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December 10, 2021


Good morning! Here are some stories from me that I think you will want to read. Topics include:

  • January 6 Update
  • RIP Arlene Dahl by Pat Reeder
  • Biden's poll numbers
  • Prayer Tree
  • And Much More


This verse was recommended by Anne F.

105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

Psalm 119:105

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As we approach the one-year anniversary of the January 6 rally and breach of the Capitol Building, it’s time to take an unsparing look at what our “justice” system has become.

I know you share my deep concern that our judicial system increasingly –- and quite openly –- operates like that of a banana republic. The country is changing before our eyes. Yesterday, we looked at the use of “lawfare” to sway election outcomes, with Harvard Law School graduating an army of leftist attorneys specializing in how to manipulate election law. Today, let’s examine how leftist attorneys are weaponizing law enforcement and the courts against their political enemies. Case in point: the shocking violations of the civil rights of Trump supporters who were at the Capitol on January 6. Most say they can’t see their lawyers at all.

I just received this letter from reader Marlene:

“PLEASE tell your readers how to make a difference in how the J6 prisoners are being treated. How can we get this showcased in our communities?

“I live in NY and I will find out who to start writing, and start a petition demanding justice and fairness in their treatment. What else might be successful? This is unacceptable and I can only believe not enough people know about this. Is it legal to protest at the site they are being held? I will pray first, because I know that is where any success is going to come from, but if you can help with any direction I would appreciate it.”

Thanks to Marlene for writing. Yes, this is completely unacceptable and, yes, there are things we can and must do. Two Republican members of Congress, Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert are leading the way on this issue with a new report called “UNUSUALLY CRUEL: An eyewitness report from inside the DC jail.” On November 4, the two legislators, along with congressional staff members, were finally allowed to tour two jail facilities –- the Central Detention Facility (CDF) and, especially, the Central Treatment Facility (CTF), which houses the J6 detainees –-after two unsuccessful attempts by them and also by Reps. Matt Gaetz of Florida and Paul Gosar of Arizona.

Amazingly, it took a congressional letter and a confrontation with the DC mayor’s office and the Department of Corrections staff to get them in. The letter said they have “the right, prerogative, and duty as Members of Congress to inquire and inspect.” Even then, they say, after two hours of being shown around, they still hadn’t seen any of the J6 political prisoners (let’s call them what they are). It took an 11-minute “heated confrontation,” Greene says in her report, to make that happen. They finally got to meet with the approximately 40 prisoners, in an area of the prison that looked to them “much older” and not updated like the rest of the prison. According to one inmate, it had previously been used as a psychiatric ward.

Some prisoners cried and were “visibly shaken,” Green says. “The physical conditions in which they are held could only be described as inhumane.” The detainees claim they haven’t been able to see their lawyers and family members. Those who decline vaccination are not allowed to get haircuts –- and they’ve been there so long, they’re probably starting to look like someone else who was locked in a tower: Rapunzel. Some –- notably a 71-year-old detainee (!) named Lonnie Leroy Coffman, who has a very serious-looking injury to his arm –- need medical attention. (Other prisoners say Coffman really needs to be released.)

They hold their own religious services where they are because they are not allowed to attend any. Each day, they do their own salute to the flag and sing the National Anthem.

Greene was told of these prisoners being treated much more harshly than the others, with some reports of beatings. Other prisoners in the facility have access to flat-screen TVs, medical care, and reading material, though Greene describes this in the report as emphasizing “the supposed cruelty and racial prejudice of the U.S. prison system,” also promoting Nation of Islam and Critical Race Theory. One book prisoners were about to read was “THE NEW JIM CROW: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness.” At the same time, one hallway was lined with posters encouraging the freshly-indoctrinated inmates to register to vote. This in itself might be a topic for another day.

So, the J6 political prisoners have been in this place for going on a year, haven’t had their day in court, don’t see their families, don’t see their lawyers, are singled out for bad treatment and don’t even have access to reading material (not that they’d want THAT reading material)? The conclusion of Greene’s report includes this statement: “The congressional visit to the DC jail on November 4 unquestionably proved that there is a twotrack justice system in the United States. This two-tiered system is not based on race, violence or conviction of crime, but politics.”

Greene and Gohmert got to visit with the prisoners for about an hour. Before leaving, Greene prayed with them as a group and told them, “We’ve heard terrible things and I want you to know that Congressman Gohmert and I have basically refused to back down on the issue.” They said they had not lost hope. As the delegation was escorted out, they chanted, “U-S-A! U-S-A!” and then, “LET’S GO BRANDON!”

