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December 9, 2021

Tesla founder Elon Musk may have made a lot of money off of electric cars, but he still doesn’t support Biden’s “Build Back Better” bill, even though it spends a lot of money subsidizing EVs and building more charging stations.

At a Wall Street Journal economic event, Musk said, "Honestly, I would just can this whole bill. Don't pass it. That's my recommendation." Musk said the government should be a referee, not a player on the field, and it should "get out of the way and not impede progress." He said, "The vast majority of rules and regulations live forever...there's not really an effective garbage collection system for removing rules and regulations, so this hardens the arteries of civilization where you are able to do less and less over time." (Actually, we did have a system for hauling away garbage rules and regulations, but he was replaced by Joe Biden.)

Biden’s bill includes $7500 subsidies for buying electric vehicles, plus an extra $4500 if it’s union-made, which Teslas aren’t. That seems to me like using our tax money to rig the market in favor of Democrat-supporting unions. Musk pointed out that Teslas sell with no subsidies and said there shouldn’t be any government subsidies, nOt even for building charging stations. He pointed out that gas stations get built without government subsidies

He also said we can’t keep spending trillions of dollars we don’t have and creating new entitlement programs when we already don’t know how we’re going to keep Medicare and Social Security funded.

Will Congress pay attention? Highly doubtful. He’s speaking common sense, and it’s not a language they’re familiar with.

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  • Ken Bacskai

    12/09/2021 08:50 AM

    Government subsidies! I can ill-afford to purchase an EV (even if I could, I wouldn't) but why should my tax dollars go to those financially able to purchase these vehicles without my help? One could make the same argument concerning Federal subsidies for home solar systems. I'm with Mr. Musk on this one - Fed get out of the way!!