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December 3, 2021


Good morning! Here are some stories from me that I think you will want to read. Topics include:

  • LAPTOP FROM HELL: Biden "family business" exposed
  • Omicron Update
  • Economy
  • Travel
  • And Much More


Today's Bible Verse was recommended by Terry S.

45 A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.

Luke 6:45 NKJV

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1. LAPTOP FROM HELL: Biden "family business" exposed

Yesterday, we brought you the story of “journalists” at the Washington Post and The New York Times spending years chasing a concocted story about Trump “colluding” with Russia during his 2016 campaign and winning a Pulitzer Prize for their efforts. They helped spark an anti-Trump media feeding frenzy that had credulous “reporters” falling all over themselves to cover the fake story. (And, yes, they SHOULD be made to give their Pulitzer back.) Today, let’s use that story to set the scene for another, contrasting one: the utter lack of attention given by most of the media to Hunter Biden’s laptop story –- augmented by Big Tech’s censorship of it –- and what the laptop actually reveals about Hunter’s family of grifters and influence peddlers.

Miranda Devine of The New York Post has wisely spent her time chasing a REAL story, not the fake one that obsessed most of the media, and her new book has just hit the stands. It’s called “LAPTOP FROM HELL: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide.”

The title LAPTOP FROM HELL comes from a typically colorful remark made by Trump. “Joe, they’re calling you a corrupt politician,” Trump said in the last debate before the election. “Take a look at the laptop from hell.”

You know the basic story of how an apparently dazed and confused Hunter left his laptop at a computer repair shop in Delaware in the spring of 2019, only a few days before his father announced he was running for President, and how the FBI ended up with it in what I like to call “protective custody” (they were protecting Joe). Not only is it filled with video evidence of grotesque debauchery, but it also shows how Hunter and the family sold access to his powerful dad. In her book, Devine clarifies exactly what is on the laptop, what it tells about President Biden and the whole Biden family, and what China knows.

The publisher, Simon & Schuster, describes her book as “a treasure trove of corporate documents, emails, text messages, photographs, and voice recordings, spanning a decade, [providing] the first evidence that President Joe Biden was involved in his son’s ventures in China, Ukraine, and beyond, despite his repeated denials.”

Just as importantly, “it exposes the coordinated censorship operation by Big Tech, the media establishment, and former intelligence operatives to stifle the New York Post’s coverage, in a chilling exercise of raw political power three weeks before the 2020 election.” Recall that as the election loomed, Facebook and Twitter censored the breaking NYP laptop story, ensuring that most voters wouldn’t know about the Biden “family business” when they cast their ballots. The online reach of the NYP is 80 million! Social media essentially used their control of the news to interfere with the election. They wanted to shape the outcome, and they did.

(Note: incidentally, another new book that ties Big Tech to the election outcome is Mollie Hemingway’s RIGGED. There’s some good holiday reading material available right now!)

Recall also that when House Democrats were impeaching President Trump for allegedly even mentioning an investigation of the Bidens in a phone call to the president of Ukraine –- a fake whistleblower report turned this into something it wasn’t; fortunately, there was a transcript –- the laptop would have contained evidence showing this corruption was real. But the FBI kept quiet.

Senior intelligence officials covered it up, too. Just five days after the NYP published its first Hunter story, then-CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper led 50 former intel officials in signing an open letter, published in Politico, saying the material on the laptop had “all the earmarks of a Russian information operation.” This was made up --- they apparently hadn't even seen it.

Now, more than a year after Devine published her first stories about the laptop, she has a new commentary in the NYP that times nicely with the release of her book. She notes that many of those who voted for Biden are disenchanted now, as he has turned out to be a very different person from the man they though they were voting for.

This, she says, is the fault of the media, for denying them the “normal due diligence” they expect the media to conduct on presidential candidates. That’s an understatement; in their censorship of the story, they went beyond lack of due diligence to outright deception.

According to the Media Research Center, about half of all those who voted for Biden in 2020 didn't know anything about Hunter’s laptop scandal. And almost 10 percent said they wouldn’t have voted for Biden if they’d known of this corruption. I’d venture to say that once all the sordid details are out, that figure will be much higher than 10 percent. This is grift on a massive, global scale.

