT in your job as a servant of the American citizen. 70% of the country believes this Administration is NOT COMPETENT in conducting positive business in America. Look at Transportation a disaster look at our Energy Department a disaster look at our border security a disaster look at DOJ a disaster look at our FBI a disaster look at our Education a disaster lookat our Foreign Policy a disaster look at our Military Leadership a disaster lets face the facts WE have Diversity that is for sure and what we have for sure is DISASTER so never speak to me about diversity in Government if I want to view SHITFF i will visit a cow barn.

  • Sandra Malone

    11/24/2021 10:22 AM

    Just a question. If AOC+3 really want to let out everyone that's in jail, will that include Q-ANON and the rest of the 1/6 people that are in jail?? Maybe someone should ask them that.

  • Jerry

    11/24/2021 08:44 AM

    Shitff cities like New York should take the statues of great people out of their public view it is a disgrace to be on a toxic environment take these statues and put them on decent ground where decent people can view them Washington DC a place where decent people come to become indecent however decent people visit the memorials with respect and people know that the memorials are surrounded by indecent people and leave quickly I am guilty I had taken my grandchild for his 11 year old trip and visited DC for a week education was the theme for him and me I also took my in-laws years later to visit as my father in law wanted to see the war memorials as he was a ww2 vet today I would wear a hazmat suit in DC NY as the people that live there are toxic and unworthy of my visit

  • JC Holland

    11/24/2021 08:20 AM

    Thank you for not being afraid to talk about Soros. We all know he is the one running our country now, right down to the local levels.

    You appear on Fox all the time. Why are they afraid to even say Soros? Who is really running Fox now?

    I and millions like me mostly watch channels like Newsmax. But even Newsmax rarely speaks Soros name.

    All Americans need to know who is really running the country so we can fight his politics head on.

    Also, please talk and post every day about those still trapped by Biden in Afghanistan. That story has to stay front and center for Americans to remember what he did.

    Thank you

  • Mary Beth Spivey

    11/24/2021 07:54 AM

    I have one question regarding the Kyle Rittenhouse interview. Why wasn’t Lin Wood and the other attorney Kyle accused of keeping him in jail not contacted so the viewers could hear their side? I’ve always viewed Carson Tucker as one who does his best offer clear interviews. However, this interview seemed off in many ways. Starting with how Kyle R., a young man who has just been through a major emotional upheaval (the trial for his life) was so calm. While I know it’s possible, I just cannot imagine an individual having been through his ordeal would have their emotions he under control that quickly without a great deal of prepping. (Maybe it was thanks to some good editing.)

  • James Drury Jr.

    11/24/2021 06:54 AM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Nick Wright

    11/23/2021 11:44 PM

    I don't think this is the reason the Senate was created: "That’s precisely why the Founders created the Senate: to prevent the “tyranny of the majority” and put the brakes on any unconstitutional power grabs that the hotheads in the House might send up." The Senate was created, I think, so that each state, however small, would have a chance to voice their opinion as to how the legislation would affect their state. Remember that originally the Senate members were appointed by their legislature not voted in. It was a bad day when that amendment was pushed through. Technically there would be a clear Republican majority now!

  • Floyd A Unger

    11/23/2021 09:44 PM

    Thank you

  • Carl T Smith

    11/23/2021 09:39 PM

    Going to release 50 million barrels of CRUDE from the Strategic oil reserve? After Trump replenished the reserve from previous drawdowns. FYI the % of the 50 million barrels will only last THREE(3) Days. A 42-gallon barrel of oil does NOT Produce 42 gallons of gasoline/Diesel etc. Where are the HONEST media when needed?