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March 3, 2021

Good evening! Today's Evening Edition includes:

  • Daily Bible Verse
  • RIP Vernon Jordan
  • Border Security
  • Tanden Withdraws Her Nomination
  • Deployed In Washington
  • 100% In Texas
  • America The Beautiful


Mike Huckabee



RIP Vernon Jordan

By Mike Huckabee

Civil rights leader and powerful Washington attorney and political adviser Vernon Jordan died in his sleep Monday at 85.

Jordan began his civil rights activism by suing the University of Georgia to end segregation in 1961. He worked on a number of other civil rights issues, becoming the head of the National Urban League, an executive board member of the United Negro College Fund, and a top adviser to Presidents, including Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Among the many tributes pouring in was one from Republican former Secretary of State and the Treasury James Baker, who called Jordan a good friend. He said the two were political opponents, but they were not enemies. Let’s hope that concept is something that doesn’t die along with Americans of Jordan’s generation.

Border Security

By Mike Huckabee

According to the Biden Administration, there’s no “crisis” at the border just because their rollback of Trump’s successful border security policies has sparked a massive influx of illegal immigration, including thousands of unaccompanied minors.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas insisted this is not a “crisis,” it’s just a “challenge.” He said, "We are challenged at the border. The men and women of the Department of Homeland Security are meeting that challenge."

I think some people are intellectually challenged and definitely truth challenged. They live in their own little world where the climate is a “crisis,” and the fact that some people make more money than others is a “crisis,” but mass illegal immigration that brings in crime, drugs and disease and undermines the jobs and wages of Americans? That’s not a “crisis!” It’s just a fly in the ointment!

Tanden Withdraws Her Nomination

By Mike Huckabee

Here’s some hopeful evidence that not even having the House, the White House and a 50-50 Senate can get the Democrats everything they want: last night, Neera Tanden withdrew her nomination as President Biden’s Director of the Office of Management and Budget. She becomes his first pick to fail to make it past Senate confirmation.

It would be great to be able to say this shows that the Senate won’t accept someone who has no qualifications for a particular job on purely partisan grounds, but that wasn’t the reason for her being unable to muster enough support. Tanden was a vicious partisan with a long record of sending nasty, juvenile Tweets about both Republicans and Democrats who displeased her. Since she was part of Hillary Clinton’s camp, that included Sen. Bernie Sanders, whose vote she needed for confirmation, and she definitely wasn't getting it.

It’s ironic that her downfall came because of two things that her own side has weaponized: canceling people because of their old social media posts, and claiming that sending “mean tweets” is reason enough to keep someone out of office.

Deployed In Washington

By Mike Huckabee

As thousands of National Guard troops remain deployed in Washington, DC, on Democrat orders for no apparent reason (oh wait: they have to hold back the invisible army of imaginary Trump-voting “insurrectionists”), they are starting to complain about their treatment. Members of the Michigan National Guard say that 50 members have been treated for gastrointestinal complaints after being served undercooked, contaminated meals.

They’re so distrustful of the food being given them that some troops are buying food out of their own pockets to avoid eating it. Some Guard members say the food is so bad that half the meals they’re given are going straight into the trash.

Nothing says you respect the troops like making them camp out in freezing weather for no reason while feeding them garbage, just as nothing says you’re doing the will of the people like surrounding yourself with troops and razor wire while trying to take away the people’s guns and freedom of speech.

Nearly 6,000 troops are expected to stay in DC until at least mid-March, allegedly because of some Internet chatter about a QAnon conspiracy theory that Trump will be reinstated as President on March 4th.

That’s tomorrow. Once that date passes (and I’m betting it will pass without any incident), how about ending this political theater and letting them go home?

100% In Texas

By Mike Huckabee

Tuesday, appropriately enough on Texas Independence Day, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued a proclamation that he was ending the state facemask mandate and declaring that all Texas businesses could now operate at 100 percent capacity again.

But Abbott said this does not end personal responsibility, as he urged Texans to continue “personal vigilance” to avoid COVID-19 (my writer/researchers Pat and Laura, who live near Dallas, say that everyone they see is still wearing masks and following safety guidelines.)

This makes Texas the 13th state to not enforce a mask mandate. I’ll let you know when we find the first blue state to voice any mention of, or confidence in, personal responsibility.

A Reader Writes Back...

Just wanted to mention that I open & learn something with every newsletter. Thanks!

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Death Valley National Park, visit its website here.

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Comments 1-24 of 24

  • Ruth Egan

    03/04/2021 11:34 AM

    Seeing things through your eyes is so helpful to a lifelong Christian like me. The Biblical perspective is the right one. Jesus said, "I am the Truth, the Life, and the Way." Thank you for your faithfulness.

  • Dianna Rucker Willing

    03/04/2021 09:56 AM

    Thank You for You Godly Service and Daily Encouragement to me and your Our , No God's Country!