We know the media would have conducted an overabundance of due diligence on Trump and HIS family if there had been even a whiff of such scandal. Can you imagine the relentless, merciless coverage they would've given even the tiniest hint of scandal about Trump’s offspring? (On the other hand, it’s hard to imagine even a hypothetical story of corruption about such a devoted, hard-working family as Trump’s.) As it was, they tried to say the Trump family had gotten into politics to enrich themselves, when that wasn’t at all true. But this is the media’s power: not only can they make stuff up about a candidate they don’t support, but they can also look the other way for a candidate or party they do support. In 2020, they were doing both.

The NYP editorial board has a piece on the laptop story as well: “Sorry, but Hunter’s profiteering matters --- even if the rest of the press ignores it.” They point out that the Chinese had insinuated themselves into Hunter’s life enough to bestow upon him a three-carat diamond, which he later told the New Yorker he thought of as simply “a nice gesture.” And they quickly sum up why we should infer from what’s on the laptop that Joe Biden was “the big guy” who got 10 percent of the proceeds.

It appears that the Chinese were paying Joe Biden millions through his son, the editors say. But when they try to ask the administration about this, it ignores them, “knowing that CNN, the Washington Post, the New York Times, et al., have its back and will never press things.” The NYP editors suggest that if Biden wants millions more for IRS enforcement, this should include an audit of his own income and a determination of whether he had declared as income the money Hunter passed along to him. (They actually did share a bank account.) I’d go for that.

Finally, Rabbi Dov Fischer at The American Spectator has a great piece about the mutually profitable relationship between the Bidens and China. China evidently got its money’s worth from Hunter and his connections when his dad was VP. One might even say the Bidens' business exploits put the “vice” in “Vice President.”

2.  Jack Dorsey steps down: 

In a surprise announcement Monday, Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey is stepping down. He will be replaced by Twitter chief technology officer Parag Agrawal, perhaps in hopes that the people making out Congressional subpoenas won't be able to spell that name.

It’s not clear why Dorsey is leaving, but he said that he thinks it’s limiting for companies to continue to be led by their founders. He’s also reportedly interested in getting into cryptocurrency. Or maybe he’s just tired of being grilled by Senators about Twitter’s blatant censorship of conservative users (and pretending to be shocked and surprised by the accusation.) Or perhaps he just wants to spend more time with his beard.

In a ringing vote of confidence, the news of Dorsey’s resignation sent Twitter’s stock price soaring by 11% before NASDAQ shut down trading of it.

In a related story, check out my interview from Saturday with Mark Weinstein, founder of MeWe, the new social media platform that respects both your free speech and your right to privacy.

3. Omicron Variant Update:

New data suggests that the Omicron (actually Xi) variant of COVID might have emerged as far back as late September, which means it’s actually spreading very slowly. Also, while new cases worldwide are up more than 10%, deaths are down by 2%, which suggests that it’s not more deadly than the original.

Three cases of Omicron have been found so far in the US, in San Francisco, Colorado and Minnesota (funny how it turns up first in the most locked-down, vaxxed-up blue areas.)

This is to be expected because (A.) variants tend to get more transmissible so that viruses can find ever-more-scarce potential hosts, and (B.) it’s a virus, spreading is what they do. The big question is, are we going to let the government impose more destructive lockdowns and violations of civil rights to stop a variant that so far has been described as bringing mild symptoms resulting in virtually no hospitalizations and zero deaths? Caution is certainly warranted, but not panic.

While some of our leaders seem to be trying to gin up panic, it appears that most Americans have had their fill and refuse to accept any more.

So if the variant is mild, why all the hysteria over it? Tucker Carlson seems to think Democrats are using it to ramp up more surveillance and lockdowns in advance of the 2022 elections and that Republicans need to see it as a political maneuver and a threat to Constitutional rights as much as a health threat.

I’ve heard similar claims that the dangers of Omicron will be wildly exaggerated as an excuse to ramp up mail-in voting, drop boxes, ballot harvesting and other methods that Democrats think they'll need in order to avoid being washed out of office in 2022 in a red wave. If that’s the case, then Omicron might very well be an existential threat to America, just not for the usual reasons that a pandemic is.

