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December 27, 2021

A man who jokingly ended a televised phone call to President Biden by saying, “Let’s go, Brandon” (and Biden unthinkingly repeated it) has been identified and now says he’s receiving vague death threats. Because it was fine to call the last President “literally Hitler” and hold up a bloody replica of his head on Facebook, but it’s now illegal, immoral and fattening to joke about the current semi-occupant of the office. Almost as illegal as it was for a rodeo clown to wear an Obama mask (remember how jokes about Obama could also cost you your job and more?)

(NBC News has now declared that mocking phrase a “right-wing slur.” Since they aren’t well acquainted with the concept of real fact-checking, let me assure them that when that chant starts at a football game, it doesn’t mean they’ve found an entire mega-stadium full of right-wing fanatics:

The man says he’s not even a strong Trump backer or harsh critic of Biden, he just thinks he could be doing a better job and used his freedom of speech to express that in a humorous way. Poor guy must think he’s still living in the United States of America! Maybe if the FBI tracks down the people who threatened him instead of threatening him themselves, they’ll convince me that he is.

In the meantime, do you know who could really be doing a better job? The so-called “news media” outlets that immediately rushed to try to identify him from the moment this happened so that he and his family could be doxed and threatened by leftist lunatics.

There are also quite a few large corporations who could stand a reminder that we don’t live in a monarchy but in the United States of America, where freedom of speech, the right to mock our leaders, and not punishing people for things they had nothing to do with are all sacred principles of our founding.

While some parts of the nation and world are panicking over the Omicron variant, and demanding more lockdowns and booster shots, two new studies are raising questions about all the hysteria. A Danish study found that Moderna’s mRNA vaccine actually increases your odds of contracting Omicron after 90 days. And a study of symptoms by researchers from Harvard, Stanford, King's College London and Massachusetts General Hospital found that in most cases, the symptoms are so mild that people who think they just have a cold right now probably really have this variant of COVID.

And the media and political reaction to this news? Panic that we need to change “the messaging” to keep fear alive because people might not be terrified enough of the disease if they think it’s not really that terrifying.

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Comments 1-10 of 11

  • Roy Turner

    01/03/2022 09:28 AM

    Thanks for all your reporting. I wish more people to read your daily blogs. Lets Go Brandon is a humorous chant and the presidents reaction to the telephone call at the end just shows how few people really understand how it come to be.
    About the OMNICRON virus. Please tell me what the symptons might be. My wife and I are in our seventies and have not been sick. We both have 3 shots of Moderma vaccine. Just this week I had a bout of stomach problem ( in the middle of the night) ,nausea and diahrea pretty severe. It lasted for about one day with weakness. I thought it might have been something I ate. Now a couple of days later my wife suffers the same symptons. No fever or loss of taste or smell. I'll just use my doctor's usual diagnosis and write it off as " We are just old".
    Keep up the good works.
    Roy in Richland, Wa.

  • tom jeffs

    01/03/2022 08:43 AM


    oh how I wish that were true Mike - - - - - - -

    may I ask if you'll ask DJT45 if he'll issue Presidential Medal of Freedom to Ashli Babbitt ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    meanwhile, may I ask you if the GREATEST GENERATION, so named because they won TWO world wars has been renamed to the "silent" generation and the new greatest generation is the FDR people or if I fell for some liberal propaganda ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    as reminders, I was an Israel Experience veteran (whom David may recall) - - - - - - -

    I was also 1 of 4 "regulars" on the Huckabee Show as per Jennifer Rhule - - - - - - -

    finally, I'm the guy who donated all those red Huckabee45 polo shirts you guys wore in Iowa when you were running for the White House - - - - - - -

    PLEASE prove to me that you DO read these comments Mike - - - - - - -

  • Eva Steele

    01/02/2022 09:31 PM

    I like the info in your articles!
    Just one request..
    Don't make it so long. Thanks and God bless

  • Daniel Liwry

    01/02/2022 03:08 PM

    Enjoy your newsletter great information to keep informed what is really happening in the world.Really enjoy watching the Huckabee show on Saturday.Is there a possibility that county music artists Scottie McCreery could appear on the show?He is good Christian young man.Thanks.

  • Michelle Clark

    01/02/2022 02:02 PM

    I believe it was Biden received Lie of the Year award right at the end of the column.
    It makes me crazy to see people so focused on this virus. Do we not have seasonal flu anymore? Summer cold? Allergies? Run and get a Covid test. Wear your mask while you are alone, in an open space or alone in your car - wear a mask! Become a public nuisance either way; no matter where you are - you will offend or be offended.
    When was the last time these folks researched anything? To them, research is allowing Google to give them the best answer. Isn't it past time to start questioning why? Once you ask why, then you'll wonder how and before you know it, down the rabbit hole you'll go.
    And not just the virus but you'll find so much more. I still wonder why there is no follow up question with the media that cuts to the bone? Basic journalistic get-to-the-heart of the matter? People want to know, especially those who remember the 5 w's and how. Our country needs to get back to basics.

    Thank you for using these time honored questions and allowing me to opine.

  • Cathryn Wagnerr

    01/02/2022 01:25 PM

    I agree with you. I haven't heard anything you say or write that I disagree with. All I have to say is "Commonsense isn't common." I have a Leftist sister who is a poster child for that saying. I might as well talk to the wall for all the good it does. The only other thing I have to say is that I absolutely love your sense of humor. I enjoy it immensely!

  • Michael Thomason

    01/02/2022 01:07 PM

    I am, like many, concerned about the China virus. I’m sure the Democrat leadership is manipulating facts to keep their power. That said, I am asking you to look into the current government position on telling farmers to destroy their crops or risk having subsidies reduced or stopped. This strikes me as unpatriotic and un-American! The media has ignored reporting on this.

  • Marilyn Elsenpeter

    01/02/2022 12:35 PM

    Hit it out of the park again this week. I love reading your newsletter and we must be on the same wavelength you just put it in words better than I can!
    Just hoping the Mainstrean Media will soon be held accountable for their misleading coverage of this last disastrous year.

  • Laura Mccament

    01/02/2022 12:02 PM

    I say YAY for omicron!!!!

  • John E. Truitt

    01/02/2022 11:35 AM

    I wonder how many NSA and FBI lists I am on at this point. Do I care? In 2020, I contacted online, mainly by FB, some 33 Senators and probably 120 or more Representatives, including Pelosi, with a strong message for the country and for Trump and anti- where Biden would take us. I was surprised not to be visited. I did get banned from Twitter and FB a couple of times. I still have something running on the CNN site which pops up every now & then from someone who has liked it. I support this brave soul and this country needs more like him.