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March 3, 2021

On Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards, the hosts, presenters and winners seemed to spend much of their time remarking on the lack of diversity in the nominations. And in yet another sign that viewers are sick of woke lectures from wealthy celebrities, the TV ratings cratered to an all-time low.

While not the final figures, quick overnight ratings estimated the audience at 5.42 million viewers. For context, that’s 60% lower than last year. Former President Trump’s CPAC speech was watched by 31 million people on online sources alone.

The last time the Globes had an audience close to that was in 2008, when a writers’ strike forced the show to be canceled and they just held a press conference to announce that winners. Even that drew over 6 million viewers, more than Sunday’s NBC telecast.

I’m sure some will argue that it has nothing to do with all the woke leftist lecturing, because the ratings for virtually all awards shows are way down from previous years. Yep, and why do you think THAT is?

I’d suggest that they try bringing back Ricky Gervais as host. People don’t tune in to hear him “share HIS truth,” but to tell “THE truth.”

I guess they’ll never figure this out, so I’ll try telling them one more time before they go bankrupt: first of all, stop insulting and talking down to your audience. We look to Hollywood for entertainment, not moral enlightenment. Hollywood is less capable of providing that these days than it is of coming up with an original idea.

Also, when you spend the whole show telling us that the nominations were unfair and racist and didn’t go to the people who deserved them, why should we care who wins the awards? And why should we take lectures about racism from you when you’re telling us how racist your own industry is? Maybe if you spent less time talking about equality and more time focusing on actual quality, the awards would mean something again.

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  • Penny Seliger

    03/04/2021 01:41 PM

    Been watching Western shows a lot lately. Don’t care for mindless television/movies, etc.