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November 24, 2021


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3 ‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’

Jeremiah 33:3 NKJV

 Today's Bible verse was recommended by Tommy W.

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Margot Cleveland has done it again, this time by digging deep into a detailed whistleblower complaint about “concerning behavior” among Pennsylvania election officials. The complaint runs 90-plus pages, it includes a “bevy” of exhibits, and, yes, there’s video.

The video appears to show election officials from Delaware County, Pennsylvania, destroying records from the November 2020 election. As in, tearing up records, tossing them in the trash, and talking about what a big bonfire they’re gonna have.

As Cleveland reports, this complaint presents detailed alleged violations of state law during the election, as well as claims of a conspiracy afterwards “to hide the numerous problems and illegalities that occurred during the last presidential election” by conspiring to destroy or alter election data “to prevent the discovery of the fraudulent results of the November 3, 2020, election, and the violation of various state and federal election laws.”

Pennsylvania has what they call a Right To Know law, and when Delaware County got a request on May 21, 2021, for election data, this appears to have sparked the alleged conspiracy and cover-up, with the apparent goal of turning evidence of malfeasance into thousands of tiny charcoal briquets.

In a video provided to The Federalist of an alleged conversation that took place a week after that request, the director of election operations for Delaware County, James Allen, is heard speaking with chief custodian/voting machine warehouse supervisor, Jim Savage.

Allen: “Then get rid of the pads and the second scanners.”

Savage: “We can’t talk about it any more.”

Allen: “Why?

Savage: “It’s a felony.” According to the complaint, Savage encouraged a private conversation about this later because other employees were there at the time.

Video from the following month appears to show another Delaware County official, James ("Ziggy") Ziegelhofer, talking with the whistleblower. Ziggy was “Judge of the Election” for the Western Precinct of the Media Borough.

Ziggy: “What we have evidence, right? Let them figure that out.”

Whistle: “Yes, but what I don’t understand, and this makes --- honestly, this makes me nervous. Is why tapes were being thrown away?”

Ziggy: “No, no, tapes were---”

Whistle: “No, you guys have been throwing away tapes...So, what tapes are you throwing away? Like, why?”

Ziggy: “They’re all unidentifiable.”

Whistle: “But it’s been that way since the November elections, so why would you throw anything away? Because you have to save it for 22 months.”

Ziggy: “Yes, there are tapes that are being tossed. But they are of no audit value.”

A third conversation allegedly captures the whistleblower talking with Delaware County lawyer Tom Gallager, who is tearing tapes from voting machines and discarding them. Ziggy is there, too.

Whistle: “Tom, why do you have to rip it up? Make you feel better?”

Gallager: “At this point, I don’t want anybody to pick it up, and thinking we threw stuff away.”

Ziggy: “We’re gonna have a little campfire going.”

The complainants in the case allege that Ziegelhofer and Gallager set up a long table with 2020 election data and “selectively destroyed” the proof tapes from the machines and other evidence by tearing it into pieces and placing it in the trash, saying they’d make a campfire with it.

Contract employee Regina Miller became nervous abut what was going on, complainants allege, and told the men they were violating numerous state and federal laws. (So it appears we have our whistleblower: Miller.)

Miller allegedly was threatened. She says that in July of 2021, Allen said he’d consider a complaint made to anyone but him as “a second and final violation of chain of command,” and that Savage told her “that he would have someone killed if he was ever betrayed by someone at work and described a story that he heard regarding someone from the county that someone ‘ratted on.’”

The complaint presents five legal theories for recovery, but Cleveland doesn’t think any of them are a “close fit” with the facts presented to the court. She says the allegations “seem to scream of violations of the law,” but she doesn’t grasp the remedy the complainants seek. If it’s fraud, the remedy is typically money damages, but how would a court assess that here? Meaning, if you’re disenfranchised, just how much is your lost vote worth?

Cleveland tried to contact Allen, Savage, Gallager and Ziegelhofer for her story but didn’t hear back from any of them.

I’m not a lawyer, but it seems to me the complainants wouldn’t be looking for a legal remedy in the form of compensation, but rather to make it clear that these people broke the law. And that seems to be Cleveland’s interpretation as well. She believes their purpose is to expose this conspiracy, find out what these people were covering up, and avoid a repeat performance of election fraud. But Cleveland’s not optimistic that even video evidence will be enough for people “blinded by their distaste for Trump.” She's correct in thinking that Trump Derangement Syndrome really is that bad. In their desire to destroy him, they don’t even care if the system --- and our trust in it --- is collateral damage.

