December 20, 2021

“Harry Potter” creator J.K. Rowling has been the subject of a furious cancel campaign by trans activists for defending women’s rights against the erosion of them by men “identifying” as women. She says she’s gotten enough death threats to paper her house (what a great example of tolerance these people are.) But bless her, she refuses to shut up and bend the knee. Having that “Harry Potter” money probably helps. And now, she's doubled down on speaking common sense to power.

When a British politician introduced an insane new proposal that would require police to book accused rapists as females if they claim to identify as female, Rowling responded with a tweet so brilliant and brutal that it set off yet another storm of Twitter mob outrage.

But from the way the hashtag #IStandWithJKRowling quickly started trending, maybe this is a hopeful sign that people are finally getting fed up with having to hold their tongues and nod along in the face of absolute lunacy, like the crowd in the fairy tale pretending that the emperor isn’t really naked (except for his high heels.)

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  • Chuck Cowherd

    12/22/2021 10:51 PM

    She knows what she is talking about, and is a mature person . Why is her opion not acceptable, why can't she have her own beliefs? It is sad that haters in the world will not be quiet.

  • sandy durham

    12/20/2021 08:59 PM

    Thank you standing up for what is the Truth.....very sad what's happening !!!

  • Daniel (Seok Yeong) Jung

    12/20/2021 02:31 PM

    stand firm!