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December 2, 2021


Good evening! Here are some stories from me that I think you will want to read. 


Today's Bible Verse was recommended by Kathy W.

12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

Acts 4:12 KJV


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Governor Huckabee sits down for a chat with Author and former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson.

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Vaccine mandates just took another blow with Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot dropping her lawsuit against the police union for resisting. She claims it’s because 87% of officers are complying and that’s enough, and not because she was losing the court battle, with a judge suspending her December 31st deadline.

Personally, I find it hard to believe any claim from the mayor of Chicago that any policy of hers is based on the premise that Chicago has enough cops.


Just when you thought your opinion of our federal law enforcement Deep States couldn’t get any lower, grab a shovel and read this:

Buzzfeed reports that over the past 14 years, the CIA amassed credible evidence that at least 10 CIA employees and contractors committed sexual crimes involving children, some so horrific they would have landed a non-connected American in jail for decades. Yet only one was prosecuted. The rest were “handled internally,” such as through firing, forced resignations or revoking contracts. In short, they lost a gig but were free to go out and do it again. The excuse for letting them go was that prosecuting them might expose the CIA’s “sources and methods.” Is it any better that their methods of dealing with pedophiles have now been exposed?

I will remind you that one of the most sensational trials in America right now is that of a woman accused of aiding and covering up for a pedophile. She’s facing up to 80 years in prison. So why are the CIA officials who allegedly aided and covered up for these pedophiles still in positions of authority instead of orange jumpsuits?


Wondering why leftism and wokeness are poisoning the sciences? Partly because of peer pressure and fear of the Twitter mob, but also because that’s where the money is.

A Ph.D. candidate in computer science at Northwestern University was studying how to make a grant proposal when he noticed the same woke buzzwords popping up in all the proposals he read. So he did a study and found that nearly a third of the abstracts for grants from the National Science Foundation, the government’s primary science grant distributor, contained highly politicized terms. He found that 30.4% of them included at least one of these terms: “equity,” “diversity,” “inclusion,” “gender,” “marginalize,” “underrepresented” or “disparity.”

This was especially common in education and human resources grants (53.8%), but even 22.6% of math and physical science grants contained them, up from 0.9% in 1990. Wokeism is doing the same thing to science grants that crabgrass does to lawns: rapidly expanding and choking out the good stuff.

The researcher said this is evidence that the NSF is getting increasingly politicized, and the growing sameness of the grants reflects a political litmus test that discourages conservative researchers from applying or being honest on applications. Ironically, this rewarding of woke leftism is resulting in less diversity, as only grants from one viewpoint get funded. In other words, there's a big disparity in grant awards diversity and inclusiveness because conservatives are being marginalized and underrepresented.

But I guess that’s okay, since being woke means you define “diversity” as giving a fair chance to people of every race, gender and skin color, as long as they agree with you 100%.


If you listen to the Democrats and their media stenographers, you’d think that the only reason anyone would not vote Republican is that they must be a greedy racist. That little bit of overused slander may be wearing out its welcome as the Democrats’ massive failures of policy are now too obvious and painful even for many of their longtime supporters to ignore.

Latest taker of the Red Pill: Victor Jimenez. He was not only a Democrat but the lead public information officer for liberal Washington, DC, Mayor Murial Bowser’s office for community affairs.

Jimenez told Tucker Carlson that his conversion started with voting for Republican Glenn Youngkin for Virginia Governor, and he’s now switched parties. The reason: “Biden turned me into a Republican” and “destroyed the economy.”

Wait, I can hear the Democrats saying, are you sure he’s not just a white supremacist racist? Actually, he’s of Dominican background. One of his chief concerns is that Biden’s open borders are letting people stream into the US with guns, drugs and criminal records and harm Hispanic communities. Even good people who just want jobs are undermining the wages of Hispanic American families. He said people can feel the rise in crime and violence, and “everything is crumbling for the Democrats.” He predicted that Youngkin’s victory was the beginning of the end, and more will come in 2022.

Interestingly, he said he knows he’s going against the narrative because Democrats expect him to be a Democrat by default. Funny, I would think that assuming someone has to think and vote a certain way just because of his race would be…racist.