“The severe treatment of these inmates within the facility cannot be overstated,” the report says. None of these people have had trials or been found guilty of anything. Video shows that some who came into the Capitol that day were waved in by security. Some never even entered at all; they just happened to cross some “invisible line” outside.

Here’s a link to a pdf of the full report. The part specifically covering their visit with the J6 detainees –- including a transcript of the “heated conversation” preceding it –- starts on page 12 and is a must-read.

Sharon Caldwell, wife of one of the detainees who at least is now on house arrest, wrote of the plight of those in prison and offered some specific ways to help.

“There are many ways you can help a J6er,” she writes. “You may donate to individual defendants, adopt a family in need this holiday season, and get information on how to send cards and letters to those incarcerated or under house arrest. Prayers, cards and letters provide tremendous joy, hope and strength to those affected. Here’s how to get mail to them.

More this weekend on what we can do to help our American political prisoners and bring their situation to light.



NBC News reports that the rising demand for lithium batteries for electric cars and other rechargeable devices has sparked a demand for nickel ore. That’s causing a sudden explosion of nickel mining in the Philippines that’s wiping out the pristine rainforests there.

Sir Isaac Newton (one of those old, dead, white guys we can’t learn anything from) taught us that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Studying history teaches us that for every government action, there is an opposite reaction that’s probably worse than the problem the original action was supposed to solve.


We’ve had so much news to cover recently that I haven’t had an opportunity to write about this, but I don’t want to let the passing of Arlene Dahl go unmentioned. One of the last glamorous stars of Hollywood’s big studio days, she died last week in New York at 96.

Lorenzo Lamas, her son by actor Fernando Lamas, wrote on Facebook, "She was the most positive influence on my life. I will remember her laughter, her joy, her dignity as she navigated the challenges that she faced. Never an ill word about anyone crossed her lips. Her ability to forgive left me speechless at times. She truly was a force of nature…”

While she never became a top star, Arlene Dahl’s flaming red hair and stunning beauty (she started out as a model) helped land her consistent work in a number of films in the 1940s and ‘50s, including “A Southern Yankee,” “Three Little Words” (both with fellow redhead Red Skelton) and “Journey to the Center of the Earth.” Here’s a nice tribute by TCM:

She later took on a number of TV guest roles, and became a regular on the soap opera, “One Life to Live” after a business setback and one of her six husbands forced her to declare bankruptcy. But acting became a sideline once she began writing a long-running syndicated beauty column in 1952. She went on to write over two dozen books. Here’s my favorite title: “Always Ask a Man: Arlene Dahl’s Key to Femininity.” You can read it with a free membership at

In 1954, she started her own cosmetics and lingerie company, and went on to become an entrepreneur, business lecturer and highly-paid advertising executive. She once said she liked acting, but considered her old films an “embarrassment,” and if he didn’t like business better than acting, she’d lose her shirt.

Since you depend on me for the trivia nobody else shares: If you’d like to play a love scene opposite Arlene Dahl, just hunt up a copy of “Co-Star: The Record Acting Game,” a 1958 LP on which you can practice your acting by reading Bogart’s lines from “Casablanca” with Arlene in the Ingrid Bergman role.

Sorry I can’t find it online, but it has so many silent passages that an audio equipment channel used it to test a record cleaner, so you can hear a little of it here and appreciate her acting skills as well as the gorgeous cover photo.

This tribute was written by "Huckabee" writer Pat Reeder.


The online subscription learning service Masterclass is offering a new video in which Hillary Clinton “face(s) one of my most public defeats head-on” by reading the speech she’d planned to make if she’d won the 2016 election (which, I happily remind you, she did not.)

I’m not certain what this is supposed to be a Masterclass in. If Masterclass hired Hillary Clinton to teach people how to be a good loser, then their subscribers deserve a refund. They claim she’s teaching “resilience,” but that has to be a sick joke. The New York Post’s Miranda Divine suggested that it must be a Masterclass in “self-pity and delusion.”

Watching Hillary get choked up as she reads a victory speech for a race she lost five years ago is frankly sad. It reminds me of Dickens’ Miss Havisham from “Great Expectations,” still wearing the decaying wedding dress she put on years before, only to be left at the altar.

You know, Hillary, if you actually have something to say, you could be saying it from some other position. News flash: I also didn’t get elected President in 2016, yet I somehow manage to get up each day and continue communicating to the public through this newsletter, my podcast, my TV show and other venues. You lose, you deal with it, and life goes on. If you have such a sense of entitlement about deserving the Presidency that losing it cripples your life, then you’re the type of person who should never be President.


