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February 14, 2021

The latest victim of Twitter’s war on unapproved free speech from conservatives is James O’Keefe Project Veritas. That account has been permanently suspended for “repeated violations of Twitter’s private information policy.”

That suspension (and a since-lifted suspension of O’Keefe’s personal account) was sparked by a video of a Project Veritas reporter confronting Facebook Vice President Guy Rosen about their policy of freezing accounts for alleged “hate speech.” The reporter asked Rosen, “How do you define hate speech? Is it just speech that you hate?” Rosen wouldn’t answer.

Twitter demanded that the clip be taken down, and O’Keefe refused. Twitter claims they are guilty of repeated violations of Twitter’s policies prohibiting sharing or threats of sharing other people’s private information without consent. Normally, sharing private information of public interest that someone doesn't want shared is called “journalism,” just like “60 Minutes” and every other undercover journalism outfit has been practicing it for decades. Except Project Veritas does it to expose the left, so that doesn't count.

O’Keefe said Twitter offered to lift the suspension if the clip was taken down, but he refused, comparing it to their same demand that the New York Post remove its tweets about Hunter Biden’s laptop, even though the story turned out to be true. He said, “I will not kneel. Twitter is wrong. Let them kneel.”

This is just the latest prominent conservative voice to be silenced by Twitter, following radio host Wayne Allan Root, who warned, “I’m just telling you, they took me. Soon they’re coming for you.”

This is why I maintain my own website and email newsletter, as well as social media accounts on as many platforms as possible. I urge all conservatives to sign up for alternative services such as Parler (when it comes back), Rumble, MeWe and others that I expect to pop up at an ever-increasing rate (and subscribe to me wherever you land.) Let’s make Twitter rue the day that they thought they were so powerful and important that they could bully, censor and silence 75 million Americans.

Help Twitter discover to their regret that they needed us a lot more than we needed them. May they be the MySpace of the 2022 election.


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  • Julie Cooney

    02/15/2021 01:27 PM

    Love this... May they be the MySpace of 2022!!!