4. Economy update:

The stock market has come back up a bit from the huge drop caused by panic over the Omicron COVID variant. But this news probably won’t help: the Labor Department reported this morning that in November, only 210,000 jobs were added to the economy. Economists had predicted 550,000. It’s also a big drop from October’s revised 546,000 jobs, and the lowest monthly number in nearly a year.

Ed Morrissey at the HotAir blog notes that some officials are trying to put a positive spin on this and claim the early numbers are usually under-reported. But he notes that even if they’re revised upward by an unprecedented 50%, that would still be only 320,000 jobs.

Morrissey adds, “Earlier this week, Biden himself claimed to have created 5.6 million jobs this year in a record expansion of the workforce, but that’s simply not true. The jobs being created now are replacements for those destroyed by government-imposed shutdowns last year, mainly in the first and second quarters of 2020. We are now in the fourth quarter of 2021 and we’re still around six million jobs short of where we would otherwise be by now, and it looks as though the economy is stalling well short of a jobs recovery.”

November’s jobs drop is being blamed on COVID worsening at a time when people had assumed it would have passed, but these numbers were gathered before the latest Omicron variant panic. In fact, there’s no particular event that’s obviously to blame for the implosion. So maybe something is hurting the economy, scaring employers and hurting job growth that’s larger than a virus. Hmm, what could that possibly be?...


Images of America's cities, landscapes and people.

5. Travel this holiday:

If you’re planning on traveling over the holidays, especially international air travel, make sure you keep up with the latest ever-changing requirements or you might be spending Christmas in the airport. For one thing, the mandate to wear masks on planes that was set to expire has been extended through March 18. But the big change is that starting Monday, all incoming international travelers will have to show a negative COVID test within 24 hours of departure. That includes the vaccinated.

I assume that if you can’t pass a COVID test, you’ll just have to get off the plane in Mexico and walk across the border.

6. Not buying it:

In an interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC, Alec Baldwin advanced a new claim about the fatal shooting on the set of his movie “Rust.” He claims he didn’t pull the trigger, he just pulled the hammer back as the director told him, and it went off by itself. He said he’s been trained never to point a gun at someone and pull the trigger. He also said he’s been struggling physically and unable to sleep; but he doesn’t feel responsible for the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, and if he did, he would’ve killed himself.

Fellow actor John Schneider isn’t buying that, and he had some choice words to say about it. They include, “What kind of idiots do you take us for?”

The local sheriff also replied that guns don’t go off by themselves, oblivious to the fact that he was contradicting a basic tenet of the gun control movement that the gun is to blame whenever somebody shoots someone.

I assume that what happens next will depend largely on an examination of the gun. Would it really be possible for it to malfunction and have the hammer come down without pulling the trigger? If it’s an actual replica of an old single-action Colt, it seems highly unlikely, but if it’s a movie prop, then I don’t know how it might have been modified. We’ll just have to wait to learn more.

In the meantime, considering the horrible consequences and guilt, I could understand how Baldwin might have convinced himself that he didn’t touch the trigger. Anyone might do that under the circumstances, and actors are experts at convincing themselves of things. It’s no accident that one of the top textbooks for acting is called “Acting Is Believing.”


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Today's Christmas carol is recommended by Christina C.


1 Joy to the world, the Lord is come!

Let earth receive her King;

let ev’ry heart prepare him room

and heav’n and nature sing,

and heav’n and nature sing,

and heav’n, and heav’n and nature sing.

2 Joy to the earth, the Savior reigns!

Let men their songs employ,

while fields and floods, rocks, hills, and plains,

repeat the sounding joy,

repeat the sounding joy,

repeat, repeat the sounding joy.

3 No more let sins and sorrows grow

nor thorns infest the ground;

he comes to make his blessings flow

far as the curse is found,

far as the curse is found,

far as, far as the curse is found.

4 He rules the world with truth and grace

and makes the nations prove

the glories of his righteousness

and wonders of his love,

and wonders of his love,

and wonders, wonders of his love.