We found a report from a local news outlet, the Delaware County Daily Times, with more details on the complaint and the players involved, as well as specifics on the relief complainants are seeking. (They want a jury trial.) Ruth Moton, a former Republican candidate for the state legislature, is filing the suit along with several other local residents. Their complaint names 38 people (!), including former Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar and numerous local election officials. It says they have documented evidence of a conspiracy to “destroy, delete, secrete, alter, hide and/or obscure election data and materials, equipment and/or the product of same, and/or the results reflected thereby...” So there.

One thing Cleveland didn’t mention: They’re also asking Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro and U.S. Attorney William McSwain to investigate for possible fraud and election law violations. So far, no criminal charges have been filed against any election official, but complainants also want a protective order to stop them from destroying or altering any records or machines used in the November 3 election --- make that any MORE records --- and an order to produce all machines, hard drives, software, etc., required for the independent and non-partisan forensic audit that they undoubtedly need to do.


With so much bad news all around and Thanksgiving drawing near, we need some feel-good stories to remind us of the kindness in people and to be grateful for unexpected blessings. This story has all that, plus Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson! How could you go wrong?


Dear Leftists: No, we will not cancel our editorials about Thanksgiving because you think the Pilgrims were genocidal racists. Signed, The Wall Street Journal.

PS – You can tell the WSJ editors are serious professionals because they were able to respond to this idiotic demand without once calling the people making it “turkeys.” I am in awe of their self-restraint.


Robert “Beto” O’Rourke, who has twice lost his home state of Texas in bids for Senator and President, now thinks he’s going to be elected Governor in the shaping-up-to-be-a-red-tsunami year of 2022. He told CNN that the election won’t be about Biden or Trump, “This is going to be about the people of Texas and what the people of Texas want.”

I agree, but if he expects to crack 40% in the polls (one new poll shows he’d even lose to Matthew MacConaughey by 22 points),

“Beto” might want to try listening to the people of Texas when they tell him what they don’t want. And aside from “Beto” having any power over them, Texans really don’t want the government banning guns and sending goon squads to their homes to confiscate their AR-15 rifles, a position he just doubled-down on after saying, “Hell, yes” he would take away people’s guns during his presidential bid. It’s a view that’s not even popular outside Texas, so I imagine it’s about as popular in Texas as spaghetti in your chili.

If he really wants to listen to Texans, it might be painful. At a recent campaign stop in Houston, a man shook his hand and said, "’Beto,’ I'm Robert. I'm a native Houstonian. On behalf of the ranchers, the oil and gas, the farmers: like Maxine Waters, I'm in your grill telling you don't come back. We don't want you here. Get the hell out!...Hey, ‘Beto’! Come and take it. It ain't going to happen. You lost twice. No means no." The crowd then started chanting, "Hell no! Hell no!"

But when asked if “Beto’s” anti-gun stance will alienate voters, Texas Democrats insisted it would not.

If they keep up that level of self-delusion, the 2022 elections will be a bloodbath. Not because of legal gun owners but because Democrats just can’t stop shooting themselves in the foot.

(By the way, the Dem official in that story who said “automatic rifles shouldn’t be accessible to all” apparently doesn’t know that an AR-15 is not an automatic rifle, and fully-automatic rifles have been illegal for most Americans to own for years.)


Interesting article from 10 embarrassing facts about Jesus that people who attack Christianity without actually reading the Bible don’t know:

And why bring this up? Because just the fact that the Bible includes these embarrassing details is yet more evidence that the people who wrote it were telling the truth, not embellishing the story to win converts.


Kurt Schlichter is always brutally hilarious, but his column about how the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse so exposed the yawning gap between the fake news the left is feeding Americans to keep us divided and the actual facts – and how this could be a turning point at which normal Americans finally stand up and say, “ENOUGH!” -- may be his most hilarious yet, and his most brutal toward leftists who are trying to take over our lives while telling us we just have to sit there and take it. It’s a must-read, but you might want to fasten your seat belts first.


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This feature returns with images of America's cities, landscapes and people.