If Masterclass wants to have Hillary Clinton teach something useful that she actually knows, they should let her do a course on influence peddling.

According to a study by the nonpartisan Project On Government Oversight (POGO), her family charitable organization The Clinton Foundation took in nearly $250 million in donations in 2009, after she became Secretary of State. Donations remained high up through her run for President. Then donations dropped precipitously to less than $29 million in 2020. Did Hillary’s loss so demoralize donors that they lost their charitable impulses?

A counsel for POGO said, “Many people thought people were supporting the former President, but it really looks like they were cozying up to who they thought was going to be the future President — a situation that can’t be repeated.”

While I agree it can’t be repeated, I have to take exception to one part of that. Did anyone ever seriously believe all those big donors thought they were just supporting the former President?


Images of America's cities, landscapes and people.


President Biden’s poll numbers continue to roll downhill faster than a marble on Mount Everest. Latest numbers:

Despite a blizzard of anti-Trump propaganda blaming him for every COVID death, Rasmussen reports that Americans now believe Biden has done a worse job of handling COVID than Trump did by a 49-39% margin.

But the poll that’s giving Democrats more nightmares than Freddy Kruger is the new Wall Street Journal poll. This poll is more extensive and has a far larger polling sample than previous polls, and the results look even worse for the Democrats.

Biden’s approval rating is 41%, with disapproval at 57%. Among Independent voters, it’s a staggering 30%-66%. When asked to name the most important issue to them, voters chose immigration, the economy and inflation as the top three, and Republicans have huge leads over Democrats in which party can handle all three better. And on the 2022 Congressional generic ballot, Republicans are preferred by 44-41%. That sounds close, but generic ballot polls usually undercount Republicans, so that even a tie can mean a red wave is coming.

And if Democrats think hammering away on abortion rights is going to turn things around: only 1% of respondents chose that as their #1 issue.

This is where I have to mention that the election is still nearly a year away, things can change, don’t get complacent, keep working and volunteering and donating to take back and save America. And if I had to give any sage advice to a Democrat, it might be these two words: “Switch parties.”


“Squad” members Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez are pushing for a form of upper class welfare known as “student loan forgiveness.” This is where people who either paid for their college degrees or didn’t get one and went to work get to pay taxes to cover the debts run up by people who got degrees they couldn’t afford. Or maybe they can afford to pay their debts, but really don’t want to. Cases in point: Tlaib and AOC.

Tlaib declared in Congress that she still owes over $70,000 on her nearly $200,000 in student loan debt, while AOC still has $17,000 in student loan debt.

They think the taxpayers should have to pay this for them. For some reason, the taxpayers are already paying them $175,000 a year for their invaluable services as socialist Congress members, so maybe they should pay them back themselves.

If it's too much to expect them to spend their own money for a change, I have another suggestion: they should go to the universities that gave them their “educations” and demand refunds. That’s an idea that I think we could all get behind.


Thank you for reading today's newsletter. 


Today's Christmas carol is recommended by many readers.



1. In the bleak mid-winter

Frosty wind made moan,

Earth stood hard as iron,

Water like a stone;

Snow had fallen, snow on snow,

Snow on snow,

In the bleak mid-winter

Long ago.

2. Our God, Heaven cannot hold Him

Nor earth sustain;

Heaven and earth shall flee away

When He comes to reign:

In the bleak mid-winter

A stable-place sufficed

The Lord God Almighty,

Jesus Christ.

3. Enough for Him, whom cherubim

Worship night and day,

A breastful of milk

And a mangerful of hay;

Enough for Him, whom angels

Fall down before,

The ox and ass and camel

Which adore.

4. Angels and archangels

May have gathered there,

Cherubim and seraphim

Thronged the air,

But only His mother1

In her maiden bliss,

Worshipped the Beloved

With a kiss.

5. What can I give Him,

Poor as I am?

If I were a shepherd

I would bring a lamb,

If I were a wise man

I would do my part,

Yet what I can I give Him,

Give my heart.

Written by:  Christina Georgina Rossetti

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  • Sharon Faulkner

    12/13/2021 10:58 AM

    I think it a little strange that Chelsea R. Martin seems to have more problem with what the GOP don't do than what the DNC are doing -- we are not in the mess we are in because of what the GOP are not doing but because of what the DNC Blue Reich are... it's like blaming a rape victim : why didn't you scream, fight ect.. NO -- the crime is what he DID and that must be punished dear.

