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February 27, 2021

John Edwards was right; he was just a few years early. As Matt Vespa at points out, now there really are “two Americas,” except one of them is solidly located in Fantasyland.

A new survey asked Americans to rank their biggest concerns, then separated them by party. Overall, the #1 concern was economic damage from COVID-19, followed by the spread of the disease, budget deficits and the national debt, school closures and lockdowns. So far, so rational.

When Republicans were asked to rank their concerns, the top issue was illegal immigration, followed by lack of support for police, high taxes, liberal media bias, moral decline of society, socialism, Antifa violence and China. Again, a reasonable list.

And now, the Democrats: their biggest worry was the spread of COVID, followed by (brace yourselves) “Trump supporters,” white nationalism, and tied for fourth place, systemic racism and the economic damage from COVID.

Our businesses are shut down, people are unemployed, kids can’t go to school, China infected the world with a virus and is now profiting off it and gaining strength, cities are plagued with leftist rioters, crime in blue cities is through the roof, constitutional rights like free speech are under heavy assault, and three of the top five worries of Democrats are white nationalism, systemic racism and those scary people who voted for the bad orange man. So congratulations, liberal media and social media: the brainwashing is working.

The poll also found increasing support for the GOP among minorities and blue collar workers, while the Democrats are increasingly becoming the party of young, far-left college students and grads. I’m not at all surprised.

This once again backs up George Orwell’s observation that there are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.

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