Today's hymn/song was recommended by Alan M.

He can turn the tides and calm the angry sea

He alone decides who writes a symphony

He lights every star that makes the darkness bright

He keeps watch all through each long and lonely night

He still finds the time to hear a child, a child's first prayer

Saint or sinner calls and always finds him there

Though it makes Him sad to see the way we live

He'll always say,"I forgive"

He still finds the time to hear a child, a child's first prayer

Saint or sinner calls and always finds Him there

Though it makes Him sad to see the way we live

He'll always say,"I forgive, I forgive"

Author: Jack Richards and Richard Mullan

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  • William P Smith

    11/26/2021 08:01 PM

    I bought Relaxium for my wife after seeing you advertise it.
    It did not work.
    They sent me two shipments which I did not order.
    I paid for the first bottle.
    I have not ordered any other than the first.
    They ship bottles in unmarked USPS plastic envelopes which one has to open to see what is inside.
    I am at my wits end about how to stop the Relaxium shipments - I cannot find a contact number or email address for them so I am contacting you.

  • Anita David

    11/26/2021 12:09 AM

    I want to thank you for what you are doing Mike, the value is incalcuable, from sending us real news as close to truth as possible to lifting up on high the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ through adding things like the daily hymns, bible verses, views of the beauty and grandeur of God-blessed nature and national sites in this country, to now the prayer requests. I don't understand the in memorium as we as Protestants, don't pray for or to the dead per se except that their souls are in rest until they are called up by Christ. In any case - THANK YOU, please lean heavily on the Lord for all wisdom, something I struggle to do often going to my self-sufficiency.

    I often have to scan through some of your detail but thank you for making it easier and more readable.

    God bless you and please - keep going for the Lord!!

  • Gary Stilwell

    11/25/2021 08:53 PM

    re: Pa. alleged voter fraud--videos---
    OK so where are the videos??? this story links to the purported videos of this action--there are NO videos--
    Could you please explain this?--
    Without the video documentation, your claims are no better than the left--


  • Beth Mitchell

    11/25/2021 03:58 AM

    Thank you and your staff for all the work you do to help us to stay up with accurate news reporting, prayers, God's word, and all the blessings and encouragement (the beautiful pictures of America), the Scripture verses. God bless all of you!!!

  • Kirk Lindvig

    11/24/2021 06:24 PM

    You recently stated, “ fully-automatic rifles have been illegal for most Americans to own for years.)”. In fact, fully automatic weapons are taxed, but available to most Americans after a rigorous background check (but still subject to local and state restrictions). Since 1938 these legally owned fully automatic have been used only once to commit a crime, and that was by a police officer! Fully automatic weapons have been safely owned by individuals for decades. Please acknowledge this fact in your future commentaries!

  • Floyd A Unger

    11/24/2021 06:12 PM

    Thank you. And oh yeah thank you also Robert

  • Guy Hicklin

    11/24/2021 04:36 PM

    I don't know anything about, but I question calling the "10 facts" embarrassing. Is Jesus, or our Christian faith embarrassed when someone rejects the witness of the Gospel today? I certainly hope not. Each of these "facts" are simply examples of someone, for that moment, or for eternity, rejecting the witness of the Son go God. They were choosing the "broad way" instead of the "narrow way", which should break your heart, not make you embarrassed.

  • Firewagon

    11/24/2021 03:22 PM

    "....fully-automatic rifles have been illegal for most Americans to own for years."

    LOL! Correct. I might have prefaced the number 87 to those "years." The only people still alive today, when that "law" was enacted, would be pushing 100 years of age. I suspect there are few people still above ground when the National Firearms Act of 1934 was passed.

  • Paul Kern

    11/24/2021 02:26 PM

    While Thanksgiving an important day for married couples I gave seen that single believers are left out because many confuse their natural family with God's family. At least in Western nations.
    I see many predicting a Red wave next year many like me see the Republican Party as just an extension of the left. Many accept the left's lies.
    Like the corrupt Roman Senate before Caesar took total control. I only see one candidate I can vote for with a clear conscience. The RNC now totally "woke" since it started an LGBTQ branch!

  • William Fuhrer

    11/24/2021 02:23 PM

    WITCH HUNT: My understanding of the term WITCH HUNT is persons looking for Communists