  • Jerry

    12/12/2021 07:32 AM

    Mike thanks for being on Fox this Sunday morning to take the people to all the tragedies a tornado brings your entire takes on the show are so common sense so refreshing Fox will replay other networks bizzare and creepy opinions that I find to insulting I can’t allow myself to be a part I guess one should see what a portion of the population is being indoctrinated with just to have a clue as to why the abnormal behaviors are in this society to see the hags on the view or natures mutations on CNN and the other MSM outlets spew the opposite of goodness and kindness is something I find appalling

  • Robin Rebhan

    12/11/2021 11:20 AM

    My father did not go from Normandy June 6, 1944, to Berlin and stay after the war two years for reconstruction of Germany fighting for this to happen in America. Coming from a military family where 100% of us served in the military, I am compelled to agree with Chelsea R. Martin's comments on this issue 100%.

  • William Fuhrer

    12/10/2021 03:15 PM


  • Eugene Gee

    12/10/2021 03:03 PM

    Hillary is not stupid and sees the dismal poll numbers of the prospective 2024 Democrat Presidential candidates. With her ego, she believes that she can do much better. The video of her reading her "victory" speech was simply a ploy to capture sympathy votes. I suspect that she is preparing to make a comeback bid to become the 2024 Presidential election. Trump vs. Hillary in 2024?

  • Laura Engel

    12/10/2021 02:52 PM

    This is not in any of the above comments. Here is something that you could check on. It is manditory to prove you had the shot to get on trains planes and cruses. The people who have had Covid should be able to get a card saying that they have had Covid, so they can travel also. The ones who have had Covid will test positive for months, maybe for ever, so getting a negative test is out of the question
    When are they going to let people know that if you have had Covid you don't need and shouldn't get the shot. We are safer to be around than anyone who has had the shot. They can still get the Covid and pass it on, WE can't.
    Laura Engel

  • Floyd A Unger

    12/10/2021 02:37 PM

    Thank you. As for the Clinton mess….well it’s just simple garbage. It’s time to throw it out, way past time. Concerning 2022 we need to be more than active and vote. We MUST MAKE SURE THAT ALL THE VOTING IS DONE LEGALLY.

  • Paul Kern

    12/10/2021 02:30 PM

    Am not surprised at the lie numbers for the "emperor with no clothes " if done in Southern states Afghanistan would have registered high!
    Now with the Marist/Muslim alliance controlling the government I am not surprised to see a resurrection of the KGB and Stazi. It will take a real move of God to save this nation! Here in Washington there are Republican insiders running against Joe Kent. I hope he wins. One is running because her district is turning blue. Only wants the power. People who have been a part of the establishment are not to be trusted!

  • Chelsea R. Martin

    12/10/2021 02:26 PM

    "More this weekend on what we can do to help our American political prisoners and bring their situation to light."

    Short answer? Nothing. The current "legal" system in America basically mirrors the "legal" system in East Berlin. In addition to utilizing Zersetzung-style tactics against ideological dissenters, is holding political prisoners in a similar manner as one might expect in any other Communist nation. The French had a response to that "political prisoner" thing, back on July 14, 1789. I hear the Americans once had a response to tyranny, too - but we're not allowed to talk about that anymore. The State might sic the Stasi (or their Brownshirt mobs) on us if we do.

    That's ok, though. What the State, with all of its glorious and entitled technocratic elites, fail to realize is that when people have nothing left - when it has all been taken, and they've been reduced to abject enslavement to said State - then they have nothing to live for, nothing to lose, and most importantly nothing left to fear.

    Stop listening to politicians, well-known figures in the news, and ivory-tower academics! Take your newsletter and go talk...really children in the age 12-15 bracket. There is a seething hatred growing there that would put Satan to shame. And it is equally directed at "Republicans," "Democrats" and "Mr. Bob down the street." If an equal application of the law, stability and an equal chance at prosperity is not restored - if that faceless, silenced, hopeless generation is continually pulled this way and that by ideologues trying to score "Covid points" and "Marxist CRT points" while being given nothing but chaos and the looming threat of lawlessness and death in return - what they are eventually going to unleash on this nation will make God Himself turn away in horror. And after watching that nation devolve into a Communist hell-hole run by a cabal of elitist self-serving idiots, compliments of a pandering, cowering, spineless GOP, I will not blame them in the least.

  • Sherry Raymer

    12/10/2021 01:58 PM

    I got a Huck PAK today and I have met you at values voter debate in Florida. Then campaigned for you. Is this Huck PAC for real?