Written by:  Isaac Watts

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  • Floyd A Unger

    12/04/2021 06:00 PM

    Thank you

  • Michele Dehabey

    12/04/2021 01:01 PM

    We are hearing about HB550, regarding the ramping up of vaccine databases (which we fear will lead to punishment for those who choose NOT to be vaxxed). What are the chances of this bill getting passed by Congress? What do you know about this bill?

  • Keith Harris

    12/04/2021 09:12 AM

    Talking about the shooting on the set of Rust. I find it hard to believe that anyone would use a gun without first checking to see if it load or not for one's self. The only time to trust someone is when they say it is loaded and that is only if you are just looking at it.

  • Thomas Saneford

    12/03/2021 07:58 PM

    Once again the laptop from Hell is in the news, oops, did I say that, just a little tired of all the reruns, when will we see some kind of justice? As for Covid Omicron variant, a case showed up today in my home state, appears this person just returned from some type of international travel but has mild symptoms. Then you have Alec Baldwin making more excuses, I wasn’t there but he is also an outspoken leftist, maybe he didn’t pull the trigger but the hammer had to be pulled to fire, a complete exam will prove what we need to know but we will never hear about it. Thanks for what you do Governor,,,,TWS

  • Robin Rebhan

    12/03/2021 06:57 PM

    Regards to; "Economy update:" I was laid off from my part time job 15 Hrs/week. I was brought back to work in August. I was rehired at a lower pay grade at $3 less per hour, 2 hrs the first week, 4 hours 2nd week and fourth week up to 6 hours. I am expected to perform 12-15 Hrs work in 6 hours. But I am working. And I have my Resume' being updated. So when you hear of employees not going back to work the above is just one reason why. Here in upstate NY if an employer brings back a full time employee he is going to pay a lot in taxes and health insurance and other benefits, not so with part time employees, the employer is not required to pay all the benefits of a full timer. Between Obama and Cuomo the bureaucracy stifles employment, just when you would think they should be going all out in helping business.
    So far I have not seen one bit of help from Biden, Pelosi or Schumer or our Governor Hochul. I think the Muppets would do a better job.

  • Robert Hurwitt

    12/03/2021 05:48 PM

    Re: Omicron variant--I can't speak to San Fran or Colorado, but outside of the Twin Cities, Minnesota is mostly solid red.

  • Laura Sulander

    12/03/2021 05:28 PM

    The panic the media and the administration over the new variant is to have people pay attention to that rather than the Maxwell trial and the book release on Hunter’s laptop.


    12/03/2021 05:20 PM

    Just some thoughts on the morning edition:
    When are the bidens, joe and hunter, going to get the justice they deserve.
    Jack dorsey ....who cares?
    Omicron is just another reason for the adiministfation to stir up unnecessary panic. I really feel people are just getting sick and tired of listening to the same old same old when apparently it's unwarranted.
    Biden's wrong on the economy, it sucks in many ways. By the way, I can't afford an electric car Bulabula!
    Travel, will not with all the stupid rules and regs.
    Alex, the first rule the NRA will teach you is to keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire. Guns don't shoot by themselves!
    I'll end with....thanks for the Christmas Hymn and prayers.

  • Dean Barto

    12/03/2021 05:02 PM

    Single Action Army Colt revolvers and replicas are typically loaded with only 5 rounds with the sixth chamber empty and the hammer (and hammer-mounted firing pin) resting on it so that if it is dropped it won't go off. Decocking a SAA Colt is dangerous and you need to know what you're doing, or you may accidentally fire it, as it does require pulling the trigger. It has also been alleged that the armorer had loaded a sixth round in it. That's a no-no for that type of revolver. Newer single-action revolvers have a transfer bar that reduces the possibility, but does not eliminate, an accidental firing when decocking.

  • John Snell

    12/03/2021 04:56 PM

    1. Always point your gun in a safe direction

    3. Always keep your finger off the trigger until your ready to shoot.

    2. Always keep your gun unloaded until your ready to use it.

    So says the NRA...

    Baldwin violated these rules of gun safety...