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February 23, 2021

Happy George Washington’s Birthday! Our first President and the “Father of His Country” was born on February 22, 1732. Of course, most people these days only celebrate “Presidents’ Day” in honor of all US Presidents. Pardon me, but at the moment, I feel like celebrating George Washington’s Birthday.

Washington has been called the “Indispensable Man” and the “Essential Man” in American history, because without him, the Presidency as we know it would not exist, and there might not even be a United States of America. It’s doubtful that any other general could have led an army of undersupplied volunteers to victory over the greatest military in the world at the time. He guided the Constitutional Convention, helping to assure that the Presidency was a leader of limited powers chosen by the people, not a de facto king. And when he became the first President, he established the tradition of stepping down after two terms. It was unheard of in those days for leaders to voluntarily relinquish power.

Michael McKenna at the Washington Times offers some more history and reasons why all Americans owe a huge debt to George Washington (who is not responsible for the huge debt that Washington has run up on our credit card.)

I especially recommend that students at the University of Washington read this column. They’re demanding that a statue of Washington be removed because slaveholders shouldn’t be honored. As the column notes, this is a statue of Washington on the campus of the University of Washington in the state of Washington.

Enjoy your Washington’s Birthday celebration, and let’s make sure it isn’t the last.


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