  • William Fuhrer

    03/04/2021 09:17 AM

    knowing and appreciating united states history. The United States took on Nazism and Communism. Why stand before the FLAG because when the Berlin Wall went down we thought we had successfully exported FREEDOM to Europe and Asia. So why does SPORTS want to help MARXISM grow in the United States. STAND before the FLAG and KNEEL before the CRUCIFIX. ENJOY and SUPPORT FREEDOM

  • Jerry

    03/04/2021 09:13 AM

    Having Biden on a dog leash by unelected personal in the white house has to be a violation of the oath the president, biden took this country is being led by unelected officials in my view. Questions asked of the biden are not answered his handlers pull him off the podium or stage or cut off off the TV feed the Handlers are canceling the President. Is this what makes America Great? biden has never made anything great in his life and he is at the end of his run my point he is the elected official of the Oval Office and he has been canceled. his replacement is no prize either for 80 million people and the world will get to see that sooner or later and behind her is another beauty if you like corrupt people running our affairs.

  • Ann Atwell

    03/04/2021 08:34 AM

    About the troops still in DC. can they not stay at Trumps hotel. I understand when they first arrived in DC and were sleeping on the ground, Trump offered to let them stay in his hotel. These actions by the government show how much they care for the people they are supposed to serve. Pelosi and all the rest are a disgrace . Since Pelosi and Biden are so in favour of allowing all these illegal immigrants many of whom are infected with covid and many have criminal records, I suggest they be loaded into a bus and taken to Pelosi's home in California, and the rest be taken to the homes of Obama, Harris, Schumer, Clinton, you get the picture. After all the above mentioned names all have multi -million dollar homes. I understand Pelosi is worth somewhere between 60 and 120 million. Let them keep these immigrates up instead of using taxpayer dollars to do so. Any immigrate that comes to this country and does so legally is very welcome all others no. I would be willing to chip in a few dollars to help pay for the bus fare .

  • Ann Atwell

    03/04/2021 08:19 AM

    Thanks Mike for your great newsletter. Yours is the only one I trust to be truthful and the only one I feel comfortable expressing my opinion.

  • Jerry

    03/04/2021 07:24 AM

    Is open Borders a unlawful? Biden is allowing disease filled Human Beings to travel on public transportation to all parts of the country carrying infectious disease. Is that protecting the Nations against a foreign enemy allowing a killing disease into the country? The China Virus relief bill is not a relief from the disease its main ingredients are bailout for special interests and is falsely labeled to confuse the uninformed population this bill is fraudulent in its labeling and should be thrown out or vetoed. Does this government still have medical personal that monitors our President behavior and its actions that effect peoples lives today the President is endangering the public's lives both personally and its economy shutting down the right to conduct business this is not sound judgment or Constitutional

  • jack macdonald

    03/04/2021 06:50 AM

    Mike, I have a question. How many hoaxes can the Dems pull off before the American people wise up? So far they have pulled off Impeachment #1, Impeachment #2, and the election hoax. 3 for 3 by these conniving weasels. The 2 impeachments were not a stain on Trump, but on the evil witch Pelosi and that is the way the history writers should record it. She is far more evil than the witch in the Wizard of Oz and more phoney than Oz. jack

  • Linda Olds

    03/04/2021 01:09 AM

    I would love to see President Trump re-instated on March 4th or any day.
    There are enough problems in America without the Dems purposely trying to ruin our economy and our Constitution, and taking away our freedoms.

  • Jerry

    03/03/2021 11:31 PM

    Someone tell Biden we get it your administration hates America someone tell biden to send the troops home from the peoples grounds if your going to poison them let them go; what this administration is doing requires a psychiatrist examination none of these people are of a sane mind. They are locked in a small area and all they have are insane people to react with the insanity gets worse each day. get our troops out and bring the medical team gas the ventilation system and apply the restraints and haul them out of the peoples houses

  • Beverly Bright

    03/03/2021 10:25 PM

    I enjoy your daily news! Refreshing......

  • Michael

    03/03/2021 09:59 PM

    Every Patriot, every veteran, every active duty military and national guard member should be appalled at the treatment of our national guard troops in Wahington D.C.!!! Some having to eat undercooked meat and contaminated food. The days of respect from a president (Trump) are in the past. I am sure that many active and retired military fully realize that the Democrats have little to no respect for military or law enforcement. Never have, never will, but they don't have any problem using them. Maybe in this situation in Washington D.C. they need the 6000 troops and the fencing because Biden and his corrupt political party KNOW they rigged and stole the election and if that truth ever actually gets proven, Biden Harris and all the Dem cronies and RINO's will need protection. Someday I hope our military will clearly see there are many domestic enemies among us who are pushing full steam ahead their(Dems) plan to make America into the Communist-Socialist-Marxist country they so desperately want at any cost and any destructive measures. Wake up America!!!!

