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March 1, 2021

Despite disagreeing with him on nearly every issue, I’ve always liked and defended Bill Maher because he’s one of the last of a dying breed: a genuine, old school, small-l “liberal” who has the guts to tell you exactly what he’s thinking in defiance of the modern totalitarian left “cancel culture.” And a great example is what he just had to say on his show directly to the purveyors of cancel culture. (Warning: contains some “only suitable for HBO” language.):

Sample quotes: Warning those on the left that “cancel culture is real,” and “it’s coming to a neighborhood near you.” And to those who try to destroy anyone who ever said or did anything that they disapprove of, including “canceling” Abraham Lincoln, Maher said, “Memo to social justice warriors: when what you’re doing sounds like an ‘Onion’ headline, stop.”

I might have said “The Babylon Bee,” but he’s right on. And speaking of becoming self-parodies, the latest crusade by the Keyboard Crybaby Corps is a “boycott Hyatt Hotels” move because they dared to host the CPAC conference in Orlando. For the record, hosting all kinds of conferences is what Hyatt does. They’re in the “hospitality” industry, “hospitality” being a term that I’m sure SJW’s are as unfamiliar with as they are the term “free speech.”

But screaming about a hotel hosting a conference is so stupid nobody could take it seriously, so they had to reinforce it with an even stupider grievance. And so, they declared that the stage at CPAC was deliberately built to resemble an Odal rune, a design that appeared on some Nazi uniforms. I congratulate them on actually opening a history book (that must be a first!), but it’s too bad they did it only to find something idiotic to pull completely out of context.

First of all, the Odal rune is hardly synonymous with Nazism. It’s been around for centuries and used in many contexts. Unlike the swastika, most people wouldn’t even recognize it as a Nazi symbol. On top of that, it’s a tremendous stretch to try to attach it to CPAC.

The stage was designed as a square with two walkway entrances so that it could hold multiple participants while maintaining social distancing. Finally, Matt Schlap of the American Conservative Union, which designed the stage, called the claim “outrageous and slanderous,” noting that unlike today’s radical leftists, CPAC has a longstanding commitment to the Jewish community and to fighting anti-Semitism, and that stage hosted Jewish speakers.

The Hyatt chain did the usual reflexive corporate virtue signaling, called hate symbols “abhorrent” and said they were taking the Nazi rune claim “very seriously.” I beg to differ. I agree that hate symbols are abhorrent, but nobody should take that ridiculous claim seriously. It should be laughed out of the room. It’s the perfect example of what Bill Maher was saying, and it belongs in the Onion, not any legitimate news outlet.

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  • Annette Stover

    03/02/2021 02:08 PM

    Great article Mr. Huckabee! I also share your views, especially concerning Bill Maher. I am a Conservative, however, I have always enjoyed Mr. Mahers point of view, and his unwavering defense of free speech, freedom of religion...or not and the right to live your life as you want. That is what debates are made of and that is why we have such a great Country. He may be completely opposite in thought to mine (must confess I do agree with him on some things) I do believe he has a great love for this Country as I do. I am so pleased that you feel the same. I find him incredibly funny which more libs need in their "tool box". Ever notice how Bernie Sanders always looks so mad? Why? I mean the mittens photo was typical Bernie-hysterical. Perhaps, he is mad because his appearance makes people smile, when in actuality he is probably one of the most dangerous man in this country right now. One thing about Conservatives, we are kings of sarcasm, enjoy a good laugh and definately have a real sense of humor, even about ourselves. Suppose that is why we like President Trump so much?That golden statue of Trump was a masterpiece of irony and humor! I hope it is going to be in his Presidential Library! I hear that it was a mold of a creation that a lib artist from California did to ridicule President Trump. I am still laughing at that bit of backfire! With this ability to laugh and have fun and then get down to business we should be fine. I pray and hope. Getting back to Mr. Maher...I often use his quip when I run into a green lib...if you want to reduce your carbon footprint...stop making feet! It is common sense and I think deep down he has a touch of conservatism in him. Thanks for a great show which I catch often and this opportunity to speak with you. Sincerely, Annette Stover

  • Richard Gomez

    03/01/2021 10:45 PM

    Good call Governor Huckabee..! Slandered businesses and people MUST push back against the Keyboard Crybaby Corps (nice, BTW). I also ordered and received "The Kids Guide to Fighting Socialism" just to see what it is about. The explanations within are very well spoken and placed.
    I am also a member of the John Birch Society (, which has a similar mission. I wish you #GreatLuck in those endeavors..! Keep it up Guv..! You are always intelligently well spoken..!
    Warm Regards,
    Richard Gomez
    USAF Veteran, MBA