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February 4, 2021

Interesting story about pop singer Halsey, who is a big abortion defender and Planned Parenthood supporter, but now that she’s pregnant herself, talks about her unborn child as if it’s an actual human being.

This really isn’t surprising since it’s always easier to deny the reality of what’s happening when a child is in the womb when it’s just an abstract concept and not your child. But again, it’s another example of my prediction that Joe Biden’s biggest enemy wouldn’t be Republicans but reality. So much of what liberals believe is based on self-delusion and believing their own propaganda that they’re always stunned when they try practicing it for real and it inevitably fails miserably.

Even Hollywood realizes the yawning gap between reality and their own pro-abortion political stances. From their off-screen politics, you’d think they really believe that a baby in the womb is just an inert clump of cells, right up until the moment of birth. But how many movies and TV shows do you see where a woman becomes pregnant and goes to have an abortion? Even Madonna, who fantasized about blowing up the White House when Trump was elected, recorded the song “Papa Don’t Preach” that included the pro-life lyric, “I’ve made up my mind that I’m keeping my baby.”

Celebrities say what they think they’re supposed to say to keep their leftist cred, but when they’re absolutely forced to, even they’re capable of recognizing reality.


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  • Donnie Hendrix

    02/06/2021 03:29 PM

    I feel all American's over 18 should watch a actual abortion, I believe most would say stop the murdering of babies.