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December 8, 2021

We are stronger together.  Submit your prayer request for HEALTH & HEALING or IN MEMORIAM by going here.

Our hope is that our newsletter readers and social media followers will consider these prayer requests each day.


"Please pray for the families, friends and community affected by the recent student murders at Oxford HIgh School in Michigan. They are deep in grief and shock."

"Prayers for my oldest son who is facing serious charges on a self defense action, for my baby daughter who was diagnosed with cancer had surgery and started chemotherapy then ended up in the hospital because she is allergic to the chemotherapy treatment and finally for my youngest son who is questioning his faith in God who says he doesn’t see his love in his life. I ask for prayer to heal to free and to reveal."

"Please pray for my eldest daughter Debbie who is nearly 65 & has Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. Her food is not being digested at all & she's losing wt. rapidly. Tomorrow a tooth will be pulled that may be contributing to the problem. I just have been with her twice & return home tomorrow."

"My friend, Joncy M. She fell last week and is now in hospital diagnosed with emphysema and COPD. Prayers for healing."

"Please keep my granddaughter Lauren in prayer. She is only 18 but yet for a couple of years she has been ill. Praying we find the right Dr with correct diagnosis. She also suffers from anxiety which makes the situation worse. Thank you, Lupe"

"Please pray for my 33 yr old son Graham. He is struggling with alchohol addiction. Satan has a very tight grip on him. He's very alone and angry. He grew up in a Christian home but has lost all faith since the cancer death of his father. He needs Christ and freedom from his addiction as well as some Godly friends. Thanks for praying."

"Please pray for my aunts cat, currently battling cancer. Its my aunts true friend and confidante. Cats name is Barbie."

"Lifting up in prayer for Linda N. and her family. How devastating to lose husband, daughter, sister. May God comfort you and may you always feel his presence. Praying for the healing of your brother. God is able!"

"Pray for my granddaughter Rachel.

"Pray she will open her heart and come to Jesus and her family. The strain will be removed and Peace will enter in."

"Please pray for my family’s return to Christ. We were part of a church/school that completely disillusioned my daughters, Rachael and Pauline, as well as my granddaughters, Cassidy, Sevyn and Alaisa, and grandson Jonathan. I pray that God would bring each back to his flock, as he promised not to lose even one! Thank you Jesus!"

"I request you pray for my father, he will be 89 on December 20. He has lewy body dementia."

"Pray for the people of Afghanistan to awaken to Who Jesus really is--the only begotten Son of God--and then turn to Him for the gift of eternal life and for protection and provision in this life."


"James (Jim) Elliot Doescher, Vietnam war hero, wonderful and beloved husband who gave back to other veterans and civilians to atone for Vietnam. He was a forward observer and lived with that every day. He died in August, 2021 of war related issues and is buried in Biloxi Military Cemetery. God have mercy and grace and blessing on him. He was my love for 57 years."

"We lost another WW2 veteran 11.20.2021, my 98 year old mother 2nd Lt. Mary Crews McBurney passed away. Greatest Generation!"


In the comments on my website, everyday, I find readers thanking me for my newsletter.  If you would like to help me grow it, forward this email to a friend or family member and ask them to please sign up using the link below.  Thank you.

- Mike Huckabee


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