The Democrats can pound the “racist” straw man all they want, but their real problem is that so many Americans are being exposed to the same thing that converted this public information officer: too much public information.


Congratulations to staff writer Laura Ainsworth! Her other job is that she’s a terrific retro jazz singer with three award-winning CDs and a best-of LP to her credit. Recently, a deluxe, expanded CD version of her best-of LP called “Top Shelf” was released in Japan. This rave review by Downbeat contributor Eric Harabadian has been the most-viewed review on this music site for four straight weeks (going for the record of six weeks), and has just been named the most-viewed review of the month of November.

Please check it out and share it. You can find all of Laura’s music at

And learn more about her at where you can see a clip of her on “Huckabee” and learn why Eric Harabadian said, “You’re in for a real treat. Laura Ainsworth is one of the most talented and entertaining vocalists – of any genre or era – on the music scene today!”


Whattayaknow? Late night TV viewers actually prefer laughing to getting lectured and hectored by leftist mouthpieces. Greg Gutfeld’s hilarious and gleefully non-PC show on Fox News is beating Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel and is now the #1 show in basic cable with a nightly audience of 1,983,000 viewers. Gutfeld is also trouncing every show in every category on MSNBC, despite Rachel Maddow’s strenuous efforts to make her show inadvertently hilarious.

Maybe this will spark a renaissance for late night programs if the other networks decide to try something really radical and reintroduce comedy to late night comedy shows.

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Comments 1-10 of 16

  • shauna Dickerson

    12/03/2021 01:39 PM

    I'm so delighted that Greg Gutfield is so successful in the late night TV field. Mostly I'm glad Kimmel and Colbert are losing out.

  • Stephen Russell

    12/03/2021 11:05 AM

    End Pandemic:
    Need worldwide Treaty for R&D alone
    Uniform policy sited
    Long range plans for.
    NO more mandates, etc IF NOT warranted
    Biden does Zero

  • Stephen Russell

    12/03/2021 10:21 AM

    RINOs supported new Govt budget bill & RNC does Nothing
    NO support, values & they expect us to donate to them
    Graham is a RINO

  • Stephen Russell

    12/03/2021 10:10 AM

    CDC planning to track virus at 5 airports, (alas not LAX CA yet)


    12/03/2021 10:08 AM

    Hats off to SUZANNE BAIL: Truer words were never spoken. Totally agree.

  • Jerry

    12/03/2021 10:03 AM

    Nothing will ever happen with the Biden and CCP relationship shady activities over a decade ago only says many government officials knew what was going on and did gain assets in the pay to play schemes that took place while Biden was the VP

  • Jerry

    12/03/2021 09:52 AM

    Our country is in a state of pandemic the poisoning of street drug users 100000 a year people living in an obese lifestyle heart disease cancers the Asian flu a yearly event traffic deaths all are in my view is the pandemic and thru out recent history criminal activities exist when the White House says Covid is the cause of criminal activities it is just an excuse to steal fraudulent White House again

  • Jerry

    12/03/2021 09:27 AM

    The chance of justice in this country for criminals that steal is a pipe dream the DOJ Garland is garbage so feeble so insecure in his thoughts that he is a man that he can not get out his fetal position this is not a manly species it is weak and frail mentally and physically just what the Deep State wanted in all positions in this administration cowards weak ineffective corrupt people that is the template of this administration

  • James E Clark

    12/03/2021 08:09 AM

    Thanks for your consistent expose of government incompetence and evil. The article on the CIA pedophile issue is ugly-evil. Yes, evil. The growth of the bureaucracy behemoth over the last 90 years is robbing the American people of tax dollars and freedom. We need to eliminate 70% of all government jobs and outlaw unions for government employees at all levels. We must have forced transparency for government to the people. But, I have my doubts that it will ever happen.

  • Tony Vendely

    12/02/2021 11:44 PM

    Regarding the mayor of Chicago......according to your reporting she said
    "87% of officers are complying and that's enough".

    at the bottom of that section you wrote ".....Chicago has enough cops."

    If I correctly read what you published the comment of "Chicago has enough cops" is incorrect.

    Please clarify......{I'm not a Lightfoot fan}