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November 20, 2021

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  • Roger Kempton

    11/21/2021 01:18 PM

    On what basis can Rittenhouse sue the media and expect to be awarded damages? Short of some info source having spread factual lies that provably caused him measurable harm, this is America, where folks, whether in electronic broadcasting or in a supermarket cash register line, are legally entitled to state whatever valid or horse dung opinions they care to. The man was appropriately tried and found innocent of all charges. So unless someone concocted a story that Rittenhouse's father was a space alien, a lie that cost him his desired membership in a social club, what gives him any reason or right to sue anybody? Stupidity is not a crime.

  • Theodore Allen

    11/20/2021 11:07 PM

    Love your TV program and now this. Great
    Can't get TV HOOKUP after your TV PROGRAM.

  • Mary Jo Peay

    11/20/2021 10:33 PM

    I am thrilled that justice was served and the verdict was honest and right - Kyle Rittenhouse was found "not guilty" on all charges. This was clearly a case of self-defense, and the real video showed that. Kyle was being chased by a mob of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, was threatened with death, he was knocked down to the ground by a man with a skateboard, hit in the head, and only fired when three of the mob pointed their guns at him and he had to defend himself. If he had not, he would have been killed. These three men were career criminals. I am so happy, I could dance. I prayed, as everyone else did, I gave to his defense fund as many of us did, and I prayed for his beloved mom who loves him so much. I couldn't help thinking that this was a case of bullying - Kyle was 17 years old at the time, and was only trying to help protect businesses against the looting and rioting. His mom said his whole life was spent in helping others. I feel the Lord has answered all of our prayers. Now I hope Kyle sues many of the media and anyone else who tried to throw this case and convict him. A big shout-out for the wonderful and honorable Judge Schroeder for standing strong and calling out he dishonest prosecutors and the person following the jury bus and trying to influence the jury to find him guilty. He kept it a fair trial. I am over the moon knowing that Kyle Rittenhouse was found innocent!

  • Ruth H Barringer

    11/20/2021 09:19 PM

    Happy w/verdict!! Thank God!! Surprised as I've become so cynical with our current corrupt Administration.

  • Louise Byrd

    11/20/2021 09:08 PM

    Yes he should sue every one of them. The left passed judgement on this young man before the facts were even heard. That is what is wrong with the left, they spread lies and cause division in our country.

  • Stan Fisher

    11/20/2021 08:54 PM

    He should sue every single person who spread all of those terrible lies about him. They must pay dearly for their slander.

  • Ramona Hamilton

    11/20/2021 08:44 PM

    Yes, he should sue the MSM, Biden, and all other news outlets who spewed lies and didn't look at the videos and facts.

  • Jan Keough

    11/20/2021 08:16 PM

    I agree with your comments on this trial... Kyle acted in self-defense. The prosecutor was irresponsible and grand standing by holding the gun in court. I hate frivolous litigation but the media (including the presidential candidate Biden) should be sued.

  • Carol J Mathews

    11/20/2021 08:10 PM

    My faith in a jury was restored with this verdict. I figured and even hoped they would have a mistrial because he was not guilty of anything except of saving his own life. It was wonderful to see `12 people would have the courage of their convictions and actually find him not guilty. You know that they took into account that they could be accosted, hound and pressed for not finding something. The DA were completely incompetent and should be fired. They cheated justice and it was clear they were after a confiction for their own personal gain. They should be sued also. Only when the pocket book of these radicals is hit, will this meanist ever stop. Justice had a good day and American citizens stood for the right thing.

  • Milton Woodham

    11/20/2021 07:23 PM

    He should absolutely sue the pants off anyone and everyone who defamed him and declared him guilty. Wouldn't it be a hoot if he sues President Biden for defamation and wins!