  • Renee Kendrick

    03/03/2021 09:39 PM

    For Texas: Come Monday it'll be all right!!!

  • Renee Kendrick

    03/03/2021 09:36 PM

    What a sad mistreatment of malnutrition to our National Guard troops in DC? Whoever is doing the cooking for them must not be Southerners! Food Network chefs to the rescue?

    DC needs to stand for "Disrespectful Cads"! The governors need to bring their troops home!!!

  • Robin Rebhan

    03/03/2021 08:21 PM

    Regards to " 100% In Texas ". Question...In a democratic republic if you have two choices, one is correct and righteous and the other choice is wrong and immoral. If the government forces or compels you to do the right thing. Are you really free? Or should government inform, educate, discuss, debate, and answer questions and concerns? And lead the sovereign people to make the right conclusions and choices of their own free will based on truth and facts.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    03/03/2021 07:45 PM

    Mike I just have one question if they pass this so called Equality Act.

    If we have to go along with people who say they're whatever they want to say are they going to open up the mental asylums? I mean after all what if somebody does think they're Napoleon or Julius Caesar or Cleopatra? Do we have to go along with it?

  • David Berry

    03/03/2021 07:40 PM

    Why can't our fine troops eat what is served to congress. After all they are risking their lives for the cowards.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    03/03/2021 07:36 PM

    Mike I am not kidding I think the National Guard or up there only long enough for them to purge all white supremacists in other words Patriots. Out of the military and then you watch that cocktail party fencing be replaced with barbed wire. And our National Guard be replaced with hardcore loyalist troops. I think this QAnon nonsense
    Is nothing but the Blue Reich version of the protocols of Zion.

  • James Drury Jr

    03/03/2021 07:32 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • PAUL Schaber

    03/03/2021 07:03 PM

    What Texas and Mississippi did and other locations be opening up again and leaving the decision to the people is the right answer.

    Those Blue states are hoping that the 1.9 Trillion Dollar Rescue plan will only be a temporary fix just like a drug addict. That money will be spent to appease the TEACHERS UNION and the governmental employees salaries and the children will be just looking into the empty classrooms.

    If they have until 31 March 2021 to get the COVID 19 Shot, how long after that date will be the schools be opened and fully manned to teach is it April or May or possibility sometime in August 2021 or later. Remember a lot teachers only are paid for a nine month contract. So that means comes May 2021 their done for the year.

    So be ready for those children to be least 2-3 years behind in learning and also expect the teachers union to demand more money and hazardous duty pay, which JOE and NANCY and Chuck will fund in the next rescue plan.

  • Lawrence Foster

    03/03/2021 07:02 PM

    I don't know if its comforting, or discomfiting, to see all the signs of discontent around us. Now even democrats are having buyers regrets over Joe. A growing number of democrat legislators have suggested Joe not have sole responsibility for nuclear response; and some democrats are likely to sign on (albeit as quietly as possible) to blocking funds for Joe to re-join the badly flawed Obama-Kerry nuclear deal with Iran.

    Meanwhile, up in Minneapolis, the city council has given the media a rousing vote of no confidence, by approving over a million dollars for multi-lingual propagandists to counter what they obviously fear is the goal of CNN and NBC with PMS, to create riots over the upcoming trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin. The case being built by Minnesota AG Keith Ellison appears to be rapidly coming apart as more and more evidence shows George Floyd caused his own death by ingesting a large dose of Fentanyl, but the news outlets want to spin the results to try and cause riots which they will then cover. (There has also been speculation Ellison would like to see unrest if there is a not guilty verdict, and that he deliberately over-charged Chauvin to achieve that goal).

  • Floyd Unger

    03/03/2021 06:52 PM

    Thank you and good for you Texas and Mississippi

  • Stephen Russell

    03/03/2021 06:12 PM

    Deployed in DC:
    Cant troops visit some resturants in area, hotels, resorts, for dining
    Or set up Mess Area for foods.
    Name names, whose doing food service.
    Bad for morale & effect troops on scene.

    More can be done.
    Use Georgetown Univ for dining since it can accomodate large crowds.
    Or DoD.

  • Sharon Faulkne5

    03/03/2021 06:03 PM

    Mike I support our military when they are defending our constitutional republic. I support our police when they are upholding our laws. However, what is going on with the military in the police today is that they know very well that they are upholding and enforcing the will of a bunch of Blue Reich dictators.

    They know that their ranks are being purged of anybody who doesn't support that blue Reich.

    So why should I care if they are having a miserable time of it? They should call their Governors and say we want to come home. If they don't than nuts to them. Sorry that's how I feel and the Troops are permanent because barbed wire and loyalist military are what dictators do.